Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 19: Live Recap

I used to go out of my way to avoid sageuk dramas. I didn’t have it in me to sit there for an hour feeling stupid, wondering why the rest of Korea heard the word “chun-ha” and recognized it as “Majesty” implicitly and I (no matter how hard I tried and focused) only heard “telephone” every single freaking time. Same goes for “ma-ma” (another word for “Majesty”). Watching grown men and women calling out “ma-ma” so much wore down my patience. Just try sitting through one episode of Dong Yi and tell me I am wrong.

I think my frustrations with sageuk dramas might stem from some very traumatic Korean sightseeing tours I went on as a kid. Every cousin or relative would drag me to yet another dull historical site or folk village and try to convince me to try “shee- kae (rice wine) and appreciate the charms of a rural village or force me to climb some steep godforsaken mountain to see a historical landmark I couldn’t even enjoy cuz I was all out of breath from the exertion. What they just didn’t get — and what I couldn’t even explain back then because I didn’t speak Korean — was that you can’t make people embrace their heritage when it was never a part of their lives growing up. No matter how many cultural places you drag them to or fill them up with traditional Korean food, it’s just not going to happen magically over night.

Or so I thought. What my cousins should have tried and would’ve worked foolproof was to show me this drama. Three stunning main leads with a posse of other cute guys, strong acting, endearing “never been seen before in other drama” antics with some angst throw in, and a well paced plot and and you’ve got my undivided attention. It totally made me forget I was watching a sageuk – I only remembered it from time to time when I heard someone say “Your Majesty”. Its cinematography left me spellbound at the beauty that surrounds SKK and made me fall in love again with Korea’s magnificent vistas. All of a sudden, an outdated way of speaking that I once dreaded sounded lyrical and poetic. It even changed my mind about hanboks (traditional Korean attire). I used to hate modeling them for college fashion shows on International Fair Day because I thought it made every woman look pregnant. Now I love its vibrant colors and intricate embroidery and I credit that appreciation to Yeorim for pulling off that look so well.

This drama gave me back a piece of myself I never realized was missing. It made me appreciate my heritage again and be proud to be Korean. And for that, I will always be grateful.

Personal anecdote aside, now let’s get back to what to expect for tonight. Sometimes I wish kdramas didn’t have so much – well… drama. Someone is always falling in love with their half-brother or sister or babies are switched at birth, especially in a sageuk. When someone tries to get me to watch a sageuk or an older period drama, without knowing a single bit of info about the show, I would ask “Whose baby are they switching this time?” and nine out of ten times, that is exactly how they start.

But SKKS can’t be limited to being categorized as a sageuk, so I went on a mission and did some research on other shows and watched what happened on their penultimate episodes. Every kdrama viewer knows and expects the second to the last episode to be riddled with angst and loose ends that leave us feeling uneasy because they only have one more hour the next night to get it right and tie up loose ends satisfactorily.

Typical things to expect:

There are sudden time jumps as someone leaves for a while and then comes back in the last thirty minutes of the final episode, second leads finally have to let go of their dream and step aside for the main character, the inevitable flashback scenes that waste precious minutes, bad people finally get what they deserve, everything happens at the speed of light, someone sort of partially dies, and lots of staring off into space (aka filler scenes – when a character stares off at nothing and just pretends to be contemplative when in fact he or she is probably thinking… ”hmm-what should I eat later… wonder if the director got the shot yet… what was the next scene? Man I wish this pimple would go away, it’s ruining my close-up”).

Basically these shows like to squeeze all the drama they can by this penultimate episode by wringing the drama around and twisting it with all their might to mess with our emotions one last time and get all the angst out before the finale.

But SKKS isn’t your typical sageuk nor is it your typical drama PERIOD. Why?

Because it’s special in more ways than one can imagine:

*No babies were switched at birth (that speaks volumes for me and made me like it from day one).

*No one leaves.

*Already tried to kill the second lead – thank goodness they didn’t succeed.

*The main couple is on solid ground in their relationship; one is NOT in the denial phase and holding back for stupid reason and tries to marry someone else (although I wouldn’t complain if Yoon Hee decided to jump ship for a second and switch over to MJS to give the poor guy some closure).

*Instead of your usual macho clashes with swords or fists in the name of chivalry, it gave us an epic “butt fight” that was both romantic and comical.

*I welcomed every lingering gaze because I knew someone would turn it into a great gif or “wallie” later.

*More importantly, I’ve grown to care for almost all of the lead and secondary characters, especially Professor Jung, Soon Dol, Bok Dong, MJS’s father, and even the King whom I could barely understand most of the time.

There may well have been some minor flaws in this drama, but I chose to see beyond its imperfections and found more beautiful things to appreciate like its humor, warmth, and heart.

To be honest, I didn’t know any of these actors before they embodied their characters so wholeheartedly, except for Song Joong Ki. Now I don’t think I could ever forget them if I tried. Thanks to them breathing so much life into their characters, I have every faith that this drama will end well. If anything, I believe it still has more touching moments and humor to share with us tonight and in the finale. That is why it’s going to make it even harder to let go tomorrow. This great ride isn’t over yet people so sit back and relax and let’s have faith that SKKS will give us yet another episode that will cushion our pain of having to say goodbye tomorrow.

