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Is Ja Myung Go any good? How about What Star Did You Come From? What do you mean, why am I asking? I’m doing research for a paper, if you must know. Astronomy in ancient Korea, yup, that be my research topic. Look, is it any of your business that I’m researching Jung Ryeo-won and not Kim Myung-min? What do you mean, I’m a bad Kim Myung-min fan? Just be grateful I’m not using Google Scholar to dig up dirt on Choi Si-won’s mysterious here-today-gone-tomorrow bump in cheek. No, I didn’t say it was an implant; someone else did! What do you mean, Jung Ryeo-won has had plastic surgery too? Take that back, take all your evil words back! The last time I was this gaga over an actress was five long years ago and you have to spoil it for me now? No, I’m not referring to Shin Mina in Mawang; she and I go way back, before 2007. No, it’s not Lee Ji-ah in Legend either! Look, just answer my first two questions, will you? Yes, they are pressing questions!

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  1. Have you seen History of Salaryman? She was DA BOMB in that.

    Nope sorry can’t contribute, haven’t seen either eeps.

  2. I’m also not a fan. Well, I like her/ She’s a goddess and a good actress too but I’m not an avid supporter.

  3. She’s totallu my find of the year…well her and Jo Jung Seok…but yeah can’t help you with either of those shows

  4. Sorry, thundie, can’t help ypou with your research… 😦

  5. Her character and acting was just your average run of the mill bumpkin in ‘What star did you come from?’ IMO her chemistry with Kim Rae Won was like glutton punishment. Haven’t seen the other one though.

  6. I haven’t watched Ja Myung Go , but I think What Star Did You Come From should be worthy to try. The story is kind of stretching a logical mind, but if you only need a research on Jung Ryeo-won then What Star Did You Come From is one you should try.

  7. I thought Ja Myung Go wasn’t that great, but I did finish it for some reason. It got cut short by the broadcasting station and that hurt it, too. I guess if you’re just watching it for Jung Ryeo-won, it isn’t too bad, but maybe a movie would be better?

  8. I’ve been watching K-dramas over 10 years. These two dramas held my interest, since I watch for pure entertainment and not analyzing cinematography, acting, etc. I don’t even particularly like Kim Rae Won so Which Star must have been better than average for me, and this is not the type of drama I really like either. I liked Ja Myun Go more, and even remember trying to look it up to see how factual it was and read that it was just based on a legend.

  9. Can’t help your research but I LOVE her! I liked her (not necessarily her character) quite a bit in Kim Sam Soon. Haven’t made my way through History of a Salaryman, but I am loving her in The King of Dramas. I’m so glad to see her come into her own, just as I was with her costar Hong Soo Hyun in Salaryman who also rocked in The Princess’s Man.

  10. I liked Ja Myung Go – in fact I usually watch Jumong, Kingdom Of The Winds and Ja Myung Go back to back because the historical characters progress that way. Only problem, the King Daemushin character in JMG is an evil jerk and the Muhyool/King Daemushin from Kingdom Of The Winds, played by the sublime Song Il Guk, is a hero of epic proportions. (of course.) Completely different slant to the history there. I’d recommend JMG – it has one of my guilty pleasure secret crushes in it, Yeo Wook Hwan. Major 2nd Lead Heartthrob there.

  11. I actually kinda really disliked Jung Ryeo-won after watching MNIKSS. Didn’t really change my mind until I saw her maybe two years later in What Planet Did You Come From? She was adorable, very likable. What Planet Did You Come From? is very standard 2006 rom-com but still very cute!

