Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 20 (Finale): Live Recap

This last post is dedicated to all the Scandalers:

People asked me why I started doing recaps and translations all of a sudden for this drama. It’s hard to explain, but one day I just started to care. I wanted people to know how special this show was and I couldn’t wait a few days for them to find out on their own. Another reason is best summed up by this:

My favorite scene was when Yeorim tried to talk MJS out of going as HBS and MJS confessed to his friend that living wasn’t fun for him. That scene stayed with me because it encapsulated what Yoon Hee meant to MJS. She gave him purpose and meaning in life again. From watching MJS do everything he could to protect and cherish her, he gave me a reason to believe in love.

SKKS made us forget our own realities for a while. During that time, we could leave behind our own troubles and problems and step into their world. For that hour, we existed with them, we watched them grow, we watched them step out of their comfort shells to try on another and before we knew it, we began to care and then we started to care too much. Some of us lost sleep, some of us put our relationships at risk, some of us almost broke our refresh button, some of us had to go into hiding mode just to sneak away and watch this without our spouses knowing, and one of us got ulcers from stressing about writing these posts and doing well on the live recaps.

We fell in love deeper and deeper with SKKS and it reached an audience eager to embrace, eager to believe, and the drama hit its mark. With each great scene, it pulled us in and we discovered others who felt the same. Its reverberations could be felt throughout other countries and even managed to cross time zones and language barriers.

Everyone knows how much I adore MJS, but I just wanted to say that I began this drama for Song Joong Ki. I trusted his work in the past and always thought he was a solid actor because he can do both comedy AND drama equally well. It doesn’t hurt that his personality in real life is so vivacious, he just radiates happiness. I love him even more now for being the reason why I got on the SKKS bandwagon and I will always be grateful to his wink and twirl for being the bait that got me hooked.

[FYI: Did anyone notice that in E18 at the 20:40 mark, Yeorim pats JS on the butt as JS goes up a flight of stairs and JS gives Yeorim this look like “you wanna lose your hand” and Yeorim steps back in fear for a second before he follows JS up. Is it wrong that I enjoyed that scene immensely?]

Saying goodbye to everyone is going to be even harder than letting go of this show. Thank you for contributing so much. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much without you. The amazing community of talent that shared their insights, torrents, pictures, gifs, translations, explanations, predictions, uploaded MVs, posted links, etc.

All our talents combined brought us together and we became one huge collective group- each contributing something. Even those who read along silently became part of the body of fans and rooted for this drama.

This drama gave me new friendships and not just memories. Let’s all hope that another miracle cast like this comes along in our lifetime again. We collectively held our breath through every episode and now it’s time to exhale and just enjoy the last episode.

Episode 20 (Finale) Recap  – Updated 11/6

For awhile these guys existed in our minds and hearts and it made a difference in our lives because they affected us and made us care. Every minute we spent following these characters, we were investing a part of ourselves. We gave up studying, working, functioning – in the hopes that this drama would continue to do what it has done so well up to now – enthrall, entrance, and move us. Our investment has finally paid off. We are at the finale.

Glad you could join us!!!


I just realized I never said anything specific about MJS. Maybe it had to do with the idea that sharing my thoughts on how much this character meant to me would add to the misery of having to say goodbye to it. Every action and every word he directed at Yhee or everything he did for her without her knowledge touched me to the core and its impressions are firmly rooted in my psyche. Years from now when I pull out this drama and re-watch it, I wondered if I would feel the same way I do at this moment. As I watched a MV someone posted and saw a compilation of his scenes, I knew the answer to that question and it was unequivocal. I could have lived in his smile forever.


********Updated 11/6  –   2a.m. KST wed (Really safe to read)

Have updated some scenes and Lolipop clarified some more and I will attempt to do some more spot translations throughout the day – if you are still confused by some parts, some comments from fans at the bottom of the recap might enlighten you


new cartoon again

starts with Yhee’s narration and her finding the GDJS

Yhee: The place where the learning is headed…where the nation begins.

JS’s voice: The door to Sungkyukwan opens to the lowliest of places, Banchon. My brother taught me.


IS :You mean Kim Yoon Shik is a girl 


Meanwhile Yhee is digging and finds a box and she opens it and it’s some document…

Yhee : “GDJS. I found it, Father….here at the door of Joseon’s  lowliest citizens is where you meant” [tried but this is the closest I could.. last few words – maybe it could also be “where you intent was”, “what you meant” or “where your intention was”]

[wow that is one big giant hole she dug up – did she have a shovel??]


JS’s dad goes and tells the King that SJ is not HBS and the King tells IS’s dad to apologize to the scholars for what he did to them and SKK:

[ King Jeongjo, Prime Minister, War Minister, Chief Inspector present ]

King Jeongjo: Chief Inspector, so then, Hong Byuk Seo appeared last night. Then, do you mean to say that Lee Sun Joon who is currently locked up in the cell is not the Hong Byuk Seo?

Chief Inspector: That is correct, Your Highness.

King Jeongjo: In that case, War Minister, it appears it would be best if you apologize like the scholars are wanting.

War Minister: But Your Highness, that might be a little…

King Jeongjo: This is what has resulted from that unjustly search and seizure of Sungkyunkwan scholars, inside Sungkyunkwan, the institution of the truth, where the royal soldiers are not permitted.


the scholars are still kneeling when an offical calls out for the student president and Yhee steps up and says she is here and tells JS and YH that she found the GDJS

she also hands it over to the King and explains how she figured out the clue in front Prof Jung and the other old guy. The King thanks her and says they can start on that dream about that new world


everyone cheers as SJ comes out

[ Bureau of Inspection. LSJ exists. Scholars rejoice. ]

“Hey! It’s LSJ! LSJ!”

(among them are the Ha In Soo’s lackeys who are rejoicing together)

Trio 1: Lee Sun Joon. Lee Sun Joon is finally released!

Kim Woo Tak: You should just confess now. You don’t dislike Lee Sun Joon.

Trio 1: You hapless lad. I have no one else to curse if I don’t see you.. I mean.. I..

Sun Joon: From now on, I’ll entrust you to continue doing so regularly. I was quite bored inside there (jail).

Trio 2: Indeed. A person needs to experience some hardship.

Geol Oh: Don’t you dare to act like some mighty brat like that again. Or else, I will never see you again.

Yeorim: Hey, Geol Oh. So does this mean you’re going to spend the rest of your life looking at Lee Sun Joon? Are you confessing your love? And in my presence at that?

Geol Oh: You went through a lot.

SJ: Thank you, Senior. I heard everyone labored greatly for my sake.

Yeorim: The one that went through a lot is someone else, that very person you’ve been looking for with your eyes over and over. The one who led the appeal. That very skilled kid, Daemul.

SJ: Kim Yoon Shik.. where is he right now?


she is meeting with SJ’s dad

Left Minister: Thank you. Though you are his roommate, on the account of his father, me, it could not have been an easy task. I am grateful.

Yhee: As I know it, the act of saving a friend is not something I should receive praise for.

Left Min: Such forceful vigor. You take after your father, I see. I was not fond of your father from the outset. Overly idealistic and romantic. In the interest of assisting the King, I was prepared to do whatever it takes to dampen your father.
I wanted your father to properly acknowledge. I wanted to see him surrender to the fact that reality cannot be perfect like he imagines…
However, I did not even dream of stopping his life in that manner. But nevertheless, your resentment toward me must be deep.

