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Hi Thundie’s Prattle readers! It’s been a while.

I can’t believe almost a full year has passed since my last post. 2012 has been a year of great dramas, many of which I watched and wanted to write about. Unfortunately this has not been such a good year for me in real life; I spent most of it struggling with my health, repeatedly crashing again just when I thought I might be getting better, and starting the whole cycle again. On the upside I had a lot of time to watch dramas while I was convalescing – and I have a lot of half-finished drafts of drama rants and reviews languishing in my hard-drive.

So I told myself this time I would finish, no matter what! And instead of biting off more than I could chew with my limited energy these days, I decided to do a brief review/first impressions of each of the currently airing dramas I’m watching right now. Also, fair warning: I’m rusty because I haven’t done blogging of any sort for a long time, so please forgive me if this is very rambly and long.

(Dramas are in the order I started watching them.)

Full House: Take 2

(7 episodes, or 14 half-episodes)


I have to confess that I started this drama only so that I could snark about it, and release some of the stress that had been building up from my midterms. A little harmless aggression is such a relief sometimes, and this drama was screaming for it as soon as I saw the bad hair and giant grave-pit in the promotional stills.

Who would have known it would be so cracktastic? I’m still in shock, six episodes later. It’s like You’re Beautiful without the cross-dressing and much worse hair and fashion (yes, I am also amazed that’s possible).  I think I love the most how it mocks those undying kdrama clichés. It completely overturns reigning kdrama gender norms, at least in the beginning episodes. The life-saving CPR kiss that usually happens between the OTP? Yeah, it’s between the other two legs of the love triangle. (As in, the non-female ones.) And the first wrist grab in this drama is actually by the heroine, grabbing and twisting the hero’s dislocated arm behind his back in well-deserved retaliation. How awesome is that? The heroine is way tougher than either of the males. Our hero is penniless, a wimp, emotionally constipated (okay, that one’s not unusual) and riddled with insecurities.


This is not a good drama by any stretch of the imagination. But it sure is a lot of fun. And in comparison to the original Full House, there is somewhat more logic to how the heroine ends up moving into the titular mansion (as in, super unlikely but actually technically possible). Noh Min-woo is adorably awkward, and the funniest moments are when he makes gaffes that are mortifying to his inflated dignity and he does the weirdest things – and makes the most hilarious faces – trying to regain it. He has horrible hair and is far too skinny, just like everyone else in this drama, but I can dismiss it as part of the idol package.

Hwang Jung-eum’s hair and fashion, on the other hand, are unforgivable, and I’m starting to lose hope for a mid-series makeover. It’s even more mystifying considering the heroine is supposed to be a fashionista and works as Take One’s stylist. Still, she’s spunky in a non-annoying way, and I can sympathize with her desire to break out of her grandfather’s stifling expectations for her and follow her own dreams, even if her methods are questionable.

Park Ki-woong is also adorable here, though he’s a bit of an ass, but then that’s refreshing in a second lead. I can say with certainty that I won’t be suffering Second Lead Syndrom here, because while he is a very nice person when it suits him, he can be petty and childish and is rather selfish under his good manners. Our female lead mostly escapes these attributes because he likes her, but it ticks me off how inconsiderate he is of Tae-ik’s (Noh Min-woo) allergies and the very real suffering they cause him. I don’t hate him, but I’m not rooting for him to get the girl either.

The conflict is stepping up in recent episodes, and it’s starting to get a bit too melodramatic for its britches, but I guess we’ll see where it goes. I can get on board with the crazy gossip machine that is kpop idol-land, but my problem is that I’m completely mystified by the villainous president’s motivations. Hopefully in coming episodes we’ll get less uber-dramatic scandalmaking and more cute and hilarious interactions between our leads. There’s also the Return of the Psychotic Ex at the end of episode 14, which makes me uneasy because I have a feeling the plot might lose its grip on reality like it usually does when the ex-girlfriend shows up.