Episode 19 Recap


Updated 11/4 with the help of the Soompi subbing team – Thank you!


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In the very beginning when I first started doing recaps, I didn’t even bother attempting to translate the scenes with the fathers, professors or King but one day, I sat there watching the raw and I UNDERSTOOD some of it – that was quite shocking to me. I didn’t know if it was through osmosis or if I had just willed myself to understand. Maybe that desperation to get it right triggered something in me, but for the last few episodes, I gained some ground and was able to summarize some of their scenes too. It’s amazing what sheer desire can accomplish.

Kind of like how so many of you can stay up late or wake up early enough to follow this recap. Since everyone must be eager to know as much as possible, with Dramaok’s translations and my somewhat heightened level of comprehension, I am going to make sure tonight’s is full of the most accurate summaries and translations possible.

Hey, you guys!!!!

Don’t forget to share any hard parts I might not know in the comment section!! Hopefully they won’t spend half the episode looking for the GDJS some more cuz those clues are killing me…

Yhee narrates the clues and suddenly SJ comes in and yells at her for coming there without any fear and says he was worried she would get hurt.

***The Geum Deung Ji Sa is here. At the initial location placed by the late king. “Where the learning is headed.” Becoming a public servant and building up the nation. “Where the nation begins.
“This place where the ancestral tablets of those who started Joseon rest.

SJ: How could you come here so dauntlessly…
Yhee: It’s not here. I really believed it would be here.

They hold hands and escape and manage to hide from the guards and make it back to SKK.


JS gets cut again on the side and was just about to get killed when another guard yells “no one is inside” and diverts the attention away from him. YH takes that advantage and gets some men and one carries JS on his back to safety. YH tells the man carrying JS to just take JS to the gates of SKK since no one else is allowed inside including those royal guards.

[Not that I am complaining that JS is alive and kicking, but the way he was able to escape was ridiculous. First, that guard slashed JS across the chest, then he cuts JS’s side. So basically JS is a goner at that point, kneeling down waiting for the final blow and that guard was just about to do it too but someone randomly yells, “No one is inside” and the guard TURNS his back on JS and JS limps away and hides and YH finds him???? That is not a very dignified way to escape — I mean JS/HBS was the guy who liked to jump on rooftops and he jumped over walls even when he was injured severely. Wow, this scene is bugging me. Bad enough he doesn’t get the girl and now they turned him into this?? Peeved beyond words here.]

As Yhee and SJ worry that YH and JS won’t make it back in time before the gates close, they see JS leaning on YH. YH is supporting JS and keeping JS upright so he could walk onto SKK campus on his own. SJ and YH put JS in the room and JS is not conscious.

The SKK guard yells at the royal guards for intruding on private property but IS says he ordered it and they ransack everyone’s room, destroying personal property and books looking for GDJS and HBS.

IS: Hong Byuk Seo could be hiding, so make a thorough search.


[inside room, Yeorim, JS, and SJ]

(JS is wounded and unconscious, and they lay his body down as they watch, worried)

SJ to YH: (inside room) Senior… do you actually think we could escape this crisis again with some last minute counter plan? They are people who have entered here by breaking the time-honored custom of non-entry of the royal forces into Sungkyunkwan. They will not leave here with empty hands.

Yeorim: So what do you mean by saying that?

SJ comes up with a counter plan since JS might be found out and taken injured so right before they go into the room, YH comes out and says IS is dirtying SKK by doing this. The guards go into the room and claim HBS is there and brings SJ out.

[outside room]

Yeorim: Stop this. Right now, all the scholars are watching.
(Grabbing IS, who is about to enter the room)

Yeorim: Do you intend to be the first student body president who disgraces (dirties up) Sungkyunkwan by bringing in the royal army?

IS: I intend to be the first president to show you what authority means. You may count on it, Gu Yong Ha.

Other scholars milling around: what is happening…..

Yhee: Senior.

Royal soldier who slashed JS: H yells: Hong Byuk Seo is here and escorts SJ out of the room

The royal guards take SJ away. IS does not believe SJ is HBS, but IS’s dad still takes SJ away despite IS’s objections.


Soon Dol tells SJ’s dad that SJ has been caught as HBS and SJ’s dad is in disbelief.


YH explains to Yhee that he let SJ make this sacrifice because SJ is the left minister’s son. JS tries to get up and YH tells him to just rest. But JS hates that SJ did that and being too injured to do anything about it, he has no choice but to accept what has been done for now.

[inside room, Yeorim, JS, Yhee]

Yeorim: (changing wet towel on JS’s forehead) Don’t worry too much. If I didn’t believe Lee Sun Joon would be safe, I wouldn’t have sent him either. That boy is the sole son of Left State Minister. Even someone as high up as the War Minister would not act recklessly. This I guarantee.

JS: What did you just say? Did he confess for my sake? That he is HBS?

