Two-word Sunday: Ha Ji-won

Lest readers think Two-word Sunday is really Two-word Male Sunday, may I introduce our first actress to grace this weekly series?

I first watched her in Ditto where she played a supporting role as friend of one of the main characters. Next came Damo where she made me weep like a skinned cat. In Daddy-Long-Legs she was that sweet girl writing to an unknown benefactor and walking around with a huge teddy bear on her back. Then came Duelist, that movie that makes me feel like I’m undergoing hypnosis each time I watch it. (Hmm, what’s with all the titles beginning with the letter D?) In What Happened in Bali I wanted to throttle her for making So Ji-sub cry. (And for enjoying more than one juicy kiss with him.) And now her latest movie is My Love By My Side where she stars opposite Kim Myung-min!

Meet the beautiful and talented Ha Ji-won.


5 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Ha Ji-won

  1. Ha Ji Won really is startlingly beautiful. *envious*

    I do worry about her workaholic ways, though. I wish she’d take a break, experience life, and wait for good projects, instead of taking everything that looks passable and making sure she never has a free moment to herself. I think if she let herself breathe, she could become a really great actress.

    I am looking forward to her movie with Kim Myung Min, though. 🙂

  2. This actress needs to choose her projects more carefully. She appears in good ones like ‘Damo’ and ‘Duelist’, but she also makes herself look silly in boring ones like ‘100 Days With Mr.Arrogant’ (honestly, this film’s terrible!).

    Anyway, waiting for My Love By My Side!

  3. Oh I like her…you should check her out in Hwang Jin Yi…she was great in there.

    She worked herself silly though, heard she collapsed twice onset, the 2nd time she was unconscious for a while. The girl needs a break…and i mean a real break not stop filming and go on a tv show instead sort of break.

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