A Wife’s Credentials: Episode 4

[Witty, whimsical, and also wicked (oh yes, how I giggled at the double and triple entendres, the innuendos and irony), this episode was a blast. I can’t believe how fast things are moving for my two favorite couples: Seo-rae and her dentist, Seo-rae and her Yudo master… Wait a minute. Seo-rae and who? Yup, you read that correctly. ‘Tis a beautiful friendship that’s blossoming right before our eyes between Seo-rae and Hong Ji-seon; they are even spilling beans and all. Uh oh.

For translating this drama with so much love, Softy, even with a cut finger and four blood-soaked bandaids, thank you! —thundie]


SR – Yoon Seo-rae
SJ – Han Sang-jin (SR’s husband)
G – Han Gyeol (SR and SJ’s 5th grade son)
MR – Yoon Mi-rae (SR’s younger sister)
T – Kim Tae-oh (dentist who is married with a young daughter)
Hong – Hong Ji-seon (runs her own academy)
MJ – Han Myeong-jin (SR’s sister-in-law and SJ’s younger sister)
HT – Jo Hyun-tae (MJ’s husband)
YJ – Jo Yoon-jae (MJ and HT’s older daughter)
EJ – Kang Eun-joo (HT’s other woman)
FIL (SR’s father-in-law)
MIL (SR’s mother-in-law)

Episode 4

T drives SR back to her neighborhood. SR texts Hong: “I am sorry for not being able to call you. I will go earlier to work out tomorrow morning. Goodnight.” Hong tells the nanny to go home now. SR lies and texts her husband that she met some moms from G’s class and the conversation got longer. SJ walks his parents out.

As MJ walks out with her parents, the mom wonders if SR got into trouble by the other moms. MJ: “A little.” Her dad says: “Who would like the class being held back?” Her mom says: “It’s worrisome.” MJ offers to give them a ride but they said they will walk since the rain stopped (they live close by within walking distance). Mom tells MJ to hurry and pick up her daughter. Her dad reminds her to tell HT to not forget about tomorrow night. They say goodbye and leave.

MJ runs into EJ and JH coming in. MJ dotes on JH and says: “Get to see you again. Just look at your wide shoulders — is it ok for you to be so handsome?” EJ says: “It must be because he is swimming — plus he keeps growing taller.” MJ looks at him with envy and says: “Your dad must feel really assured (meaning because he has a son to rely on he can feel assured about anything) even though he is living far away. If he has a son like this next to his mom’s side, he wouldn’t have a single worry.”

MJ asks JH: “Heard you are chatting with your dad every morning through video.” JH says: “Yes.” MJ compliments his dad for doing that. MJ looks at EJ and says: “You must have missed out. Heard G’s mom (SR) was meeting with the other moms from the class right now.” EJ tells JH to go in first because adults need to talk. He says bye to MJ and leaves. She says: “See you next time.” EJ starts to say: “A while ago at the academy I saw G’s mom…” (we don’t get to hear the rest of what she said)

T is driving and SR says: “I will get out here. There is a back side entrance.” He stops the car. He worries it’s too dark because it’s the back way. She says “it’s ok” and is about to get out, but he says he wants to protect it all — what’s going on between them and these feelings. His words make her cry.

T: “Do you know when I first saw you?” Flashback clip to when he saw her at the bus stop riding off with the yellow raincoat on. (he didn’t say it aloud, but we know he must have described it to her)

T: “I will be very careful so it won’t affect you (meaning so it won’t affect her life if he keeps liking her and continuing what they have).” She doesn’t reply. He asks if she wants to have lunch together tomorrow. She doesn’t reply. He takes her hand.

MJ pulls out of the apartment complex and mutters that SR is a funny woman. She spots SR getting out of T’s car and walking home. MJ decides to follow T’s car. She calls her daughter and tells her to take the *“call Taxi” and that she will send it to her. “Something suddenly came up — sorry — see you at home.” (*it’s when you call and give the driver a location for a pickup and drop off and there is an extra charge for doing that)

SR hurries home. EJ watches her go in through her peephole.

SR goes in and G comes out of the bathroom still brushing his teeth. She asks if the grandparents left and he says yes. He asks what she had to prepare for him because he heard she went to go buy it. SR says: “It’s for next week — I was mistaken.” He asks which moms she met so she says “school — hurry and wash” and shoves him back in.

