Min(e) Ho(t)

I thought and I thought… of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this.

In the end…

Hell. Why. Not.

We only live once, and we should live giddily, in the moment, no matter how nutty it may seem to others. This guy is my K-find of 2011. He makes me happy. That is all the reason I need. Enjoy the page, my fellow Minho fans! And oh, if you’re wondering about the title…

Min(e) Ho(t) = “Lee Min-ho is mine. Lee Min-ho is hot.” To be whispered or yelled in private, not in the company of other Minoz!

(Psst, check out the other Lee Min-ho posts on this blog.)

1,537 thoughts on “Min(e) Ho(t)

  1. Uh,…. This is weird… and kinda awkward…. I could have sworn, in the previous page, I posted up a clip of Lee Minho singing Say Yes… But now it’s a clip on how to make Kimbap… Lol! Had it always been that, and I’ve just posted up the wrong clip? Or is there something wrong with my Laptop? Or do we even remember if I did or not? Lol. ;P

  2. Hi, just want to share this…. LMHot will be here in my neck of the woods in November… SQUEEEEE!!!! I’m dead now this is my ghost typing ….

  3. Ok… so Toyota’s finally gotten their shit together, but it seems only winners of the NIF sweepstakes can attend. I wasnt one of them. T-T I must have bad karma or something, things never go my way. I think I’ll just curl up and die mow. xC

    • Oh! that’s so sad T_T can’t you try to wait for him at the airport? and there are some that are petitioning Toyota to sell tickets Toyota promised to look into it here: https://twitter.com/PuenteHillsToyo ^_^ I really hope they sell the tickets… some of those who won can’t make it because they already filled their schedule…

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