Two-word Sunday: Park Hae-il

It makes me rather sad that the post with the lowest number of reads on this blog is Waikiki Brothers.

The reason is because that 2001 movie marks the debut of one very special actor. And because even though he was one of the leads in The Host (Korea’s top-grossing movie), he sure has a pretty small fanbase internationally. Most people will go “Park Hae who?” when asked if they have watched him on screen. (And because the movie is a well-made and critically acclaimed gem about a rock band, and it’s sad that not many people have heard of it.)

But I’ve loved this actor ever since I watched him play a postman in My Mother, The Mermaid. He can be a creepy murder suspect in Memories of Murder, a sleazy slimeball in Rules of Dating, or a perplexing enigma in Jealousy is My Middle Name. The guy’s a chameleon and he’s got da acting chops most definitely.

Meet the amazing Park Hae-il.


5 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Park Hae-il

  1. Thundie.

    I believe in you when you mentioned something or someone is good. I never watched or crossed about him but I know The Host yet not watch it. Will do soon when I have the time. *Sigh.

  2. Oh so he is the guy in the Host and My Mother, The Mermaid ;p
    Alright will check out Wakiki Brothers first and then hopefully the rest…

  3. Hi anastassia

    Never too late to discover Park Hae-il.^^ The Host has a terrific cast and plot. The monster’s quite secondary, actually. Forget all the hype and just watch it without expectations. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  4. Ah Janie, you’ve not seen Park Hae-il, too? šŸ˜¦

    Waikiki Brothers is pretty difficult to find. Have you watched Memories of Murder? He has a chilling supporting role there.

    When you have a chance to catch his movies, let me know what you think of his acting.

  5. Oh sorry…Thundie, I didn’t make myself clear… of course I’ve watched Park’s work– first in Mother & Mermaid and then in The Host. He did leave a lasting impression in my mind but I didn’t know what’s his name as I only concentrate on JDG in the former and SKH in the latter ;p (haha… both happened to be in SS)

    Guess what, I went check Waikiki Brothers a few days ago at a store but they didn’t sell it instead I got hold of the other brothers — hehee The Fight! Wow, it so gripping… I watched 5 epis in one setting without using FF control. Yoo Gun; the mentor and the brother are all heart throbs there; YG looks so much like Won Bin, the eyes the killing smile šŸ™‚ Read that YG is in Bad couple, is the drama worth checking out ?

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