In which feathers are ruffled


That title is all kinds of wrong. In the first place we are not feathered beings and in the second place we despise feathered beings.

True that. But if we change it to “In which scales are rearranged,” would it be obvious that they are the scales that cover us and not the scales that you weigh things with? More importantly, would readers know it’s a ranty post?

Let’s not get carried away with the idiom wordplay. I say we title it thus: Five unhappy lizards. Because make no bones about it, what she’s done this week is simply the last straw. It’s going to hell in a handbasket is what it is, no beating around the bush on that.

Word. Night after futile night of waiting for her to start watching again and what is the first drama she finally picks? It’s enough to get my tail in a twist.

Panties. Panties in a bunch is what you mean.


Panties, boxers, who cares? What matters the most right now is our suffering. Our thwarted desires! Twenty episodes come and gone and not a second of it have we watched, not one! And she calls herself a fan, too. Traitor!

At least we got to see him last year on that drama where he played a king who was not only wise and brave, he was prettier than his queen. And the year before that where he was that pair of eyes that saw beneath and beyond what everyone else saw, all the while twirling his fan most nonchalantly. On both historical occasions—and that’s not merely a figurative turn of phrase but the actual genre— he stole the show.

But when he gets to play lead at last on the small screen, what happens? She chooses to watch another drama! About an old man who’s not a nice guy at all!

Tell me about it. The guy’s not just a bad guy, he’s a total miscreant. To win your vaunted ratings war, you have no scruples about sending a delivery man to near-certain death? And when the worst happens—which everyone can see coming a mile away—and the bike crashes and the rider is three seconds away from breathing his last, your first thought is to get that wretched film tape to the TV station. It’s all you care about!

Why are you shaking your toe pad at me? I’m not some dastardly lord of dramas.


But it’s not his character that we have problems with, it’s that we have seen it all before. Didn’t that old chap play a similar role in some hospital? He wanted to be chief of surgery so bad he stopped at nothing to get his way. He was brilliant but so reviled, with everyone just waiting for his downfall so that they could bury his nose in a pile of poop. The scheming and bribing, the grand rivalry. The setting’s different of course, but everything about the old guy’s acting is so familiar.

He’s not old, is he? That hospital drama was, what, five years ago? He actually looks younger this time and a lot more dapper. And about being typecast, I’m not going to complain about that if the drama’s loads of fun and it is. I hope we get to watch Episode 5 tonight.

I doubt it. Her strategy, if it can even be called that since there’s little rhyme or reason in how she plans her watching, seems to be two episodes of this drama followed by two of that salaryman stuff. The same actress plays the lead in both and all of a sudden she can’t get enough of said actress. What a turnaround. Remember that 2005 baking drama that made us laugh so hard we were losing our tails every night? This actress played second lead there but she couldn’t stand her then and forwarded all her scenes.

Is there a reason we’re not mentioning names in this post? We’re playing Guess the Drama and Guess the Actor? But I thought we decided we were not going to write in her abstruse way and instead strive to be as clear and straightforward as possible?

The reason is so that this post does not turn up on search engines.


That’s right. It’s just us lower beings ranting and who wants to read that? At this jolly time of the year no less. So we speak in circles while bemoaning our fates. Why, oh why, were we hatched in this house of all houses?

I don’t mind this house. Of course I would be a happier camper if her eight chinchillas did not create such a din every night. Without fail she has to pause an episode multiple times to go check on them and coo, “Now, now, why are my sweet babies so noisy? Want another apple twig?”

Don’t rub it in. For all the work we do around here, what thanks do we get? Because of us she hasn’t been bitten by a mosquito in weeks and yet we don’t get to watch Song Joong-ki!

I thought we said no names? But I guess if we must make an exception it will be for him. Hell, why stop there? Song Joong-ki, saranghaeyo! There, that should do it. Now anyone typing his name will be directed here. Just like that her blog will cross the 3-million-hits mark, just watch.

But imagine people’s reaction when they come to this post expecting his pics.


Exactly. You’re just setting everyone up for a huge letdown. Moreover, it’s his 2012 drama that they want to read about, not stuff that he did previously. See, that’s my beef with her choice of dramas and her writing. She just isn’t terribly current.

But the one she’s watching now is current. It’s also action-filled and gripping, albeit a little too obvious sometimes and farfetched to boot. And even though the other drama isn’t current, it’s still a 2012 drama and the funniest thing we have watched in a long while. Both are riveting in their own ways. I thought we like the male leads too. Didn’t we swoon over their 2007 dramas when they both played doctors? Played their roles so brilliantly she got smitten and went on a mad buying spree of their other masterpieces. That’s how we ended up watching that abysmal movie about a gangster wife, the third one in that series.