SJ is sleeping on the couch. She calls her MIL. SR says she came back and that she is sorry. MIL says how it seems G can’t study properly yet so pay more attention. “Isn’t the goal to get to the next level class? This has the kid’s life on the line; you can’t act like you did in the past. At times like this when you think there is not much you can do, there is nothing else but studying.” FIL throws his two cents in and the MIL agrees with him.

SR hears and says into the phone: “I will do better. (or it could have been “I understand” — the Korean word for this is so similar and the only difference is one syllable — I can’t tell which one she said) SR says “yes, yes” a lot and says goodnight. After she hangs up she starts to clean and SJ wakes up. She tells him to go in and sleep. He mutters about what the reaction to his appearance (on the show) will be and hopes it was good.

MJ realizes T is going into the same apartment as hers (she lives in the same place as Hong). She watches where T parked his car. Each apartment has its own parking space.

When T goes in, Hong just got a call from MJ. Hong asks “what’s up?” so MJ butters her up saying, “I think of you all the time, Teacher. Also, I was curious how you were doing. You are so important for YJ. Of course. While we are on the phone, let’s make an appointment. How’s lunch tomorrow? Let’s eat something delicious at a nice place (meaning fancy and expensive).”

T goes into his daughter’s room while she is sleeping and holds her hand for a while. There is a photo of him and his daughter right above her head. (he really adores his daughter)

Hong was just hanging up with MJ and says: “See you tomorrow.” T comes out of the room and Hong asks: “The roads must have been really congested.” He says: “A little.” She asks if he feels overwhelmed these days because she is doing so well and is busy, if he feels neglected. She offers to have morning dates from tomorrow on. “Even for a short time let’s try to make time for conversations. Instead of taking the car, I can jog. Then on your way to work, you can stop by and pick me up and drop me off at the academy. Then we can talk at least for 15 mins. That’s a lot. All you have to do is give up riding your bike. Come by 10:10.”

SR reads by G’s bedside. “You are not a worrywart. Mother said that after walking a long time without saying anything. You had more troubling things happen but you took care of it. I believe in you deeply. If you put forth that kind of effort, if it’s you, you can overcome and do anything in this wide world. Don’t worry about me. Until you come back, I will endure (be patient)…” She stops reading and cries silently. G looks at her so she says: “This is a sad part.”

SR goes into the bathroom and stares intently at her reflection in the mirror. It’s almost like she’s examining herself anew, or seeing herself as T might see her — as an attractive woman.

T sits alone strumming his guitar slowly, a solemn expression on his face.

HT is getting dressed very early in the morning and remembering how EJ said to study with JH every day; she doesn’t like him only doing it once a week. MJ tells HT: “Don’t forget that you have a dinner appointment with your father (and her father).” He tells her not to worry about that and sleep more.

MJ remembers the lie SR told when she left and what EJ said about how she saw SR at the academy. Then how MJ watched SR get out of the car. MJ mutters aloud that Korean saying about how someone is doing things they shouldn’t and showing sides of them they have never shown before. HT thought it was directed at him so he asks “what?” She gets up and asks: “You haven’t left yet. You said you had to prepare for the meeting.” HT: “I am leaving now.” He blows her a kiss. MJ mutters that her sleep time has gotten noisy.

JH and HT and EJ speak English on the video chat. Coworker tells SJ how great SJ was yesterday — it was daebak. SJ thanks him. The guy says the response wasn’t bad. SJ says what’s ahead is the problem. Another guy says: “You just have to choose a good item (meaning show idea).” They keep talking about the show then SJ gets a call from his boss. He says into the phone that it’s an honor. SJ attributes doing well with good timing.

SR is already dressed for yudo when Hong shows up. SR says hello to her. SR apologizes for the other day. Hong asks if anyone passed away. SR: “What?” Hong: “Or did you break any bones somewhere?” SR: “No.” Hong: “Then how could you avoid me like that? It wasn’t someone else, it was me asking to meet.” SR: “That’s true — I made a huge mistake.” Hong: “You should feel penitent a little more on your own and now I will tell you about G’s problem.” Hong motions for her to sit.

Hong says she looked over everything and as his teacher, she decided there isn’t a big problem. She thinks of it as a good thing (fresh and new) because G solves problems differently than others. She goes on complimenting how G thinks — independently and creatively. “During all that time, it means you taught him to have confidence by having a lot of conversations with your child every day and it’s all thanks to you raising him well.” SR thanks her.

