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I love Korean movies as much as I love K-dramas and have been watching them for just as long. Although I do not need to invest the same amount of time, their impact on me is just as deep. Some of my most-loved actors have in fact never done a drama (hi there, Park Hae-il!) and when they finally do (woohoo, Hwang Jung-min!), I can barely suppress my joy.

Here are the K-movies that I’ve watched. Scattered among them are movies without ratings and which make up my Guilt List (aka that growing stash of unwatched movies in my K-bookcase). I hope to finish them before 2011 rolls around!

Ratings: 1-10 (1 for awful and 10 for awesome!)

3-Iron (8.5)
2009 Lost Memories
A Bittersweet Life (10)
A Day (8)
A Dirty Carnival
A Good Day for an Affair (9)
A Million
A Millionaire’s First Love (3)
A Moment to Remember (6)
A Promise (7.5)
A Tale of Two Sisters
Addicted (8.5)
An Affair (9)
Arahan (8.5)
April Snow (8)
Art Museum by the Zoo (8)
Art of Fighting
Au Revoir, UFO (7)
Baby and I (7)
Barking Dogs Never Bite (8.5)
Besame Mucho (7.5)
Bet on My Disco
Blood Rain
Bloody Tie
Blue Swallow (10)
Boat (6)
Break Out
Bungee Jumping of Their Own (8.5)
Can’t Live Without Robbery (8)
Christmas in August (9.5)
Conduct Zero (9)
Crying Fist (10)
Daddy-Long-Legs (8.5)
Dance with the Wind
Ditto (8)
Duelist (12)
Everybody Has Secrets (2)
Failan (9)
Family Ties (9)
Fly Daddy (8)
Flying Boys (8.5)
For Horowitz (8.5)
Forbidden Quest (9)
Forever the Moment (8)
Ghost House (6.5)
Green Fish (8)
Guns and Talk (9)
Hansel and Gretel
Happiness (9)
Happy End (9)
Happy Funeral Director
He is Cool (7.5)
Heart Is… (6.5)
Hi, Dharma! (8)
Hi, Dharma 2: Showdown in Seoul (6)
Ice Rain (8.5)
I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK
Il Mare (9)
Indian Summer (9)
…Ing (8.5)
Innocent Steps (8)
Interview (7)
Jealousy is My Middle Name (8.5)
Joint Security Area (9)
King and the Clown (10)
La Vie en Rose
Last Present (8.5)
Lee Dae-ro Can’t Die
Lost in Love
Love Letter (8)
Love of South and North (3)
Love Phobia
Lovers: A Compilation
Lovers of Six Years
Lump of Sugar
M (10)
Madeleine (8.5)
Mapado (7.5)
Marathon (8)
Marriage is a Crazy Thing (8.5)
Marrying the Mafia 1 (8)
Marrying the Mafia II
Maundy Thursday (9.5)
Memories of Murder (10)
Mister Socrates
Motel Cactus (7)
Mutt Boy
My Beautiful Girl, Mari (8.5)
My Boyfriend is Type B (3)
My Dear Enemy (10)
My Little Bride (8)
My Lovely Week (9)
My Mother, the Mermaid (9)
My Sassy Girl (8.5)
My Scary Girl (9)
My Tutor Friend (8.5)
My Wife Got Married (9)
My Wife is a Gangster III (3)
Never Forever (8)
Nowhere to Hide
Oasis (9)
Oh! Brothers (8)
Oldboy (9.5)
Old Miss Diary (8)
Once Upon a Time in High School
One Fine Spring Day (8.5)
Our Sweet Days of Youth
Over the Rainbow (8.5)
Paradise Murdered (8.5)
Passage to Buddha
Please Teach Me English (8)
Plum Blossom (8)
Portrait of the Days of Youth
Princess Aurora
Radio Star (10)
Rough Cut (9)
Rules of Dating (9)
Running Wild
S Diary
Sad Movie
Scent of Love (7.5)
Secret Sunshine
Shadowless Sword
She’s on Duty
Shinsukki Blues
Silmido (8.5)
Singles (9)
Someone Special (9)
Sopyonje (10)
Sorum (9)
South of the Border
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (8.5)
Super Family
Superstar Mr. Gam (9)
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (9)
Taegukgi (7.5)
Take Care of My Cat (9)
Tazza: The High Rollers
Temptation of Wolves (8)
The Aggressives (9)
The Art of Seduction (7.5)
The Beast and the Beauty (8)
The Big Swindle (8)
The Boy Who Goes to Heaven
The Chaser (10)
The Classic (8)
The Contact (8)
The Fox Family (8.5)
The Good, The Bad, The Weird (8.5)
The Happy Life (10)
The Harmonium in My Memory (9)
The Host (9.5)
The Moonlight of Seoul (8.5)
The Quiet Family (9)
The Return
The Road to the Racetrack
The Unforgiven (9)
The Uninvited
The Way Home (8.5)
Time (8)
Too Beautiful to Lie (8.5)
Untold Scandal (8.5)
Virgin Snow
Voice of a Murderer (8)
Waikiki Brothers (9)
Wanee and Junah (8)
Wedding Campaign (8.5)
Welcome to Dongmakgol (9)
Who Are You (8.5)
You Are My Sunshine (9)
Young Ja’s Heydays

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  2. Thundie there is a great Korean movie called “Sunny” starring Shim Eun Kyung and Kang Sora, I think it is really touching (it’s a friendship movie). ^^ ps hope you are feeling better!

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