Hi, welcome to Thundie’s Prattle, my little corner of the K-blogging world. I’m surprised and touched that you are visiting, and I hope you’ll return.

This blog is where I share my little notes on what I have been watching. I may occasionally delve into something deeper, but most of the time I’m just prattling, hence the title of the blog. Also, some of my most-loved dramas and movies may never make it into a special post here because I’m so blown away by them I don’t know what to say. Love can do that to you, leave you tongue-tied. I’m passionate about literature and history, but if I could do it all over, I would have opted for film studies as well. Math is the bane of my life, and anything overly technical kills my brain cells instantly.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

thundie (thunderbolt)

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  1. Wait…. so you don’t speak Korean? XD And with your extensive recaps/reviews, I would have thought you were. All the best still. X)

  2. Hi Thundie,

    Thanks for all your wonderful recaps. I have so much fun reading them…..sometimes I found myself enjoying your recaps more than the actual dramas. I found your blog not long ago…and now I am addicted…..addiction is scary……..

    Once again, thanks for sharing….


  3. Hi crazymoonyfan

    Anyone who is a Yoo Ah-in fan is my pal. πŸ˜† Welcome!

  4. Woah, new layout! When I came here today, I was like “Huh? Am I at the right place?” And then the header loaded, and I was like “ah… yup, all is well again.”

    Love what you’ve done with the place. Although the grunge theme was awesome, this design looks like it has more shiny features for you to play with, which is always fun!

    p.s. @ Jejungwon recommendation *nods in agreement* This drama really deserves more lovin’

  5. p.p.s. is the blog background a scene from a kdrama?

    • Hi doozy, thanks!

      Just got a tad tired of the edgy grunge theme and wanted something cleaner and whiter. I especially missed not having a custom header and am so happy to have one again!

      The background is just some wallpaper I found online. If I find something similar from a kdrama or movie, I will certainly replace it. πŸ˜€

  6. Hi Thundie…^_^
    just found your blog. always love the result of WITHS2 and recognized your name immediately. thank you for your hard work with the group and will open your blog daily now. I like your recap b.t.w.

  7. Congratulations Thundie, love the layout. I can’t wait for the year-end reviews (no pressure) I look forward to reading your opinion on this years crop of K-dramas. Got introduced to you through Dramabeans then discovered your blog and OCKoala. All three blogs are in my favorite list. I usually sneak a read when I get bored or get fed up with work, you guys brighten my world.

  8. I wub your banner πŸ˜€

  9. Hi Thundie,

    Wow your updated site is awesome!!! Looks totally cool and very trendy πŸ™‚
    Luv luv your prattling. Just sending you my love and many blessings for helping us non-Korean addicts (though my hubby is ever mystified by my K-addiction as we do not speak nor understand Korean!)

    Your insights and humour make my day ie. YOU ROCK!

  10. Loved your banners!! Most of the actors you featured are my favorites too.. KDW, HJW, SJS, PHI and YAI-loved their intensity on-screen esp. KDW (watched almost all his projects except for his early dramas even the unlikeable “Magic”.

  11. Love your blogs !
    I have always loved the movies as a child – my maternal family used to own all the open air cinemas in Singapore/Johore eons ago. The magic, romance and thrill of those days remain with me for a long time. I guess a multiple-location career of over two decades in high powered finance with 3 global financial insitutions would have made jaded cynics out of most. But not a movie/drama buff.
    I chanced upon k-drama by pure accident recently (with thanks to accompanying my 72 year old mother through a few shows- she is a huge fan). I have to say that I been pleasantly surprised by the quality and depth of some of the acting. I have always regarded the acting profession with awe. At its very best, it is an energetic means of expressing the human condition in a way that raises multiple levels of awareness in its audience. Actors ( I use this as a gender-neutral term) are channels for the crystallization of energies -largely fears and hopes – from the larger collective consciousness. Among the great actors I admire are the very perceptive, self-aware, totally human individuals who are able to transcend and transform their total being into the roles they play , thereby bringing the spotlight on nuances in the often overlooked situations and touch the souls of those watching. One reason k-drama is so popular is that many of these address issues that resonate with the larger audience in dire need of escape, hope. a healthy dosage of laughter (and sunshine!) and gentle reminders of what being human is really all about. [And of course we have writers who drive us nuts with “what were they thinking about? “( Don’t even let me get started with Lovers in Paris… )]

    I jsutw ant to say that your blogs and guest bloggers (such as samsooki) have certainly added a new rich, delicious and multiple textured dimension to the whole k-drama experience. Thank you!

    • Hi Aquarius9, so cool to meet another like-minded (read: fellow goner) kdrama addict! Thank you for your encouraging words. Totally agree with you that…

      One reason k-drama is so popular is that many of these address issues that resonate with the larger audience in dire need of escape, hope. a healthy dosage of laughter (and sunshine!) and gentle reminders of what being human is really all about.

      Psst, samsooki is not a TP guest blogger, alas, but he is a friend. I’ll tell him what you wrote about him; I’m sure that will make him happy (and hopefully draw him out of his current k-blogging hiatus).

      And yes, Lovers in Paris… grrrr!

      • Teehee! You have no idea how thrilled I am to chance upon your and Dramabeans blogs – not unlike finding long lost childhood friends! (ps: I love samsooki’s perspectives – I imagine he is one great sensitive metrosexual chap – lucky mrs samsooki!)