Yhee: It is not resentment. I am telling myself to be on vigilance.

Left Minister: “Vigilance…”

Yhee explains what she meant and it impresses SJ’s dad and says now I see why my son thought of you as a precious friend

[as she picks up her cup to drink, SJ’s dad sees the ring on her finger]


on her way back to their room she sees SJ waiting outside for her

SJ: Didn’t you know I was released? What exactly have you been doing all this time and where? Did you even think about how long I would be waiting for you?

Yhee: But we already saw each other yesterday.

SJ: What.. are we in such a relationship that we do not need to see other today if we saw each other yesterday?

Yhee: Then what relationship are we in?

SJ: Kim Yoon Shik.

******Yhee: do we have this kind of relationship? and holds up her ring and smiles which makes SJ smile and just as he is about to hold her hand, YH sticks his head out and calls for the two to hurry up and come in so they can start celebrating

YH makes Yhee and SJ drink a lot of alcohol and JS just looks on

YH: You suffered a lot. I never imagined from the start that you could accomplish so much…..and you found the GDJS, you really are Daemul

Then YH says in a flirting tone : No matter how much I look at you, I never get tired of it. You’re the first I thought that about Kim Yoon Shik

As Yhee beams, you can see SJ’s face and reaction and he is JEALOUS so he clears his throat (and gets YH to stop)

Yhee: about the GDJS – the King said in a new Joseon, we have the right to make our own dreams (we can make our own dreams)

JS: So what is your dream?

Yhee : Now I want to start thinking about it

YH: then what should i do. even though it’s not fun to say, i dont have any use for dreams. I’m Gu Yong Ha. And despite knowing exactly who i am, I have you guys who are not running away from me. That’s all I need.

YH gives too much alcohol to SJ so he stops YH from pouring her anymore and says it’s time to call it a night

YH lying down says : okay then I am going to spend the night here

JS to yhee: you should go sleep in Yeorim’s room since it’s too (messy here???)

SJ to JS: you are one hundred percent right

Then SJ gives her the look like leave and she kinda shakes her head no like she doesnt want to leave so he says :what are you doing not going?

Yhee: my room is here so why should I leave my room and go somewhere else – let’s just all sleep here like roommates

OMG I was wrong about who was holding hands in their sleep – since both SJ and JS are sleeping with their heads on the table -SJ grabs JS’s hand cuz it’s nearby (probably thinking it’s Yhee’s and I wonder if JS’s is thinking his hand is being held by Yhee or YH!!!!! ) YH sleeps on the floor by JS and Yhee sleeps behind SJ


IS tells his dad that Yhee is a girl and IS’s dad tells SJ’s dad

IS’s dad goes to SJ’s dad to reveal KYS’s gender

SJ’s dad is worried about what the king is up too

IS’s dad : it’s because the King has found the GDJS, but I have in my hands a sword that is sharper so what is there to fear. The order that the King gave to KYS to find the GDJS – that KYS is a girl


SJ is upset that they all slept together and Yhee said then next time should I sleep next to you and if I do then you wont be able to sleep and SJ is shocked and chases her down and corners her in the library to ask did you ever work on any of those racy books at the bookstore and she said only three times SJ says he is ready to go to her house and declare their relationship

**after their impromptu slumber party, Yhee is chasing down SJ to get him to open up about why he is peeved

Yhee; If you are mad, say your mad, the reason is this – you have to say it. Just sticking your lips out and pouting and looking stern…is that all you can do?

SJ replies with what I am guessing is a really old fashioned sarcastic reply that is not something most people can translate so I surrender – all i got was something about sleeping with other guys and how he hardly slept cuz he was worried or something

(she goes on all cutesy and says)

Yhee: So if I do what you want and sleep next to you, then it will be okay?

SJ: you can if you want.

Yhee: If I sleep next to you, you’ll lose more sleep. will you be okay even though that happens?

[realizing what she just said, she runs off and he calls after her]


SJ goes up to Yhee with his arms crossed and says;

SJ: I need to know. Exactly what kind of books did you transcribe for the bookstore. By any chance, did you transcribe some racy books…

Yhee(defensive) : no I only did it three times

SJ (shocked): did you just say you did it three times. really?

Yhee: well it was cuz it paid more

SJ: before you came to SKK – since i dont know how you lived. during the next break – i need to go to your house and see for myself so I’m letting you know now

{basically he is using the pretense that he needs to know more about her previous life to get the chance to go to her house and meet her family and introduce himself properly has her boyfriend/future husband is my guess – bet I am right too}


SJ’s dad reveals to the King about Yhee’s gender

King Jeongjo and Left State Minister in private conversation ]

Left Minister: Please bury the GDJS. Isn’t it too cruel to that father, and now the child?

King Jeongjo: What do you mean, Left State Minister?

Left Min: Your longing for reformation has Sungkyunkwan professor Kim Seung Hun sacrificed. And now his daughter is sinking into danger as well.

King Jeongjo: What do you mean Kim Seung Hun’s daughter?

Left Min: Sungkyunkwan scholar Kim Yoon Shik. That child is a girl.


HE meets YH and tells him that her brother found out that KYS is a girl


Yhee is dressed as a girl and waiting outside her house for SJ to show up and he is on his way carrying presents but as she looks at her reflection someone grabs her


JS’s drinks alone at a hillside and offers a drink to his dead bro and we hear his narration as he talks to his brother

“hey Moon Young Shin, have a drink” and he places a tiny shot cup on the ground as he takes swigs from his jug and as the narration starts he takes the cup and sprinkles the ground with it.

“I thought that you hated this world, so I tried like a crazy man to do the same. but now I know. You didn’t hate the world, but loved it. So that’s how you were able to live like that. What I’m saying is right, isn’t it? it sure is freezing cold – that person really hated the cold.”

YH: hey Geol Oh! Something has happened


YH comes to find JS and says something has happened and they find SJ on his way to her house and the person who took her was the King and he is yelling at her to lift her face up and tells her what she did wrong {not sure how to translate his order – is it life your face up? lift your chin? look up?]

Yhee is kneeling in front of the King with her head bowed

King: Lift your face – did you not hear my command – lift your face! {he goes on to point out all the laws she has broken and just then the prof runs in and sees her on the floor kneeling and his eyes are only on her and he doesnt even look at the king when he runs in which is a huge deal back then cuz you are supposed to bow to the king first when you come into the room] The King gives PJung a furious glare

***I FINALLY GET IT NOW !!!! after 6 hrs

the reason why Yhee is in really hot waters is because the king ordered the quartet to find the GDJS and when he did, he thought they were all men. but the big deal is she was ordered to by the King – so forget that she is a girl – she is in deeper trouble because her actions of finding the GDJS is directly linked to the King as well so Noron fathers like IS’s dad and SJ’s dad are using this knowledge to their advantage

[hope i got that right – if it’s still too confusing – think of it like this – say that you were fishing and you caught a minnow and you are happy but it’s so tiny so when you use it as bait and cast your line again, imagine having a marlin dangling from your line. Yhee is the minnow and the King is the marlin in this metaphor and the Norons are the fishermen]

****forget what I said – lolipop said it better;

To elaborate, the King is furious with YHee because he gave her an imperial order to find the GDJS. During the meeting with all the officers and whatnot, he’s going to propose the idea of moving to the capitol to a different place. He knows this will upset the all the Norons so he is hoping to use GDJS as a weapon. But in revealing the GDJS, Pyung Pan will say that the person who found it is a woman. This will decrease the validity of the GDJS, as well as make the king lose credibility because it was as if he went against the country’s laws.


