Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 12

Hear my tale of two in tents
Recap in haiku!

It mocks me. It hurts.
Brought out here, to group-date girls
Get away from me!

1a-170 1b-170

You! What have you done?
Is life just a game to you?
Damn your prankster eyes!

2c-170 2b-170

Caught you out now, dear
Such violent, fiery concern
Like a lover…, hmm??

3a-170 3b-170

Help! Someone, save him!
Have I caused harm? Woe is me!
Save my precious lord!

4a-170 4b-170

Boat gone, damage done
Calm now. Wet and sheepish, we.
Whatever next? Rain!

5a-170 5b-170

The tent! Put back up
Shelter. Dry. It’s just us now
Us two. Stuck. Alone.

6a-170 6b-170

“My fault. I’ve done wrong.”
Depth of feeling, real regret
“Eat. You’ll feel better.”

7a-170 7b-170

He sleeps. But he burns!
I can keep him warm at least
This much I can do

8aa-170 8b-170

Tent drips, wood crackles
My eyes drink him in. But he…
he does not see me

9a-170 9b-170

A boat! Take me there!
Not for love or money, lad
Damn the bad weather!

10a-170 10b-170

What can happen, hmm??
But just for you, my old friend
I’ll get us over…

11a-170 11b-170

Lovers?! Ha! Nonsense!
So…, why this turmoil? This ache?
And…, how does she fare?

14a-170 14b-170

Awake. What happened?
Warmth and firewood. He’s tired…
and dirty… and scratched.

12a-170 12b-170

“Fool! All for a fire?”
“Your fever down! Just so glad…”
My silly, sweet friend

13a-170 13b-170

Don’t you long for her?
Pulse quicken, obsess, hanker
For your kind betrothed?

15a-170 15b-170

You speak from your heart?
But me, I think not of it
Not for me, marriage

16a-170 Photobucket

That cleared, we lighten
We’re comfortable again
Tease, laugh, just be friends

17a-170 17b-170

I’ve found us a boat
It’s the ride of a life-time!
Hold on real tight, girl!

18a-170 18b-170

“You’re wiped. I’m sorry.”
“I’m fine, I’m just glad I could
do something for you.”

19a-170 19b-170

Dear he is to me,
asleep, by my side. My heart…
It feels fit to burst

20a-170 20b-170

Such a pull I feel
I draw in, I bend to kiss…
What am I doing?

21a-170 21d-170

Rescue! And relief!
And back to earth with a thump
For we can not be…

22a-170 21b-170

Mischief Radar pings
Pale faces, awkward stances
Something happened, hee

23a-170 23b-170

Hockey! Open House!
A circus! Unbefitting?
Fun? Factional fights?

24a-170 24b-170

Hot favourites? Soron!
Joseon F4! The Champions!
In Soo not amused

25a-170 25b-170

Will submit. Won’t go.
But, he says, rules allow. Come.
He wants me there! Whee!

26a-170 26b-170

Just can’t shake it off!
Oh, that moment of madness
Of sin. Of magic.

26a-170 27b-170

Most faithful servant
Can’t rescue this drowning man
This runs deep and dark

28a-170 28b-170

This Joseon hockey?
Hate it! The blood, the battle
Soron against Noron

But, the Open House?
Love it! Why, I live for it!
For you? Someone waits

29b-170 29c-170

Where is she? The brat!
She gets stranded. She invades
My mind and my soul

31a-170 31b-170

How anxious you are!
Oh, the tragedy! Last night…
The island… Daemul…

32a-170 Photobucket

NO!! It can not be!!
Wait. Here she is. Thank the gods!
And, damn that Yeorim!

33a-170 33b-170

Go get rest. No. Wait.
Never leave my sight. Ever.
‘lest I go mad. (SQUEE!!)

34a-170 34b-170

Discrete counsel sought.
Can not a man, near and dear,
Be loved by a man?

36a-170 36b-170

Feel drawn? Hmm? Why, sure!
For me – Geol Oh! At such times
Turn to the red book!

Read this: You’ll be moved!
And fret not: Hate may be sin
But love is no sin

37a-170 37b-170

Hmm… What??!! Forget it!
Oh. Wait. I wonder… Ack! Hmm
Maybe one more look…

38a-170 38b-170

More machinations!
For harmony, for progress
Ditch East-versus-West

39a-170 39b-170

Clever ploy, old chap
Pitch Garang against Geol Oh
But, me on your team?

40a-170 40b-170

“Because you’re with me.”
No. I’m not. I am my own.
Too boring, you are.

41a-170 41b-170

Argh! She! Why so slow?
And cute. Have to show her. Touch.
Dash it, so awkward

42a-170 42b-170

He’s with him. He laughs.
Pulse quicken, obsess, hanker…
It’s happening. Damn.

43a-170 43b-170

Can’t stand this. Must run.
Hate this. Why this searing pain,
this beautiful ache?

