All about Wane

Not a brother of Kane or a newfangled spelling of Wayne but merely this:


intr.v. waned, wan•ing, wanes
1. To decrease gradually in size, amount, intensity, or degree; decline.
2. To exhibit a decreasing illuminated area from full moon to new moon.
3. To approach an end.

1. The act or process of gradually declining or diminishing.
2. A time or phase of gradual decrease.
3. The period of the decrease of the moon’s illuminated visible surface.

Thus I find myself in a strange place, uninterested in something that once held me in a tight grip. I think it began late last year when a truckload of Shit Happens landed in a smelly heap on my doorstep. Mr. T and I thought we shoveled it all away but somehow, inexplicably and with a swiftness that floored us, it came back two months ago. Damn.

Two months is a long time to stay away from kdramas, but when the stink in the air is so suffocating and all one thinks of is how to breathe and not choke, the goings-on of Joseon princes and their modern cousins are simply the last thing on one’s mind. Half-watched dramas remain unfinished; new offerings don’t register one bit.

‘Tis sad I know.

Is this phase going to be fleeting or permanent? I have no idea, to be honest. I only know that the drama that I most wanted to watch (“most” in this instance not to be equated with how we usually use the word but nevertheless suggestive of a valiant effort mustered by a brain that is beyond numb) was Faith (on account of a certain so-hot-he-burns actor) but I didn’t last five minutes (sorry).

That’s too many parentheses, you Faith traitor! *bonk*

Arang and the Magistrate is next… if I can remember it even exists. I’m also not terribly optimistic. If my Lee Min-ho love can’t arrest this rot, I doubt Lee Jun-ki can. The last time I was potty over Junki was five long years (and one Time between Dog and Wolf drama) ago. But maybe if Junki’s first words in Arang sound a lot more animated than Minho’s listless ones in Faith, I might stick around a little longer.

(I must clarify that it was mainly the subtitles for Faith that made me flee in haste; reading them made me miss misterX’s airy sageuk translations. I’m still a fan, Lee Min-ho! *pulls out barely-watched Boys Over Flowers and parks it in front of the TV*)

So, what does one whose kdrama love is on the wane do? Especially one who’s supposed to update her kdrama blog but doesn’t? Well, she pops by incognito on other similarly neglected kdrama blogs, her twisted mind finding satisfaction in the “See, I’m not the only one!” shared neglect. She stays but for a sec (no new posts so why linger?), like a teasing wink that you aren’t sure was there. For the blogs that she knows get updated with clockwork regularity, she stays far, far away. She even avoids her own blog! Guilt makes Wane feel worse.

But it’s not like Ms. Guilty hasn’t been watching anything, she has. For her fill of fluff, she devoured eight episodes of The Bachelorette in one week. When the Olympics rolled around, she watched like one possessed, cheering and swearing with gusto. When the games ended and everyone went home, she moped for a week, then returned to watching YouTube clips of cute puppies. Occasionally she remembered she was supposed to be a kdrama addict and kdrama blogger, but dispensing hay and apple twigs to her three chinchillas (now four, woot!) took upwards of two hours most days, by which time she was too brain-dead to watch or blog.

Excuses, excuses.

I’m not fibbing, though. I’m so out of the loop with everything kdrama-related that I don’t quite know how to find my way back in. I expect to keep wandering for now, kdrama-less but not bereft, accepting that it’s not something I’ve planned but not unhappy that it has happened. Perhaps the break is good, who knows? Perhaps I’ll come back more fired up than before, right in time for Kang Dong-won’s discharge from the army. *beams*

All right. Your turn now. How about you?

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  1. helloes thundie!

    so happy to hear from you again. tho sad at the same time that you are in rough times again. i hope that you get over it and my prayers for you and your family.

    i\ve always loved reading your posts. your thoughts are always wonderful to read and i’d always say to myself… gah where did they get this kind of talent to write, not just words but extending youir mind and thoughts to us. for thank you. you don’t really need to feel guilty for your waning interest in kdrama or in blogging. it is something that you love and been passionate about and we your readers are lucky to have bumped in here. you should not feel obligated at all. we are the ones who owe you and not the other way around.

    if you feel like your kdrama watching and blogging is waning, then this might be a good break for you. who knows later you might just be around again, like you said when KDW gets out of the military. if not then, i will always be visiting to read your previous posts. they are always worth the read and re-read.:)

    as much as we want you back, we will always support you whatever your decision.



    ps… your new lay out is love. it would be fun doing new headers for this.

  2. Thundie, I used to be a crazed kdrama addict. I’m ashamed to say that I wasted precious time rushing home after work for months, nay for a little more than a year, devouring dramas like one of the poor souls addicted to food or chalk on the TLC network. Now, I watch dramas like a sane person. One at a time, with an occasional episode from another show on the side. Don’t feel sad about your waning period. It’s only kdrama. Gasp! But, I do miss your writing. Whatever inspires you to write again I’ll want to read.

    By the way, my current kdrama is Arang and the Magistrate. You’ve probably seen it, but I think its pretty great. I’m even reviewing it on Youtube. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

  3. Your post touched my heart. As you noted yourself in your visits to other drama blogs, waxing and waning interest is an occupational hazard. Naturally fictional drama will be a lot less attractive when you are getting a faceful of the real kind. If you were watching MORE dramas when your attention needed to be focused in your own life, that would be something to worry about.

    “Should” is a loan shark bully and a malicious buzz-killer, so just kick it right back out the door.
    Blog if it makes you happy. If it doesn’t, stop. When things settle down in your personal life, maybe dramas & blogging will look good again. Or maybe not. And that’s OK too. It’s just what you do, not what you are.

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