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Let’s talk spoilers

October 5, 2011

I love being surprised. I love watching a drama or movie with no inkling of what is coming up or who is appearing next. Take my current crack drama, The Princess’s Man. When the villain of the story first appeared in Episode 1, he seemed vaguely familiar but I just could not remember where I… Read More ›

When we disagree: K-bones of contention

It began innocently enough. Someone tweeted, and also clucked disapprovingly, that Kim Bum had been added to the cast of the upcoming Noh Hee-kyung drama, Padam Padam. That announcement set off a twitter debate that Serendipity has aptly christened The (Fifth) Noona Wars. Poor Kim Bum’s ears must have itched like crazy yesterday as we… Read More ›

Best (and worst) of 2011’s first half

With June drawing to a close, it’s time for us to look back at the dramas that aired in the first half of this year. What were your favorites? Which ones made you paw the walls? Whose acting caused you to weep, whether out of delight or despair? Which couple did you watch ad nauseam,… Read More ›

The I-don’t-want-Best-Love-to-end polls

We blinked and seven weeks sped past just like that? And now only two episodes of Best Love remain, waaahhh! What a ride this has been, yes? This latest Hong Sisters offering has so far exceeded all my expectations. Barring a stupid ending to end all stupid endings (crossing all my fingers and toes against… Read More ›

Seven years of drama crack: A Hong Sisters poll

Since this blog has been jiving of late with the Best Love recaps, I thought it would be fun for us to revisit the Hong Sisters’ body of work. From their first drama in 2005 to the seventh one that began airing a month ago, which have you watched and enjoyed? Whose acting left the… Read More ›