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May 4, 2012

Are you a collector? Do you willy-nilly collect every piece of your favorite actor’s work without pausing to check if the piece is worth the collecting? Are you also an optimist? A movie title such as “Haunters” should stop you in your tracks since you shun anything remotely suggestive of horror, but now you pick… Read More ›

Thoughts on Films of 2011

What is this madness? It’s almost the eve of February and here I am with another year-end review, right? Nah, let’s just call this a ‘collective film review’. What a great year for Chungmuro! Bravo! It was filled with so many delights. I found myself striking gold subsequently with each flick that I casually picked…. Read More ›

[K-movie scribbles] Maundy Thursday

[The fourth quarter of the year is when life gets pretty hectic for me. At the same time, though, I don’t want to neglect the blog. How to reconcile the two? I mulled over the matter for a few days and realized that this could be the push I need to finally publish the dozens… Read More ›

Headers quiz: Answers, winners, and wallpapers!

Yes, all three! That’s why our song of the day is “Happiness” by Clazziquai (from the Who Are You? OST). But first, I want to apologize to TP readers who suffered dizzy spells and wrist sprains because of the quiz. Apparently some of you were clicking as many as 600 times before you managed to… Read More ›

Quiz: Guess the headers (and win a prize)

If you notice… WE HAVE NEW HEADERS! Yes, someone has been very busy the last few days making headers instead of writing recaps. (Go ahead and bonk her head when you’re done reading this.) All for a good reason, of course. To test how well you know your dramas and movies, and to give you… Read More ›