Story of a Man drama giveaway: Results!

The brief was simple: Take any male character from any kdrama and tell us his story.

And wow, how you all came through! With your fabulous poems and plays and stories that made the judges laugh out loud or just sigh in envy at the sheer eloquence and creativity. Take a bow, nattacatta, langdon813, tupai, lei, Softy, ockoala, Nano, cingdoc, doozy, momosan, ditdut, Lisa, Katie, staples, diorama, viola, nycgrl and Leonardswench!

And now the results.

My guest judges have picked the following two winners:

nycgrl and viola!

Congratulations! You have each won an English-subtitled DVD set of Story of a Man. Thundie’s Prattle will be writing to you soon to arrange for shipping.

Thank you to my awesome judges, javabeans and girlfriday! I’m glad you had fun poring over the entries and debating which were your favorites. Thank you again to everyone who participated. I loved reading every entry.

To end, here are the two winning entries for everyone’s enjoyment.

nycgrl’s Story of a Man – Park Kyu (Tamna)

Chamber pots and pig stys
One man’s treasure is another’s piss pot
Turbulent rolls of water upending my yangban ways
All through the night & day
The rhythm of sea calls me to this speck of land
The southern isle where the sea and sky greets, the corner where exiles & foreigners meets
A lonely man walks along a hill
Tall, thin spectral white with black hat still
Hands folded neatly behind him
Neither wind, nor pigs should ever ruffle or crease
Nary a hair or grease his pristine white dopo limb

The collective call of the sea sirens sing: come all, come all
To Tamna, an exiler’s home
A far-off Island
Lit up by the waning Jejudo moon

The Sang min of the isle who I have come to know & trust
One in particular I have dared come to admire
Even though the law of the land say a love between us must never, never transpire

But O bestill my heart
For she speaks!
Tears roll down my cheeks
But naught tears of joy, but pain
For have you heard my lady speak?!

That voice! That god awful voice!
A dying, screeching cat kind of a voice
What does a young man have as a choice?

But to cover her lips, quick as lightening
By sealing it with a kiss, that is a lil enlightening
Since it revealed a love so rare, that nothing else could ever compare
A longing that I’ve never known, that even time apart makes grown
That I will risk my very life & limb to protect her & her beloved home

The collective call of the sea sirens sing: come all, come all
To Tamna, a place I now call home
A far-off Island
Lit up by the bright Jejudo Sun

So rather than seek further glory in Han Yang
I chose instead to stay & fetch water in Sang bang
Now to my readers I bid you adieu, as with many shakespear’s endings I think this will end with an “I do”
I will love her the rest of my days in as many ways, even a million
As long as she never utters, the word that still makes me shudder
The two syllable word “Will–iam”
So ends the happy tale of yangban Park Kyu
And unhappy will he be, if this noble only knew
that his rarefied name in fact rhymes with F__ Y__!
(so shhhh!)


viola’s Story of a Man – Dong Joo ( My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

Hunter’s Moon

I would rip my heart
And lay it at your feet as my kill,
For it’s a dead thing – without you.
Broken, by a thousand years of grieving…

Why did you ask me to kill you?

The only time I ever held you
Was in the moment when death took you.
But, even then you could not hear, my soul
Screaming: I am here! I am here!
You merely touched my tears, and said
“I am sorry”

I could only watch the moon leave
Argent, spiraling kisses on your lips,
Pale as moth wings, your hair of spun wind
Turned to sparks, motes of dying ember,
Then to ashes that fled with the keening breeze.

My arms were left empty- holding only
the knife.

By the same knife I lost you,
A thousand years later I found you
For a brief, spelled hour I thought you mine.
Only to forever lose you- for a mortal,
You chose to die again.

Beguiled by moon lies
Into believing you my anodyne,
My atonement! Each drop of my
Blood sang – even as they killed you.

My power, my knowledge
My long life, my brief death
Both useless, all useless,
I could not save you!

Only a mortal, brave beyond
The fear of dying could help you.
For him at last I stepped aside
And this time, instead of sorry,
You said “Thank you.

I never had one moment of your life
But all of your deaths were mine, yet
Still I love you. My name is Dong Joo
And my story, beloved, will always be you.

18 thoughts on “Story of a Man drama giveaway: Results!

  1. It was really fun reading all of the entries, and the winners truly deserved it. Also it kind of surprised me how well-written all the posts were. And for a while I thought about trying to compete for the awesome prize too, but all the entries were on a completely different level than mine. But fun indeed!

  2. wow, congratulations to nycgrl and viola!! Well deserved indeed, you guys really have a way with words. Now adding on these 2 dramas to my queue 🙂

  3. Heartfelt congrats to both winners. I find Viola’s poem so touching that I’ll resume watching the drama, which I left off after Episode 10 or 11. Because I’m more interested in Dong Joo than the main lead.

  4. congrats guys!!….i admit i didnt get the time two read past the first 3 entries but after reading these two i’m running of to do it rightaway….lol @ F__ Y__! at the end of nycgirl’s poem…i swear ever since i’ve seem tamna everytime someone says those words i think of Par Kyu….and Viola…why so heartbreakingly beautiful??!!

  5. aigo viola, you share the same feeling as me… Glad to I am not alone who like Dong Joo’s Char… hahhahaa

    i even made a MV for him, hahha 🙂

  6. Can I just say WOW! Hilarious and heartbreaking. Now I can enjoy the rest of the entries while SKKS is asleep.
    Congrats to the winners!

  7. Thundie!!!!!!!!! I’ve emailed you back. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nycgirl, how did i miss that F___ Y__ at the end of your poem? I so did not see that when i first read it. The lack of sleep due to SKKS is taking its toll on me

  8. congratulations to both!!! but everybody’s entries were great too!! wow too much talent!

    i couldn’t write a prose even if my life dependent on it.

  9. Thanks Thundie. I got it in the mail yesterday! I have been wanting to watch this like forever but never thought I’d be enabled to do so via a writing competition. So excited! *hugs*

    Love nycgrl

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