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Cha Seung-won movie giveaway

August 18, 2009

Thanks to the drama City Hall, I’ve discovered a most delectable comfort food — Cha Seung-won. So delicious is he, I’ve gone on a buying spree of Kimchi McDreamy (love this name coined by twinks!). But eating alone is no fun, so let’s share the spread, shall we? To celebrate 60,000 hits and 1,000 comments,… Read More ›

Two-word Sunday: Chun Jung-myung

Ah, Chun Jung-myung. Bring a cranky baby to him and I’m sure he’ll have it cooing in minutes. A granny with decades of tales to tell will find a captive audience in him. And if you’re moving, he’ll be there bright and early and he’ll stay to help you unpack, too. Such are the vibes… Read More ›

Two-word Sunday: Park Hae-il

It makes me rather sad that the post with the lowest number of reads on this blog is Waikiki Brothers. The reason is because that 2001 movie marks the debut of one very special actor. And because even though he was one of the leads in The Host (Korea’s top-grossing movie), he sure has a… Read More ›

Movie giveaway: Winners!

In last week’s Two-word Sunday, you were invited to participate in our first movie giveaway. Fellow blogger and friend, Sarah (from dramabeans), has helped me pick the two winning captions, one for each image. Image 1: winning caption by goan Image 2: winning caption by septembermoon16 CONGRATULATIONS, goan and septembermoon16!! You each win an English-subtitled… Read More ›

Two-word Sunday: Ha Ji-won

Lest readers think Two-word Sunday is really Two-word Male Sunday, may I introduce our first actress to grace this weekly series? I first watched her in Ditto where she played a supporting role as friend of one of the main characters. Next came Damo where she made me weep like a skinned cat. In Daddy-Long-Legs… Read More ›