*****The King yells at PJ and asks why PJ hid this from him.

King: Professor Jung. This is the result of your silence. Are you satisfied?

PJ: Your Majesty…

King: Why did you hide the truth? As my minister and friend, why did you this?

PJung drops to his knees and says ” if the punishment is death, I’ll follow that order. but give her sentence to me/pass her sentence onto me”….

King: Is this the Western teachings you believe in?I’ve heard that in Western teaching, they pursue equality between man and woman.

PJ: I’ve learned from Western teachings, people are equal no matter their wealthy, age, or gender. However, as this country’s minister I agree that women should have the right to learn or become officials.

King: Then why did you do this?

PJ: I’ve learned from that child that knowledge and life are inseparable. If you seek forgiveness, look for the god of the Western teaching you believe in and pray. The Western teaching is only one field of knowledge. The sovereign that I believe in and follow will always be you, Your Majesty.

***Lolipop’s reliable summary:

When the King questions Professor Jung why he hid it from him, Professor Jung asks to take the blame on himself. The King questions Professor Jung if his reason as to why he hid the truth from him was because of the teachings in the West, where everyone has the right to learn. Professor Jung says that in Western teaching, learning does not discriminate, be it the poor or the wealthy, the old or the young, male or female. Everyone is regarded in high priority. As Josoen’s official, he agrees that females should not have the right to learn. However, he learned from YHee that knowledge is inseparable from life/living. Professor Jung declares his loyalty is not in following the Western teaching, but with the King.


IS’s dad orders Chosun to bring KYS to him and he tells her that KYS is a girl and Chosun is shocked

IS’s dad: There is something you have to do

CS: cant translate verbatim but she says that he should keep his promise and that last time he said it would be the last so she doesnt think she should have to follow another command but he cuts her off and says:

IS’s dad: You’ll want to do this. You have to go bring Kim Yoon Shik

CS: why the young master?

IS’s dad: Kim Yoon Shik is not a man. He is a girl.

CS: Daegam – what kind of ridiculous thing is that to say

IS’s dad: go catch the one who did something so ridiculous. I am merely assisting the laws of this country.Bring Kim Yoon Shik to me.


SJ JS and YH ask PJung if Yhee has been taken – once they learn that Yhee had been taken by the King JS, SJ, and YH rush over and meet with Prof Jung. SJ is worried that the Norons might find out if a girl found the GDJS


YH: please give us an answer -Is Kim Yoon Shik with His Majesty now?

PJ: yes

YH: it’s for her safety right?

PJ: it’s late – go back now

SJ: I heard that at the end of this month, Kyung Yeon has been arranged. And during Kyung Yeon, His Majesty will announce the move to Hwaseong. So, to suppress the protest of the Noron, he will present the Geum Deung Ji Sa. Will His Majesty really do this? If by chance, the Minister of War reveals that the Geum Deung Ji Sa was found by Kim Yoon Shik, who is a girl and use this to rebuttal the king, what does he intend to do then? I’d like to know.

JS: we have the [right] to hear that answer. Answer us! Tell us not to worry, that no matter what happens the king will protect Kim Yoon Shik! So that is what the king’s hope is all about? Why won’t you answer us!

YH: professor

SJ: so because KYS is the one that found the GDJS – because of that – is that why she is being abandoned by the King?

[everyone is crying here all four of them – PJung turns his head at the last minute and a huge teardrop fell}


SJ wants to confirm the king’s intent (as mentioned above). During the Kyungyeon (I guess like a monthly meeting?) that month, the king will announce his plan to move the capitol and use the GDJS to silence the Noron. What SJ really wants to know is when Pyung Pan reveals that it was a woman who found the GDJS, what the king will do with her? Jalgeum 3/4 sort of want to guarantee her safety.


[ Seonjoon sitting desparingly, not even lighting a candle. Left State Minister opens door and enters ]

Left Min: You pathetic fool. So half-witted.
It’s not as if the nation is about to be annihilated. You’re a grown man, and you’re about to hang your entire life?

Garang: Father, please help me. Father, please save… that child. (kneels before his father and cries).

“after I met him, a new world opened for me, one that I didn’t learn from books, a world where I wanted to live but that world is falling apart and I am helpless and can’t do anything about it so please help me father”

and his dad says “are you my son”? and leaves SJ in the dark kneeling

(Sun Joon really outdid himself with that speech – wonder why I am the only one impressed by this scene-I found it so moving cuz not only does he feel helpless to save the woman he loves, this is the scene that convinces his father just how much his son loves Yhee and that is why later on his father asks Yhee to be by his son’s side)


as YH and JS try to drown their frustration with alcohol

JS says to YH : That kid (Yhee) must be scared all alone

They overhear a group of Yoorim complain that because so many of them came, there arent enough rooms for them to stay till the event and one of them wonders why they were called so suddenly by the war minister and the other one guesses that the (king – guhm-sang?? ) caused some trouble so the war minister needs their help

so YH says aloud : the war minister called the Yoorim and they start piecing the info together and then JS adds that part about the event that the King is going to hold about revealing his plan to move the capital (I think)


SJ’s dad is in a room full of Norons and offers some way to protect the Norons but none of those old guys like it and walk out – no clue what was said- but thank goodness Lolipop does:

****Before the big conference, SJ’s dad meets with all the ministers and tries to convince them that the moving of the capitol is a good idea and asks for their support. The place of the new capitol is the location of Crown Prince Sado’s grave. SJ’s dad is risking his reputation and his life’s work to help the king. The ministers are afraid of losing the North Village (I guess it’s their territory or something). They are uniform in their decision to wait for PyungPan. They want to fight for their power.


CS remembers all of Yhee’s kind words to her and CS looks really sad


js and yh have an idea [that idea has to do with YH trapping those men in white later]and YH gets a letter from a SKK guard – a note from CS ( i think she wrote YH and JS to warn them about what IS’s dad is up to regarding KYS/Yhee and that’s why JS goes to help later)

YH: We will start looking for theYoorim staying at the hostels. We might be able to find a clue on the meeting venue.

JS: If we are able to find out by this evening we may have a solution.

guard: The beautiful gisaengs came this morning to deliver a love letter. It’s good to be young.

 YH:This is from…Chosun?


IS’s dad tells IS that he got the fake HBS to bring KYS and CS shows up and says “but I cant do that” and IS’s dad yells at CS and says “didnt I order you to bring her” and she pulls out her sword and fights IS’s dad’s men and IS protects her with his body and yells at his dad and “says what are you doing to her” and all of a sudden JS shows up to help them so now it’s IS,CS, IS ‘s only lackey and JS against all the men

what the freak is going on here? IS and JS on the same side???? to protect CS???

{this scene bothers me because it doesnt show what happened next – how they got away and survived cuz a few scenes later JS is ok – so are we to assume IS’s dad called his men off to protect his son and now IS is going to run away and marry Cho Sun???? it boggles my mind why they put this scene in at all but nevertheless it was one of the few scenes I could translate so here it is]

****IS: are you going to put that girl in front of Yoorim(men in white)?

IS’s dad: I have a person who is going to bring her (Yhee)

IS: is it that HBS kid from last time?