Hong: “But that doesn’t mean everything will work out with just that. Grades (grade point average) are very important. If his school grades aren’t good, other moms will keep talking.” She tells SR to pay attention to the midterms coming up. SR says: “I get it (understand).” Hong: “I asked to meet yesterday to say this.” SR: “I see.” Hong says: “I will give you a tip. Ask G to teach you how he got the answer. ‘Teach me what you know.’ Because G’s negative point (what his fallacy is) is that if he doesn’t understand something, he gets confused.” SR agrees that’s true.

Hong: “While he is explaining it to you, he can sort it in his mind. What he knows, what he doesn’t know.” SR: “That’s true.” Hong: “But for that method to be effective, you have to study in advance.” SR: “I will do that.” SR gets a text so apologizes since Hong was in the middle of talking. Hong: “No, that was all I wanted to say.” Hong gets up to get dressed so SR can check her message. T texted to meet at 1pm at the riverbank at Chamsil (where boats are docked for cruises).

Hong asks: “What is more important and urgent other than your child’s problems?” SR looks guilty. Hong says to be warned, that since SR entrusted Hong with her child, Hong is in charge. “You know that, right?” SR faces the locker and away from Hong as she says: “I know that — but these days because of some man, I’m…” SR stops talking. Hong: “What did you just say?”

SR: “As you know, after I came to this neighborhood, I was living like I couldn’t breathe. But I met that person and now it feels like I can breathe easier.” Hong starts to almost giggle and stops herself. SR: “It might sound like an excuse, but since I am so different from my husband, without me realizing… I am so scared I could die, but I can’t turn him down.” Hong realizes what SR just admitted to so she calls out: “G’s mother. YSR shi.” SR faces her.

Hong: “Why are you trusting to be so open and telling me everything?” SR: “I must be out of my mind. Please forget it. Like you didn’t hear it.” Hong: “Haven’t you heard? Skilled people never get caught. But you openly admit it with your own mouth? How can someone so naïve have a relationship (meaning date)?”

SR: “What do you mean date? I didn’t mean that at all — nothing happened and from here on there won’t be either. Because I won’t meet him. I’m going to end it.” Hong says: “From today on you should learn (some yudo move I don’t know). Prepare and do some stretches (warm ups).” SR: “Yes.”

In a café other moms are gathered and look over at MJ and EJ who are sitting off by themselves. MJ says: “I am too embarrassed so I don’t want to say this aloud.” EJ: “It’s ok — what is there that you can’t tell me?” MJ: “It’s about the family.” EJ: “There is something going on with G’s mom, huh?” MJ: “Yes, I don’t know how my oppa ended up marrying a woman like that. It’s not for certain yet (no definite proof) but what if my parents or oppa finds out? Also, what about poor G?” EJ: “Talk slowly.”

They start to whisper and MJ asks if EJ knows about how to hire a private eye to spy on SR. So EJ guesses it’s a problem regarding another man. MJ asks her to look into it. EJ says: “I don’t know about it directly but a sunbae I know got some help for her husband. She got easy proof so divorce was easy.” M: “Yes, someone like that who can do that.” EJ: “Not sure if I can get in touch. But MJ — I feel funny doing this. I am living alone away from my husband raising a child (alone) so looking into something like this is a little…” (she doesn’t finish her sentence) MJ says: “I have to stop this — it’s too embarrassing if neighbors find out. I won’t be able to live. Do you know who the other person is?”

Scene cuts to Hong and SR doing more tumbling. SR is getting better at it. Then they throw each other down — like tossing the other person. Actually more like Hong is doing all the tossing. For some reason SR seems to be enjoying being tossed like a rag doll by Hong.

EJ hears and her eyes are about to pop out. She keeps saying “omo omo.” MJ: “It’s unbelievable, isn’t it?” EJ asks: “Are you for certain? Did you see her face?” MJ: “Yes, when I saw her get out of the car, I was curious so without realizing it I followed. Then he went into my apartment complex and he parked in that spot. In Teacher Hong’s spot. Does this make sense? Not some other neighborhood but this neighborhood. Also, of all the people…”

EJ interrupts and says: “Let’s put a stop to this. We have to. I can’t let Teacher Hong be bothered with something like that when she is taking care of my JH. For Teacher Hong’s sake — no, for my son’s sake.” MJ: “That’s right, huh?” EJ: “Don’t tell anyone. Before Hong finds out, we have to end it with our hands. First. We need to confirm with photos.” MJ: “You’re right.” EJ makes a call.

