Little Jisub


He may be 19 now, but I will always remember him best as that boy who looked so much like the first actor to own my heart. In fact, for years I only knew him by his nickname.

Little Jisub.

Was it ten years ago? As one child actor was making waves internationally for his role in the runaway hit, The Way Home, another wave had crashed ashore on my small screen. I was just minding my own business that day in 2002, but a monster called Hallyu grabbed me by the neck and threw me inside a dungeon where I was fed a stream of chaste dramas with stars whose names sounded like Bae Yong-joon, Choi Ji-woo and Lee Byung-hun. Two years later, Hallyu smacked me hard with a force called So Ji-sub. Life would never be the same again.


As a loony Jisub fan (even founded an international fan club for him, hello), I soon learned about his junior version and was flabbergasted that I had watched Yoo Seung-ho long before I even knew Jisub existed. The Way Home was one of my first k-movies and I was completely charmed by the story and setting and characters. A little boy is sent to live with his mute grandma in the mountains. He is as spoiled and demanding as they come, but she never wavers in her gentle devotion to him. The movie is sweet, funny and moving; even now, ten years later, I remember many of its scenes vividly.



What have I watched of Little Jisub since? Quite a lot, it turns out. He was the young Andrea in Love Letter, a discovery that thrilled me to bits. (See, that’s why I will never quit being a card-carrying spoilerphobe.) Six episodes in, the best part about the drama is still his scenes.



Little Jisub was also young Yi Soon-shin in Immortal Yi Soon-shin (guess who plays the adult version? *double squee*) and young Damduk in Legend (*single squee*). I remember feeling really dejected when it was time for Damduk to grow up and become a great king; why couldn’t he stay a kiddo forever? As young as this, pretty please!


In Hearty Paws, a terrible movie saved only by the competent young cast and an adorable dog, he was the brother who would do anything for his little sister. I felt so manipulated by the plot but will watch the movie again in a heartbeat just to see him.



In Queen Seondeok he was a forgettable role (don’t ask me what he played; I can’t remember because I only had eyes for crazy Bidam), but in Flames of Ambition he was an utter dreamboat, at least in the nineteen episodes I’ve watched. Someone please remind me to finish this drama.



When I read today that Yoo Seung-ho was going to enlist in the army soon, my heart sank a little. How am I going to get any sleep worrying about him the next two years?


Stay warm and safe, eat a lot, and never forget that Noona loves you, Little Jisub!

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  1. No! The baby JiSub is going to the army? Oh my. They better take care of the baby or face the wrath of the noona and ahjumma army.

  2. He was soooooooo adorable! I too didn’t realize I’d first come across him in The Way Home. Sniff. Beautiful movie. So smart of him to do his army service now.

  3. I LOVE Yoo Seung Ho! I’ve loved him in everything. The Legend?? Get outta town – he was fantastic in that! Really, what a great actor. As JYJ mad as I am, I’ll probably end up watching “Missing You” as much for him as for Chunnie.

    These army enlistments are a terrible trial for us, aren’t they? I’m currently trying to get through Hwanhee’s stint and it’s misery! Now Seung Hoie is going away??? Aaarrgghh!

  4. Just my personal opinion, but Yoo Seung Ho looks way better than So Ji Sub.
    Anyway, be healthy in the army, Seung Ho, and see you in 2015.

  5. Half of my heart is willing to let him march to the barrack and understand his decision (or smart move?), but, the other half is weeping hard.. I miss my Jade emperor already.
    Stay healthy while you’re there darling, noona’s looking forward to welcome you back in 2015, when you’re legal.. ^^

  6. aah, noona is worried… my heart goes out to you. Not to worry, little Jisub will stay safe so he can come back and make his noonas giddy again

  7. Oh wow – I just realized his role as the Jade emperor was the first time I saw him in anything. I didn’t know about all these other movies and dramas he was in. I did see him in a few music videos though. I like him a lot on Missing You right now so I guess I dont feel all that torn up about his army duty since I only have two dramas worth of admiration piled up. I think it’s smart of him to go early and get it out of the way cuz if he keeps looking this good and acting so well, he has a long career ahead of him. 🙂

  8. He caught my attention when he acted as an autistic boy in Precious Family, a KBS weekend drama.

  9. going to the army now is a good move for him. when he comes back, he is ripe for leading men role he is born to do.

  10. So handsome. His smile is so captivating. Another new reason to love this drama. I sooo like him.

  11. He is so adorable! Now I want to go and watch all those dramas just to see him too!

  12. i like this movie bcs it is crasy.

  13. when to finish in the army yoo seung ho?

  14. how is yoo seung ho ? no no no long the in army and when yoo finish in army ?? i like film yoo seung ho and all film korea good wow !!!!!

  15. l miss yoo seung ho!!!!!!^ ^

  16. hello !! yoo seung ho, se7en,yesung , and song joong ki the in army good !!!

  17. wow mushallah for yoo seung ho 450 day army and i happy for yoo seung ho better ok ok !!!!!

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  19. I love little SJS too! This is what I wrote in DRAMABEANS Fan Wall:

    In 2002, I watched Yoo Seung Ho’s first movie “THE WAY HOME” in the theaters (he was 9 years old). A year later, I watched him in LOVE LETTER as little Jo Hyun Jae’s character, playing as a priest in love. I actually own the DVD. In 2007, I watched him in THE LEGEND as a young prince Damdeok (Bae Yong Jun’s young character). He was amazing there as a prince pretending to be dumb to stay alive. In 2009, I started watching Queen Seondeok just because of him, but I stopped before he appeared in the later episodes, a 62 epi drama. In other words, I was fond of him, calling him little SJS, but it was just that, a light smiley fondness without consequences.

    In 2010, My husband watched MASTER OF STUDY. I told him then, that as much as I like YSH, the plot looks boring. My husband then showed me clips of YSH’s first drama Daddy Fish, where he played the role of a boy with leukemia. My husband never forgot the impression this little boy made on him. Even now, 20 years later, he remembers this 7 year old’s tears. Jui

    So back to the present 2020, when I first watched RULER, OWNER OF THE MASK, I was logically watching in order to see L’s raw acting, but in the back of my mind, I was also curious to see how little SJS grew. That light smiley fondness for him, suddenly blossomed and my heart screamed. WOW!!! YSH is HOT!!! And I had thought L was hot. But next to YSH… How can this be? YSH possessed an aura. And his eyes was like a magnet. My heart fluttered every time I watched him.

    So I really enjoyed whatching Ruler, the entire drama without fast forwarding. I know… the writing failed us in many ways. Instead of showing us how the king grows up from a naive weak prince to a strong warrior, they focused too much on saving the damsel in distress (who btw risks everyone’s lives based on her misunderstanding). But Ruler really showcased YSH’s charisma. He definitely looked and acted as a King. After that, I watched so many of YSH’s work. For months, I couldn’t enjoy anything without him…

    That is, until I watched Haechi… But that’s another story.

    Take care…

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