Cha Seung-won movie giveaway

Thanks to the drama City Hall, I’ve discovered a most delectable comfort food — Cha Seung-won.

So delicious is he, I’ve gone on a buying spree of Kimchi McDreamy (love this name coined by twinks!). But eating alone is no fun, so let’s share the spread, shall we?

To celebrate 60,000 hits and 1,000 comments, here’s our latest movie giveaway.

In the tradition of our Two-word Sunday series, write a two-word caption for either Pic A or Pic B (or both!). A guest judge will help me pick TWO winners who will each receive an English-subtitled DVD of Cha Seung-won’s 2004 movie, Ghost House.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie:

Park Pil Gi (Cha Seung Won, Small Town Rivals) has always dreamt of having his own house. He is overjoyed when he finally finds a unique house by the sea. However, Park soon discovers that things are not as rosy as he would like them to be as the original owner, a female ghost (Jang Seo Hee), is trying her very best to kick him out of his newfound home.

To win this movie (described as absolutely hilarious), write a TWO-WORD caption for ONE (or both, if you wish) of the following images:



Pic B


The closing date for all submissions is September 1, 2009. I will announce the winners in a separate post. Thanks!

44 thoughts on “Cha Seung-won movie giveaway

  1. Pic A

    Justin Tansut (word play: Just in Tan Suit)
    Tansut a cartoonist character from Space Ghost Coast to Coast, short for SGC2C

    Pic B
    Macho Bartender

  2. Pic A
    Pose much?
    Gucci Hoochie

    Pic B
    Fake n’ bake (oops, thundie says that’s three words, hehe)
    Rub-on Tan

    Pic C
    Pick me

  3. “Pose Much?” ^_^ had a grin right away after reading that, so I felt justified in posting a comment.

    BECAUSE that explains what I was thinking!… okay, and that I automatically recalled the flawless poses of So Ji Sub^_^.
    Rice Picker, you have my vote^_^!

  4. Thundie, I made a mistake in my posting for pic B, it supposed to be Accessories Overloaded instead of overdosed. Pls correct it, thks!

  5. Thanks for all the awesome submissions, everyone! *muahh!!*

    Closing date is September 1, so there’s still time to participate in this giveaway. Two guest judges will pick the winning entries, one for each pic.

    (Psst, because of work and family, I’ve been running around like a loony the past week and had very little time to come online. Sorry to be responding so late! I can see my blog hits has dropped dramatically as a result, sob!)

    Hi Anthia, I’ve amended your caption for Pic B. 🙂

  6. Pic A: Smexy Ahjusshi

    *swoons* CityHall was when I first started to know about CSW… his killer, intensity eyes! *melts* after tt I went to watch his past works… while watching CityHall on repeat (these days, it’s Best Love. Ding Dong!). I think he looks much more attractive now. hoho~ men do age better like wine! =p

    *goes back to drooling at pix at top of pg*

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