Cha Seung-won movie giveaway

Thanks to the drama City Hall, I’ve discovered a most delectable comfort food — Cha Seung-won.

So delicious is he, I’ve gone on a buying spree of Kimchi McDreamy (love this name coined by twinks!). But eating alone is no fun, so let’s share the spread, shall we?

To celebrate 60,000 hits and 1,000 comments, here’s our latest movie giveaway.

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Two-word Sunday: Chun Jung-myung

Ah, Chun Jung-myung.

Bring a cranky baby to him and I’m sure he’ll have it cooing in minutes. A granny with decades of tales to tell will find a captive audience in him. And if you’re moving, he’ll be there bright and early and he’ll stay to help you unpack, too.

Such are the vibes that Chun Jung-myung exudes, of someone sweet and without airs. And that smile. Have you seen a smile like his, so wide and so infectious, the joy bubbling over? It’s like hot chocolate on a frigid day.

But it isn’t just his personality that I love. He is a damn fine actor, too. Just ask my friend and fellow fansubber, misterX. In his review of Fashion Seventies, X wrote:

“It’s Cheon who really impresses. I remember seeing him on a Variety show (Happy Together) a few years ago, when he was still unknown, and thinking he looked like he could make an interesting actor. But I never expected him to mature into such a talent.”

Did X stop there? No. See this, from his Goodbye Solo review:

“…another winner from Cheon Jung-Myung, whose explosive raw talent is emerging at such a fast pace it’s quite intimidating. You’ll hear more about this guy soon.”

Well, we won’t be hearing about Chun Jung-myung for a spell because he reported for military service on Jan 2, 2008. So it’ll be another eight months before he returns to us as an actor. Let’s enjoy these images as we wait, shall we?

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Two-word Sunday: Park Hae-il

It makes me rather sad that the post with the lowest number of reads on this blog is Waikiki Brothers.

The reason is because that 2001 movie marks the debut of one very special actor. And because even though he was one of the leads in The Host (Korea’s top-grossing movie), he sure has a pretty small fanbase internationally. Most people will go “Park Hae who?” when asked if they have watched him on screen. (And because the movie is a well-made and critically acclaimed gem about a rock band, and it’s sad that not many people have heard of it.)

But I’ve loved this actor ever since I watched him play a postman in My Mother, The Mermaid. He can be a creepy murder suspect in Memories of Murder, a sleazy slimeball in Rules of Dating, or a perplexing enigma in Jealousy is My Middle Name. The guy’s a chameleon and he’s got da acting chops most definitely.

Meet the amazing Park Hae-il.

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Movie giveaway: Winners!

In last week’s Two-word Sunday, you were invited to participate in our first movie giveaway.

Fellow blogger and friend, Sarah (from dramabeans), has helped me pick the two winning captions, one for each image.

Image 1: winning caption by goan

Image 2: winning caption by septembermoon16

CONGRATULATIONS, goan and septembermoon16!!

You each win an English-subtitled DVD of So Ji-sub‘s first movie, Can’t Live Without Robbery a.k.a. Steal It If You Can. (Psst, check your email.)

Thank you to everyone who participated. I really enjoyed reading your captions. And thank you, Sarah, for judging our first caption contest. *muah!*

Two-word Sunday: Ha Ji-won

Lest readers think Two-word Sunday is really Two-word Male Sunday, may I introduce our first actress to grace this weekly series?

I first watched her in Ditto where she played a supporting role as friend of one of the main characters. Next came Damo where she made me weep like a skinned cat. In Daddy-Long-Legs she was that sweet girl writing to an unknown benefactor and walking around with a huge teddy bear on her back. Then came Duelist, that movie that makes me feel like I’m undergoing hypnosis each time I watch it. (Hmm, what’s with all the titles beginning with the letter D?) In What Happened in Bali I wanted to throttle her for making So Ji-sub cry. (And for enjoying more than one juicy kiss with him.) And now her latest movie is My Love By My Side where she stars opposite Kim Myung-min!

Meet the beautiful and talented Ha Ji-won.

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Two-word Sunday: So Ji-sub (and a movie giveaway)

In Episode 1 of Cain and Abel (2009), I was surprised by So Ji-sub‘s cute and cheerful character, Cho-in. As many of us know, his last two dramas were anything but comedic. Jisub is capable of playing funny, of course, but he’s most famous for playing anguished and brooding (I’m Sorry, I Love You, for example).

To celebrate this sunny side of my FAVORITE actor in his long-awaited comeback drama, let’s revisit some “old” (but still yummy) images.

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Two-word Sunday: Oh Man-seok

This post is dedicated to Dahee Fanel, who turned 21 this week.

It’s coming to four years, isn’t it? The length of time that we’ve known each other. Jisub brought us together, but other shared loves continue to strengthen our (fangirly) bond. We dig the same actors, dramas and movies; when we differ, our debates are intense and intimidating (I can’t outtalk you!) and I’m awed by your razor-sharp insights. We have the same major (although you’re a whiz at poetry and I can’t write verse to save my life) and we both suck at math. In an ideal world we will be neighbors, so that I can hop over and help myself to your K-treasure trove.

Among the many gifts you have given me, tangible and intangible, is the gift of Oh Man-seok. You fell hard for him in Vineyard Man and you spearheaded the subbing of Hyena, which was where I discovered him. How can a character be so fastidious and funny at the same time? And so sweet? And then came Shin Don. If I can only watch one drama for the rest of my life, it’ll be this. Every time he appears in an episode, I get so giddily happy it’s embarrassing. He makes me laugh… and recently, in the last few episodes I watched, he makes my heart stop, so taken am I by the fire in his eyes and by how droolsome he looks. (See the second image in this post and you’ll understand why I captioned it thus.)

For introducing Man-zzang to me… and for everything else you do… THANK YOU.


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