IS: that reliable kid has not refused/gone against my order even once

CS: I can’t follow that order any more (and she makes direct eye contact with IS)

IS’s lackey: president – isnt that Cho Sun?

IS’s dad says to CS: You…you…what about that girl? I told you to take that girl and put her in front of the Yoorim.

CS: you can’t go either – because I am not going to make way for you. (and she draws her sword and prepares to fight off some guards and she loses pretty early on and is about to get slashed when IS grabs her in an embrace so that the men won’t strike her)

IS’s dad: what are you doing? get out of there right now!

IS: what have you been doing to this kid up to now!

IS’s dad: move! I will take care of everything

IS: no -Now that I know, I won’t let you have your way.

IS’s dad :make way

JS jumps in next to IS (still holding CS) and IS’s lackey

JS says to IS’s dad: “make way? I don’t want to- if I dont want to do something I have a tendency to follow it” or mabe it was ” I have a terrible habit of not doing what I dont want to do” [MJS you are killing me with this relatively easy line-why must you talk with so much sarcasm that is hard to put into words in English (guess I should forgive you since you look so good saying it)]

then JS says to IS : this is the first time I saw you as a human being

IS’s dad: take care of all of them!!! (as in get rid of- not the good “take care of” kind)

****Lolipop clarified: The part where IS and JS sort of become a tag teams is because IS finds out what his dad has been making CS do all this time. JS’ reason to stop PyungPan is because he doesn’t want him to reach the conference to reveal that YHee is a girl. They just so happen to be on the same side but they’re protecting different people.


YH is holding a bunch of old guys in white trapped in a room. What YH says is really funny – as he is pushing against the door to keep them in the room, you can hear the men inside yelling “we have to learn the truth about the SKK matter” and “we are going to —right away”

YH says “couldn’t Professor Jung at least stop this from happening? Why do these men who just sit around in front of their desks have so much strength”? (LOL)

Once they push their way out, YH says “I have been assigned here by the Minister of War- I am a SKK professor Gu Yong Ha” and he winks at them (too cute) and they have a hard time believing he is a professor (I would too )

dramaok: the ppl in white are confucius scholars from all over Joseon. they are called Yoorim. they were called by byeongpan (war minister) to come attend the event the king is holding at the end of the month, when the king is rumored to be unveiling his plan to move the capital to Hwaseong.


SJ goes to the king to spare Yhee and sell not to throw her away after all she did – and explains why she had to dress like a guy …and SJ makes some arguments that sound convincing just have no idea what he said exactly

*****SJ’ says the world you are dreaming about has no hope(??)….the reason you have her here isnt because of the troubles she caused with the Norons or because she dressed as a man and went inside SKK – isnt it because she is getting in the way of your dreams?

[part of what I wrote was dead on- he really was accusing the King and you could tell SJ was impressing him with all those arguments]

jellybean4 translated what SJ said to the King perfectly: “I’ve come to ask you to throw KYS, no KYH away. I’ve come to ask you to to throw me away too. This is because the the country that you dreamed about has no hope. The reason that you’re throwing her away is because she broke the law and with the body of a woman, disregarded the decree that disallowed women entrance, and entered Sunkyunkwan? Isn’t it because she will get in the way of the plans that you dreamed of? The one who is disregarding decency and the very foundation of the law is none other than you (the King).

It wasn’t a fight for the people but against the Norons? Was the new world that you dreamed about for the people or for your own power?

If it’s a needle that won’t move on its own, then it can’t show you the right way. I am going to return the compass that you gave me.”

BTW 임금 and 금상 mean the King. So in the scene where MJS, YH, and SJ confront their teacher they are talking about him.

Lolipop’s summary echoes jellybean’s accurate translation:

SJ confronts the king one last time before the meeting. He is saying that if he decides to punish YHee, it is not for the reason because she disguised herself as a man, but because she is now in the way of the king in achieving his dream for change. SJ reasons that it is not the Noron he should be fighting, but rather he should be fighting for the people. He question if his dream is just the king’s personal desire or if it really is for the people. SJ returns the compass that was received earlier from the king as well as the advice from the king: if you do not constantly remind yourself or refresh the compass’ point (something like if you stop moving it), you will lose your way towards the right direction.


The men in white that YH has been keeping trapped – one happens to be one of his relatives (an uncle) so YH hugs him and YH pretends to cry and then writes something in the air and omg he lost me -why is this scene so long?

[thanks to shirley, we know what YH was writing in the air]

yong ha was talking about education .the words he wrote were

有教无类 – teaching without discrimination
得天下英才而教育之 – to be an educator to groom people .is a among the three joys of 君子

Dramaok explained the purpose of the men in white:

“they came because byeongpan called them and they were told he needed their power (authority). i think they were in the capital to denounce the king for his use of a girl to find GDJS and also for letting a girl into SKK, where women are strictly prohibited. it was a move to distract the king’s purpose, and to lessen the king’s authority.”

note: I had the subs in front of me for this whole scene – what YH writes in the air and his explanation and so on. I was all prepared to type it in, but I had no idea what I was typing so trust me when I say it’s just better to wait for the subs to come out. Even then you are going to think “no wonder Softy didnt want to type all this”


Professor Jung listens from outside and passes YH for what he did and said inside the room

[now that I rewatched this scene – it seems like YH convinced the Yoorim to stand down and not help the war minister]


the king is meeting with a bunch of men in red and says something serious. IS’s dad tries to stop the king from revealing the GDJS and the king has the box the GDJS was in but the King lies and says it’s not here

****Lolipop: Later on during the conference, it is as if SJ’s words wake him up. He proposes to move the capitol to Hwaseong. But because there is no room for negotiation with the ministers, he has found a secret weapon (a trump card) that can suppress the Norons.
At this moment ByungPan announces his arrival. As the king shows to everyone that the secret weapon is in the box. ByungPan interrupts, which angers the king. When ByungPan tries to say something, the king cuts him off and says that the GDJS was not preserved/was not left behind. However, it would not deter him from fulfilling his dream of moving the capitol to Hwaseong because it is not a battle to win the Noron, but it is a battle for the people and he will persevere.


*****Lolipop: JS’ dad follows ByungPan out after the meeting and announces as an imperial order, that he is charged for the theft of the previous king’s will and that he will be arrested.
(I personally think the by saying this, the king is getting two birds with a stone. Not only is he protecting YHee but by saying the GDJS was not there, he can easily imply that someone stole it and thus putting the blame on ByungPan.)


and the King burns the letters/GDJS in front of Yhee and he says he wants to live on in her memories and vice versa and she promises

[I am pretty sure the King burned it cuz it was causing so much chaos with the Norons and it’s connected to Yhee and stuff so my guess is that the King lied and said he doesnt have it so that they will back off and he wont have to reveal the fact that a girl SKK student found the GDJS maybe – i just got the impression that he did it to protect her otherwise why would he burn it where only she can see it]

*****Lolipop: As the king burns the GDJS in front of YHee, he wants her to promise something. He doesn’t want to her to promise the death of the king, nor his short life but his dream and his desire for the future of the world. He wants her to remember this dream and also to live on in her memory. YHee promises she will remember.

