The young’uns

The babies. The kiddos. The ones 18 years and younger. (Because 19 is the legal age in Korea.)

But just because they are young’uns, that doesn’t mean they can’t steal the show. On the contrary, many of them have proven that they can act far better than folks twice (or thrice) their age. So natural and outstanding are these “littles,” you wonder what magic formulae Korea employs to consistently produce talent of this quality and quantity.

So don’t hold back. This page is where you sing the praises of your favorite young actors (male and female). Give them the recognition they deserve!

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  1. Kim Sae-ron receiving her award for Best New Actress at the 8th Korea Film Awards:

  2. Good grief, the screaming. But yay for Kim Sae-ron!

  3. How about these two little cuties? Though Kim Sae-ron impressed me most.

    And let’s not forget this newfound treasure who made us laugh our asses off in Best Love!

  4. I thought 20 was the legal age in Korea?

    • Keke, actually it has been lowered from 20 to 19:

      But I “lowered” it even more for the sake of all the people who desperately want to believe Yoo Seung-ho is now legal. He turned 18 on August 17 this year.

      • You know, I never had any feeling towards Yoo Seung-ho except as seeing him a cute little brother or something but he is pretty gorgeous in Warrior Baek Dong Soo with his mane of glory and intense eyes!

      • Well, in Korean standards, isn’t he already 19? They count the time of conception and birth as 1 year right? and then you are automatically 1 at birth? Something like that….

        • Ooh, that means he’s completely legal, yowza!

          I’ved edited the post so that 19 is now the legal age, LOL. 😀

          • I have a question, technically, I am a year older than Yoo Seung-ho, but if he goes by the Korean age standards, and I go by the American age standards, we are both 19. Does that still makes me a Noona?

            • Hehe, you’ve got to use the same yardsticks, sweetie. In Korean age you’re 20 so yes, he needs to call you Noona!

            • He’s always playing mature roles, so go ahead and be a noona!!!! He looks like a noona-killer anyway. I even thought he looked cute with Kim Haneul in “Blind”.

            • Adding on to this, Park Gun Tae’s awesome as younger Yeowoon. In fact, he’s probably more sinister than older YW. Can see a long and bright future for him!

  5. Kim Sae-ron is amazing!! Must keep my eyes on her!!

    And No Young Hak!
    (The one who did the young character of the Chun Jung Myung on kdrama ”the duo”

  6. Shim Eun Kyung….Shim Eun Kyung….Shim Eun Kyung

  7. Aww… Go Ah-sung. That’s such a sweet picture, and I spy Kim Sae-ron, too.

    There are so many talented minors in K-Ent that I feel mean picking some notable ones from out of that pool but… Imma go ahead and say it: Yeo Jin-gu and Nam Ji-hyun. MAD LOVE!

    • For you, Supah!

      And let’s not forget the supremely talented Park Ha-young:

      • I love her toooo! ❤
        You can barely tell in this snap but he has actually has a growth spurt in the past year and is now actually taller than Nam Ji-hyun.

        • eeee yeo jin goo, so much talent, oozing with… something. charisma? i don’t want to name the alternative *koffkoffappealkoff* cos that would just be so wrong (but ohso right) because he’s like what, 14? yjg was riveting in giant, good lord he even stole KSH’s thunder and that’s saying something given his talent…

          gah i miss the Giant kids.

          • Hear hear! He’s *squish*-able.
            Are you watching Warrior Baek Dongsoo? See above snap, it reunites both NJH and YJG.
            We know KSH did Dream High, and No Young-hak was in Duo, Park Ha-yeong was recently in Ripley. Alas, I miss them together, too.

            • Oh yes I did catch the first few episodes of WBDS simply bec NJH and YJG were reunited there. And I might say, YJG, good lad, you are growing up nicely. Noona is pleased.

  8. Kim Yoobin is too young to be judged, acting wise. But cute wise, she’s A+++++++!

  9. Shim Eun Kyung and Yeo Jing Gu for older ones.

    Kim Sae Ron and Park Ha Young (Giant, Hurray for Love) for the younger ones.