Still, as long as this show keeps up its fast pace and crazy antics, and doesn’t start getting repetitive and draggy like the original Full House, I’ll watch to the end of this awesome dose of weekly happiness.


Can We Get Married? (2/16)


I feel like they made a mistake naming this drama. It should have been titled “Can We Break Up?” I’m certainly hoping that the male lead will take up his girlfriend’s constant offers to do so and run as far away from her as he can.

This show reminds me of recent fare like I Need Romance in its frank and mature depictions of relationships, its slightly saltier dialogue, and its depiction of not just one couple’s story but a group of interconnected people who are navigating love and family relationships in the context of societal norms and their own dreams. The tone feels fresh and the dialogue is great, and the story moves along quickly with no boring moments. I like how the characters really seem like they have known each other for a long time and have comfortable and established relationships with each other.

It’s too bad I hate the main characters. It’s true that they’re well fleshed-out and realistic, but that doesn’t mean I want to spend sixteen hours with them. The female lead, played by Jung So-min, drives me the craziest. She’s a talented actress and she’s made an unlikeable character sympathetic before (hello, Oh Ha-ni) but this one is beyond saving. Hye-yoon is manipulative, selfish, and rude. She treats her fiancé like a slave who has to match her ever-changing whims, and if he doesn’t, she treats it as proof he doesn’t love her and threatens to break up with him. In two episodes I think she’s told him she wants to break up at least four times, over reasons like, “If you love me, you should accept everything I do no matter what.” Her mother is far worse, and I can see how being raised by such a calculating and materialistic mother could have made Hye-yoon that way, but it doesn’t make her any more likeable. The fact that her fiancé Jung-hoon (Sung Joon) is super nice and puts up with it all, clearly head over heels for her, makes her behavior even more off-putting. (And it kind of lowers my opinion of him, to be honest.) It doesn’t seem like she even loves him, considering how carefully she’s orchestrated their relationship and manipulated him into doing everything she wants.

We also have Hye-yoon’s older sister, another winner, who has married the man she was having an affair with during his previous marriage, but now is facing what it’s like to be the betrayed wife. Does it suck to be her? Yeah. But I can’t muster a lot of sympathy for her angst.

I am all for a story where one of the main characters is a huge work in progress, or even a pathetic excuse for a human being, and learns how to suck it up and grow up during the course of the drama. I asked myself if I was being more critical because it’s the heroine that rubs me the wrong way, but I don’t think so – I’ve watched plenty of unlikeable heroines, and some ended up being very memorable characters. What I find objectionable about Hye-yoon is that she’s in an established relationship and her behavior is treated as okay and normal, whereas usually the rude, spoiled one has to grow up and experience some one-sided love before getting their feelings reciprocated. To “earn” their happy ending, for lack of a better term. I realize that’s not quite how it works in real life, but it’s what I need in my dramas to give me narrative satisfaction.

The side characters are actually pretty interesting and likeable, including Hye-yoon’s lonely aunt who discovers her life’s passion in motorcycles, and her best friend who is realizing her expectations have changed, and she wants a different kind of relationship than she used to. It’s too bad that I can’t get on board with the main couple in this drama, as I assume we’re supposed to root for them. I honestly don’t see a happy future for them if they do and up getting married, and I’d probably spend the whole drama hoping Jung-hoon finds a nice girl and moves on from all the emotional abuse. So I guess this one’s not for me.


King of Dramas (4/20)


Out of all the currently airing dramas, I was most excited about King of Dramas. The two other dramas-about-dramas I’ve watched, Kim Eun-sook’s On Air and Noh Hee-kyung’s The World They Live In, were very different from each other and disappointed me in different ways, though I didn’t hate either. On Air was full of high-strung melodramatic characters, and was more focused on being an emotional romance than anything else, not going very deep into the drama-related aspect of the story.  The World They Live In was interesting at first, but it ended up being overly pretentious about its subject matter, and the characters talked at each other too much and had no idea what they really wanted, which made for a frustrating watch.