King: Keep your promise. Not for my death, nor for my short life, but for my dream. The future of the world I desire.Will you remember forever? I would like to live on in your memory.

Yhee: I will remember, Your Majesty.


on her way out she runs into SJ’s dad in the hallway

SJ’s dad asks her to stick by his son’s side since something something doing it alone will be hard so stay by my son’s side”

*SJ’S dad : with a woman’s body – disguising yourself as SKK scholar – you are more (word guesses- impudent? brave? daring? bold) than I thought. To avoid a tough path, you said you would see view me as a reminder. It will be hard for you to fulfill because even when you have both eyes open, you will still be completely lost. This is what life is. Based on one person’s ability alone, it will be hard to achieve. Will you stay by my son’s side? Am I being too greedy, too demanding?

[At first she has her head bowed pretty much the whole time but she starts to lift up her face more little by little and towards the end she finally lifts her face to eye level cuz she realizes that whole speech was leading up to asking her to be his son’s wife and his future daughter-in-law WHICH IS A HUGE DEAL cuz did anyone imagine this dad could react like this? I just chalked it up to him loving his son THIS much]


JS tells SJ to take better care of Yhee so that JS doesnt have to worry about Yhee anymore


SJ: thank you senior

JS: this was the last time. Now it’s your responsibility so i don’t need to worry about that kid anymore- do it well, do it right all the way till the end.

SJ: I wont forget how much you cared all this time.Thank you

JS: stop it – it’s embarrassing me

Yeorim: what are you doing here? the main star has been waiting since a while ago. let’s go. Daemul came. Let’s go (but JS pulls YH away from SJ)

JS to SJ: go

YH: let’s go together

JS: is that a place for you to be (like a third wheel)?

YH (putting his hand on JS’s shoulder): then is my place here?

(JS playfully punches YH and they leave)


SJ goes to see Yhee and she is dressed as a boy again in the library and he goes up to her and says “did you see a skilled bear” and she turns and says “whang so bang” and they smile and fast forward


YH is now a fashion designer

****YH is fitting a customer and he says “this color doesnt suit you all all” as he holds it up to her skin after exposing her shoulder. He continues “your face is too old fashioned to match my clothes”. She says “they say you were a SKK scholar, how did you learn these (designing) skills? He retorts : “from birth- I’m Gu Yong Ha ” [he meant  his ability to design clothes is a natural instinct that he was born with and winks for the last time in this drama] The blue flyers start to float down and YH says “this friend is up to it again”


JS is a dressed like a fancy looking guard (some title in the Defense Department- but it looks more like Dong Yi’s brother’s outfit) and there is a blue messenger now and JS chases him/her down and he hiccups when she turns out to be a girl and he takes one of her flyers that he edited out of his pocket and shoves it at her and warns her to stop writing such crappy messages before it becomes a habit and he mutters a complaint about SKK and how SKK is not doing a good job teaching their students if they write sloppy messages like that

(so did SKK go co-ed now? cuz in the next scene those students seem to know Yhee is a girl it seems cuz they were def crushing on her)

*thanks to some “eagle eye” fans at soompi and the close up shots of the flyer and all the corrections MJS made on it – I finally got why this scene was such a big deal cuz when I was recapping live, I had no time to notice that the flyer had been edited – just like I missed the whole part about the red book at the end scene – man you guys don’t miss a single thing!! so proud of all the SKKS fans!


SJ and Yhee are professors at SKK and they fight in front of some students-SJ was jealous and they throw the words pass and fail at each other

**** just rewatched it and now I get why they were throwing the words pass and fail around like that – here is the gist: some students chase after Yhee about one of the student’s grade and just as she is about to respond SJ steps in and tells the kid that the kid shouldnt be following a teacher around all the time instead of spending it studying so SJ fails him and also for staring at Yhees face too long SJ fails him again but Yhee corrects SJ and tells SJ what the kid did that was right so she passes him and it keeps going on [and I am going to die by the time i finish translating this scene -omg it is cute but long and they are talking super fast]

Some scholars call out “Professor” and get Yhee to turn around. one of them hands her his paper and says there might have been a mistake in the grading and as they all look at her adoringly she starts to say “if you just learn/study and not think…” and the paper is rudely snatched out her hands by a mustached LSJ who finishes her sentence “if you just learn and not think, your mind will turn to stone”

then he looks over at that one scholar and says ” you- for not thinking on your own and just following your professor around, you fail. If you asked a question, instead of looking at your book and just staring at your professor’s face – you fail! fail!

Yhee stares right back at SJ and says “for asking a question to gain knowledge is the basis for learning- this student passes (the kid smiles like crazy looking at her). Also for sincerely respecting his professor, he passes Professor Lee.

The headmaster interrupts their fight and claims they are always fighting over how to deal with students (and something else) and how he got in trouble over that from some people higher up and so he begs them to “grow up already” and aks “how much longer are you going to fight like this/when are you going to stop fighting”?

EPIC – way funnier than I originally thought


in their room he says until I pass i am not going to stop and she blows the candle out and they have a make out scene

Blue’s translation of last scene:

YH: I believe Professor Lee Sun Joon was in charge of cleaning today. If instead of the cleaning that you’re told to do, all you do is be jealous, how will you get a “Pass” as a husband?

SJ: It can’t be helped if you tell me I’m wrong, but I can’t accept you saying you don’t like me.

Sj: Then, is this a “Pass”?

(YH laughs)

SJ: I don’t intend to stop until I receive a “Pass.”

(YH stops him and blows out the candle)

YH: What’s with you today?

SJ: Hold on a moment. (Grabs the red book)

Sj: I’m still yet inexperienced.

YH: For how long are you going to use that book….?

SJ: Oh, here it is.

Sj: Oh, it wasn’t this?


instead of previews they show stills from BTS


well guess that’s that folks – waiting on the torrents now – as soon as I get them will translate as much of the cuteness as possible so check back once in a while to see how much progress I made – will be up all night to finish this cuz this is the episode I help sub anyway

did everyone enjoy it??????


Since this is the last recap and it’s all about the SKKS fans, I hope these ppl dont mind but I LOVE their insights so I want to post them – if you are one of them and would prefer not to be included – PM me on soompi and I will take it down.

Janis_joong: I dont know SKKS history either, but i think they know that Yoonshik/Yoonhee is female and married to LSJ. I noticed that her uniform as Prof. different from LSJ and the Chancellor in the since that there is no black thingy in the collar area. And as for using KYS’s name still, it is understandable since the one who was able to study and passed the Civil Service exam was KYS and not KYH, so she’s using his dongsaeng’s name professionally. Otherwise, the scholars of SKKS will have a big problem trying to figure out their gender preference if they get attracted like bees to honey with their pretty professor.

