Because he rocks

This page?

For your favorite actor.

Yes, THAT ONE. And THAT ONE. And the two dozen others stashed away in your CRUSH CLOSET.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Who here can resist Yoochun+Kids?
    and i love that lil’ girl who yoochun is giving his undivided attention to couldnt care less

    • I so agree.Yoo Chun has this devastating effect on females of all ages – from little girls sitting on his lap to impressionable teenagers to ajummas forming the “Bless Yu Chun” club that does charity in his name.

      He is one artist whose influence is so great, especially when he is part of the band JYJ that has just been appointed by the UN to represent them in their efforts for the cause of AIDS. And he has a sexy, smooth, velvety voice to die for.

      He is the first Korean actorI fell in love with.

  2. I don’t know what drama this is from and I’m not even a Song Joong Ki fan but this was too cute not to share here:


  3. That ONE is Lee Jun Ki,despite my sometimes critical feelings about his acting or rather over-acting. He’s the one I took with me after watching My Girl. And about once a month I have a little time of LJK reflection anticipating when he’ll get out of the army, swoon over his face, and try to determine if I like him like a guy or like a girl that I think is just so pretty.

  4. Has anyone claimed this ONE already? If not, back off now everyone. Om-chin-ah Lee Sang Yoon is mine:

  5. Is dahee out there because I come bearing gifts of PIE (and MGY)!

  6. I’ve so many… many I want to claim… I’ve claimed two already… Lee Won and Seung Gi, so I might as well just go crazy and claim a few others…

    – Kim Heechul… (he’s actually my original number 1, in fact he still is… ever since Rainbow Romance days…)

    – Kim Ji Hoon… you know, he actually makes a beautiful woman… he appeared in a MV for Chu Ga Yeoul… There’s No one like me..

    – Lee Ji Hoon… he’s an actor/singer with a warm presence… I know a lot of people didn’t like You are my Destiny… but it was definitely him that drew me to watch it… I would often skip a lot until I saw his face^^

  7. Park Shi Hoo, can someone post dome of his pics, thanks:)

  8. Kristal, you have any Kim Rae Won gifs by any chance?

  9. As I just (re)watched Tamra the Island, I’m adding IM JU HWAN in my fave actor’s list 😀

  10. I guess hair gel was invented for this:

  11. ockoala posted some pics of a new ad campaign with Kang Ji Hwan and Uhm Tae Woong (he’s sooo MINE so you can look but don’t touch ladies) on her blog and I had to share a few of them here. What cuties!

    (source @

  12. I just started watching Life is Beautiful and what a hunk Lee Sang Woo is here ** drool**
    Any pics of him Kristal?? Would be great if you do, lol

  13. my darling jung il wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey Thundie! I just saw one of your lizards playing over at someone else’s playground. Ji Sung is just to irresistible.

  15. Thundie – You can move this if it is not supposed to be here.
    I am in full blown HOW-did-I-ever-live-without-you? Lee Jung-jae possession, and have been since the first swing scene in Sandglass. I am making my way down the list of his dramas and films, screen-capping when I can. As far a An Affair…sigh…even too much of LJJ isn’t enough…I want more!
    Feelings turned out to be a LJJ brooding face BONANZA. Before too long, I had a hard drive full of ohmygod!-isn’t-he-gorgeous?

    I decided it was time to come out with a LJJ tribute to his loveliness.

    Knowing me, it’ll be some time and some more videos before this wanes.Anyone know where I can find Interview?

    • What do you mean by “if this is not supposed to be here”? 😯

      This is the Because He Rocks page, right? Does Lee Jung-jae rock? Is he thundie’s very first K-crush? (and also javabeans’ but we have agreed to share him.) Did thundie go on a mad buying spree after she first saw him in An Affair many years ago?

      Yes yes yes yes.

      Case closed.

      (psst, thanks for the video, muah!)

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  17. Thanks for this page 🙂 There is only one actor in my crush closet – here’s a video of Bae Soo Bin on a variety show in Japan with Han Hyo Joo. I have no idea what they are talking about but that hasn’t stopped me from watching this video about six times in the past 24 hours.

  18. what a weirdo XDDDD 😆

  19. MV by MSignal starring Bae Soo Bin and Yoon Jin Seo – enjoy 🙂

  20. I’m gonna attempt to keep this awesome thread alive, hee~

    I used to save DBSK pics almost exclusively (I’ve got over 2,000 of those) >_< But I searched my actors folder and saw that I have a Kang Dong Won folder and a… Bae Yong Jun folder. Haha, these are oldddd.

    But here are two current cutie patooies I pretend I'm young enough for:

  21. Yahhh… This is bad… This is really bad….. Well Lee Minho is on hiatus my eyes and heart has been straying….

    I have a crush on Choi Tae Joon from Padam Padam,

    and Baek Sung Hyun currently in Queen Insoo.

    His voice is soo sexy!!!! Because of him, I am currently watching Stairways to Heaven, again… =_=

  22. For me JUNG GYU WOON and GO SOO !

  23. after browsing 483 comments I realized that ALMOST ALL of my Loves and boy toys were there….BUT I noticed that a certain hottie failed to join the list….is it because he just came out of MS? or because he doesn’t have any new drama yet…or that a few news came out about him… I try to look for a new pic of him and there’s nothing I felt that could give justice to His Royal Hotness (and I dunno how to post)… Anyway, HOW COULD YOU??? YES all of u…especially YOU Ms. Thundie…forget the original pretty boy….the best cry baby of What Happened in Bali?…the yummylicious, drool-inducing, fantabulous, the forever main lead of all my hot and wet dreams none other than JO IN SUNG!!!!!….

    wahhhhhhhh the only way you can stop me from my bad temper is if any one of u can post a handsome photo of this sex god!!!! Preferably from the movie FROZEN FLOWER…and if includes his butt, I’d be real happpeeeee…..tee hee heeeee

  24. My newest “he rocks” boy– Lee Sangyeob
    Comic chops, he’s got’em… sad eyes that stab you in the heart in the angsty scenes? He’s got’em… and the warmest, brightest, megawatt smile? He’s got it too!

    (vids credit to uploader youneed83 and pics credit to Lee SangYeob Baidu club)

  25. sure Kim Nam Gil and Jung Il Woo rock but my fav is still Lee Seo Jin and in 2nd place the delectable Ji Jin Hee- men not boys and more to my taste. I have only looked at saeguks (25 so far) and Seo Jin stands out in Dame, Yi san and Gyebaek. Forget the rest, he’s the best

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