        Anyway, I was in Beijing a few weeks back on business when an old friend -chairman of a high profiled listed securities company in China -asked me if I have ever watched Da Jangcin (Jewel in the Palace in Mandarin). He apparently loved it! I suspect kdrama has more closet addicts and fans that we know.

        My mum started me on a diet of Lovers in Paris, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall, She wisely said I need to laugh more (with the constant travel and dealing with all kinds of twisted characters in governments and high finance, she reckons makes her eldest daughter a little too serious!). OMG – Kim Sam Soon had me rolling off my couch in rib cage ripping laughter. I now know what a moonface kdrama addict looks like after an all-nighter marathon!

        • On Mother’s Day this year, I thanked my ma for initiating me to kdrama. Mind you, we are a third generation Chinese Teochew rice merchant imigrant family from Swatou, Guangdong in Singapore (read failed-multi-generational-family-business-due-to-dramatic-family-feuds-of-the-makjang-kind). Not a single drop of K-blood anywhere in the family bloodline – yet as ma wisely said, the Koreans have refined the creative art of drama making through the universal language of laughter , love and hope. To her it is an awe-inspiring means of reaching out to and touching humanity across culture, borders and skin colours. So began my odyssey of experiencing a parallel life most deliciously, and vicariously – not to mention the thrill of finding blogging “Seoulmates” on line!

  12. Dear Beloved Thundie,
    I cant basically tell how much i loved you n your blog already, but thank God that u are exist!!!!!! ^^
    First of all, thank for making the recap of Sungkyunkwan’s last episode. Due to some error with the dvd that i’ve bought, i can only watched the first 12mins of the last ep. (happened 2 days ago). Can u imagine how doom i was back then as i also doing nonstop cursing for it happened. Then…. i stumbled to ur recap of that ep, so now basically i’m not that despairing anymore as i was before… hehehehe…. GREAT HELP as in FIRST AID KIT!!!… Thanks to u again.

    Secondly, as i stumbled here n knowing that many ppl also infected as the same fever as me in relation to kdrama, I’m relieved. Pheewww….. The attitude of discussing n exploring for the story, roles, n drama settings here really makes the writers, directors, n actors are actually brilliant in some ways, and that’s what i see. Unlike my partner who always gossiping abt how bad the kdrama are, totally irritating.. T.T”..

    Lastly, totally agree with:
    “One reason k-drama is so popular is that many of these address issues that resonate with the larger audience in dire need of escape, hope. a healthy dosage of laughter (and sunshine!) and gentle reminders of what being human is really all about.”
    These words go straight to my digesting system n stay there. Whoever person wrote this, is really magnificent person. Hope there is one in my surroundings. hahahahah… ^^, …..

  13. Hi Thundie!

    I stumbled across your blog when I google on YuChun and SKK Scandal. You are such a treat. You write so beautifully and hilariously. Just like some Korean dramas.

    You make watching the dramas more fun. Thank you for your efforts.

    Would you be writing on Miss Ripley? I pray you would.

    • Hi Hottie, thank you! I’ll certainly write about Miss Ripley. Can’t wait to see Micky in a drama again. Have a very soft spot for him after SKKS.

  14. hey! I see you’re getting a new domain!

  15. Thundie darling,
    I have become a big fanddict of your & dramabeans blogs – your writing (the honest ruminations, warm humour and perceptive observations ) and eloquent fellow bloggers are just wonderful …And, I love that you have got a new domain in cyberspace. The addition of more rooms in your cybermansion for fellow gushers to connect is just perfect!

  16. Hi! Love to read your blog, my friend suggest this blog in our club coz ur super hilarious review on YAB, thanks for sharing all news and info here, esp about JKS πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Thundie, your blog has become the go-to place for me for Korean drama, and as a recent and enthusiastic entrant to this rather strange and addicting world, I wanted just to say thank for this web-site. Its awesome!

  18. Why did I discover your blog only now? I was starting to watch Jejoongwon and wanted to understand it better as the short summaries on it confused me. In my search, I saw your blog and was more than satisfied.

    Thank you for doing such a good job!

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  22. Hi Thundie, I am so glad to meet a Korean who speaks English well. I just found your blog today and I fell in love instantly. I will drop by most often and join you on your Kdrama world. I have loved it 10 years ago but I just got hooked recently. Korean drama is big here in the Philippines, though I don’t watch the dubbed ones because I find your language interesting. South Korean are the next big thing here, you guys are everywhere here and we just love you so much. Watching k drama is local to us already…I can’t get enough you know! Kamsamida!

  23. Hi Thundie/Koala! I’ve been to your playground and can say I am enjoying it there, I also visited here bc of LTM and happy to see more than what I expected πŸ™‚ Happy New Year and keep up your comical way of recapping/reviewing K dramas! πŸ˜€ more power

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  25. Hi Thundie!! I am not sure if you remember me, but we used to be part of Sojisub International Fan Club. Do you remember me? How are you doing?

    I was out of kdrama world after getting married, for like a decade, and just returned after Covid. I am now following Jung Il Woo (I also followed SJS’s little brother Yoo Seung Ho. I just opened my own personal blog on Jung Il Woo and his historical drama HAECHI.

    Haechi is the true story of a prince born of a Chunmin (lowest social class) but he becomes king. Before that, he does face lots of social prejudice… kind of reminded me of JEJUNGWON. That was one of my all time favorite dramas…

    Anyhow, I am not sure if you are still active here. I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful work of love, and let you know you’ve been really missed.

    Much love… And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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