Cecilia : to many, the drama was about the youth, the future of the country/society finding and dicovering a new world
changing the stereotypes and creating a new world
but in the last ep, it’s as if the drama lost its initial principles and concepts because jeongjo abandoned the gdjs (although he says he insists on building hwasung… but then the argument is why bother with the gdjs with the first place if he could have just done that), yongha is living as a ‘fashion designer’, JS is working for the military catching ppl who are writing byeokseo!! (he was the one doing that himself before!) and yoonhee and SJ are just teachers in SKK (not on the political arena fighting for wahtever causes)
so yeah they’re happy but it’s as if they lost all their passion and desire for the so called dae dong sae sang
many say they would have rathered it left as an open ending

Nheriz: i think the purpose of getting the gdjs and know its content was achieved. Also, i think the reason why sj’s dad doesnt want the king to see it is because it might wipe out the norons who led the late king to kill his son–like what happened to the previous king when he knew that the ministers killed his mother they were all wiped out(Dae Jangeum)…so the king burned it so he will not look for it again to do revenge for what the norons did…also the compass he gave to sunjoon–he gave it back so the king will remember what he once told to sunjoon..

with the new city…i think Yoonhee is a lady teacher..there is a difference in clothing…but not ladylike though…and i think that the school turned coed coz jaeshin said what have they been teaching these kids….and that was a girl he caught…plus the trading seems to be different…yongha was like in the market as well….but of course even if time passes…u change some things…corruption will always be there…there will always be people who bully other people so a blue messenger was there…not a red one–well i guess red means blood?..hmm….just my hunch..

Lain_alphard: I think the fact that women are allowed to enter Sungkyunkwan (either as a student or professor) is a sign of the new world. I know that it’s not much. However, it’s not easy to change stereotype thinking or way of life, especially if it has been embedded for centuries. In reality, even until today, we still encounter harsh treatment on women. There are career women who still don’t get enough respect they deserve in their working environment. Creating a new world is a continuous dream. Education is one tool to achieve that, and I believe that is SJ and YHee’s way on creating their ideal world. And even though Yong ha became a fashion designer, I’m sure he didn’t let go of his principles, while JS is probably on his way to reach the top of the military to make a change. You know, I can imagine they gather on the weekend to share their mind and discover how to create a better world, at least a better Joseon.

About King Jeong Jo, I think he has found something more important than GDJS. Through his meeting with the J4, he knew that his dream is not impossible after all. He learn from their firm, unyielding youth spirit. I suppose finding GDJS is more likely a personal matter to him rather than taking the noron’s power away. Anyway, it’s meant to be a fun drama about four young people. The political aspect is only to spice it up.

Chloefargo: You don’t necessary have to be outside the system/government to effect change for a better tomorrow or to create a “new world.” JS working for the police/military will protect those that need to be protected. I think he would be great in government. (Note: He did not capture the female culprit but instead corrected her grammar. His frustration over grammatical error was priceless. It showed his intellectual side which I love. I loved this scene and I love the character JS.)

I think the king abandoned the gdjs to save YHee and for the future of the country. So, the king was consistent with the overarching principles of this show. If he didn’t abandon the gdjs, then it would be more about his personal desires and not about people and future of his country.

Alexus: I just assumed ppl and the students at SKK knows that YS the prof is female. When JS caught the girl, he was not impressed how SKK was training their students (female and male) and corrected all the grammar. From this deduction I was just going to assume that times had changed and they allowed females to enter the school which means having a female prof would not be a big deal. Also the students were all drooling over YS and SJ gave the student a fail due to the fact he was not trying to learn and use his brain on his own but just staring and following his wife like a love sick puppy. I think this is why SJ was super jealous of his wife. YS was also upset when they got home because SJ was using more of his time at being jealous, instead of him putting more effort in cleaning the house.

Of course I don’t know the history of SKK and I could be totally off the wall but for my peace of mind, I am just going to think this is how their dreams of equal opportunity for females and males has come true. (ditto for me –softy)


OMG reading everyone’s comments made me so sad to say goodbye – all day I’ve been feeling dizzy and that’s so unusual for me and then it hit me- I think my body is physically reacting to the end of the drama-I don’t like this at all- I’m not ready to let go….

There was something I forgot to mention – the one thing I wish this drama had was a kiss scene for MJS – when he tucked in Yhee after he piggybacked her all the way home – that was the moment – while she was sleeping, he looked at her so lovingly ….I wish he had just leaned in and gave her a small kiss – it would’ve been so perfect – that one moment would’ve been enough to last a lifetime..


since this is a day after the broadcast and no one is probably going to read this far down anyway, I wanted to add my last thoughts on SKKS. Thundie suggested I write some last comments about the show last night, but I was too busy so I’ll do it now.

I miss the first half of the series when everyone was falling in love and all happy. There wouldn’t have been a single complaint from me if they just spent a whole episode in that center room letting Sun Joon and Jae Shin fight it out for who gets to sleep next to Yoon Hee with Yeorim refereeing. There were so many cute scenes in all the earlier episodes and I wondered how long they could keep that up. Now we all know the answer-till the very end.

I think part of the reason I didn’t fall really hard for Sun Joon’s character as much was the fact that he used more difficult words I couldn’t understand. Some of that frustration carried over to his character. But JS uses normal words for the most part and I was so grateful to have at least one character I could translate more of. Plus, did anyone besides me notice the huge difference in his appearance from the first episode to like E5? The less scruffy looking MJS got and the neater his wig became, the weaker my knees got. The guy can rock a wig better than anyone in Kdrama history. He cleans up well is all I’m saying. Just wished he had gotten his moment and declared his love for Yhee. I hate that he never got the chance except that one time when Yhee asked him “isnt there a girl you like that you wanted to bring” and he answered “that’s why I am eating with you” but since that line went right over her head – it doesnt count as a declaration.

oh yeah – i forgot to add something else about MJS – I kind of hated how he got sliced and diced so much throughout the series – no other character shed as much blood as him – why did they have to injure him so often – we already loved him to death so there was no need to put us thru such agony as ep E18 cliffhanger. I’m so surprised the poor guy made it thru the series intact and not missing any limbs. And if they were going to injure him that much in E14, he should have at least gotten a hug out of it but noooo- they had to make it that a spasm of pain keeps him from hugging Yhee- want to strangle the writer for that one missed chance. Seriously – if that wave of pain had just come like two seconds later- we wouldve had that hug. Such a pity! (That dumb royal guard – I was wrong about him. Now I am forever going to think of him as the buttface that almost killed MJS just like that girl in PK who killed nam gil’s character in “bad guy” – i swear that is why I couldnt watch PK – her face and the reminder of what she did to what could have been an excellent drama ruined PK for me from the start (but it’s ok cuz that drama was off anyway- not my cup of tea so no big loss there)

Who cares if Hyoeun is a big fat blabber mouth for starting a chain reaction that led to the whole world knowing Yhee’s secret – the girl lost to another girl posing as a guy so in reality – that is so much harsher than any other punishment. She dresses up so much to attract the man she loves and she ends us losing him to a girl who is dressed as a guy – talk about your ego kicker.Plus glad YH and HE didn’t fall for each other cuz then YH would have to be brother in laws with In Soo. That’s just wrong and YH deserves a better family than hers.

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  1. thanks for the recap, i enjoyed it though there are some missing scenes..

    nice job!
    i hope you’ll also do recap for Mary Stayed Out All night (aka Marry Me Mary)

  2. Thank u Thundie, Softie and all the others for making SKKS a once in a lifetime experience for all of us. This was the first time I followed a Kdrama live and I am so lucky it turned out to be the best drama I have watched till date.