YH: Yes, because if you go to jail in this state, it would be dangerous. So please just lie still.

Royal guards invaded SKK — this can’t be allowed — I’m going to catch them.

Yhee: Is that possible?

YH: Trust me — I am Gu Yong Ha.

JS asks them about the GDJS and both remain silent.


When IS argues that LSJ is not HBS, his father says then we can just make him out to be HBS.

SJ’s dad goes to see his son in jail. He asks SJ if SJ plans to atone for the murders ten years ago by doing this. SJ’s dad claims he didn’t do it (order the murders) and SJ says “but you covered it up.”

[(high court) jail cell SJ’s dad and SJ]

Left State Minister: Do you plan to atone for what happened that night ten years ago as well? Your father did not commit a wrongdoing that night.

SJ: Since that day, you kept covering up for wrongdoing.

Left Minister: For rebelling against me, you have chosen a punishment that will hurt you gravely too (your punishment for yourself is too harsh).

***SJ: I’m just taking the path you taught me Father. Seek not of personal gain, but pursue justice. Gain friends through loyalty.Do not hesitate to sacrifice even one’s own life, for righteousness’ sake. This is the mark of a great and noble man.

(Even though the sight of his son behind bars must be tough for his dad, that speech still had to make his dad feel a bit proud, don’t you think?)


The whole school is abuzz with the news about SJ being HBS. JS says no one is going to believe SJ is HBS and Yhee says that JS can’t go and own up to being HBS now that SJ did this. JS finally tells Yhee that SJ’s dad didn’t order the murders so she can feel relieved about that and put it behind her.

****YHee is worried that since JS’s dad lost a son because of SJ’s dad, she is afraid that JS’s dad might hold a grudge against SJ, but JS interjects.

JS: That won’t happen. I won’t let my father hurt LSJ over what happened in the past. Who is going to believe that clumsy one is HBS? When the real one is standing here putting up with the pain.

Yhee blocking him with her arms spread out: So are you saying you’re thinking of going to confess? With that injured body? Not wanting to hand over your injured body, there is someone who took the blame… Betraying that kind heart — I won’t forgive. Because if it was for your sake, I would have done the same thing.

JS: Okay but let me go. I have to go so I can tell my father that ten years ago that night, that the person who did that to my brother was not the left state minister (SJ’s dad).

Yhee: Senior

YH: Is that true, Geol Oh?

JS: Does it sound like something I would make up? So if it’s because of that matter, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

(Turns before walking away and says to YH: You… don’t forget what you boasted about. Make sure you catch who invaded SKK with the royal guards.)

YH: of course.

JS: Until I come back, be prepared.

YH: I’m…

JS: Yeah, you’re Gu Yong Ha. (So cute how JS finished YH’s line)

****JS goes to tell his dad to let SJ go and gets mad when his dad doesn’t listen. JS shows his wounds and says “I have proof on my body that I am HBS.” His dad gets some men to grab JS before he can leave and his dad says to stop getting in his way.

JS: LSJ is innocent so please release him. You know better than anyone else who HBS really is.

JS’s dad: So what if I know.

JS: The person who did that to Brother was not the left state minister… Didn’t you hear Officer Yoon’s confession?

JS’s dad: What difference does it make?

JS: So father — You are going to resort to the same method as them? You can’t do that since I am on my way to confess. (Opens his shirt to reveal his sword wound) I have the scar/proof/evidence to prove that I am HBS.

As he starts to walk off, his father’s men grabs JS.

JS’s dad: For the past ten years, every morning I put on this uniform, I waited for this day. So from now on, you shouldn’t get in my way.

YH gets some other SKK scholars and confronts IS and says what IS did wrong to the school and its scholars. He gives IS a specific time to step down as president, I think, but IS whispers YH’s family secret and says to stop trying to get him removed. You can see that YH is upset that IS knows about his family because now his hands are tied.

Even IS’s lackeys are upset about the damage the guards made on school property.

YH’s gets word that JS is being held by his father. YH gets visibly moved and owns up to Yhee that he might not be able to get SJ out as easily as planned.


YH and some scholars go up to IS to address what IS did the previous night.

****YH: President IS, for your actions last night, the Student Council seeks an
appeal and a student protest. For the wrongdoing of the royal guards in
trespassing Sungkyunkwan without permission and violating Daeseongjeon (testing room) and Myungryundang (lecture hall). And for the wrong of capturing a Sungkyunkwan scholar on school grounds.

We will publicly proclaim that the Sungkyunkwan scholars are justly outraged, and receive an apology from the Ministry of War…and an official declaration from the king that such an event will never occur again.

IS: So?

YH: The royal guards entered Sungkyunkwan under your authority.If you repent and apologize,we shall bestow upon you the position as the head of the appeal. But if you refuse to repent, and choose to withhold your participation in this matter…

Other scholar: We will act as the president for the appeal. And for opening the doors of Sungkyunkwan to the royal guards, we will also seek the impeachment  of you, President Ha In Soo.