King of Dramas looks like it’s going for a funny and frank look at the drama industry, and if it sustains the satirical tone it’s had so far, it’ll be right up my alley. The cast includes some of my favourite actors. Kim Myung-min won my heart with his hilarious and heartwarming performance in Bad Family, which is still my favourite of his dramas. I’ve always liked Jung Ryeo-won, but I’m a lifelong fan after History of a Salaryman and her excellent and weird movie Castaway on the Moon. Oh Ji-eun was adorable and natural in I Live in Cheongdam-dong (which I am only a third of the way through but I am in LOVE with). Choi Siwon – okay, he’s not a great actor, but he has a lot of onscreen charisma and he keeps improving. Plus he’s just so adorable and he pushes all my fangirl buttons.

I liked the first episode, and loved the second. It’s too early to tell whether this will live up to its potential or crash and burn like so many promising dramas before it, but it’s off to a pretty strong start. I liked the ironic portrayal of Kim Myung-min’s character as the Napoleon-like lord of all he came in contact with, becoming a victim of his own hubris and losing his empire (literally, as his company was called Empire Productions) overnight and becoming a pariah and an exile. I feel like the over-dramatic score that would be more suitable for a war drama was intended to be humourous, but it was initially played with too heavy a hand and came off as somewhat earnest, which made the tone of the first episode feel a bit off. It has gotten much better though, and is now wonderfully ironic.

I liked how the drama brought up the very real issues of the dangerous live-shoot system and the travesty of product placement. They weren’t simply used for comic effect, but were treated as real problems that resulted in serious consequences. Props to the drama for addressing these very serious issues in a way that doesn’t just treat that as comic relief, but I am wondering how they will escape the hypocrisy – or to put more kindly, the irony – of likely engaging in the very practices they condemn here before the drama ends. Perhaps they don’t intend to try, and are simply trying to show the drama industry for what it is.

The leads have palpable chemistry, and they also have serious ideological and personality differences, not the standard initial dislike that is fuelled by bad first impressions and/or awkward incidents. Which means their bickering actually has a real cause and is hopefully a tool for them to begin to understand each other, instead of just annoying and repetitive noise.

Episodes two through four surprised me by bringing some genuine moistness to my eyes, and making me laugh aloud a few times. Any drama that can do both those things in one hour without feeling disjointed gets a lot of points from me. The conflict they’ve set up is great, because they’ve raised the stakes to life-or-death ones for Anthony to succeed; we’re rooting for him even though he’s kind of despicable, because he’s the underdog, and the other side is just so slimy. Their Big Rivalry kind of cracks me up, too, because they’re as petty and competitive as children. (I always suspected that behind the shiny PR, drama production was a free-for-all between big babies in suits.)

The last and best reason to watch this show: Choi Siwon. He is effing hilarious. He plays the narcissistic, empty-headed star with endless greed and Hollywood ambitions with a dead-on earnestness that has me rolling with laughter. The guyliner and floppy emo hair, the bad English and the “I am your father” preening in the mirror… is just gold. I’ve never seen an idol who is so unconcerned about looking bad onscreen, and I love him for it.

I love you already, King of Dramas. Please don’t disappoint me.


I Miss You (4/20)


I’m kind of on the fence with this one.

I was leery of the premise, because long-lost first loves is one of those kdrama tropes that set my teeth on edge. Especially when they were children at the time and yet cannot forget each other, and cannot possibly fall in love with anyone else ever. Please. But this is the writer of Can You Hear My Heart, which was one of my favourite dramas last year despite its terribly hokey premise, and managed to be very heartwarming and uplifting despite the makjang elements. So I had hope that she might be able to make this less lame than it sounds. And less tear-soaked than it looked from the extremely wet promo materials. It seems I was misguided in my hopes on that front, as it is. Oh. So. Melo. But then I can’t write it off completely.