T pulls up and waits for his wife but the car behind him honks so he texts Hong that he has to pull up so he will go around the building once. Hong walks out with SR. Hong assures SR: “I can keep secrets (be discreet); let me know when your situation is settled. That means I’m curious if you’re really going to end it. Also, I am a little worried.”

SR: “Teacher, why are you so good to me?” Hong: “I want to be friends.” SR: “Omo.” Hong: “Because you are so dumb. These mothers in this neighborhood are all scary (meaning they are super smart about things).” SR: “So that means you chose me (out of all of them).” Hong holds back a giggle and walks down.

Like a puppy that just got some praise SR follows her and says: “You did well. I’m a really good person. Do you want to have some tea together?” Hong: “Next time. My husband is coming. That person goes to work around this time (because it’s late in the morning). Would you like to say hello for a second?” SR says no because of the way she looks. Since he is Hong’s husband, SR wants to meet him properly looking better. “I’ll meet him next time. Also, I have to drop by the bookstore.” Hong: “Then do that.” SR thanks her for today — her praise about G and advice. “I will also keep in mind the advice you gave me too.” Hong: “You should.”

When T pulls up SR is gone. Hong asks if he brought her stuff. He says yes. She finds SR’s umbrella and asks why he has it. He says: “I stopped by the store yesterday and it suddenly rained.” Hong: “It’s ok, right? Meeting for a short while at this time.” T: “Of course.” He drives off.

T stops at the light and watches SR crossing the street. SR called her sister to find out what her best side dish is when people place orders. “I want to give it to Teacher Hong as a present.”

Hong says: “Let’s go camping when the kids’ midterms end.” T is still looking at SR and doesn’t pay attention.

Hong says the first reason is to teach their daughter stuff and the second reason is for him — for him to release stuff that’s weighing on his heart. Hong: “Ok?” T: “Yes, let’s go, it’s been a long time.” Hong wonders what new camping equipment they need to buy. T: “We have everything.”

T drops his wife off at work. SR is at the bookstore and gets a text from T: “Did you not see the text or is it too difficult (to meet)?”

T tells his patient to brush and use that denture-looking object. And that he will get used to it. SR texts him back: “See you at 1pm.” T quickly gets ready to leave.

SR gets dressed and tries to pick out a nice outfit. (the woman never wears anything with color)

MJ calls and finds out SR’s whereabouts. “Oh, I see. If you were home I was going to drop by for a little bit. The water kimchi (the white kind) from yesterday was delicious so I was going to ask you for some. No, it’s ok.” MJ hangs up with SR and calls the private eye/investigator. She tells him: “I just called you a while ago and I deposited your money. She is home right now but is leaving so please hurry.” MJ hangs up.

Someone is at the door. The guy pretends to have gotten the wrong apartment so he can see SR’s face. She tells him how he got the wrong number so he says sorry. The investigator guy is in his van and waits for SR to leave to follow her. Hong tells her receptionist she is eating outside for lunch. She smiles remembering SR’s words about being afraid to death, but can’t seem to turn him down. SR goes to meet T.

Hong meets MJ and EJ. They say hello to each other and EJ says: “I tagged along too.” Hong says “What to do?” because she doesn’t eat at this place with parents (because Hong hates stuff like bribes and she feels like letting them pay for meals at places like this is breaking that rule). EJ says they already know that because she does that at the academy too. That’s why MJ had to drag Hong over here. MJ says because she thought Hong would be bored if it was just the two of them. Hong decides to break her rule this once. They thank her. Hong asks if MJ’s daughter YJ is doing well. MJ: “Thanks to you, she gets a lot of praise.” EJ says that’s the positive outcome of learning from Hong so Hong jokes back: “That’s true.” MJ asks what Hong wants to eat so Hong says: “You suggest.”

(*FYI: This is the same place they used to film the date scene in You’re Beautiful, the dinner scene in Thousand Day Promise, and another famous one I forgot)

SR is wearing a hat and gets on the private cruise boat. Someone takes her pics. The investigator uploads the pics and sends them via text to MJ during her lunch. MJ gives them to EJ to look at.

SR tells him this is her first time riding this. He says he rode it 2 or more times, when he was in a hurry because of traffic. “Because you can go to Yeoido in 15 mins.” (since they started in chamsil — that’s super fast) He goes on to say: “This doesn’t shake much. It’s a lot different than that tugboat. That night you suffered so much, I wanted to make it up to you with this. While we are eating lunch in here, this boat will go to Samhanaruh.” SR: “Ok.”