YH: Meet at 6pm at Meyongungdang.

As YH starts to walk away, IS speaks up.

IS: You won’t have the right to make that decision… I’m going to reveal who you really are… The Gu Yong Ha that is trying to get me removed is actually a middle-class merchant’s son who is not allowed to be here… How long are you planning to pretend to be a fashionable noble? Did you say to meet at 6 at Meyongungdang? At that time, I better not see you there.

The others gather around YH and ask — we are still meeting at that time, right? Are we really kicking Ha In Soo out? But he doesn’t say anything and walks away.

YH (alone by the tree crying) : Gu Yong Ha — this is becoming really interesting.

*Had to guess a lot but one of those guesses is bound to be right.

** Wonder if I got the time right — it sounded like six but a really weird way of saying six.


****When IS and his lackeys sit around talking about how they ambushed YH, the tall silent dude says “President, next time you need the royal guards, use us instead. That late at night, some scholars could have been hurt and it didn’t look good to see royal guards on our campus.” The cute funny one agrees with him and says he was upset to see so many precious books damaged.

Tall silent dude has two great scenes finally and this was the first one.


A servant is relaying messages to JS from YH.

YH tells Yhee that JS has been locked up and can’t get out. YH thinks JS didn’t get to reason with his father about letting SJ go. Yhee asks, “Then, is our only option to get all the scholars together and picket/strike to get SJ released?”

YH says that may be difficult too, and as he places his hand on her shoulder — he looks like he is about to confess about who he is and the predicament he is in. But he changes his mind and just says sorry and that he may not be to participate in the appeal


*****IS gave YH a specific time to make up his mind about what to do. YH thinks about his options and shows up at the meeting. IS says he won’t apologize for what he did to the school .YH says, “Then step down as president.” But IS tries to use his card — the secret — saying YH has no right to try to get rid of IS. Some papers are distributed to other scholars and they all read that YH is not a noble.

IS: I am not thinking of apologizing. I used my authority as president to capture HBS and have no plans to step down (guess).

YH: Then it can’t be helped. You need to step down as student president. We can’t acknowledge a president who would dishonor SKK.

IS: You don’t have the right to do that. Even though you may have come into SKK as a middle class, in a classroom that only nobles are allowed in, you’re not allowed to be on the executive board.

Lackey BC: Everyone, take one and read it.

Scholars mumbling aloud: He wasn’t a noble?

**YH: I am not a noble. My family came from a long line of merchants. I never had a grandfather who served as an official of the Ministry of Justice and Punishment. My father wanted to give his son a noble family’s privileges and bought a noble’s genealogy. To be precise, he bought the pretense of a noble. The person you see before your eyes is that person.

YH: The reason why we are here is to set up a student protest for the offense of the Ministry of War and clear LSJ. I’m going to pass on the work I was going to do to KYS.

Yhee: Senior…

YH: The reason why I don’t have the right isn’t because I’m not a noble, but because I am ashamed of myself. So from now on, I don’t want to live like that.

YH with tears in his eyes faces off with IS: I’m telling you now that your threats won’t work on me anymore, Ha In Soo. This is SKK and I am Gu Yong Ha.

{Best Yeorim scene EVER}


YH has to leave SKK since he can’t stay. His speech from the trailer comes out about how he gave Yhee a big burden and says it’s up to her to get SJ out. When she doubts she can, YH says her earnest desire to get him released gives her the qualification.

[YH packs up his belongings]

Yhee: A part of you must have felt uneasy all along.

YH: Then, can a punk who deceives the world get away with not paying such a small penalty like that? Maybe that’s why I wanted to find it. Geum Deung Ji Sa. I wanted to see whether a world in which your social status holds no importance will really come about.I passed onto you a really heavy burden, Daemul. You have to present the appeal to the King and preside over the student demonstration. It’s the most efficient way to get LSJ out.


****No one will listen to Yhee as she goes around the school asking the scholars to sign a petition to get SJ freed. One of them asks if the liar YH set her up to do this. She finally gets some to sign, but IS comes up and says if they sign that, they are going against the school president.

IS threatens whoever wants to face the same fate as YH to go against him.

[in front of scholars who are kicking a ball]

Yhee: Please participate in the Sungkyunkwan student strike to demand the acquittal of scholar Lee Sun Joon. Lee Sun Joon is not the Hong Byuk Seo. The reason the royal soldiers escorted him out that night…

SKK scholar: Did that Yongha tell you to do this? In this manner?

Yhee: Scholar Lee Sun Joon’s innocent acquittal and the royal soldiers…
The appeal over the trespassing of the royal forces into Sungkyunkwan….

(but no one will look at it)

SKK scholars 1 & 2: Are you certain Lee Sun Joon is not the Hong Byuk Seo? Stuff like this goes to the King. If we write something wrong, it will be our demise. Do you realize that? If my chance to succeed is cut off too, I’ll be a complete wretch, you know.

Yhee: Scholar Lee Sun Joon is definitely not the Hong Byuk Seo. I believe the truth will be revealed for certain. So please help, will you?

