This scene.

This scene rocks my world.

This scene may just be my favorite scene this year.




2012 has been rough. Some days it’s hard to smile; many days I forget that I’m supposed to be loony about kdramas. On days that I do remember, I struggle to regain the affection I once possessed in abundance. “It’s just a show. It’s all make-believe. Nothing about it is real.” Whereas in the past I would shove such thoughts away, increasingly I’ve allowed them to stick around and fester.

But this scene in Answer Me 1997. It tore a hole in the wall that I had erected; it reminded me afresh that one reason I loved my kdramas so much was their ability to make me laugh and cry, to move me in unexpected ways. A girl feels betrayed by her best friend because the latter has secretly become a fan of a boy band that the girl dislikes. As if things can’t get any more rotten, the girl is given a tongue-lashing and a ghastly barber job by her father who’s incensed that his daughter is languishing at the bottom of her class. Going to school with her father’s handiwork on display for all to gawk at, the girl walks down the hallway and sees someone waiting for her. It’s her best friend. With the same hairdo.

Of course I cried. And then I did something I hadn’t done in a long while: I screencapped and screencapped. When I was done I ran all the way here to tell you.

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  1. Weee. Isn’t this show amazing? For some reason or fifty others it wormed a way into our hearts. Welcome baaackk! xD

  2. So happy that you’re healed. ❤

    Answer Me 1997 is a magical show – this just proves it even more.

  3. Aw, Thundie, I’m glad you feel that way again! 😀 I totally agree with dramas having the power to just suddenly move you. And I totally loved this scene too!

  4. Agreed. This scene was so warm and touching. The show was so simple, but it was it’s simplicity that made it so memorable.

  5. Love this scene so much. So glad to hear that you’re healed too, Thundie! So heartwarming. ❤

  6. You are so right! I’m watching the drama right now and I LOVED that scene. It took me back to my own highschool and to my own petty disagreements with my girlfriends, and the lenghts one would go for a friend. Why is it that at 17 everything seems so life-and-death? I love this drama! And, hey! our whole life is about overcoming and healing… Glad to have you back!

  7. Loved the drama and love this post!

  8. Haven’t watch this drama, but soooo happy to read your post. Thank you Thundie, for letting us know… for coming back. I pray from today onward things would be much more easier, brighter, lighter and bearable for you, and us all.

  9. yayyyyy~~~ glad to see you watching 1997~ it’s the best of this year i’d say and I’m glad you won’t miss out =D

  10. Almost as choked up by your post as I was by that scene.


  11. I loved that scene too and I fell in love with her character at that moment.

    I am so happy that you are back and healed. I fell in love with this blog two years ago (aroundabouts) when someone mentioned on a forum that the recaps here were great and well worth the wait for each recap. I love y’alls take on dramas and even though you don’t know me, I missed you. *smiles*

  12. Weee …. Welcome back. ) You are my favourite kblogger so of course I’m happy. ^^ I had a similar experience. I took a break from kdrama after Coffee Prince ended. And it was SeGa that brought me back. Now, I’m rabid more than ever.

  13. Dearest thundie
    I’m so happy that you’re back and you’re healed.I absolutely love all of your posts but to tell you the truth none of your posts had me as happy as this post has.I sincerely hope that you stay happy and healthy forever and ever:)

  14. Ohmy. Why are you so cute and adorable? Can I take you home. lol. Moreee.

  15. I remember that scene so vividly too. One of the best in the show. This show got me somewhere deep in the heart and I basically wept through my post on it. I cried and cried, for all good reasons, but none of it was for the romance. The story about friendship and family was what got to me.

  16. This is a wonderful post and it’s a wonderful show!

    And this is why we keep watching dramas, for those little moments that touch our souls so deeply! I’m glad it had that effect on you! Stay healed, Thundie! Your online community is supporting you.

  17. Now I remember my crying seeing this scene…..aaaaah….and now I’m tearing up again

  18. horay! thundie writes about reply 1997~ ❤ ❤

  19. it’s just so awesome, isn’t it! i just knew it will worm it’s way to your heart as it did to most of us… glad you’re healed and i hope things are going well your way. always anticipating your posts. 🙂

  20. I read this and it made me well up. Hope you stay healed. Am new to k land and even newer to your site but will surely be visiting here more often

  21. It has given me a great lift to find your postings from so many people who loved this drama. Here in CA it is called REPLY 1997 but it is the same story and the same actors. I have been raving about it for weeks. I love this story I Love this cast and I love the actor who plays the coach. I have fallen -IN- love with our hero. He is so dear with his hopeless love for this girl who is oblivious at the start. This is such a real life story of the families and the people. I could go on and on for ever. Everyone should see this drama. I love the way they used one of the original members of the old group to be the tongue tied pervert who would not look at a real girl. Everything about the story and the cast and the great direction made this the one drama to watch over and over and over. which is what I am doing….:-)

    and Dear thundie..Per ardua ad astra…

  22. It is now 2015 and I am still remembering and thinking about this drama quite often. One other drama recently affected me in the same way and it is ‘What Happens to my Family’.
    I hope that you can see it Thundie because there is so much in that story which will give you comfort and laughter and warm feelings for others. So many lines of dialogue hit home with me and made me feel so thankful and many times very content. It is not possible to always be bursting with joy, but it is always wonderful to feel content and many times this drama does that for me.It has a wonderful cast just like the cast of Reply 1997. I think they all really must have felt the moods and inner feelings of the character they were playing..

    Life is Good Thundie. Never Give up. Much love. Peg

    • One more time thundie. This time maybe final surgery in June. I am so tired of anaesthesia; I really think it nudges some things right out of one’s brain. Saw one more repeat of Reply and it was just as good as the first time. those are really such good actors. Watched my hero in one historical role also lately and he makes a great King…. Hope you are well and riding on with life. Life goes on with or without us so I think it is a good idea to hang on and enjoy the ride.


  1. Answer Me 1997 confessions | thundie's prattle

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