Places to go and people to see. I hope you get lots of mileage from these links. Enjoy!

A Koala’s Playground


Dahee’s Plastic Castle

Dodo’s Bell Jar

Doozy’s Porch


Dw4p TommyROT

Electric Ground


Kdramaguk: Korean Drama Soup

Kolorful Palette


Midnight Express

Ripgal’s Haven of Insanity

Scattered Joonni

Serendipity’s Stream of Consciousness


Soluna’s Couer d’ Couers

The Grand Narrative

The Little Dorama Girl

The Vault


9 Responses »

  1. Love your blog. Just lurking!

  2. Hi Ginger, thanks! Hope you delurk more!

  3. Hey thundie! Any advice as to where to find Mr X’s words of wisdom? I remember seeing a link to Soompi somewhere but it seems to be empty. Eep!

  4. Hi tupai

    Sorry for the late reply.

    X used to write for Twitchfilm. You can find his reviews here:

    Happy reading!

    (Psst, I’m trying to lure him out of writing retirement but not succeeding very well, alas. But he did write for our epic Comrades review.)

  5. no worries, you just gave a bountiful supply of candies (er, inspirational candies) to a very happy kid. especially when reading the google’s broken english translation of this made me wanna cry with frustration. and learn korean.

  6. Do you know anyone who saw Seoul 1945? I want to know if the 70 episodes is worth it. I felt like I wasted my time with You Are My Destiny.

  7. hello do you know the show that is coming after the one call the greatest love k drama what is that one call..

    also i know u might be doing this show or not but i was wondering if you know of great site too locate the last 9 episode of smile donghea ,could not find them with the English subs with a good quality..thanks

  8. i love your blog! i put your blog link to mine, i hope you don’t mind it

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