IS: If you sign your name and join the petition, then you are choosing to stand against me, Ha Insoo, the student body president.

Yhee: If there is a reason, then isn’t there a way/path?

IS: If anyone wishes upon them the same plight as Gu Yongha, then go ahead and stand against me.

The King has a meeting with SJ and says things have gotten complicated. He says that they have a very strong friendship to go through all this for each other.

****The King: You troublesome kids! One defies my royal order and acts as HBS. And another gets arrested in his place, and puts me under a test. Now unless the real HBS gets caught, you may forever be framed as HBS and I have to pay the price. Is that all right with you? What amazing friendship.

SJ: It’s not something I had set out to do from the start. If there is an easy road and a difficult one, to choose the difficult path. Then even if you may not always succeed, you won’t have any regrets. My father taught me this. 

The King asks SJ if SJ resents him since he did such a terrible thing to such a close father and son.

SJ: Although there was a time I felt resentful, my heart would not let me give up. The father who gave me life and the father who gave me a will, it was the same for both.


YH and Yhee are upset about not getting any help from other students. The headmaster (chancellor) steps in and says something about how they need evidence in order to convince the King to release LSJ.

******YH is dressed in black. He claims that the color black doesn’t suit him and complains that it clashes with his fair skin. Soon Dol is also dressed in black and they are going to break JS out, I think.

[next scene, YH, Yhee, Soon Dol]

YH: (in black clothes) Oh jeez… This I can’t stand. Hey, Daemul, must I go this far? My skin’s so white, something so black as this really doesn’t suit me. Look, look! Don’t I look like the angel of death!

Yhee: Wow, Senior! It really suits you nicely. It’s a perfect color coordination with your hair today. Haha.

YH: Well, since I am the most fashionable…

Soon Dol: SoonDol likes this (color) – -it makes me look lighter (or he might have said thinner) — I think I can save young master at least ten more times. (And he laughs — I am going to miss that cute laugh of his.)

Yhee: So the first place we need to go is where Geol Ol senior is being kept.

JS goes crazy in the room he is locked up in. He begs his father to let SJ go and that this isn’t the way to avenge his bro. And then JS says, “I am sorry – I was wrong – that I loved my bro more than you…”  Wow — great begging scene — definitely going to translate later — JS says how he doesn’t want to go back to that hell of hating his father again.

***JS’s dad: Give up now. In your condition, I can’t sedate you.

JS: LSJ is innocent. Please release him. Even though you think you are getting your revenge on the left state minister this way, will it bring back my dead brother. If you were really thinking of my brother, you shouldn’t have done what you did back then. (He is trying to say his father shouldn’t have stayed quiet back then). Father, you are constantly taking the cowardly approach.

JS’s dad: I protected you. By taking that approach, I protected you and kept my power. Now it was just time to use that power.

(His dad turns to leave so JS says all this to his back)

***JS: I was wrong. I’m sorry I acted like I was more hurt than you. I’m sorry. I believed I loved my brother more (than you). I’m sorry. I was wrong, so please let LSJ go. That kid and I didn’t even get a chance to start off on the right foot yet. Please, help me not to hate you anymore. I never want to live in that hell again.

His father leaves and drinks alone, probably mulling over what JS just said to him.

[OMG I did it!!! This is sooooo accurate — proud moment for me – Oh, please don’t tell me I got something wrong — let me have this moment of glee, please.]

*Even though he said “I’m sorry,” it could also be translated as “I was wrong” in this situation. So in the subs, you might see one or the other for sure.


***comic relief moment:

YH and Soondol are peeking over to where the men are guarding JS.

YH says, “We have to get rid of them to open that door.” Soon Dol says, “What are you waiting for/doing? Come up with a clever idea [but he literally said “turn the wheels in your brain”] and YH kicks Soon Dol out into the open in front of the men and yells “Robber!” After the men pursue Soon Dol, YH and Yhee come out of hiding and YH says, “I used my head” and smiles wickedly (LOL).

YH and Yhee go inside to free JS.

Yhee: We came to capture HBS, senior.

YH goes and grabs JS’s face looking all worried : Geol Oh!

JS to YH: you’re starting it again/you’re doing this again?

YH grabs JS, hugs him and says, “You would not believe how long my day has been.”

JS (for some reason letting YH continue hugging him) says to Yhee: Why is he like this?

Yhee: He was too impressive today to say he was the Yeorim Senior I know.

YH keeps hugging and JS smiles and lets him.

(Wow, this drama really is ending if we get a scene like this.)


JS’s dad lets it go when his servant explains that JS was gone


the headmaster says there is no better evidence to prove that LSJ is not HBS than to have red messages distributed while SJ is in custody to say that there is another HBS out there

So JS writes some red messages and somehow they get distributed


YH, JS and Yhee decide to go see SJ to tell him what is going on. YH leaves to go change clothes because he can’t stand being in black anymore. Yhee worries that SJ might be mad they took so long to see him. JS tells Yhee to go alone because JS feels too bad about putting SJ thru all this on his account. Before she leaves, JS says, “Did I tell you… thank you?” She says, “Why… For what?” He doesn’t answer.