44a-170 44b-170

Red Messenger strikes!
But this time, with killing force
Bearing the message…

45a-170 45b-170

“Joseon for people”
Populist. But murderer.
Justice must be served

46a-170 46b-170

Actions, man, not words
Catch the Red Messenger. Or
Wedding deal be off

47a-170 47b-170

What’s this? Killing spree?
But not the Red Messenger
I know this, my friend


Girls come to campus!
Directory of studs? No need!
Hyo Eun has got hers

49a-170 49b-170

Scholars preen, display
But all the chicks, gravitate
To yummy Yeorim!


Wife. And protégé
Old acquaintances, they meet
Mother. Professor.

51b-170 51a-170

Spare her. Punish me.
Cover up misadventure
And we will depart

52a-170 52b-170

A professor’s love:
But she would not leave. And I…
I have faith in her


And a mother’s love:
Why her? I can’t lose her too
The road is too hard


He sought That Book hard
For her. To change the world for
His bright shining child

55a-170 55b-170

“Father? Here? Why mum?”
“Just survive, one day to look
back on this story”

56a-170 56b-170

She seeks him, the boy
who effortlessly won her
But In Soo summons

57a-170 57b-170

He woos hard. She scoffs.
Think him her lover? Master?
Hang his presumption!

58a-170 58b-170

That red silk she wears
Like when she appeared, aged ten,
at my father’s house…

59a-170 59b-170

Crazy Horse a swot??!!
A delightful discovery
of friends and warm smiles

60a-170 60b-170

No “date” on this night
But she, has a new dear friend
He, one in his heart

61a-170 61b-170

A gulf between us
Of longing, of heart-break, and

62a-170 62b-170

Fawning Girls! Hiccoughs!
Her sweet smile of amusement
But, time now to flee

63a-170 63b-170

I’ll not eat with him
He sits there with his bethrothed
I can not love him

64a-170 64b-170

I can not love him
My feelings are forbidden
I’ll not eat with him

65a-170 65b-170

Cho Sun! Plot thickens
Hyo Eun sweet to his room-mate
Sun Joon dismissive

66a-170 66b-170

Yoon Hee hits back hard
Jealousy and Frustration
Tension palpable

67a-170 67b-170

Hyo Eun cosies up
Yoon Hee turns up Cho Sun sweet
Oh, the knives are out!

68a-170 68b-170

“Your heart’s with Cho Sun”
“And your engagement’s arranged”
In pain, we lash out

69a-170 69b-170

Contrite. Retraction.
“That was before. Now who can
resist this sweet girl.”

70a-170 70b-170

Gisaeng not for naught
Cho Sun sees it all. Rising
She drops her bombshell

71a-170 71b-170

“The one in your heart
Is not I. But another
Shall I tell you who?”


Steadily advance
Knowing glance. Twinkle in eye
She kisses Sun Joon!!!

73a-170 73b-170


30 thoughts on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 12

  1. Freaking awesome, this
    Your paean showing exactly
    Why this drama ROCKS

    Love the cricket scene
    Micky’s spontaneity
    So adorable!

    Take a bow, chingu
    Your insane recapping skills
    We are not worthy

  2. first time reading a recap in your blog , and this was awesome !!! you have a way with words …it’s called : T.A.L.E.N.T. !!!! thank you !!!
    This blog will be one of my hang-outs from now on ! woooohooo !

  3. whoa. you managed to capture the entire episode in haiku! that’s genius! you have my humble respect.

    oh, sweaty jaeshin is so hot. `Q`

  4. clap, clap, clap, i applaud you. You are really genius. I really enjoyed your haiku (hehehe never read one before) You people here are so amazing, no wonder i cant stay away from here. Somehow looking at the still scene, the message is clearer. Thank you so much

  5. Serendipity
    Wow, what a lovely recap
    Such fun and so sweet

    This show, in my heart
    Always holds a special place
    Perhaps my soulmate?

    Love, cute and hot boys
    I cannot wait for Monday
    The days are so long

    So thank you thank you
    Serendipity sunbae
    I am your fan. Hugs.

  6. you’re outdoing each other (thundie and serendepity) in recapping skks…this goes to show how a drama can make us extract our creative juices…hehe…chukahe for a wonderful recap…

  7. That. Was a pleasure to read!!! Fantastic recap, and so well sequenced using Haiku – whatever next?? Writing in Iambic pentameter? lol ooo I can already see it coming! Bless ya, and your love for Sungkyunkwan Scandal!

    Ah (your recaps of SS) …

    Tis full of wise words
    shocking sungkyunkwan viewers
    drooling, hearts throbbing.

    Four sexy scholars,
    Forming a sexy quartet
    oozing sex appeal.

    Lol how lame was that!? But you get the picture! Kudos for all your recaps!

  8. Comments in haiku!
    That’s the spirit, everyone!
    Spread the lunacy!

    😆 😆 😆

    ‘Tis five seven five
    Syllables in just three lines
    Really easy, try!