T: “To tell the truth, I thought it over a lot — about what place would be comfortable to meet. Because wherever we go, I thought you would be uncomfortable.” SR: “Yes, I was thinking of not coming out — that I shouldn’t come.” They sit in silence for a bit. Then T tells her to eat. She says she sort of felt awkward saying she was hungry in this situation.

MJ makes small talk with Hong about whether Hong is still attending that Yudo place (I think). Hong says because she doesn’t like being bored. EJ says: “I heard you dated a long time.” Hong says: “For a long time and passionately. Since we both didn’t have anything, we fit.” MJ: “That’s so impressive (cool) and also because you both succeeded.” Hong gives one of those vague answers like “that’s how it is.”

MJ asks if their relationship is passionate as always. Hong says if they are still like that — that would be tiring (as in they would get sick of it). EJ: “But I still think you get along well like friends.” Hong says: “Let’s stop talking about me.” MJ: “Why? It was fun. And you talk so amusingly.”

Hong says to EJ: “Oh, that’s right. I spoke to G’s mother. The problem you talked about yesterday.” EJ: “You did.” MJ: “What did you say? I was worried about that too. He is my nephew.” Hong: “Oh, that’s right.” MJ: “I am his aunt.” Hong: “Then G’s mother is…” MJ: “My sister-in-law.”

Hong: “You two are really different.” MJ: “If you look at the ambience of the family — a little.” Hong thinks that could happen. EJ compliments MJ and says how good MJ is to them (SR’s family) paying a lot of attention. Especially about G’s problem. MJ: “Of course I have to because he is Oppa’s son.” Hong: “Han-gyeol is not to the extent you have to worry about him. You don’t have to worry about G’s mother. Like I said, even though you guys are different.”

MJ and EJ are speechless to hear Hong stick up for SR like that. Hong explains: “The reason why I accepted G was because I needed at least one kid like that.” She talks about the way people teach their children in this neighborhood — everyone is the same. “I’m not saying that’s bad; if you only care about grades/grade point averages and scores, you forget the fundamentals (the basics).”

Hong cites examples (maybe it was creative) when a kid like G asks a nonsense question or solves a problem completely different from others, “he makes us realize what we neglected — the basics.” She says how that’s good — not just for her but for other kids too. “It’s the same about G’s mother. It’s a good experience for me. The way I see things, she is very honest and optimistic/cheerful.” MJ and EJ are speechless again and just resume eating.

SR is drinking tea and looking out the window. She thinks she sees a deer between the trees. He looks too and says something is there, but doesn’t think it’s a deer. She nudges him and tells him to look carefully.

SR tries to take a pic but it’s gone. She says what a waste. He thinks it might have been a dog instead because why would a deer live there. She realizes he might be right. T asks if she speaks like G (hinting that they sound alike because she sounded like a kid just now about that deer). She says yes because their levels are similar. T doesn’t believe that. SR: “When G was young he was sick a lot. That’s why —for me— being together and being happy was the most important.”

She shares about her past with G — how they overcame all those emergency situations and how it bonded them because they went through it all together. Now that the kid became better (healthier) it seems they got greedy — “if you look at the academic path he is on. Even while hearing I was a dummy — we hung in there. It can’t be helped. Can’t ignore how the world works. Still living like that was helpful (effective) because the academy teacher is someone I like a lot and I heard her praise/compliment me. If I didn’t experience that, I wouldn’t have come out here.”

T says: “I am really grateful to that person.” SR: “Yes, I felt safer and I feel more brave/courageous.” She repeats the compliment Hong said about G being fresh because of the unique way SR raised him. T says: “That person has charms/attractive qualities.” SR: “Yes, she seems to.”

T: “That’s how it should be. I am a parent too. So I worry about my kid a lot. I don’t know what it is but I get confused.” (I think he said he was sorry to his wife too) SR: “Everyone is like that.” T: “I wanted to see you so we had to go through a lot to meet and here I am worried about my kid.” SR: “It’s the same for me too. Let’s cheer each other up (encourage each other) as parents who are confused.” She holds out her hand for him to shake. T: “Yes.” He shakes her hand. He says to send G so T can look and see if anything is wrong from the last dental procedure. She says she will after midterms end.

