Is this not WWW? I mean, of course, the Worlds’ Worst Wig? The worst wig in all this world, and the otherworld.

Is it alive? Is it going to lift off? Is it poised to eat Yoo Seung Ho’s brain? Is there life on Mars?

However one looks at it, it is bad. BAD.

Full frontal. Bad.

How about the back? Pretty bad.

Set off against a goat? Still bad.

Windswept? Nope, the badness is still there.

Aw, the poor baby has a look on his face that says, “Jade Emperor? What Jade Emperor. I hate this thing on my head. Can I go home now?”

How about we give the hanging down bits a drastic trim, then? No? Still no-go? Sigh.

No wonder Yoo Seung Ho’s acting in Arang and the Magistrate is a trifle awkward. Wouldn’t you be stiff too, if you had a creature perched on your head?

(Thanks to X for the octopus pic)

Seriously, folks, I can’t think of any wig in k-drama history as bad as this. Can you? Submissions with pix please!

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  1. Love this post! And ROFLMAO at that octopus wig! 😆

    Which episode is that last YSH screencap from? He looks like someone’s halmoni!

    • That screencap is from ep6, but they started hacking back the sides from ep5. Only, as is often the case with damage-control hair-dressing, to make matters worse. Really, I don’t think anything can save this Epic Wig Fail.

  2. It’s bad but it’s versatile lol! I think it has a rival in Cheon Eum-Ja’s wig from Faith. At least it’s not covering up the pretty face!

  3. Serendipity, your post is hilarious. Thank you! I think I luff you 🙂

  4. Serendipity, I’m sure you can find quite a few from exiled men of the Princess’ Man. On a more contemporary note, how about Ji Sung in Protect the Boss? Oh wait, that was his real hair……

  5. How about the 1 worn by Park Yeong Gyoo as Tae-kang’s dad in I Do I Do? He was wearing it during interview and first month working at the same company as his son and Ji An? That 1 is hideous too… *I’m still looking for the pics*

  6. Thanks for this fun filled post, his wig in this show is definitely eye soaring. I feel sorry for him.

  7. No, no, no… the all time WORST wig ever was worn by Joo Jin Mo in the drama series Bichunmoo. (It was a Korean-Chinese production. Jin Mo was the only Korean in the series and man oh man did they not so subtly sabotage his poor lil head.

    Here’s a sample, it’s the third one down the page just after… Arang! What are the odds!?


    • Hmm, if this is wig sabotage, we want more! *runs from lilibaiyu*


      On the other hand… there’s a k-movie also called Bichunmoo with Shun Hyun-jun as the hero (or vampire?)…


      • LOLOL Thundie…. OK, now I feel at a distinct disadvantage because I still don’t know how to embed photos in the blog. (Massively tech-challenged Late-Adopter here) but that first photo is NOT from the series I was talking about (and of course the second photo is of the charming actor Shin Hyun Joon – that’s from the movie version, whole other thing.) Did you SEE the photo in the link I sent??? Better yet, give up your secrets on how to embed and I’ll post it. I’m tellin’ ya, Thundie…it’s not just bad, it’s like something sick crawled up there about an inch below his hairline and died. 🙂

      • Now, if you are going to talk about Shun Hyun Jun, you will have a WIDE choice of bad wigs. As dearly fond of him as I am in Shadowless Sword, and I loved his dreads, there are others who…ummm..don’t.

        • @momosan

          Aw, but come on… he was so deliciously evil (aka in my lexicon anyway, Sexy.) Sure, he was wearing Bad Dreads, but is there an actual category comprised of “Good Dreads?” I think not. All artistic decisions to plop dreads on the head an actor are by definition either revenge or spiteful envy. My guess is that Shin Hyun Joon most likely propositioned the hairdresser’s girlfriend the week before. 🙂

  8. Bwahaha…. Bwahahaha… Im speechless.

    Great post. Keep them coming Miss Thundie. I love it..

  9. Well, this one doesn’t count since it was to look like a wig and she was a woman of the night…

  10. Lets not forget the wig that JHW used in this scene:

  11. So Ji Sob’s wig in the first episodes of MISA. He doesn’t even have the excuse of being in a fantasy sageuk!

    (I have tried to post a pic but to no avail)

  12. My vote for WWW would be Eric Moon from Strongest Chilwoo:

    I remember watching this and nicknaming him “the guy with Jesus’ hair”

  13. thanks for this post… really funny! and love reading the interactions here. 🙂

  14. lol funny post! i hope he kept his normal sageuk hairstyle when he met eun oh… ><

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