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Little Jisub

December 22, 2012

He may be 19 now, but I will always remember him best as that boy who looked so much like the first actor to own my heart. In fact, for years I only knew him by his nickname. Little Jisub. Was it ten years ago? As one child actor was making waves internationally for his… Read More ›

Flavor of the month

Is Ja Myung Go any good? How about What Star Did You Come From? What do you mean, why am I asking? I’m doing research for a paper, if you must know. Astronomy in ancient Korea, yup, that be my research topic. Look, is it any of your business that I’m researching Jung Ryeo-won and… Read More ›

Highs and lows (with no in-betweens)

Are you game for possibly the hardest kdrama game you might ever play? (What? There are kdrama games? No one told me!) A game that requires you to think, to remember, to dig deep. A game that needs you to be BRAVE, because you might make some friends but more likely than not you will… Read More ›

Joo Won

I know. That’s a HUGE pic. (And a telling title, too. It says nothing… and everything.) But the guy’s really tall. Apparently the growth fairies paid Joo Won a visit when he was in eighth grade and all of a sudden he shot up 20 centimeters (eight inches) in just a few weeks. (To read… Read More ›

Frights of fancy

An unbridled imagination, it goes places. Just ask me. So three days ago I was watching Episode 5 of Tree With Deep Roots. Rather listlessly, I confess, because I was still bummed about a certain someone’s exit the previous episode. Friends raved about Han Seok-kyu’s acting and how it was helping them to be, you… Read More ›