  12. I was one of the WITH S2 translators for “What star did you come from” ……it wasn’t great…I guess it wasn’t like super bad, but it was rather mediocre.
    Ja Myung Go was also a big disappointment for me. They use very colloquial language in a sageuk! Camera angle was all wrong and the story jumps back and forth like nobody’s business. On top of that, there are like 12 childhood episodes, which is like for me 10 episodes too long. I’ve never had any patience for childhood episodes unless they’re super super interesting. I heard everything supposedly got a lot better as the series went on, but I couldn’t be bothered to give it another try….>.<…basically I think that Jung RyeoWon had a turn-around revival with her 2 projects this year, History of a Salary man and King of Dramas. All her stuff before that had been kinda mediocre. Heck, she herself never really showed real acting chops until this year! I'm really happy that she's finally showing some promise in acting though, because I've always liked her since her Chakra days. I thought she had the potential, but was never able to show it through until her 2 recent projects.

  13. I super loved WSRYF. Just because… I’m a romance junkie. She was adorable and had great chemistry w KRW as two different characters. That’s what I thought was bloody fantastic. The rest was standard fare.

  14. I lobeu JRW, too. And from those two I say Ja Myunggo hands down. One of my favouritest sageuk and since you’ve seen Fashion 70s you’ll have a general feel of this writer’s tendency towards darker, warped themes.
    JKH and JRW were awesome together and as mortal enemies. And to tempt you further there’s also a baby Yeo Jin-gu and little Park Ha-young. ❤

  15. @supah – OMG, I love Yeo Jin-gu !! Ewww… I just sounded so creepy. lol

    • Definitely not creepy. Within these circles we totally understand/concurr. Outside these circles is tricky… heh.

      • No kidding. I have never before discovering the k-drama universe shamelessly oogled young boys. But come ON – Yoo Ah In? Yoo Seung Ho? Yeo Jin-Gu? Please! These children are gorgeous by any imaginable stretch, at every age they get to be. My only question: does all of this delectable eye candy lead to brain cavities?

  16. Hi friend~
    What Star Did You Come From was a bad drama… seriously. I wouldn’t waste time on it. She’s awkward, Kim Rae Won’s awkward… they’re more like brother/sister… blerg. So much better stuff to watch. I watched a little bit of Ja Myung Go and that’s definitely a better watch. Although if you’re gonna go watch a sageuk… have you seen Queen Insoo yet?
    I do like her though – definitely super cute in KoD. And totally love her in Salaryman (which I need to finish actually…)
    Happy watching!!

  17. Hi, thundie…… after having written on Michael’s and recently, Laica’s blogs….I’m happy to still be passionate about your posts and views to continue to participate…….

    Not long ago, I wrote in reply to Laica’s review and comments……”King of Dramas is indeed a delightful surprise! Was going to watch due to the lead actress as I have seen her growing leaps and bounds in her acting from earlier dramas! Did not know the male leads and …………………..has gotten me to invest my emotions in this drama.”

    Now, I remember her full name i.e. Jung Ryeo Won (JRW) caught my attention when I first saw her in Kim Sam Soon (MNIKSS) due to her rather unique look and appeal plus the ability (although it may not be her) to speak reasonably good English in MNIKSS. Thereafter, when I wanted to watch WSDYCF due to Kim Rae Won (after watching Love Story in Harvard), I was pleasantly surprised to see JRW as the lead actress. She has definitely “…..come into her own (borrowing one of your contributor’s words)” in her last two recent dramas.

    Her portrayal of the character in WSDYCF was done reasonably well although the plot and pace of the drama may not have been my favourite but I like it and I liked her in that drama. As a matter of fact I will watch it again because of JRW!

    Her presence in Ja Myung Go may not have been her best acting but I was very disappointed to note that the drama was cut before it went on to the 50th episode as planned. It may have been her first saguek and also an action filled movie for JRW but her acting and the chemistry between her and the lead male character was good enough for me which brought me to tear up at some poignant moments.

