Much ado about nothing in Full House


I first watched Full House about four years ago. Bi (Jung Ji-hoon) had charmed me in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School with his role as a gigolo singlehandedly raising an ill child. I loved that drama, Bi’s first, and looked forward to his new one with a mix of eagerness and foreboding. He was so endearing in his debut drama and had made me an instant fan. With that first acting experience tucked away, surely he would act even better in Full House? But what if I didn’t like the drama, and worse, Bi’s acting in it?

As it turned out, optimism lost and pessimism gloated, “I told you.”


The first few episodes were enjoyable and funny. Pretty entertaining stuff even. But then the drama started getting repetitive, draggy, and downright roll-your-eyes exasperating. Substance flew out the window, leaving only style and shrillness behind. The yelling and overwrought emotions (the leads, not me) left my own nerves on edge. Instead of parking my brain in some deserted parking lot and enjoying the fluff on display (beautiful house, beautiful cast), I stupidly began nitpicking. And once I started, it was full-blown rantiness.

May I present to you some of the things in Full House that make no sense whatsoever? Well, to me, at least.

[Excuse the random pics, swiped from the official site. Also be warned this will be RANTY and SPOILERISH.]


  • Lee Young-jae (Bi), Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-gyo) and Yoo Min-hyuk (Kim Sung-soo) are all longsighted? They need glasses when they read or work on the computer? The last time I checked they didn’t look like middle-aged or elderly characters.
  • After Young-jae drops the public bombshell that he wants to divorce Ji-eun, the two of them decide straight is in and curls are out. Both have their hair suitably ironed straightened. Ji-eun also gives herself a new wardrobe. Voila! Suddenly she wears jeans!  Did it have to take so many episodes for the wardrobe coordinator to realize that Song Hye-gyo looks so much better (slimmer and taller) if she STOPPED wearing those mix-and-match tops and short skirts? Young-jae also gets new garb, except this time he gives ‘Back to Basics’ a whole new meaning. Yup, our movie star decides to become a monk.


  • In the most intense moments, like when Young-jae is proposing to her, Ji-eun’s brain decides to go on vacation. Her eyes glaze over, she goes into a stupor, and the only word she can muster is “What?” Like when he presents her with a ring (it sure ain’t a necklace, hon) and she stares at said ring blankly and goes: “What is this?” It’s a ring, darling, the thing people wear on their fingers. You’ve never seen one before?
  • The way Ji-eun’s so-called best friends, Dong-wook and Hee-jin, go about fleecing and ripping her off is so incredulous it’s not even funny. Please explain to me how she was able to go to Shanghai on a one-way ticket. And how, without a power of attorney, Dong-wook was able to sell off Ji-eun’s house, empty her bank account (almost), and apply for a credit card in her name.   How dare the writer concoct something as unbelievable as that!


  • Okay, what’s the time frame of the story? Right at the beginning, like in the first few minutes, we know that Hee-jin is pregnant. So she must be at least five weeks along, righto? So how is it her tummy remains washboard FLAT for sixteen episodes? So many, many things happened in those episodes (like someone realizing stardom wasn’t his cup of tea and deciding monkhood was more befitting). How could Hee-jin’s baby not grow at all in that time and she not show a teeny-weeny bit of a baby bump? Young-jae shot his movie in Episode 1 and then of course the movie went into editing and post-production, then it was screened, then it flopped… and in all those months Hee-jin’s pregnancy didn’t show at all. If the PD put so much effort into Ji-eun’s clothes (she NEVER wore the same thing twice), surely it ain’t that hard to make Hee-jin wear a pillow around her waist? Ya, told you I was in major rant mode.


  • The house itself (I like the house, give it to me!) is obviously gorgeous and lovely and spacious and… has only one bathroom.  Hello, there’s no toilet or bathroom upstairs? WHOA, was that an architectural oversight or what? We have lots (and I mean LOTS) of scenes of Young-jae and Ji-eun brushing their teeth, but what I really want to see is the two lugging their clothes from upstairs to downstairs just to take a bath.

Okay, I could go on and on but enough of the ranting.

There were things I did enjoy. Like the bickering (before it got tiresome). Like Ji-eun’s tortoise and rabbit stories (haha, those really cracked me up). Bi in an apron (cute!). The OST was nice. The grandmother was funny. Song Hye-gyo’s complexion is to die for.


15 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing in Full House

  1. LOL!!! I loved your rants!!! Yeah, I have to agree with the non-existent pregnant belly, that really got to me too! Still, I found I enjoyed this drama. Sure, its unbelievable, but it had its moments (like the ice skating, I loved that) and who could forget the three bears song? Seriously, I was probably singing that song in my sleep!!! Sometimes, I just like dramas where I can sit back, be entertained, and not have to think too much. Once in a while, a little fluff never hurt anyone 😉

  2. Hi Paula

    Finally a comment for this post! 🙂 Took more than four months, but it was worth the wait, lol. Thank you!

    I know I sounded really irked with Full House in my post, but I did enjoy the drama, at least the first half. Agree with you that it’s entertaining fluff. Has pretty solid production values, too. The house is yum.

    Haha, the Three Bears song. Did you watch the filming clip for this? Bi was so funny; he kept cracking up watching SHG.

  3. i’ve looked at your site for a while but this is my first time commenting.
    i ranted about this drama to anyone who would listen for months after watching it. this was my second drama ever and everyone told me it was soooo good.
    i felt cheated and i thought bi was a horrible actor, (i guess thats good in a way because a love to kill was an improvement and sang doo was a pleasant surprise).
    while it has it cute moments, i still don’t get the fuss. mostly it was just repetitive and irritating.