On one hand, after four episodes, I question whether there is any need to keep subjecting myself to such a torturously depressing story. The main conflict is compelling, and is a big enough trauma to keep the main characters separated for many years, which I did wonder about when I heard the synopsis. So yes, it needed to be bad. And it was done pretty well, thanks to the skillful directing the amazing acting skills of Kim So-hyun and Yeo Jin-goo. These kids are incredible. But it’s the other stuff that turns me off. Why use every makjang cliché in the book to drive home how Very Tragic everyone’s lives are, just in case we forgot this was a melodrama? We have kidnappings, stepmothers, daddy issues, corrupt businessmen, an unjust murder conviction, bullying, permanent maiming, poverty, lost family members… I feel depressed just from writing that list. And all that aside from the Big Trauma, which I won’t spoil in case you haven’t seen it and are planning to. Not only is the writing full of horrible happenings, you get the sense that the director is almost reveling in all the sadness. It’s gorgeously done, but the angst seems so self-indulgently over-the-top.

On the other hand, I’m interested to see how the story will play out now that the childhood portion is over and we will meet each other as adults. How will they deal with the aftermath of what happened? What kind of adults will these kids turn out to be? How will our main characters meet again, and will they be able to forgive themselves and/or each other? I’m hoping for a sensitive and complex treatment of these questions rather than a clichéd glossing over of the psychological aftereffects of this kind of trauma and Romance as a cure-all. We’ll see if that’s too much to hope for.

I’m also looking forward to seeing the adult cast in action, though there’s a slim chance in hell they can outdo or even live up to the performances of our young leads. Yoon Eun-hye has had some pretty bad projects over the last couple of years, but I still have a lot of affection for her. I could live without Yoochun in this role, but I don’t hate him. And Yoo Seung-ho is just lovely in anything.

Here’s hoping that episode five doesn’t make me reach for my tissue box. And consequently the trash bin.

Also, if I hear anyone else say, “I’m not crying because I’m sad, it’s because the wind is in my eyes,” I’m gonna loose some leg-biting Rottweilers on them.

What are your thoughts on these dramas, if you’re watching?


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  1. Love this! I have the same kind of frustration with CWGM? and was thisclose to writing a (bitter) afterthought after getting through till episode 6 – I did a first impression wherein I coined the show fresh and breezy; now I’m just annoyed, annoyed and even more annoyed at the leads. Not good.

    I did watch King of Dramas too and felt on-the-fence by the end of the first two episodes. Have yet to pick up the following episodes (Real Life! College! Grad school applications!) but I’ve a feeling I’ll stick by it cos the subject matter is interesting and yup, as you said Laica – the bickering between the two leads, I can accept the depth and degree of the backstory and conflicts.

    Haven’t been watching anything else though, so I can’t say (trying to get on the I Miss You wagon but I just got out of Nice Guy and jumping back in to a melo when Real Life is dramatic enough – probably not gonna happen…) BUT I am really glad I read your take on it! I’ve been reading mixed reviews and reactions so I’m 50/50 in picking it up, despite seriously loving the writer’s previous works. We’ll see, maybe Real Life clutter will sort themselves out and I’ll be able to watch this.

    Sorry for the rants aha, thanks again Laica for this! I really enjoyed your thoughts – cohesive, informative and overall gave me good insight into considering continuing KoD and picking up IMY!

  2. Omo, what a lovely surprise, Laica!! Thank you sooo much!!

    Psst… are the reviews spoilery? Tell me before I plunge in! 😆 *fights overwhelming urge to read*

  3. I was completely leery of starting FH Take 2 – but I got sucked in my Deeno and Raine’s hilarious recaps – and I haven’t regretted it since. I ❤ No Min Woo’s over the top angsty-ness, and just generally the antics. I am also worried about the introduction of the ex-girlfriend – it’s such an overdone type of conflict – and gets in the way of cute.

    I want to dive into King of Dramas – and your review makes me more inclined to do so. I am still trying to finish off Nice Guy though – oh real life, why do you intrude on my drama watching?