    Netty, I 2 loved Park Min Young n it’s sad that the guys r getting all d attention( natural but unfortunate). She’s tremendously lucky to have got such a character, stronger than the majority of the female characters available today. As an actress, she brought the right mix of vulnerability, cheekiness, playfulness, courage to the character while not making her too good to be true. One of the most refreshing things was the absence of the whole “I am a chaste virgin. How can I stay in the same room with men?” overdose. Saved us oodles of episode time. Also, Kim Yoo Hee treats the men around her as friends and fellow scholars. I liked the fact that despite her being a girl n all the romantic tension we had, she was not reduced to the “love” angle. The genuine friendship that all of them shared made the show more endearing. One of the most beautiful scenes for me was when KYH stands as an SKKS scholar before the prison with the petition for LSJ’s release. She turns around and glances at JS and GYH both of whom nod in approval. The love and pride they have for/in her is quite evident in the scene. Similarly, the devp. of GYH-YH relationship towards the end was also just wonderful. GYH had no doubt at all that she would stand by him when the others ridiculed him and she gave him the support he needed so well.

    I was also really happy with the way they gave her the chief role in the GDJS mission. I was worried that once the love angle started, her individuality might be at stake. Glad i was proved wrong! That way Lee Sun Joon is a great match for her. He doesn’t domineer her like many of the heroes do in these dramas. Her desire to gain knowledge and her determination to succeed have really inspired me as a person. Therefore though the ending might be a little unrealistic in the sense that she got to be a professor in an age when that couldn’t have happened, I am glad they took that liberty. I, for one wouldn’t have been happy seeing her confined to her home.

  3. Reading again and again.. the wonderful insights, enlightening translations and heartfelt messages I personally conclude that Lesson 20 is about MOVING ON.

    Had the king dwell on his grudges and personal conflicts then it means coming back to step 1 which is cyclical. I have to agree that the utmost intention was achieved. This is about KYH’s aspiration and her father’s long time dream. To be acknowledged.

    It only take a spark to create a torch of flame and that simple spark needs to start from within — the heart of a dreamer. GAWD i love this drama and the people behind…how many times have I said that.

    and oh! LSJ’s dad once again inspire me…first at Cinderella’s Unni — i have no way to hate his character.

    SKKS is a classic.

  4. Thank you soooo much for this recap!

    I absolutely love this drama and have definitely caught the Yoo Ah In craze like so many others 🙂 Though my many years of watching kdrama this must be the first show, in addition to You’re Beautiful, that made me go all out crazy in my spazzing fan-girlness. Yes, there was lots of squeeling involved XD and not just for YAI but our two other hotties too.

    So far I too have only been a lurker and not an active commenter, coz I enjoy other peoples commentaries more than writing them myself, but now that our beloved SKKS has finished I have voice out my gratitude for all your hard work for helping us non korean speakers to join in in all the fun! Thanks u Thundie, and everyone else who helped with the recaps and translation etc.
    I will definitely be comming back to see what else you’ll bring us!

    Big group hug to all fans!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to recap this drama for us addicts. Spreading the SKKS love is awesome. Once again, your work and time is much appreciated.

  6. @AuntieMame,
    That would have gone against what happened in history because GDJS was never unearthed, and only exists in conspiracy theories. Without saying it directly, he made it known that DESPITE finding the GDJS and what it might mean to the Norons, he won’t use it to blackmail against the Norons and instead, that they willingly follow his will. The Norons feared that they would lose their lives if the GDJS was found (and if not, at least their power) and wanted to so desperately get rid of it. Instead of instilling submission with the threat of fear, King Jeongjo used mercy to instill submission.

  7. Thanks for thundie, softy and also other skks fellows. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for all of you who made skks experience become extremely good memory for me and my friends.

    Thank you and big hug to all of you.

    I really miss SKKS already. *sigh*

  8. @ netty2712 and novkid
    Me three! I love the Yoon Hee character and it is one of my favorite female characters out of all the dramas that I watched this year. And I’m glad that through SKKS, I discovered what an adorable talent Park Min Young is. The same goes for the Micky (*hearts*), Ah In, and Joong Ki.

    I finally watched episode 20 last night and to say that SKKS is be sorely missed is an understatement. I still can’t believe that it’s finished airing. Man, even as I type this, I’m getting a lump in my throat from thinking about how much the show has captured my heart and refused to let go (don’t let go, SKKS!). I used to be a casual drama watcher and used to not care all that much about participating in online communities. And following a drama live and watching the episodes without English subtitles as they become available, well, I usually didn’t do that, either. The main reason being that I don’t speak Korean and for me, to watch without understanding much of the dialogue obviously made it hard to engage with the drama so I mostly opted to wait for subtitles because there’s rarely a show that would make me want to see!the!episode!now! I, who used to watch dramas and then without a second thought, quickly forget about them for the newest, shiny thing. The number of shows that have survived the test of time and stayed in my long term memory are only a handful. And then once in a blue moon, a special drama like SKKS comes along and reminds me of why I love K-dramas so much.

    @ dearest thundie
    And mixed with those feelings is a real sadness that some of my closest kdrama pals are heaping so much venom on SKKS of late, sigh.
    After reading your comment, I wanted to reply but lacked the adequate words to express my thoughts coherently. It’s been on my mind and I need to get my thoughts out so I hope I can get my thoughts across. (That’s always something that I worry about because a writer, I am not.)
    Because I feel so much for SKKS, I, too, feel sad whenever I read opinions of the unfavorable kind about this drama. And even though these comments were mostly written by strangers, they affected me so I can understand how it must sting even more when they are coming from your friends. My love for a drama is primarily based on how emotionally attached I am to that drama, above all the technical stuff. And since emotional connection is purely subjective, it’s okay if others don’t share the same sentiments that I have. Something that I constantly remind myself of to keep from getting too worked up about dissimilar opinions.

    It reminds me of when I recommended Coffee Prince, a show that I love, to a close friend, touting it as one of my favorite K-dramas ever. She watched it and when I asked her about she thought of it, she responded, “Eh, it was alright. Nothing special.” I was floored. It’s like I met a new friend and we get along splendidly. We click so well and have lots much fun together so I wanted to introduce this person to my friends. However, the reception that I was expecting and was hoping for was so far off from the one that I actually got. “What do you mean, ‘nothing special?!’ How could you not love it? How?” I started to question my tastes, started to doubt my feelings. So I needed that validation from her. “Wasn’t the chemistry so palpable and real between the cast? How about the music? Wasn’t it lovely?” I continued to pester her, each time hoping for a more positive answer. It was as if her neutral feelings regarding the show somehow lessened my love for it, when it shouldn’t. Silly of me, right?

    So my point (buried underneath all that rambling and if you haven’t X-ed outta here and is still reading this) is that I heart SKKS and fellow Scandalers and thundie is the dope shizzle. 😉 And to SKKS naysayers, I hope you’ll come across as wonderful a drama and viewing experience as SKKS is/was for us.

  9. Hey doozy
    Your words were stirring and eloquent-well put!!! I had a similar exp with CP- I love that drama so much and when my friends just said it was ok, I just looked at them and said “are you high? On what planet is this just okay?” I don’t let what ppl say detract me from loving it – it means too much and deserves to be defended. That’s how I feel about SKKS as well. Ppl can say what they will – but there is no rule that says I have to agree. No matter what, I will always think back on this drama with fond memories and be grateful for what it meant to me on a personal level. By cherishing it, I feel like I am giving back just a little bit of all the happiness it gave me.