MJ and EJ walk out after paying. MJ: “I don’t know what to say.” EJ: “How could something like this happen?” MJ takes out her phone because she got more updates. It’s photos of T and SR coming off the boat and T putting SR into a cab and T getting into his car. EJ says: “They are playing well.”

MJ: “This is scarier. They look like they like each other. That’s how it turns into an affair. It’s like something will happen in a motel and then they will set up house and have a child. Is that what’s going to happen?” EJ says: “Don’t get carried away. You have to be strong.” MJ: “I think I will go insane. Let’s go to my home. Stay with me for a while.” EJ: “Let’s do that.” EJ worries for a second about whether she will see HT there.

In the cab, SR is on the phone with T. “I had fun. It was also comfortable. Thank you.” T: “Me too. Thanks to you I also got to see a wild deer.” SR: “You said it was a dog.” T: “At some time the truth will come out.”

They are at MJ’s home and EJ stares at MJ’s family portrait.

MJ complains about feeling nauseous again. EJ says: “Your family can’t put up with this because your husband is too perfect.” MJ: “It seems like that. This is such a mystery. Why would someone like Hong’s husband who has everything — why would someone who dated so passionately do something… (like that)?” EJ shushes her because the housekeeper finished blending and can hear their conversation now.

The housekeeper brings over their drinks. EJ thanks her and says: “Sorry for inconveniencing you by coming over.” The woman says it’s ok and tells her to drink slowly and go. EJ whispers for MJ to be careful what she says “because it’s no joke how *neighborhood housekeepers talk (spread rumors). We have to figure this out before it reaches Teacher Hong’s ears.”

*SR’s sister MR makes side dishes for people in SR’s neighborhood so MR knows all the housekeepers and nannies like the woman who takes care of Hong’s daughter and home. SR’s in-law borrows MJ’s housekeeper too so that housekeeper is able to pass on info to MR later.

MJ says for starters she is going to get the guy to send the pics through email because she can’t see these texts anymore because of her oppa and parents possibly finding out. EJ thinks the two of them might burn out and break up on their own so let’s just keep watch. Also since the kids’ tests are coming up they will cease for the time being.

Housekeeper hears the doorbell and says the side dishes are here. MR is waiting outside and says hello to her. The woman spreads the rumor and asks — “Didn’t you hear about Hong’s husband cheating on her? It’s for certain. Teacher Hong doesn’t know yet.” MR: “That’s total daebak.”

MR tells her sister about the rumor. SR denies it: “That’s not true. Tell them not to be ridiculous. I don’t know everything yet, but that married couple gets along well. After exercising, her husband comes and picks her up and takes her to work.”

MR: “You don’t know something. Do you know how hard cheating husbands work and act like they are taking care of their family? (meaning to cover up what they are doing so they are extra nice to their wives) SR says: “Again — that’s enough. That’s not happening over there in that family.” MR says it’s not something to keep denying.

SR changes subject and says what she tasted is delicious. “You made it well.” MR: “I paid a lot of attention making it because you said you two decided to become friends.” SR says she is going to send this to Hong through G (meaning tell G to pass it on to Hong) even though this is like a bribe and she doesn’t accept it — “since I am special.” MR says: “You should tell her as her friend (about her husband cheating).” But SR yells back: “I said it’s not.”

SR’s MIL walks her husband out and asks where he is having his meeting. He says the restaurant and she says “enjoy your meal.” After he leaves, she goes to her computer and starts gambling again on the Go Stop site. G runs into his grandpa outside. He asks if G is going to his academy. G: “Yes.” His grandpa says: “study hard and concentrate/focus well.” G: “Yes.” Grandpa: “Get going.” He keeps trying to call home and wonders why she isn’t picking up. He goes back home.

He pulls his wife’s headphones off and asks: “Where is my wallet?” She looks for his wallet and says: “It wouldn’t be here.” He lectures her for playing this. She asks: “You knew?” He says: “Who am I?” She makes up an excuse that it’s good to ward off dementia. She giggles and says: “This turned out well. Now I can do this out in the open.” He warns her if she doesn’t know how to end it, “I don’t know about it (meaning he won’t take responsibility).” She nods ok.

Hong reads the note from SR: “I am sending this as your friend and not G’s mother. I didn’t make this. I asked my younger sister who is a good cook to make it. It’s for the two of you to have as appetizers with beer. Waiting for the morning exercise.”

T leaves work saying, “I am going home first.” He whistles on his way out. Nurse says: “See you tomorrow.”