(As they leave JS’s home)

YH: Now all that is left is tomorrow’s demonstration.

Yhee: Do you think the scholars will come out?

YH: Of course. That is why I am wearing these clothes that do not flatter me and ruin my image. (He shudders) Since we showed proof that there is another HBS, unless they are afraid of IS, they’ll show up.

JS: Doesn’t LSJ need to know what is going on right now?

YH: That’s where we are headed now… to report to him.

Yhee: Really, senior?

YH: Since I can’t stand to go around in these clothes anymore, you two go ahead first. (YH winks at JS like YH is doing JS a favor by leaving the two alone… as if JS stood a chance at this point. Waste of wink.)

Then YH turns around and says, “Make sure you guys don’t go in first, since it’s my first time going there (jail), I’m a little scared.”

[At first I thought what he said was random, but then I got the impression he said this because of the speech he gave at the school about buying his lineage. Isn’t what his father did a crime?]

(Yhee and JS walking together)

Yhee: What if they said it’s too late and won’t let us see him. They wouldn’t do that, would they? Since he won’t know we are coming, he’ll be surprised to see us. Do you think he’ll be upset that we took too long to go see him? Huh, senior?

(JS stops walking right in front of the gate of the jail)

JS: It won’t work. I think you should go visit him alone.

Yhee: Senior, why all of a sudden?

JS: My face won’t be something he is glad to see and I am too ashamed to face him. So, go ahead.

As she turns to leave he calls out: Kim Yoon Shik, have I said this before? Thank you.

Yhee: For what, senior?

JS: For you… Thank you.

Yhee: Senior is… (smiles at him and walks away and JS watches her go. Gotta say, was expecting a bit more closure than this. Wonder if we’ll get a scene tomorrow where he just tells her everything. Bet not.)


HE makes plans to go see SJ.

Her servant says something about how you can’t put back together a broken dish. HE says she is not expecting anything. “The fact that he ended up like that is all because of me. My heart can’t be comfortable just sitting by, that’s why I am going.”

Yhee goes and see SJ. She cries and touches his face, saying his face doesn’t look too healthy/looks tired. As he holds that hand, he sees she is wearing her ring again. She tells him that she knows about his father and that it was a relief.

SJ: I don’t think that you can forgive my father completely but if I can, I want to ask forgiveness for my father on his behalf.

Yhee: You can’t do that. I told you we don’t get to choose our parents. What I can give you is not forgiveness, but only a woman’s heart. So please give me not the heart of a sinner, but a lover’s heart.

HE overhears all of it.


YH catches up with JS in a yellow outfit.

YH: So you ended up sending her alone? Forget (about her). If you keep doing it, it will become a habit. Just looking at her, make this the last time.


Next day, everyone comes together to boycott for SJ’s freedom because of the fact that there might be another HBS.

JS shows up late wearing a very nice new outfit (sure does look good in blue). As they leave, IS blocks them and says he warned them. Yhee stands up to him and tells IS that they are going to demand punishment for his actions, and that they are all going to ask for LSJ’s release. She gives IS one more chance and asks him as their president to lead them but he refuses. She says then that they are going to ask for his removal as their president and that none of them are going to recognize him as their president anymore.

YH goes up to IS and says: I warned you that all the scholars were watching. We didn’t abandon you first. You abandoned SKK first. Don’t forget that.

IS’s lackeys turn on IS and the cute funny one speaks up first. He says, “President, I need to follow them.” BC tries to cover his mouth to keep him from saying anything more but the cute funny one says: “Let me talk. President, you really don’t get it? Even someone as stupid as me knows you did something wrong, yet you really don’t know. If I remain next to you, I think I will become more stupid.”

Just as IS is about to hit him, the tall silent dude catches IS’s fist and says: “I can’t stand by and watch you go down anymore.” They abandon IS except for BC ( the one with the sick mom even though he looks like he wished he could leave with them).

All the students gather in front of the place SJ is being kept and demands SJ’s release.

Yhee narrates how proud she is to be a part of SKK. Then she messes with her dad’s puzzle/blocks and figures out something. As a child her dad taught her something about it and she arranges it in some order and figures out the clue: IT’S BANCHON. Something about the gates to Banchon (what JS said about what his brother said about the SKK’s gate opening to the poor of Banchon. Who called that???? dramaok?? shirley??? cecilia?? One of you guys did.)

*****Yhee’s narration:

It really is a great thing father. To meet with good friends, share thoughts, and proceed in achieving our goals. I saw the glimpse of hope that does not appear in books. Did you ask whether it was the right thing….to plant desire in a daughter who can’t live out her dreams in this world? I wish to ask of you. Is this desire in my heart today a right thing? This new Joseon that you dreamed of father, what kind of world is it? At that place…is this desire inside me not considered a crime? Is it me? And, it’s also hope. The place where the learning is headed…where the nation begins.

JS’s voice: The door to Sungkyukwan opens to the lowliest of places, Banchon. My brother taught me.

