Tigresses on our screen

She is confidante and conscience, a lullaby in the night and a tigress at dawn. She will spank her children senseless and then wrap them in her embrace. More often than not, she will bulldoze (rather than burrow) her way into your heart. Months without seeing her on the screen will leave you feeling parched and out of sorts. The hottest actor in kdramaland can’t make you squeal (or crap your pants) like she can.

Forget “I love you”; the loveliest word you will ever hear on your k-screen is “Mother”!

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  1. If acting is about leaving an indelible impression on your viewers, then I think Song Ok Sook has succeeded remarkably.

    Who can forget how hateful she was in Winter Sonata as Joon-sang’s mother? In fact, most of the time she seems to play mothers that I dislike! (Glass Slippers, Fashion 70s, Thorn Birds, Harmonium in My Memory…)

    Although she’s not one of my favorite veteran actresses, there’s no denying how good she is in what she does. Hmm… I’ve yet to come across a veteran actor/actress who acts badly! 😀

    • Am watching SOS in Bad Love and couldn’t place the face. Thanks for the Winter Sonata prompt. Gotta love Kim Young Ok – Coffee Prince, Dal Ja’s Spring, Assorted Gems – she has to be one of the hardest working actresses (at 70+ years old) and is always entertaining!

      Love this new feature in your blog!

      • Oh, Korazy Lady, Kim Young-ok is LOVE!!

        And I think this is Kim Young-ok years ago? She was so beautiful then and is still beautiful now!

        • Love her! HARMONI!!!! Wow, she was astoundingly beuatiful.

          • I love her, too! Absolutely adore her in everything I’ve seen her in. And she was an absolute stunner in her youth–and still is. The other choices are great, too, Yoon Yeo-jung and Song Ok-sook!

            Another one of my fave veteran actresses is Jung Ae-ri, I was spellbound by her the first time I watched her in Women of the Sun.
            I’m also a massive admirer of all the female alum of Eyes of Dawn-Sandglass. Each and every one of those ladies was just phenomenal.

        • LOL, we CANNOT leave the ultimate gangster granny, Kim Young Ok!!

          I think there has to be a drama where the heroines are Kim Young Ok, Na Moonhee, and Yoon Yeojung. I’d sooo watch that. Yoon would be the classy but cussy granny, Na would be the nice one, forever grinning and giggling, and Kim would be in the corner, plotting world domination.

          Can we also have Kim Soomi?? Ohhhh and Kim Hyeja!! Kim Soomi can be Kim Young Ok’s apperentice, while Kim Hyeja will be the source of calm, light, and goodness for the group. Ahhhhh, she could be the twin sister of Yoon! Both equally classy, but one is the Glinda, and another is the Elphaba!

          Somebody needs to make this drama/movie stat!

          • Ooh, I love Kim Soo-mi! She has impeccable comic timing and was so funny (and crass) in Mapado. In Superstar Mr. Gam, on the other hand, she was the sweetest mom. It was so strange in What Happened in Bali that she and the actor playing her hubs were so short compared to their onscreen son Jo In-sung!

            • OMG, she’s sooooooo pretty!!

              I’ve only seen her a couple of times, but her new Marrying the Mafia movie seems like it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

            • I think she’s typecast as a bit of diva, but I thought she was wonderful playing a more grounded woman in the last two episodes of Beating Heart (the ones penned by the ROYOW writer).

          • I think most of us are familiar with Kim Hye-ja because of Goong.

            I heard she was brilliant in the movie Mother (the one with Won Bin). I own the set but have yet to watch it.

            Best Actress award for Mother:

            • Kim Hye Ja was stunning in Mother. She blew me away and then melted all the pieces. You must watch it ASAP.

            • She scared me in Mother. So much that I can’t believe the actress receiving the award is the same woman. Her voice in Mother… Shudder. (In other words, she was excellent.)

    • I like her too.. but Jung Ae Ri was number 1 on my list, as one of my favorite veteran actress. I almost watched her drama series and movies. I currently wATching her on JUST YOU and FERMENTATION FAMILY.

  2. My favourite has to be Yoon Yeo-jung…. I don’t think there is any drama she is in that is no good.. Recently, she is in ‘Can you Hear my heart?’ so good… totally win me over!

  3. Oh, I LOVE Yoon Yeo-jung! Noh Hee Kyung’s Have We Really Loved will always be special to me because it was my first look at both Na Moon-hee and Yoon Yeo-jung.

  4. I love Bae Jong Ok. More beautiful than a flower, Goodbye Solo. Such a terrific actress and so so beautiful. It saddens me a little that such talents get relegated to playing moms and grandmas in the youth-centric kdramas.

    And of course Go Doo Shim. So awesome every time.

  5. Yoon Yeo Jung and Kim Young Ok ftw!

    But then, Kim Young Ae also gave me shrills and goosebumps in the stuff that I’ve seen of hers.

  6. My favourite k-mum is Kim Hae Sook. Close second is Kim Ja Ok. =)

    wow the rest of the familiar k-mums are really pretty when they were young! thank you thundie, for sharing these pics with us! It must have been alot of work to search & unearth those images! =)

  7. Na Moon-hee. The very best of them all.

  8. Going to add Kim Hye Ok to the mix. Of the things I’ve seen of her, she usually plays calm/mousy types, but when she screams you won’t forget hearing it.

  9. If I said had an actress had been in Secret Garden, SungKyunKwan Scandal, Baby-Faced Beauty, Tamna the Island, La Dolce Vita, Women of the Sun, Who Are You, The Legend, Sang-doo Let’s Go to School, Spring Waltz and Golden Era of a Daughter-in-Law, you’d know who I am talking about, right?? Actually, probably not. This actress goes under every radar, it seems. Her name is Kim Mi Kyung, and for the last six years, you can’t seem to step on a k-drama without seeing her, in the background, playing her role flawlessly 27 times (and only one of those a cameo!) plus 4 earlier drama appearances.

    So, here’s my tigress, KIM MI KYUNG:

  10. Mrs. Ri and a teacher, respectively, but that’s just it, she’s almost always in the background, quietly turning in a believable performance, one of those hard-working continuously-working character actresses that goes under everyone’s radar but are essential to make any drama memorable. She’s best known for her mother roles in SKKS Scandal and Tamna the Island. Still, 27 dramas in 6 years …… that’s, you know, a LOT!!!!

  11. The late Yeo Woon-kye. I love this spitting, unsanitary halmoni from Bad Family.

  12. Kim Ja Ok is THE k-drama mom in my heart. I simply adore her and just seeing her makes me smile.

  13. I always enjoyed Kim Mi Sook’s performance… even if she’s often evil:

    I also enjoy Kyun Mi Ri… must have a thing for evil moms ..

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