Spill-the-beans poll: K-addicts confess

As a “responsible” blogger, I figured it’s time I learned how to post polls. Indulge me, will ya, and spill the beans on your K-addiction. Gracias!


33 thoughts on “Spill-the-beans poll: K-addicts confess

  1. Hi simi

    That visit to her parents’ home was one of my favorite scenes in Goong. So funny. I also loved the one at the beach. After I got over my initial allergy to Goong (thanks to JJH’s awesomeness in Mawang), I enjoyed the drama until the last four episodes. Those four drove me up the wall because the plot kept going around in circles. I thought Goong was very strong in its production values (gorgeous sets, for example). Acting not so much. *runs from irate fans*

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