IS overhears HE saying that she suspected something was off about Yhee from the start. So now IS knows Yhee is a girl.

Meanwhile Yhee is digging and finds a box and she opens it and it’s some document…

Yhee : “GDJS. I found it, Father.”


Oh wow, the trailer shows that Yhee was dressed as a girl when she got taken away. Everyone finds out from the King to the fathers that Yhee is a girl. The King gets angry and Prof Jung ends up kneeling before the King and I guess he is going to make the King keep that promise he made. He asks YH: “It’s not like all of you didn’t know, right? That KYS was a girl.

SJ kneels before his dad and begs : “Would you please help me, Father”?


OMG, my head hurts from so much info overload. Boy, they sure did cram a lot into one episode.

This episode was rushed and jam-packed but like all the other episodes, this had its strengths like YH’s confession scene and JS’s speech to his father and JS getting some closure by thanking Yhee – for who she was to him. I loved that just as she first thanked him after he gave her that thumb protector/ring, he thanked her in the same way tonight. You can tell he let go of any hopes with her and his character seemed more at peace finally.


178 thoughts on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 19: Live Recap

  1. thundie and jenknight18… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    As thundie have posted before, The only Micky I know came from Disneyland..

    those live performances are truly epic. i regret now to be living in a sink hole and only loved DBSK after they disbanded. These guys are really talented and I was truly impressed with their singing abilities. I have heard of them in the past since they are so popular, but I was insane and crazy that I did not paid them any attention. Truly a big mistake.

    thank you for sharing those videos. and as a rookie DBSK fan-addict.. can you recommend more videos or songs by DBSK. They have a LOT of songs and albums, and poor me can only indulge on some of them. I cannot buy the whole lot!

    Thank you so much.

  2. aaawwww how cute they all (almost all – not enough time for that) winked smiled at KYS after presenting their petition to release LSJ. they all came together for LSJ a Noron of all people too, even the lackeys can differentiate between right and wrong except of course power hungry IS.

    i agree with Softy on Geol Oh’s escape. I was expecting him to hop over fence rooftop to get away instead just limped away. He’s the wild horse afterall, he should have sucked up the pain and flew outta there! Then they only concentrated on the slash across chest wound throughout the episode. Well can’t have it all ha? I am more than happy that he’s alive!!!

    GYH was awesome and his moments with MJS were just beautiful! MJS cleans up good and sure knows how to turn a girl’s head. YHee was totally checking him out while thinking if I didn’t love LSJ like crazy I could easily have fallen for this guy!!! *winks*

    thanks for sharing this live recap, fantastik job!

  3. Coming through…
    Any spare beds in the smarty wing??
    Some woman’s fainted after seeing angels, it clearly states on on her medical record that she’s suffering from ‘loving angels instead’. Sigh, it’s an unusual case.

    (sorry, for some reason the video jumps in places.)

  4. One episode more.. sob sob..

    Initially, i don’t have any great expectation towards SKKS. it just something I overheard from one of my friend. Unexpectedly, once I watched the first episode, already from the very first scene where the bird fly around on the top of the sky followed by some one (Yhee) beautifully writing something on piece of paper, i just knew it that this drama will bring so many joyful for me. And i just fall in love from that day on. I love everything about SKKS. The scenes were made so beautiful, don’t mentioned the scenario.. i just love it. In fact now i am starting to read all of this confucius analects thing..hahaha..( hope i could be as wise as my beloved Sunjoon one day…kyaaaaaaa ).
    The cast, what can i say, i am amazed on how the casting can be soooo so so so perfect. I love everyone, every single small character, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE them. Well of course I have Special attachment towards MY smarty scholar Lee Sun joon. kisss for his character so muchhhhh.. I wish my husband to be will be like him ..ameeen 😉

    Furthermore … Ah ya, and this is the very new experience for me: I love all the people that love this drama. I think my addiction towards people’s comment in the forum is as big as my addiction towards the drama it self. I am enjoying my self to read all the comments, spazz, scream, confessions, addictions, any crazy cute things from SKKS fan all over the world. I Love you guys,through SKKS, suddenly i felt I have lots of friends, I really mean it.

    Lastly I would like to thank:

    1. Thundie and Softy for your kind hearted providing the live recap ..speechless for your effort 🙂

    2. Bambiina, you really made my days… I love how you made me laugh by my self reading your comment on the bus (people might think I am crazy …ck ck)

    3. Master Gu Shirley, Silvermine, blue, Dramaok, kara elayne, Ronar, Neliq, Soompi subbing team, and many more.

    4. Special thanks to Noe (Patient of SKKS AA) : lol for peeing on the plants. I still laugh over it…hahahah… peace) I really like your sincerity.

