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January 25, 2013

Too busy fighting this shit. But I’ll be back. Wait for me.

Little Jisub

He may be 19 now, but I will always remember him best as that boy who looked so much like the first actor to own my heart. In fact, for years I only knew him by his nickname. Little Jisub. Was it ten years ago? As one child actor was making waves internationally for his… Read More ›

Flavor of the month

Is Ja Myung Go any good? How about What Star Did You Come From? What do you mean, why am I asking? I’m doing research for a paper, if you must know. Astronomy in ancient Korea, yup, that be my research topic. Look, is it any of your business that I’m researching Jung Ryeo-won and… Read More ›

Answer Me 1997 confessions

I don’t get the pop culture references (Sechs Kies who?), I’m perplexed by the screaming (people in love whisper sweet nothings to each other, not yell their lungs out, eyes blazing), I like but am not enamored of the lead couple. (What?! Did you just say that? Are you feverish? How you crazy?) I also… Read More ›


This scene. This scene rocks my world. This scene may just be my favorite scene this year.