  4. I have dabbled in all the dramas you have listed. But the BEST is the King! Love it so much. As you say, the writing,directing, acting and score are all top notch. And the King’s wardrobe is so tight. as in tight! Not a wrinkle to be seen. I think I will drop the others, and check in after the series end to hear from bloggers if the time commitment is worth it. Thanks for the post

    • Yeah, the tight tight suits are a character detail, like so many others, that are hilarious and make the world and people feel complete. I was a little concerned to see how skinny KMM is here. He’s such a big-boned man, he looks better with some meat on him. I hate how even the guys in K-ent are getting super thin in the last couple of years.

  5. I agree with your comments on Full House 2 and King of Dramas and am enjoying both of these shows, especially King of Dramas. Although, the “back and forthness” is driving me a bit crazy–Is there another plot tool that could be used instead of quitting and returning repeatedly? I know the writer (in the show) is naive, but I at least hoped she was smart and would learn how to take care of herself instead of just being a pawn. I sincerely hope she wises up and starts to fight back!

    Only made it through two episodes of CWGM, very disappointed in the main female lead’s character for all the reasons you stated. Glad to know I wasn’t alone in that. And I so loved Oh Ha-ni… 😦

    Not going to even try watching I Miss You as from all accounts it seems really dark, not my cup of tea.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • Thanks Bridget! Yeah, my love of Jung So-min unfortunately can’t make this character palatable. It’s too bad because I was so excited for her pairing with lovely Sung Joon.

      • Laica, your read on Hye Yoon is so reassuring. Yup, not a fan of her either.

        I wish Dramafever would somehow make it possible for its viewers to fast forward or rewind, because I’d love to watch the bits involving the aunt. She’s just so lovely. Hye Yoon is so god awful. And so misguided. Her boyfriend would do so much to make her happy if she’d just let him and trust someone else, instead of constantly doubting, doubting, doubting and measuring against some supposedly ideal behavior.

  6. FH 2 – watching it for funnies but lately it gotten serious… Run, stay? for now, stay coz i lurveeee PKW

    CWGM – watching it coz the lead actor but i am irritated with the story at the moment .. run, stay? run.

    MY – I love YEH, Yoochun, I love-love CYHMH.. but melo? tears? and that one thing in episode 4.. too much reality for me to handle… no need to ask, run

    whoever thought FullHouse would end up as the only thing I prefer to watch right now.

  7. Hello Laica! Thanks for your views. Looks like King of Dramas is the most loved show these days, which pleases me a lot. The ratings in SK started low but are increasing. More than the numbers, it’s the tendency which is telling. Don’t let us down Show!
    Now, I have to defend my Darlings, lol:
    -About On Air: I see this show differently. For me it’s firstly a drama about drama production with all its dirty secrets and I love it for that. I felt like the romance was very low key and endearing. The female characters were all kind of over the top but were entertaining to watch.
    -Can We Get Married? and its main couple: I also feel than the guy is mistreated but this is what love is about: Can you handle the flaws of your other-half? Not because you have to but because you can and because the love is enough. He understands her and can deal with her because they communicate. I personally couldn’t and would run away but if he says OK, than I’m OK with that. They are a pure “fighting couple”. Besides, I’m almost sure at one point the tables will be turned on her and she will have to defend their relationship.
    -I Miss you and Can You Hear My Heart? I’m not a melo person by any means but CYHMH? was great. Of course there was the cliché of we were meant to be together but it didn’t bother me. It was a story well toned with likable characters. So why IMY is driving me batty? Because as you said its darkness paired with lack of light. Are we supposed to stay on board because “we have to keep the faith in the future” for those characters? Give me a signed promise writer and we’ll see.

    • I don’t know any “pure fighting couples” in real life that are actually happy, but I can believe that some couples have that bickering dynamic and they love each other just as much. But the things they say to each other are seriously hurtful and the kind of stuff that damages a relationship. I feel like they bring out the worst in each other. But, to each his own. It’s a great drama otherwise so I’m glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  8. That is a great write up very informative. Thank you!