  10. @doozy and softy. LOL! Imagine that, I lllloooooved Coffee Prince as well. In my two years of watching asian dramas (mostly korean), nothing comes close to my love for CP. Until now. SKKS…has made me do things and go places I have never done and been to before. It’s not just the drama, it’s the story, it’s the characters, the actors, and then, there is… this… the mania, the love, the crazy antics of scandalers, the fans and followers who are a distinct community in itself.

    You are correct. It’s all about the feeling. No one can ever take that away from us. No logic, no reason can ever explain the whys and wherefores of what we felt and will feel for a very long time. We love SKKS. period.

  11. @doozy, softy & wits
    there’s no doubt we share the same caffeine addiction that’s why i feel your trembling emotions 🙂 but skks is worst.. they serve opium poppy ha!ha!ha! and this addiction is what we called PHENOMENON ^__^

  12. @ softy i’ve been back a couple of times re-reading your live recap. thank you so much. i love the witty side comments as well.
    its hard to shake off my skks addiction, this kdrama has truly captured my body heart and soul like no other.

    @thundie thank you for not only holding softy’s hand but ours as well during the last couple of episodes by providing us scandalers with a home to rant rave spazz and flail. its my first time to join a kdrama forum and i found so many friends. i will be back lurking cause i like your blog

    @ the soompi skks subbing team, i can’t express my love for your hard work enough. thank you for giving a non korean speaking skks junkie her fix.

    @ all the scandalers. thank you for the insights and the shared posts. skks has a special place on top of my kdrama favorites and like the song goes its tattooed in my heart.
    I love all the actors Park Min Young, Song Jong Ki, Yoo Ah In and all the young uns and the seniors but most of all my love Micky Yoochun, you rocked scholar Lee Soon Joon.

    Annyeong!!! Khamsamida!!!

  13. @doozy, softy, wits & chewii,

    hello fellow skks aa, im new in watching kdrama ( just started august 2010 ), SKKS is my first kdrama and got addicted to. since tuesday i been rewatching past episodes..

    thanks for the suggested kdrama Coffee Prince.. 🙂

  14. :sigh: purposely miss the party coz I dun want spoiler for my last eps of skks.

    And I didn’t want to say goodbye. Hate goodbyes..

    Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all,

    Thundie, softy, blue, shirley, cecillia and dramaok and the rest of the posters.

    Silvermine, I lap you, though we exchanged only a few comment, i yem
    Gonna miss you. Me no lie, me serious.

    Btw – I am going to korea next month hopefully can visit “skks” shooting loc
    and maybe do some mouse hunting.

    GAH .. I am gonna mis everyone.

    Ck, anyeong,

  15. thundie, Softy, I think those friends don’t dislike the drama, perhaps, it’s because they think it could have been done a lot better or because they’ve seen similar stories which have been executed in a better form.

    I don’t know your friends but if I were to say Sungkyunkwan Scandal is just okay, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it, it means that I have seen better stories or dramas. But, I’ve been where you’ve been, I’ve pressed my sister on about some dramas, ‘Don’t you think this drama is so good? Don’t you think it’s crazy as hell good?’ And she’d smile but say, ‘I’ve seen better.’

    I like this story I do, but I’m not excessively crazy about it to the point that I would make a fuss and try to cause chaos if they intended to remake Sungkyunkwan Scandal. But, it is a good drama.

  16. Skks is One of the best drama, i will remember it err.. For the rest of my life (heeee too long?) but i understand if some dun fancy the drama. The world would be a dull place if all of us has the same taste.

    So to those that think the drama is just bluergh… It’s their lost. 🙂 …

    I think our hospital too crowded. Not enuff bed. I have to sleep on the floor.

  17. @Bambiina
    LOL…come come, no need to sleep on the floor so poor thing.
    You can share my bed!
    Tonight everybody will be moaning in pain…
    We need to prepare for the worse…

  18. Will miss, miss, miss SKKS!

    I feel like that kid in dramaok’s video hahahahaha! 😉

    But all is well that ends well!

    Kamsahamnida to KBS for this amazing production! And to thundie for this live recaps…priceless! I watched the unsubbed/raw edition of episode 20 while reading this…it made my day!

  19. Did not know micky yoochun before SKKS but now scouring YTube for videos on him and found this 🙂

  20. and this… ***hot***

  21. I think the reason for the burning of the GDJS is because in history, even though the king spent most of his life looking for it, it was never found. Either, it never existed or, was just never found. Since this was a fictional drama based on historical fact, I think the writers tried to stay as true to history as possible.

  22. Oh my… what a ride! Enjoyed it thoroughly and greatly enjoyed dropping by to read the recaps and the comments. Wasn’t planning to watch until much later but as the momentum (okay, all the swooning) continued to grow I became curious. So, thanks to you I even watched it at all – and I LOVED IT! (Okay, the last episode had a lot of “HUH?” moments but it still worked for me.) Thanks SO much for all the entertainment you have provided! I’ve laughed, howled, watched various videos, looked at fan art and just basically had a blast! So sad it’s over but it was so much fun while it lasted. Can’t wait for my OST to arrive!

  23. Sigh. Looks like I discover this blog 3 months late when every SKKS has gone home to catch some sleep,leaving me alone to read postings that are so exciting .But 3 to 6 months old nonetheless.

    And to think that I was watching SKKS, all alone ,smitten by Micky Yu Chun’s acting and swooning over Lee Soon Joon. Watching every repeat episode on TV plus internet clips.

    This is the best K drama I have seen and I am still smitten. I have lost sleep, lost appetite , lost weight, lost my senses, following this series. I am now watching the whole series for the 8th time. And I have to buy the DVD once it reaches my country stores. I have asked and they tell me it’s not here yet.

    If only, I had known Thundie and Softy ( and these SKKS fans) exsit, watching SKKS so often and so doggedly wouldn’t have been such a lonely experience last few months! Haha!

    • sorry to hear you missed out on all our fun- but hey at least you got to enjoy the drama series itself. this post was linked to my email so I was so shocked that someone was still replying to a post made so long ago. for some of us the fun will begin again this month cuz a lot of us ordered the director’s cut dvd which should be arriving this month – yay 🙂 might even post some behind the scenes and interview translations here at thundie’s if she will let me

  24. .can i ask a question ?? what did happen to yoochun then ?? i thought he were together with park min young ?? but why is it that park min young’s husband is geol oh .. not yoochun .. >.<

  25. comment after 2years! 🙂 im so late i know.i’v just finishd watching the drama,read some reviews then i was brought all things you say about my favorite character Moon Jae shin^^

    “I hate that he never got the chance except that one time when Yhee asked him “isnt there a girl you like that you wanted to bring” and he answered “that’s why I am eating with you” but since that line went right over her head – it doesnt count as a declaration.”
    ~~agree!poor Geol Oh. would’ve really loved it if he ended up with yoonhee.he was like the ultimate super hero afterall,aww 😦

    “I kind of hated how he
    got sliced and diced so much throughout the series – no other character shed as much blood as him – why did they have to injure him so often – we already loved him to death so there was no need to put us thru such agony as ep E18 cliffhanger.”
    ~ ~me too! been worried sick he might get some fatal injuries.i’ve never been worried so much for a character in a drama,only with SKK scandal.i was so relieved he made it through the series alive. even though he didnt end up with yoonhee,im still happy coz he’s alive.^^

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