Catching up


We have new clothes! *ducks a steady stream of brickbats* How do you dig the makeover? *gets bonked on the head by an extra-large brick* Wait, let me explain!

The other day it occurred to me (an epiphany of sorts, rather like being hit on the head with a, yup, brick) that this year marks my tenth year watching kdramas. To celebrate the milestone, I ought to retrieve my first drama from the dusty bottom shelf of my bookcase and give it a smooch or two. Alternatively (and I perk up at once at the prospect of NOT having to kiss Winter Sonata), I could always give the blog new threads as a way of commemorating said momentous occasion.

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Thundie’s Prattle!

Hi everyone!

Thundie’s Prattle turns three today. I haven’t been around since the beginning, but it’s very exciting how much this site has grown even since I discovered it. It’s all a credit to thundie’s creativity, her eloquence, and her gracious and generous spirit. We’ve been missing her lately, so what better way to mark this milestone than to share how special she is to us and what we love about Thundie’s Prattle? A few of us guest bloggers got together to celebrate thundie and this wonderful haven she’s created, where we can all spazz, rant and rave about the dramas that have us so completely under their spell. Thank you thundie, and congratulations!

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Not Farewell Forever…

(by Serendipity)

Dear Loyal Prattle Readers,

Thundie is very touched by your responses to her farewell. She would like to convey her love and appreciation to all of you.

And to say that this blog will not be completely shut down. Thundie will be checking in on the community here and reading comments occasionally, even if she can’t be active on this blog right now. Her guest bloggers such as myself may also continue to post. And who knows what the future holds: Thundie may yet return. So don’t delete us from your bookmarks just yet!

Hope and peace to you all at Christmas.

Au revoir

I’ve just spent the last ten minutes thinking of a title for this post—one to match the main image above. Alas, my creative juices have forsaken me (although they did proffer “Night,” which feels sort of right and also sort of wrong) and I can’t think of anything apt or witty. So “Goodbye” will have to do.

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Stir crazy

Am thinking of gathering all my kdrama and kmovie witterings over the last few years and parking them on this blog.  The substantive pieces only.  Of course, “substantive” in length, not depth!  (The former I’m brilliant at, the latter not at all, alas.)

The mere fact I’m even entertaining the thought can only mean one thing:

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