  9. If it makes you feel any better, Man Ok does discover a straightener some time in the series. It’s a miracle what a flat iron can do :p

  10. What nothing historical???? I too have a chronic illness and send a hug for another who knows what it is to struggle with such a thing 🙂

    That is why I love diving into a great KHD and this season is lousy with them! Enjoying The Great Seer (some really funny stuff in this one), The Great King’s Dream, the Horse Doctor, Queen Insoo and looking forward to as many as I can find online.

    Hoping you’ll find some strength and more health soon!

    • Aw thank you, and a hug for you too! I hope you also feel stronger and better.
      The last sageuk I watched was Faith, which I still need to finish. I find historicals a bit too politicky for my tastes, but I watch them occasionally.

  11. Hi Laica!! From all of your list, i just watched Can We Get Married 6/16. I don’t count I Miss You, because i only watched several scenes (read: Yeo Jin Gu scenes) and skip the rest.

    I love Can We Get Married, and maybe because I love Hye Yoon, sometimes i really want to be just like her, and i think we see a little background for her behavior in episode 7.. I think this drama is done very well, the miscommunication between couples during marriage preparation is something i’ve seen in real life. Suddenly everyone has opinion and while in this drama only moms, sometimes in my country its the whole family, i don’t mean main family (mom-dad-siblings) but Grandmas and Aunts all have something to say. This is not common, but it happened. I also like how the flow of the story is good, the way they move from one problem to another is smooth or like you said, the tone is fresh and the story moves quickly.

    About the main couple, i keep thinking about opposite attract, how they have so different personalities and they love each other. I also think that he met Hye Yoon with her current personalities and they dated three years before this marriage hassle, so they know what they want. Enough of my opinion of CWGM…

    I haven’t watch King of Dramas and I can’t wait, it seems so interesting..

    • Having experienced a marriage in the family, I definitely agree that things can get super dramatic, and I enjoy that part of family dramas where everyone is negotiating what they want against the wishes of the rest of the family. But 7 episodes is a bit too long for me to wait before I have a reason to like the heroine. I guess it’s just a personal taste thing.

      • It is.. we just have different opinion and taste in drama. ^_^

        although i totally loving King of Dramas (just watched them) and not going near I miss you anymore.

  12. first, huggles to you laica… i, too, am struggling with my lupus nephritis and admire people like you who can still share their thoughts for others to read and enjoy.

    CWGM, KOD and IMY are all sitting on my external drive waiting for me to watch them. i dunno what happened but it seems like i don’t have the strength to click play. Can We Get Married is something i am looking forward to because of Sung Joon but after reading your post I thread on it carefully. 🙂

    Thanks again for your thoughts. 🙂

    *waves at Thundie*

    • Aw, hugs to you too nonski! May you feel better and have the strength to do all the things you want to do.
      You know which drama I recommend you watch first. KoD is hilarious and you know laughter is the best medicine. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!

  13. I agree with you on the crack that is FH2- i did have to stop after ep 18 because it was getting too melo for me, but will definitely pick it up again. As fro CWGM i have been waiting for someone to review it because i think it really deserves the analysis. I think you hit the ail on the head saying that Hye Yoon is similar to the lead character in INR2012, and about her not being likable. I find her not to be like-able because she is so very real, there are so many women around us who we can point to and say she is exactly like that (and dammit I’m exactly like that)! Hye Yoon puts on a good face they way we all do in front of adults but when we’re with those we’re most comfortable with, all of our annoying habits come up. I don’t think their relationship will last in the long run simply because she is too unpredictable and harsh to Sung Joon, and he is also overly emotional. The people i wish they would focus on are the bestfriend and cousin. I wish we spent less time on the mothers and more on those two because thats where the real draw of the drama is. I have really enjoyed this year and watched far too many dramas. My current crack drama…due to a delay in subs…is A Wife’s Credentials. Man is it powerful. If you get a chance please watch it.

