Because she rules

Yes, she really does.

So shame on us for paying way too much attention to actors and not enough to actresses! Make up for it now by piling on the accolades, you hear? Take a leaf from samsooki’s devotion to Bora Sung Yu-ri! To quote him:

Sung Yuri rox. I love her because she’s equal parts beauty, cuteness, fun, heart, attitude, intelligence and style.

Maybe she won’t win any baek-sang awards but so what. She’s got a killer smile that’s eco-friendly cuz it lights up a room without a carbon footprint.

See? That’s a fan who knows what he’s talking about. So… who are the actresses who are “equal parts beauty, cuteness, fun, heart, attitude, intelligence and style” for you? And who act as though they were born to do exactly that?

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  1. hahaha, i love how there’s more comments in “she rules” then for the men. LOL.

    that said…

    IM SOO JUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kim So Yeon, Han Ji Won, Kim Sun Ah for me rules in everything.

  3. Lee Young Ae…wish she was back on screen big or small

    For me, no one captures my attention like Son Ye Jin.

  4. Did anyone mention Bae Doona? She’s one of the first people that pops into my mind when I think of my favorite Korean actresses. She hasn’t done really any dramas I like (Someday was meh and I haven’t seen Beating Heart yet, God of Study and Gloria I will pass on) but her movies are some of my faves. I love Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, The Host, Linda Linda Linda, Take Care of My Cat, and Barking Dogs Never Bite. And who else would take this awesome quirky photo?

    And here she is with my other fave (and I guess her good friend) Gong Hyo Jin:

  5. Im a newbie to this site and im liking it.
    Quite new in Kdrama. I must say for me Moon Geun Young made me appreciate ur Drama and culture. Versatile, Simple, Kind and Unspoiled.

  6. Wow! I’m honored with your reply. Surely I will. Bookmark added 🙂

  7. Moar Ha Ji Won please!

  8. moon geun young! forever moon~

  9. Yoon Eun HYe – for me is the best and most versatile actress in Kdrama land! Still young and successful, she seems to be very humble, professional and has a good head on her shoulders! I love that bit when she posed for Calvin Klein, so fearless!

    Park Min Young – I loved her in SkkS and in City Hunter and for me her smile is contagious and seems to bright up the whole room if not the whole world!

    Park Shin Hye- I just started to watch Shin Hye in Heartstrings without knowing she was the girl in Stairway to Heaven. I loved that girl and she looked so young,now that I’ve rewatched it. Though I think YEH is still better in acting and making it look like it’s a natural thing.. Shin Hye has also a broad acting experience.

    Moon Chae Won- I haven’t watched The Princess Man but I love Chae Won from My Fair Lady. And I loved her from that scene where YEH and MCW fought over Yoon Sang Hyun (Butler Seo) and pulled each other’s hari. haha.

    • I love moon chae won’s acting in the princess’ man. Her character is very bold n that’s what I like about her. I just think that she would risks her life any minutes just to save park shi hoo

    • PMY really impressed me in the latest drama Glory Jane. She did an excellent job compared to her previous dramas.

  10. YuRi Sung and Ryeo Won Jung is my favorite. Love YuRi cuz her she has smile that will melt everyone hearts. Her program Launch My Life is just amazing. She can pull off a smile or laugh it off even in stressful situations. She can work with everyone even with producers. She is easy going, friendly, fun, comfortable to be with, and real pretty. That is a plus for her. Just love her cuz she is YuRi.
    Ryeo Won is gorgeous. She is soft spoken, down to earth, friendly, and funny too. I like her since her drama Princess Ja Myung. Her beautiful personality shines. Just her cuz she is Ryeo Won. Their friends are real lucky to have them. Both of them are caring and understanding.

  11. Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Min Ah, Im Soo Jung, Ha Ji Won, Park Shin Hye (in You’re Beautiful)

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