SJ and his dad are having dinner with HT and his dad. HT’s dad says to SJ that he watched SJ’s program well. SJ thanks him and says he heard at the office today that the reaction was good. SJ’s dad says to HT’s dad that it’s thanks to HT’s dad teaching well. HT asks SJ what the show was about. SJ asks: “Didn’t you watch it?” HT makes up a lie about why he couldn’t. SJ tells him what it was about. His dad says: “People need to know that stuff.”

HT’s dad throws out an idea for the next show so SJ says: “You said it exactly (that SJ is already preparing that piece).” HT says: “I am in charge of that team. Should I do an interview for you?” SJ says: “No, that isn’t right. If it’s you, it would be the best interview for you but won’t it be a problem if there is talk that I am using my in-law connections?” HT: “That’s true.” SJ asks HT’s dad: “Isn’t that right?” HT’s dad praises SJ for being ethical. SJ thanks him. SJ’s dad says: “About that — I taught him well.” SJ pours himself another shot so his dad steps on his feet to stop him.

SR is doing her homework in advance for G to teach her. She hears the 8 o’clock news in the background mention the deer being spotted. SR texts T and says: “I was right. It was a deer. Watch the 8 o’clock news.”

T watches with his daughter. He asks: “Do you know what this is?” She nods yes. T: “How did you know?” SR watches the news and T texts her back: “The truth has been confirmed.”

SJ and his dad walk out with HT and his dad. After they drive off, his dad asks: “Why did you drink so much when I gave you hints? I was going to make a request but I didn’t even get to bring it up.” SJ asks what it’s for but his dad says: “You don’t need to know.” A hired driver comes over and asks — “You called for a driver, right?” SJ shows him where his car is parked. (since SJ can’t drive drunk)

SR explains to her son how they are going to prepare for his exam. “You are going to teach me what you know. Teacher Hong taught me to do it that way.” G: “Really?” SR: “That’s what I said. While you are explaining it to me, it will get organized in your head and help you understand the process. Teacher gave a great tip, huh?” G: “She is the best.” SR: “Then should I learn from you? Let’s start from this.”

G explains the math problem. “For starters — there are two Xs on both sides. Just because there are Xs, you can’t be afraid of that no matter what.” He continues to explain but SR says: “Your dad is home.” SJ staggers home drunk and sits on the step. She calls G over to help her. She tells him to put the briefcase away and prepare the bed for sleep. She tells SJ to get up. She helps him to bed and takes his glasses and socks off.

As she starts to undo his belt, he grabs her arm and talks in his drunken stupor like he is addressing a woman in a bar who pours drinks. SJ: “What is your name again? Come over here.” She pulls away from him and says: “Watch what you are doing. I am a human being too and a woman.” He continues to mutter and refers to himself as “oppa.” SR leaves the room with her pillow.

T comes out of his daughter’s room and Hong says: “Let’s have some beer. There are delicious appetizers. Even though I didn’t make it.” They eat and she asks: “It’s ok, huh?” T nods yes. Hong: “About camping, if we just go together, won’t it be a little… Aren’t there any friends of yours who can go with us?” T: “Not sure.”

The investigator calls MJ and says he will stop for today. MJ whispers and asks about the other side’s man. “You worked hard. I will ask you to continue doing your job.” She hangs up.

Kids take their exams. G runs home and his mom pops out and surprises him. She hugs him and kisses him. Then she spin hugs him saying how pleased she is with him. (he did well on his exams)

SR meets with Hong and says: “Isn’t G so wonderful?” Hong: “See? I told you — he can do it.” SR: “He deserves a prize.” Hong: “Of course.” SR: “Thank you, Teacher.” Hong: “I will give him a prize.” SR: “What?” Hong: “My family is going camping this weekend and we will take him with us. It would be even better if your family came with us too.” SR keeps saying “omo” because she is speechless.

MJ and EJ look at the new message from the investigator. MJ: “What is this? Both families are going somewhere.” EJ: “Did things end between then and now?” MJ: “Maybe.” EJ: “If they did, thank goodness.”

On their way to the camp site, SR plays mook jee pah with G in the car. Hong plays games with her daughter.


thundie’s comments

Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t believe the two families are going camping TOGETHER!!

Before she finished translating Episode 4, Softy told me that Episode 5 would be daebak (awesome, huge, knock-your-socks-off and then some) and now I see what she means. *thundie freaks out* Have mercy on me, Show. You need to give weak-hearted people time to exhale, you know, or else they might just implode from all the excitement.