    • Yeah, I think CWGM is a good show, but I just can’t handle HY. I also agree that the side stories are more interesting. I’ve been wanting to watch AWC but I have a feeling I’ll want to marathon it so waiting for complete subs (if that ever happens).

  14. Thank you for writing laica. Not watching anyone except for the recaps of I miss you. Love and love Yoon Eun-hye and Yoo Seung-ho. And i think i’ll take on Full House take 2. Sorry about your health, hope u get well soon. Also . . . love your writing.

  15. Thanks for the write up…
    I am watching pretty much watch most of the show you mention except CWGM… love FH2.. it’s not a great drama but it’s addicting.. i love both males lead so I have to check it out.. not really a big fan of the original… in fact i think FH2 is better… i have a hard time with the perm hair and fashion.. but I am sort of use to it now… NMW is getting better as the drama move on.. thought that he was a little awkward at the first few ep…

    King of Drama is great.. the acting are solid all over even siwon surprise me.. he is freaky hilarious.. and his so-call gf.. suppose to be a singer and not allow to talk because of her annoying voice.. bravo..

    MY.. i skip the first 4 ep and go straight to 5… all i can say is that YSH is awesome… honestly.. i fastforward most part except part where YSH is in.. i am shallow….

    i check out the great seer just because i like most of the actors… but might have to put it on whole.. it got a little too slow for me…

  16. Hi Lacia,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is really helpful to have the run-down. I couldn’t stomache MY’s initial eprisodes, but I am hoping to follow the coming ones. And I really appreciate KoD, considering all the heavier fare out there. It’s nice when a drama doesn’t take itself too seriously. 🙂
    Feel better soon.

  17. Is anyone following Oohlala Spouses? If so, any thought?

    • I dropped Oohlala after three episodes because of the painfully over-the-top acting and the certainty I got that the main actress would end up back with her scum-of-the-earth husband. And I heard it went to melo wtf-ville in the latter half, so I think I made the right choice.

  18. Thanks for giving me a reason to pen down my thoughts again after having read your coherent and enlightening thoughts and views on some of the K dramas that are being aired in Korea.

    I follow them too after noting that the eng subs are out usually except for a couple of dramas that are able to draw me to the raw episodes i.e. My Love, Madame Butterfly (MLMB) and May Queen. Note that you are not watching them now. Anyone? Especially the delightful MLMB!

    Before I revert to the mentioned dramas in your review, let me quickly share my thoughts on MLMB……I am truly surprised by the acting of the Nam Na Bi character…..cant even recall the actress name as I have only seen her in the Royal Family as the lead female character. Looking at her, I am quite certain that she is an experienced and well exposed actress. Truly interesting characters in the dramas. I have been drawn to the development of the plot especially on the “romance” of Nam Na Bi (NNB)and Woo Jae whilst waiting for the chaos with the anticipated return of the husband of NNB.

    Hope some are watching MLMB and truly looking forward to yr views and thoughts!

    May Queen, simply for the two main male leads……….love their attires too! Plot is interesting enough…..so I’ll follow through right to the end.

    King of Dramas is indeed a delightful surprise! Was going to watch due to the lead actress as I have seen her growing leaps and bounds in her acting from earlier dramas! Did not know the male leads and definitely not a fan of Choi Si Won…..but oh my…..after the first 2 episodes, the rather hilarious, the dark humor has been successfully delivered and has gotten me to invest my emotions in this drama.

    Got frightened by so many negative reviews and thoughts on I Miss You and so I skipped the 3rd and 4th episodes and jumped to 5th and 6th episodes from ep 2. No regrets! The pull of the three beautiful and young leads, especially from the rave of YSH’s acting and ahem, stares and deep looks. The convincing chemistry of the three main leads is enough to convince me to continue and yes, definitely will follow through till the end….I can gloss over the overkill of the melodramatic tone of the drama but i believe it can only get better now, right?