  10. Chun Bo Geun- Parang from Stars falling from the Sky and the really cute movie Hello Ghost! he is so adorable I wanna pinch his cheeks!

  11. Another one just came to mind. Lee Hyunwoo. Last I heard he was in God of Study?? But I loved him a lot as Chadol in Return of Iljimae.

  12. I haven’t watch a lot of kdramas but the childhood sequences in Autumn In My Heart and Legend left me with the deepest impression.

    Choi Woo Hyuk and Moon Geun Young were fabulous as in their roles. Choi Woo Hyuk especially was so charismatic and handsome as the oppa that for a while I suffered from the crush on younger man syndrome. Is he still acting? I don’t seem to read any news about him.

    The Legend has three very talented child actors. Yoo Seung Ho, Shim Eun Kyung and Park Eun Bin are well suited to their roles and acted so flawlessly that they nearly outshone their respective adult counterparts.

    There are many others I love too. WHERE does Korea dig up all those child actors from? They all acted so well.

  13. I like little Goo Seung Hyun… .he is in Manny and so cute and adorable.

  14. My favorite is Kim Yoo Jung. She’s so pretty and talented. I saw her in Dong yi, Tale of a Fox Child, and Flames of Ambition. She gave me goosebumps in FoA. How could she possibly be just 11 years old???

  15. I don’t know his name.. but the kid played in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee as Dr.Lee Geon Wook (Kim Min Joon)’s son.. also as the young Kim Jae Yoon (Ha Jung Woo) in H.I.T.. and as the young Kang Man ho (Choi Min Soo) in Father’s House.. and in many other dramas I can’t recall now.. He’s so cute.. I just smile when he smiles and cry when he cries..

    I also love Jo Minwoo & Lee Miju’s son, Wooju, in Giant.. He’s sooo adorable, although he can’t really act..

    • Finally found the name and the pic for you, ichaboy.

      Kang Soo-han:

      I remember when I was watching Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, I was so mesmerized by the kiddo’s mile-long eyelashes!

  16. i love that baby with Jang Geun Seuk in Baby and Me – Mason Moon Moorehouse. By the way, how do I attach a pic?

    • Look at those eyes! So adorable!!!

      D, I’ll embed the pic for you if you post the URL. If you have photobucket, that would make it easier for me, but no problems if you don’t have one because I’ll reupload to my account. Thanks!

    • OMG, that is one fucking adorable baby. *squeezes the cheeks*

  17. Kim Sae Ron and Shim Eun Kyung just stand out so much with talent.

  18. Seo Shin Ae is pretty good on screen also.
    Wang Suk Hyun was adorable as heck, too bad his parents couldn’t be civil enough to help him spread his wings as an actor.

  19. Park Ji-bin was so adorable when he was little and could act to boot! He’s had a growth spurt, though, which has only added to his charm!

  20. I’m often impressed with kdrama child actors because of how natural they appear onscreen. But the two that really BLEW me away were Izumisawa Yuuki and Fukuda Mayuko in the jdrama Byakuyakou. The drama was a reverse-detective story, a story about murder told from the point of view of the murderers – who were children when they committed their first killings. Yup, these two kid actors had to play murderers and abused kids, and yet their tentative early friendship was so sweet. They had actually committed the crimes to save each other. They blew me away in Episode 1 and even after we switched to the adult actors after that, these kids really set the bar high. (Am I allowed to talk jdrama actors? *sudden belated thought*)

    On a happier note, my new favorite is Yang Han Yeul, aka Ding Dong from Best Love. Totally loved his funny partnership with uncle-to-be.

  21. can’t take my eyes from this kiddo. she make my day:D

    wish her on screen till the end of the day

  22. I’d also like to share my current kiddie actor of the moment, or actors. I am currently watching Bad Family and the kid playing Na Rim and the kid playing Nam SangMi’s youngest brother..

  23. I ship Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin for ages! Now they have Operation Proposal and I loooove them to bits! I also love the kids who acted as the young Ham Yi Seul and Kang Baej Ho but I dont have any info or pic about them! (saaaaad)

  24. how about yoo seung hoo and shim eun kyung?????

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