    Thank you guys.. I will keep all this sweet SKKS memories in my heart …

    fan from netherland 😉

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  6. Thank you so much for these recaps! I have been unable to resist watching this show Raw even though I don’t speak a word of Korean. I spend a lot of time wigging out waiting for subs to be released (checking websites every 1/2 hour and such) so I can find out what wonderful and deep conversation just happened in front of me! The Live recap has saved what little sanity I have left after an overdose of Joseon Crack. Just picture me sitting in front of the laptop breathlessly awaiting the torrent to be released and then spending the next hour and a haze of fangirl spazzing out desperately craving oxygen as I cover my mouth to muffle the screams and squeals. You made my life a better place to be! Smooches

  7. @ pingu,
    i cannot agree more. i love SKKS and i love the people who love SKKS.
    this is my first experience to have such feeling.

    thank god, i did not watch the long preview of ep 19 yesterday. i know it will spoil my joy, sadness, surprises, hate and worry of ep 19 when i watch it. i promise to myself that i should watch the last two episode without knowing much so that i could really enjoy and savour it. i prevent myself from reading spoilers. thank god, all effort and pain from stopping myself to KNOW what will happen in ep 19 are worth it. ep 19 is great. love yong ha for tearful admission and love jae shin for standing true and let it go. two great and powerful scenes from both actors. although i cannot understand anything (i am not korean) but i feel their tearful expression. thanks to softy, now i can understand what is it about. i am forever indebted to you, softy and many others.

    SKKS is now on top of the list of all dramas that i ever watch. it is so hard to get a good drama and i think the writers did a good job of manipulating the original story. i wish the producer will think of a spin off story concentrating on jae shin and yong ha. these two characters are interesting and many plots can be developed from these two. in my crazy state of mind, i already visualize the next going-to-be spin off story to be like. I imagine both yong ha and jae shin are on a mission to somewhere on king request. many experiences will be encountered by them and one of them is where jae shin met the first girl that do not make him hiccup and yong ha fall head over hill with a mute girl. wouldn’t it be wonderful? this is a random thought of a crazy person. i am sure i wll cry when SKKS ends tonite. i just hope i will survive this chronic withdrawal symptoms.

  8. My eyes are wet. Is it because of allergies, a cold… or because of all the sweet and warm comments? And because… tonight it ends, waaahhhhh!!! 😥 😥 😥

    Our collective love for this drama is what makes it so special. Thank you, every single SKKS addict (including the thousands who have yet to delurk). When it’s all over, I know I will miss you more than I miss SKKS. I’ve been telling Softy and Blue that years from now, I will look back on this magical period and be so grateful that I could be a part of it.

    Softy is still updating this recap with more translations. Please check back! And later… her final live recap post for ep 20 will be up. If you have never commented before, I hope you won’t hold back. Let’s make tonight the biggest kdrama party ever!

  9. @thundie, really sad to realize this is the end. I’d still definitely visit your site everytime I can for your drama insight. i feel like I’m losing a friend with Sungkyunkwan Scandal ending. :sob, sob:

  10. @thundie. thanks for making it possible for us to have this wonderful experience. i love you and i am very glad that i am also a part of it. my eyes all teary now. i wish this will last a little bit longer…..

  11. It’s midnight in NY and I should be sleeping but instead I am reading all the witty, funny, poignant, wonderful, heartfelt and dear posts of all of you.. my dear fellow scandalous fans!! I dread tomorrow because it will be over. The one drama that brought passion back into my heart is ending. The sharing of joyful and sorrowful moments will be gone. I hate to see this end but I am grateful to this cyber world that has brought me so much joy by allowing me to travel far away from my real world if only in my mind.

    I’ve learned so much from all of you. I am grateful. I pray we meet again, many times over, sharing other wonderful times. Let me savour the last episode as if it were the first. I will watch them over and over again, I will visit these pages over and over again so that I can experience the wonderful feelings I shared with all over and over again.

    Let’s meet tomorrow, with happiness in our hearts because we shared an unforgettable experience together. Let’s rejoice watching our dearest JS, SJ, YH and YHee. Let the party end with a bang!

    Thundie, Softy and all the great fans that have contribute to make this such a wonderfl experience. From the bottom of my heart. KANSAHANMIDA!! (I hope I wrote it correctly!)

  12. Thanks so much for the recap, softy!

    Why did I fall in love with SKKS?

    There’s not much more that I can say that hasn’t been eloquently expressed by fellow addicts already, so I’ll just say this.

    I love SKKS because it is my comfort drama, because when real life gets tough, when I have a crappy day, I know that for a relatively short hour or two every week, I can escape to this magical world. And that alone makes me happy.

  13. Thanks a lot for the recap. I dont have to watch the episode but reading the recaps make me happy. I think the serie would be better if it was 24 eps to get a better ending without rush and packed.

  14. Now its final episode its really sad,,,huhuhu,,,i love this drama so much ,,,i will miss them specially garang,,,waaaaah,,,sad sad sad….

  15. The last ep will come over today but I dont want this drama stop. Everyday I always expect every ep as my beloved. My God I fall in love with F4 in this drama. I smiled and cry with them…huhuhu now I have to say goodbye them. How can I live? I like this drama, I like everyone here who have left many recaps here for fans of SKKS. thanks a lot. I will keep this feeling about this drama forever. I love SJ, love KYS……

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