Two-word Sunday: Chun Jung-myung

Ah, Chun Jung-myung.

Bring a cranky baby to him and I’m sure he’ll have it cooing in minutes. A granny with decades of tales to tell will find a captive audience in him. And if you’re moving, he’ll be there bright and early and he’ll stay to help you unpack, too.

Such are the vibes that Chun Jung-myung exudes, of someone sweet and without airs. And that smile. Have you seen a smile like his, so wide and so infectious, the joy bubbling over? It’s like hot chocolate on a frigid day.

But it isn’t just his personality that I love. He is a damn fine actor, too. Just ask my friend and fellow fansubber, misterX. In his review of Fashion Seventies, X wrote:

“It’s Cheon who really impresses. I remember seeing him on a Variety show (Happy Together) a few years ago, when he was still unknown, and thinking he looked like he could make an interesting actor. But I never expected him to mature into such a talent.”

Did X stop there? No. See this, from his Goodbye Solo review:

“…another winner from Cheon Jung-Myung, whose explosive raw talent is emerging at such a fast pace it’s quite intimidating. You’ll hear more about this guy soon.”

Well, we won’t be hearing about Chun Jung-myung for a spell because he reported for military service on Jan 2, 2008. So it’ll be another eight months before he returns to us as an actor. Let’s enjoy these images as we wait, shall we?

19 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Chun Jung-myung

  1. Talented fella here. Just work a little on his diction between all those “Yes, Sir” and he’ll be fine.

    Funny how most of the guys from Lee Jae-Eun’s The Aggressives turned into various shades of good. Lee Cheon-Hee, On Ju-Wan, Cheon Jung-Myung, Kim Gang-Woo.

  2. Oh, Chun Jung Myung. *love* How I miss him. Wasn’t he promoted in the army recently or something? Like he’s in charge of a division now or whatnot? So yeah, he’s doing very well.

    Eight more months!! Am counting down the days…

  3. X and Dahee, Chun Jung-myung is LOVE. ^^ Eight months will speedily pass us by. In fact it seemed like only yesterday that he enlisted?

    Lee Cheon-hee’s in The Aggressives? I must get my hands on this asap. Work on Conspiracy in the Court’s ep 1 subs progressed at a snail’s pace because I had to pause ever so often to unleash all that fangirl lurving on LCH and Jin Yi-han. And on Kim Myung-soo! (Psst, Dahee, too bad about your barely-watched Director’s Cut set. Put it in cold storage because you absolutely must watch Conspiracy with X’s subs. Never thought I could love this drama more than I already do, but with the new subs this little heart is bursting. Floated out of my skin.)

  4. I really like Chun’s acting style in The Aggressives. And in Fashion 70s, he’s the best!

    Btw, wait for Conspiracy sub. . I have the DVDs, but it’s not good!

  5. Oh man.. I LOVE this guy… I fell in love with him in What’s up Fox, hearted him in Good-bye Solo.. I didn’t get a chance to watch Fashion 70s except for a few famous scenes (for example the sexy dance scene which I rewound and rewatched like hundred times) but I’m soon going to get my hands on it… Acting-wise.. there were some scenes in What’s Up Fox where his acting made me fringe, but he’s still lovely and is generally able to emote pretty well and most of all he has this unique aura that makes me go nuts. Watch What’s Up Fox if you haven’t. He’s adorable in it.

  6. Oh Amy, I adored Chun Jung-myung in What’s Up, Fox. He was soooo sweet!

    Would love to rewatch this except… it was one of my first projects with WITHS2 and I’m too embarrassed to look at it again.

    Fashion 70s is a pretty good drama. Lots of “awwww…” CJM moments. But of course we’re watching this for the history, not the eye candy. ^^

  7. thundie, I found you!!

