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The doctor is in

August 30, 2012

Doc: Shouldn’t it be “The Doctor is JIN”? Ha-eung: Sure, sure. There’s a 100-nyang bounty on your head, but we’re not at all worried about that, are we? Why don’t you just march to the police bureau and give yourself up? Save the officers there the trouble of hunting for you. In fact, I might… Read More ›

Episode 1 teasers: Eight Days – The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination

It’s one and the half years since we bade farewell to 2007. Yet many people continue to discover what a gold mine that year was, giving us some of the best Korean dramas ever made. Among 2007’s quality offerings was a relatively unknown period drama aired on cable TV. Eight Days – The Mystery of… Read More ›

Episode 1 teasers: Hyena

How many Korean dramas do you know that are named after animals? And a carcass-loving, bone-crushing one at that. Like most people who watch K-dramas, I feasted (and sometimes choked) on the offerings from the three main Korean TV stations: KBS, SBS and MBC. It never occurred to me that I could sample other cuisines… Read More ›

Episode 1 teasers: Gyeongsuk, Gyeongsuk’s Father

If Gyeongsuk, Gyeongsuk’s Father (2009) is a forerunner for what we can expect from Korean dramas this year, then 2009 looks like it’s going to be a great year. At least streets better than the dismal pickings of 2008. Set during the turbulent years of the Korean War, this four-episode drama is a delightful surprise…. Read More ›

Episode 1 teasers: Bad Family

If you need a pick-me-upper, look no further than Bad Family (2006). Centered around a fake family born of tragedy and threats, it’s a delightful combo of hilarious and heartwarming. Laugh-out-loud funny and touching in all the right places, this is a drama you won’t tire of. In short, it rocks! Since I’ve been nostalgic… Read More ›