Forget buying and watching sprees; those dizzy days aren’t returning, mark my word. Not only is she watching in dribs and drabs now, she’s stopped screencapping. Stopped completely! Don’t anyone blame us for all the feathers on this page.

You know what’s sadder? It’s year-end review time but we won’t get to read all the juicy stuff that other blogs are rolling out because she absolutely refuses to read anything to do with dramas that she hasn’t watched yet but plan to watch, perhaps someday. That stupid no-spoilers resolve needs to die!

Might be easier to just move across the street.


I say we band together and do something. Demand that she gives us Song Joong-ki. And Lee Min-ho. And… Oh, listing all the hot young actors that we’re missing out this year is just going to send me into a state of depression. Can you see me spinning out of control right now?

Here, let me hold your tail. There, feel better? If it’s any consolation, we can look forward to Choi Si-won tomorrow. He’s a riot in King, is he not? You admitted it as much yesterday. And didn’t we get to see Jung Gyu-woon in the shower in Episode 2 or 3 of Salaryman?

I see we’re throwing all caution and decorum to the wind. Oh, why not? If we don’t stick up for aggrieved kdrama fans near and far, who will? And even for those more fortunate than us, who continue to have their fill of everything hot and current with no letup, it’s still necessary to vent sometimes. Well, do it on this post then.

Since we are championing a cause, shall we give ourselves a name? After all, we are more than house lizards. We write, we spark discourse, we even offer advice on blogging. Let’s think of a name that’s clever, catchy and cuddly, something that’s so us. What would that be?

Love Bugs.

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  1. Love it! And if this were a guessing game, I’m sure I would get a perfect score.. 🙂

    Thank you Love Bugs. BTW, isn’t it weird to have lizards named after flies? I always thought Love Bugs were beetles, but according to good ole Google, their actually flies.

    • Oh, not named after flies or beetles, not at all! Guess again! 😆

      • Are they bees then? Google says they’re flies.

        • LOVE BUGS – thundie’s intended meanings:

          1. Crickets, flies, mosquitoes… The lizards simply love all kinds of bugs!

          2. The lizards love her in a grudging way because she got them hooked on kdramas. Because of their love, they feel they can bug her about their grievances. Give us more Song Joong-ki!

          (note to self: this attempt at humor? a big fat FAIL! *crawls red-faced into hole*)

  2. Kamsamida love bugs. You’ve just made my day. I’m an aggrieved kdrama fan from far and i don’t get to see much of our hot Song joong ki and Lee min ho. I hope i wil sometime though. Anyway, thanks for this post, hope to see more of you. Sayonara.

  3. My dearest lizards, you just perch there on your mamma’s shoulder and watch Siwon. Our Mom has taken to watching Full House 2 every night before bed. We want a final romp and trip outside but she’s all “no, just wait until Ki Woong is not on the screen.” Pffft. You heard me! Pffft! At least King has some, well, brains behind it. Count your blessing little lizards. Love, the poodles.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, especially the guessing from context bits. Just like oozzeee, I’d definitely get a perfect score if this were a game… 🙂

  5. Honestly, I can’t wait until Thundie gets enough chinchillas to make a decent coat (OK, shortie jacket) and we can all move on from getting a contact-obsess over their continued existence and vile habits. Disclaimer: I’m only being crabby and offensive because I hate Siwon. OK, there I said it. HOW can I “hate” such a milk-faced cutie-pie, you ask? Because he’s just so Done, plastic surgery-wise. He probably should have stopped 2 or 3 procedures previous to his current state but I’ve heard it’s addictive and knowing his Malevolent Overlords at SME as well as I do, they probably figured “Hey, lets go for the Asian version of the Ken Doll! Hell, yeah! Suck it up, Siwon!”

    OK, fine. I’m sorry. Please ignore the foregoing. I’ve been under a lotta stress lately.

    • Hey! Hey! Pipe down, lilibaiyu! You are just suffering from hangover from another milk face, cutie-pie who is au-naurale JJ ! But of course, I can’t agree more on your ranting on CSW.

    • O man I agree abt the PS…..I.m loving Kang Hyun Min but it literally pains me to see CSW’s puffed up face (seriously wat is with alll the botox on the faces of all these young kdrama actors)…and on more than one ocassion I have screencapped something sticking out of his cheek ( badly placed implant?…def not acne)…wat happened to the cure guy from OML

  6. ha! Wonderful uhh…rant(?) thundie! This was incredibly fun to read and I’m sure I’ve probably missed more than half the wordplay just because it’s been slow for me this year. Totally feel you about not watching dramas even though favorites were in it. Despite some top abs err, billing, I couldn’t finish Moon/Sun. And as much as I loved the post in the prattle about AGD, my love for JDG couldn’t get me pass the first week…

    And smart thinking! I mean if you just make the header title Song Joong Ki, you’ll definitely reach that 3 mil audience. Lee Min Ho is /so/ last year’s news!