    The plot was interesting enough and different although the development of the story from the children’s times to adults’ should have been reduced to perhaps the max of 8 episodes and 15 was way too much to bear and I believed that they suffered greatly in ratings due to this although I am not one who follows the ratings very much. It was definitely under-rated and one should watch for the costumes, the efforts in the cinematography and scenes which had quite interesting sword fighting and flying scenes. It has all round good actors and actresses and I would have certainly regretted it if I did not attempt to watch JMG! So I will be happy to recommend that you invest a bit of time to watch at least from episode 14 or 15 onwards and get your understanding of the development of the plot and characters by reading reviews of the earlier episodes, if you can find any.

    So, happy watching and I believe JRW has been blessed with the looks and appeal and I hope you will agree too after watching the two dramas………

    Lastly, a Blessed Christmas and an Awesome 2013 ahead to ALL!

  18. Strange .But I watched ” Which star did you come from?” for Park Si Hoo alone. Was there a female lead?

  19. ” OMG, I love Yeo Jin-gu !! ”

    @lilibaiyu, Ha ha! Are you on the right page? Aren’t you supposed to be watching Eps 1 to 4 of “Missing You” again for Yeo Jin Gu?

  20. can’t comment much on Ja Myung Go and WSDYCF… haven’t watched both. initially, i dislike her on MNIKSS. tho she had actually grown into a good actress. love her on History of Salaryman and KOD is so awesome. 🙂

  21. Just gotten an idea in my head that I might be able to coax you into watching via. an MV. (This particular one is non-spoilery, but just avoid any related vids or reading the comments on YT.)

    • Sigh! Now I recall why I have watched it again and my heart still aches for the pair of the most unfortunate lovers as far as I can remember to date after watching K Dramas for the past three years! The brilliant OST gives the final punch to that melancholy effect …..
      It’s awesome that you have thought of this to hopefully convince Thundie to watch JMG finally! Way to go, Supah!

      • No probs, although all Baek Ji-young’sballads kind of sound the same hehe.
        Awww… This couple and their blend of affection and wrath. The moment when he leaned over to sniff her hair. TT__TT

    • For me, that was in every way spoilery, If Thundie is in any way strict about spoilers, then my advice: DON’T WATCH.

      I’ve seen JMG of the two dramas, and I started half way through (I don’t have tolerance for dramas over 24 – 30 episodes). My mother watched it from the beginning, so she filled me in uptill half of it. It’s actually very good, the story is romantic but melo, I’d second the idea to read reviews of a bunch of episodes specially the childhood ones, and then watch the rest, so as not to get tired.

      If you haven’t already watched the video, then you’ll be surprised with some twists in the story along the way, but others will be predictable miles away.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      • *gulp* Do you think so? I found it quite vague and thus non-revealing at the time of posting? Oops, sorry thundie babe – if it’s not too late: don’t watch ittttt!

        • *I* think that the take-away here is that everybody should RUN to watch Ja Myung Go. It’s a great series, all the actors are fabulous and as long as you can discount that Myhool is now an unremitting asshole as opposed to the gorgeous hero he was in “Kingdom of the Winds” you’re good to go.

          Be there or be square!

  22. Which star are you comimg from is medicore rom-com but i watched it ,any times for jrw and krw chemistry and acting, its just glued on screen and work for me.

  23. I only saw Princess Jumonga (Drum) and thought that it was really good. It came after Jumong and Kingdom of the Wind for me so the difference in kings was jolting but nevertheless, the storyline in Princess had its own charm and the cinematography was terrific. The scene with 2nd queen seducing the seer was amazingly sexy for a Korean drama and I especially liked seeing a calculating playboy prince, trying to earn his father’s approval and stay alive- this was a new type of character for a saeguk- usually princes are either trying to stay alive (Jumong, Gya Baek, Yi San), in battles (Gwangetto, Guenchogo) or scheming to one-up each other (Jumong, King and I). Like most historicals though, cant ever have a happy ending , so that’s why Princess’s Man and Moon that Embraces the Sun stand out as fusion dramas with happy endings. Watch Jumon

  24. i so loved her in which star are you from 🙂 hihi.

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