    I totally fell in love with CJM when I watched What’s Up Fox. He was cute, he was adorable, but mostly he was convincing and unwavering as Chulsoo. I started Goodbye Solo after that, but never really finished it. One movie I really want to watch is Hansel and Gretel tho, from the premise and pictures it just sounds so creepy yet also daunting. Can’t wait till he’s out of the Army.

    • Hi deeta!!

      Am honored that you’ve found me, LOL. ^^ *hugs*

      I must have picked up… and put back Hansel and Gretel at least five times in the store. Am such a scaredy-cat. But according to X in his review, this really isn’t a horror film. Here’s an excerpt:

      This, first and foremost, is a drama about kids’ demons, and their relationship with adults. Sure, it’s bizarre, deliriously creative, and joyously grotesque; but at the core is a certain humanity, which eventually emerges and envelopes the story. It’s like an old school fairy tale, complete with all the cruel bits.

  8. yaaay, Chun Jung-myung! Only eight months left of his military service? How time flies! It only seems like yesterday that he was bidding his fans goodbye! I really loved him in What’s up Fox…. Looking forward to watching him in Goodbye Solo!
    Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful pics…..

  9. Hi elise

    Counting down to seven months soon… Can’t wait!

    Oh, you must watch Goodbye Solo. He’s soooooo sweet with the mute grandma. He’s HOTTEST in Fashion Seventies. Both dramas not to be missed if you’re a CJM fan!

  10. i only discovered CJM when KBS recently did re-runs of Goodbye Solo. I live in SG and only get to watch Kdramas when they are shown on cable. Thanks to KBS and their re-runs…. I have found CJM!

    He was wonderful in Goodbye Solo. It starts slow… plus the plotline for the other characters did not seem realistic or simply overdramatic.

    But CJM’s portrayal of MinHo was quite moving. I could feel his pain, his joys, and heartbreak. CJM was very impressive – his portrayal was not over-acted and not boring at all. I finished Goodbye Solo in 1 weekend…hahaha… eyes still swollen.

    The next weekend, i watched Whats Up Fox. Just solidified my opinion – he’s good looking and great! Thank God for that. SSH is handsome and all… but it was painful to watch him on East of Eden.

    Now I will watch Fashion 70s this weekend…. hehehe…

    CJM…you have a new fan. Looking forward to when you leave the army. 🙂

    I have high hopes that you become as successful as SSH.

  11. Hi tombrady

    Another newly-minted Chun Jung-myung fan, yippee! I love all your adjectives for him. Don’t stop gushing! 🙂

    Hmm, CJM is more critically acclaimed than Song Seung-hun. In my books he is way better looking, too. One of these days I should write my first impressions of East of Eden, just episodes 1-2. Ranting is actually more fun than raving, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. hahaha…Thundie i cannot wait to read your rantings on EoE… It was definitely a mess. I stuck with it to see if Lee Yoon Hee does get better. She did…but in the end, i still felt like i wasted 56 hours of my life. I did a lot more fast-forwarding than actual viewing on EoE… hehe

    Agree that CJM is probably more critically acclaimed than SSH mostly because SSH cannot act. I never liked any of his work because the stories are too melodramatic for my taste. SSH would have this stoic expression on his face even during dramatic highlights. LOL – it was painful to watch Autumn with my Mom (she thinks SSH is pretty… hehehe).

    I don’t understand why he is so popular. I get that he is handsome but i guess I am in the minority who prefers a face with character and talent to match it vs a pretty face with no talent at all. 🙂

  13. just finished what’s up fox and im really now a fan of him!! actually im researching more about him now! when will he come back??

    all of his fans post in his soompi thread, okay? see ya there

  14. I absolutely love this CJM post! I wasn’t able to watch anything starring CJM until Cinderella’s Sister and although I’ve heard that it wasn’t his best performance (but it’s based on one’s own opinion), it left me craving for more. I just finished watching What’s Up Fox? and I’m starting to watch Goodbye Solo now. More deliciousness on the way for me! Yay!

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