  7. Loved the post! I’ve been a big fan of your lovable, loquacious lizards’ writing ever since the PTB days. Glad to hear that you’re watching KOD and HOTS and that they’re bringing you some laughs. I ♥ los dos. And aren’t Yeo Chi and Go Eun both awesome?

    Believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about you every day recently. It started last week when, thanks to KOD, I was in the mood to watch KMM in something I hadn’t already seen. So I started watching More Beautiful than a Flower, knowing absolutely zilch about it other than the fact that KMM was in it. (I didn’t even realize that it was a Noh Hee Kyung drama.) The nice thing about blind-dating a drama is that there are no hopes to dash, no bubble to burst. However a few episodes in, I began to get all nervous about it because Show was starting to get under my skin and I realized that I might actually get majorly invested in it– what if This Drama’s Gone To WTFville Syndrome sets in and my tender heart gets trampled in the process? So I googled the drama and came upon two comments you’d written, singing its praises. (I didn’t read more as I’m also spoilerphobic.) Ever since then, I’ve felt reassured and have been savoring it slowly. I can trust that the inevitable pain it brings me will be of the it-hurts-so-good variety. Having that reassurance is a huge gift to me because it allows me to become more deeply invested in the drama, making the whole experience more meaningful. And I feel like someone else is sharing the journey with me, even though it’s happening at different points of the space-time continuum. Also, being able to watch this concurrently with KOD really enhances my appreciation of KMM.

    I’ve been wanting to write you a thank-you comment, but wasn’t sure where to put it (until I read this post). I also wanted to remind you that even if you never make another post on this blog, everything you’ve already contributed will continue to make a difference. Thank you, thundie… all my best to you and yours (scaly, furry, or otherwise).

  8. Thank you for the witty-wordplay ranting, Thundie! I miss your writing, and ranting, and raving, and…. everything! ^^

    Ah, the lizards love KOD? Haven’t watch it yet, not a fan of Siwon.. Guess I should put this on my watch list then. I’m enjoying Horse Healer nowadays, It is just beautiful… almost in all aspects of its production are perfect. Swooning and gushing over YSH on Missing You, and having fun time watching Cheongdamdong Alice and School 2013.

    Have a wonderful December, Thundie… May this holy season brings lot of joys, happiness and healthiness to you and. as @anotheraddict said: yours (scaly, furry or otherwise).

    Love you.

  9. Thundie, I always look forward to your writings. Love the way you write. Always refreshing.Always funny.

    But isn’t “Love Bug” the name of the Volksvagen car that was made into a movie, eons ago?

    • Aww. Lizards. Can I adopt you all? Serously you could watch the current offerings and as much Song Joongki as you want. I have a penchant for reptile print these days… and I was looking for something that would look exquisite draped across my smartphone this season… dahhhlings….

      Yes King is hilarity. Can’t get enough of Mr. Kim right now. ❤
      And I must watch White Tower already!

  10. Love about what you write about SOng Joong ki. SInce finishing Nice guy. I just can’t forget him and his Kang Ma Ru….

    Seriously, What You have done to me this year, Joong Ki-ah???

  11. Thundie! So great to see you on here again! I, myself, love little guessing games so found this post brilliant and refreshing! I always appreciate the natural talent you have for writing and the hard work you put in. BTW, this show that will not be mentioned is changing the way I look at dramas. At first I thought it was a little too over the top, but now with the Great Seer issue, it may be closer to the truth than we care to admit.

    (And fear not, I am covering Song Joong Ki in my ode to him that will be posted soon, so tell those lizards to leave you alone about it!)

  12. This is quite an entertaining post. been asking myself the same questions. It’s good to know that someone feels the same as I do. I like the peacocks feather the most of course.

  13. oh thundie, i so love your post…. errr, i mean the lizard’s post. 🙂

    always, so great with words! love how you make us see which drama without even mentioning the drama title. oh and SJK, lols, poor lizards. his best so far, your lizards should have watched them. but… but… watching Anthony is also SO fun, plus there is CSW, even if i am not a fan. 🙂

    thanks so much for having this post. you made so many blog souls happy! count me as one. 🙂

  14. Yay. Thundie. Missed your voice. KoD made me so happy that I actually watched all 104 episodes of Immortal Yi Sun Sin.

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