But back to Episode 4. Like I said in my introduction, this episode was awesome on three levels. I have many favorite scenes (which might explain why I went crazy and took 618 screencaps), but the most favorite is Seo-rae’s glee when she sees the deer. On this their first date, with all of the accompanying (heavy and loaded) ramifications, a runaway deer becomes the means to inject an unexpected and utterly delightful bit of whimsy into the proceedings.

In that seemingly dreamlike moment (a deer of all things and in all places!), Seo-rae becomes a child. And whereas her sense of childlike wonderment might elicit scorn and some eye-rolling from her husband and in-laws should they be present, from Tae-oh she receives only gentle affirmation. In his eyes she is pure and guileless — someone to love and protect. Look at the way he gazes at her…

…and the way he smiles. In his eyes she is adorable.

He does not smile that way with his wife, nope. I’m sure we’ll have lots more to say about Tae-oh and Ji-seon’s marriage in the coming episodes (can you say Episode 5? *shivers with the sort of nervous anticipation that one reserves for a swim in icy waters*), but for now it’s clear he’s found a joy that has been missing in his life for a long while now. When he tells Seo-rae that he will do everything to protect “these feelings,” I believe he’s not speaking merely of love but also of the happiness that he experiences in her presence.

Besides the whimsical, there’s the witty and the wicked, both!

Interwoven so brilliantly it’s like a summer sidewalk sale (buy wicked, get wit free), the humor is thick with irony (or is it the other way round?). The innuendos in the parallel situations make me cackle like a hen in heat (do hens cackle when they’re in heat?). Who knew we have us a dark comedy here, hello?! For instance, if Myeong-jin feels like dying now because her poor brother is being made a cuckold, wait till she finds out what her darling husband and best friend have been up to behind her back. Begetting a son together, no less!

And what if those two did it the way she predicts Seo-rae and Tae-oh are headed? Like this:

It’s like something will happen in a motel and then they will set up house and have a child. Is that what’s going to happen?

Myeong-jin, Myeong-jin. You have no idea. Stock up on the Kleenex now. And the for-the-bitch-who-stole-my-husband poison, too.

So things are going to get riotous, no question about it. When Myeong-jin finds out. When Ji-seon finds out. When everybody finds out. For now, for the peace before the storm, I just want to sit back and revisit this episode and all the things I love about it… such as Ji-seon’s girlish giggles and Han-gyeol’s can-do spirit.

And a deer that made one couple’s forbidden date extra special.

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9 Responses »

  1. I love the deer sighting.
    It kinds of symbolize their unexpected relationship.
    Thank you for the recap softy

  2. I love this drama.Thank you so much for your recaps!
    It’s too bad that SR and JS can’t be friends.
    While i was watching their date ,i was wondering , how far did she think she can go with him?But i think she just wants to enjoy it without thinking.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to find some quiet time to read/watch!

  4. yes yes – i have downloaded this drama since you and Softy is recapping this together and since i depend on your recap as there are no subtitles to this yet. so thanks so much!

  5. wow!!! seems like this is getting better and better… Thank you!!! am one of those who are now in love with this drama…Too bad Dramacrazy has 2 episodes subbed yet but reading Softy’s recaps are just marvelous… Thank you to both of u for introducing to me this gem… 🙂

  6. As am watching this gem of a drama, I can’t help bu compare Seo-rae (SR) to her character in Midas!!!!!! WOW !!!! It is hard to believe that this is the same woman. What a FINE Actress..Everyone in the cast is just marvelous and I like that the drama has this early 2000’s Korean drama feel to it – the purity/rawness of emotions and yet it still keeps it modern as well. Reminds me of ‘Alone in Love’ another favorite of mine. But Yeah..DAEBARK !!!!!!!

  7. Why do I listen to you, two? Why did I start watching this show last night?
    I am suposed to be going to a family birthday party today…I don’t think so…

  8. is this the calm before the storm??? the irony of it all is that SR’s sister in law’s husband is having an affair with a son no less (i’d like to borrow that thundie!) wow.. i really like to watch the show without subs but i dont know korean so so saadd. the waiting is killing me!

  9. The deer also serves as a metaphor. The eyes-in-the-headlights innocence of the deer trying to find her way in the big, bad city. The wide-eyed innocent SR trying to find her way amongst the wolves (mothers), trying to find a way for her and her innocent son to survive.

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