  4. I’m with Paula – this was very decent fluff which I’ve seen twice on DVD. Something to play in the background while my mind takes a break. Doesn’t hurt that Rain’s in it too. Sure I wanted to stop the show altogether after that whole being cheated by friends fiasco in the beginning (and don’t even get me started about Rain’s outfits in the first few eps) but it picked up when she moved back into the house and I needed this to recover from A Love To Kill, hence the second viewing.

  5. Hi i’m from sri lanka. I have watched the Full House drama. usually i don’t watch dramas. even it’s sinhala(my language). But I love this drama. And i can’t see any mistake. the guy who made this used good motion tracks. I love those songs. But actually i don’t know the words. I can’t understand. But i love it.
    I like the environment that director used. The sea, Quite house, lonely place.
    Full House is the best drama i have ever seen. To me it was a perfect drama.

  6. Full House – my guilty pleasure + my very first K-drama. It’s flawed yet that part of my brain just shut off whenever I’m watching it. I need to re-learn the art of ignorance one more time so I can get off from this drama slump.

  7. Hi, seldom do I read reviews not favoring this drama. But I agree, with you because I have also noticed the things you noticed like:
    1. How come she was able to travel to Shanghai on a one way ticket?
    2. How could her friends sold her house without her signature, or do they have different legal requirements in Korea?
    3. HeeJin’s belly not getting any bigger even almost to the end?
    4. The house has only one Bathroom downstairs. No T&B upstairs?
    But honestly, in spite of all these production flaws, Full House is my best drama ever. This is the drama that leads me to hundreds of other dramas. Now, I am a certified Korean drama addict already. I became a Bi-Kyo Fan, and also to other Korean Actors and Actresses. I’m also into K-Pop because of Rain… I’m never bored because I have so much to look forward too… Like reading your reviews of everything about Korean. Thank You!

  8. I’m agree with you in the fact that there are some nonsenses things in Full House, but the simplicity is what I love of this drama, I can watch the episodes over and over again without getting tired, and still find the comedy scenes really funny and entertaining to watch, even if sometimes it became repetitive, yes I must admited it xD…I like the acting of both actors and the chemistry between them, I think that some people didn’t like Rain’s acting in this drama because it wasn’t a really complex character,it was more childish, some guy that can’t express his feeling properly, but still I think that he did a good job as well as Song Hye Kyo, Full House is a drama that always is going to have a special place in my heart 🙂 great rewiev!

  9. Ok, read all your posts about this show from years ago, and was hoping to find the answer to what I always wanted to know. In the very last episode – episode 16 – when Young-jae last asked Han Ji-eun to marry him, and she gave him a slight exasperated look and said, “Are you stupid? We’re already married. So, how can I marry you again?” And then immediately shows her hand wearing her original wedding ring to prove it. So does this mean they never officially divorced ‘cuz I remember first time Min-huyk proposed to Ji-eun, she softly sidestep with an excuse of saying, “Well, it’s not long since my divorced…” That’s why am confused about this part. Keep in mind, though, that the response from her to Young-jae mentioned above was BEFORE he finally lets out and confessed his deep love for her, which made her deeply moved and speecless for a bit ’cause it came to her full realization to her that it was her he truly loves over mere long years infatuation love he had for Hye-won. So perhaps she was turning him down first before, saying in effects, ‘We were married already, it wasn’t good for us, and this ring am wearing now is the proof to you!’ Now you see am confused to what she exactly meant ‘cuase they weren’t clear on their dialogues at that point. At anyrate, even if she did actually turned him down then with the lines above, it just means they’d have to do another private marriage with just family and close friends with no media involvement, if such characters are to be believe as real ‘inlove’ couples remarrying. So anyone with insights on this from having seen it thouroughly, please give comments on what you think here? Thanks!

  10. Btw, I also want to add that one of the major ingredients for the success of this show ‘Full House’ is the fantastic good fate and destiny of the PD to cast Song Hye Kyo to play Ji-eun, especially for her being 23 at the time of the show, which matches the youth of her character Ji-eun’s age. And besides this great Korean actress’s ability to capture her role perfectly, and the character’s own backgrounds made it believable, too.( Btw, Han Ji-eun is a fictional character that can exist in real life, but realistically more so for the ‘average’ girl-next-door that doesn’t look quite as ‘above average’ beauty as Miss Song – to say the least.) Anyway, the ingredients and attributes of this girl Ji-eun’s innocence and orphan-naivety had to be ‘believable’ for us viewers as if we’re watching the ‘innocence’ of a modern day “SnowWhite” and “Cinderella” wrapped up into the character of “Han Ji-eun”, our new fairy tale “princess”! When her parents was cruely taken away from this sweet girl, who’s now a young lady, by the dark hands of fate; the good hands of fate returns it to her with meeting a man of her destiny. But unfortunately, her ‘man of destiny’ is no prince charming, nor even a mere gentleman in his exterior heart’s makeups. He’s under a ‘spell’ by the dark hands of fate of his own from childhood that had turned him into a cold, brooding beast of a prince that, unbeknownst to him, desparately needs to be rescued from some pure, good and strong hearted young maiden. This 16parts modern day fairy tale is worth watching because it does fall in lines with the simplicity of those childhood fairy tales of “Once upon a time there was….” If you keep it sweet and simple in your ‘fairy tell’, and adding a sweet ending, they will always fall for it if you portrays/tell the story well. And sure enough, this is why ‘Full House’ will become a classic amongst classic of Korean/Asia tv- story tellings.

  11. Ha ha, I actually searched for a blog post that had a rant about the lack OF ANY SIGN OF A PREGNANT BELLY. Oh my goodness, drives me so crazy.
    And I’m with you on Rain’s properly weird bandage cut out tops 😄
    Still, this is my second time watching it.
    Oh dear.

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