  9. how do i comment
    in seventeen syllables
    and only three lines?

    just the same i’ll try
    count syllables as i write
    not easy, thundie

    i should be working today
    but can’t concentrate

    til i have come up
    with haikus that are worthy
    for you and thundie

    recapping is not
    quite easy, even in prose
    how do you do it?

    this is just brilliant
    such an enjoyable read
    and screen caps galore!

    yong ha’s so funny
    playing a joke on jae shin
    then blows him a kiss

    jae shin cannot sleep
    worrying for a woman
    all think is a man

    yoon hee’s heartbroken
    her love engaged to hyo eun
    he can’t be with her

    sun joon all confused
    he’s attracted to a man
    and almost kissed him

    only if he knew
    his roomate is a woman
    who’s in love with him!

  10. OMG .. screaming …. how can anyone write review like this … this is so surreal .. this is epic… i really enjoy it … SKK definitely driving me to insanity and upon that this crazy and irresistible review by genius people ….. do i need anymore JEOSON CRACK …. i need moreeeeeee you all SKK suckers

  11. serendipity
    thanks so much for this recap
    creative, it is

    Yoon Hee, your warm smile
    enough to melt freezing ice
    Sun Joon cannot run

    sun joon and yoon hee
    and geol oh the crazy horse
    your angst, it slains me

    Yeorim, observer
    sees things beneath the surface
    and says the best lines

    how I love this show
    it consumes my thoughts and heart
    Monday, is it here?

  12. Pain in her eyes, tears
    I feel you too, Kim Yoon Hee
    Oh! Jelly-fied heart.

    ‘Never leave my sight’
    Moon Jae Shin, you heartbreaker!
    I squee, and I faint.

    Lee Sun Jun, hiding
    I clenched my chest, faint again
    why thou so weak, heart?

    Smiling Gu Yong Ha,
    Sets me free, and hearts giddy
    Too weak now, fragile.

    Dear doctor, prescribe!
    strongest potion you can find
    I need them, pronto!

    Salute you, haiku hero!
    Great work, as always.

  13. I m dumbfounded
    This deserves an ovation
    clap. clap.clap.clap. clap.

    I am beyond moved,
    sheer surreal awesomeness
    brings me to my knees.

    By admiration
    I am so utterly struck
    I can not express.


  14. Muahaha, you all!
    So clever and creative
    What’s next? Limericks? 😆

    I’m so addicted
    To this cracktastic drama
    Is it Monday yet?

  15. Ep 12 I have seen.
    My heart fluttered at
    the sight of Jae Shin

    I’m in love again
    An MV I must
    make. Filled with Jae Shin moments

    To capture his looks
    i’m going to need some help.
    My fellow viewers

    I’m seeking a song
    for the one and only man
    sexy Moon Jae Shin

    An MV that is
    similar to sexy back
    for ‘You’re Beautiful’.

    I am now resolved
    to make a new vid. Purely
    of Moon Jae Shin smiles.

  16. The haiku is back!
    I could not stop my grinning
    While reading this

    My heart overflows
    I cry, I laugh, I squeal and
    Die a thousand times

    For Joseon F4
    All of them are lovable
    I can’t choose a fav

    However Geol Oh
    A.k.a the Crazy Horse
    Makes me hiccup lots

    Oh Hiccup, Hiccup!
    I can’t stop this madness now
    Fellow friends, save me!

    I believe I have
    Found one of my favorite
    Dramas of all time

    Thanks to the lovely
    Serendipity for the
    Fun recap. Me like!

  17. You’re a genius
    But you knew that already
    We all do, really

    Just watched this today
    Jae-shin owns me, heart and soul
    Maybe even loins

    Didn’t even feel
    Like strangling Micky today
    Sort of improving?

    Am getting tired
    Of all foreplay, no action
    Can’t they just make out?

    Horse can do better
    Than boring little Yoon-hee
    Yong-ha springs to mind

    Every time Yong-ha
    Slobbers all over Jae-shin
    I faint from pure joy

    Although I confess
    I squeed when Horse got angsty
    I’d stay by his side!

    The perfect ending:
    The borings get together
    Horse and Boy make out

    I would be happy!
    Also more wet Geol-oh, please
    The sight excites me

  18. I can’t write haiku,
    tried as I might, flighty mind FAILS
    ….Borings diss rebuke!

    life or death dangles,
    upon heady girl YoonHee
    boy must she be, why?

    Joseon decorum!
    how can she frolic with the
    betrothed man she rooms?

    unruly heart throes
    I feel ev’ry beat, SunJoon
    fraying inner world

    What’s there to emote?
    hurt all dears for world to jab?
    love’s future, a poof?

    platonic love wins
    transcends gender caste faction
    Borings F T W!

  19. hate is a sin
    but love… isn’t sin
    you right love a million time better than hate
    so i can keep my love…
    thanks for beautiful recap

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