    Full House 2, not my cup of tea ……… I am very affected by the choice of casts/actors and I am only watching due to the second male lead. I am very shallow when it comes to “who I like or dont” but the female lead is a good actress and I was very impressed with her contribution in CYHMH…..so if I need some cheering and some slapstick comedy, I will continue with this, maybe sometime during the Xmas hols period…..

    CWGM…..well, I am also agreeing with you that I just cannot get myself invested in the main couple but the older sister’s and hubby’s plight is still getting me to watch the drama but I skip through many scenes especially when the overbearing mothers come to the screen……. I would like to know the outcome though of the 4 main couples in the drama…..so I’ll be waiting for the reviews of CWGM and then pick the scenes that will interest me……………

    Hope to have more of your thoughts views in the near future, Laica! Happy watching to all …..

  19. I am also watching Full House Take 2 and King of Dramas. I started Can We Get Married, and after 3 episodes wanted to smack the next person who said “can’t you even control -fill in the name here-?” Like these characters honestly believe controlling their spouse is their goal. Sung Joon is adorable, as are Auntie and her biker non-boyfriend, but that wasn’t enough to keep me watching.

    Full House (almost typed Flu House!) is benefiting from being like a daily. It comes on just as I am winding up the day and I get to watch it’s silliness. And now they got new hairdos, so they no longer have matching octopuses (octopi?) on their heads.

    • You’re so right momosan. Everyone has such messed-up ideas of what a relationship should be like in CWGM and even though I know it’s somewhat realistic, I honestly got tired of it after two hours.
      Hahaha octopi. Yes I’m glad those are gone too. And really liking this week’s eps. It’s a perfect destresser after a long day.

  20. CWGM got good and I’m on HY side now and not on JH. He seemed the nice guy, but truth is he ,is not ready to marry and isn’t mature yet. HY might be bossy and annoying in the first episodes but she got better and we also saw why she acted that way with JH.

    She even let go of JH in the last episode because she saw he wouldn’t be happy with her, she was pretty honest, she said that she can’t see him suffering so it was better for them break up, because she saw they wouldn’t work and loved him and didn’t want to see him suffering anymore…..

  21. Hi, just wanted to drop by and say I read this post ages ago and loved it, but at the time I wasn’t watching any of these dramas so I had nothing to contribute. I was going to start KOD and then reply, but that still hasn’t happened either.
    It was good reading your take on these dramas cuz we have similar tastes except in the case of FH2 you seem to have more patience than me cuz I just can’t seem to get past their crazy hairstyles. It’s like a giant wall I can’t seem to go around. 🙂
    Hope your health is on the mend. I will pray for minimal health issues next year so that all you have to worry about is the common one day cold. 🙂

    • Softyyy! I’ve missed you! Thanks for your prayers. ❤
      Aww the hairstyles have finally gotten better. And it's a super cute de-stressing drama at the end of the day, I find. But if you have to choose, definitely watch KoD! It is so awesome in so many ways.

  22. I randomly dropped by and felt the need to comment –

    CWGM – OH MY GOD. I don’t know what it is with this show. I LOVE Sung Joon. I do. But I cannot stand the 2 leads together (and their parents!). It’s come to a point where I just fast forward everything. I still watch, cos I’m interested in the side characters but that’s about it. I like the sister though! Or the actress playing the sister.

    I Miss You – I love this show. There’s SO MUCH tears and pain and broody moody moments but I love it. It’s the kind of drama which I kind of needed to watch at this point of my life. I’m really enjoying the feel of it. I saw a lot of people saying they couldn’t stomach the PAAAAINNNNNN but I guess that’s all right. I find the acting fantastic, the mood just right, the BGM great and importantly, the plot still makes sense to me. So I’m still onboard this Depressed Train. Love it.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  23. well, honestly, i like hyeyoon. she’s so flawed that i like her. she’s so immature, insensitive, but selfish? no way. she rubbed me off the wrong way at first, but after awhile her character kinda grows on me. and strangely, i like her mom better than junghoon’s mom, all while i realize i wouldn’t mess with someone like hyeyoon’s mom later on if i want to get married. haha.

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