A Wife’s Credentials – the musical interlude

It’s no secret that one reason I love k-dramas is that they generally have wonderful soundtracks (the exception of Equator Man making the rule, apparently). A Wife’s Credentials caught me almost instantly in Episode 1 while the credits were running. I Choose Happiness by David Choi hippity-hopped along during the credits, and then the stark contrast between that and the almost martial orchestral music of the testing center sold me. The café where the mothers meet almost always plays jazz flute, and even more importantly, they knew when to use no music at all. Here was a music director who was right on the ball!

By the end of the series, you will probably be humming Daydream Believer or Turn Turn Turn in your sleep.

Here is a partial playlist from A Wife’s Credentials as pulled from the ending credits, from SoundHound and with YouTube embeds for the ones that I could find. Enjoy.

I Choose Happiness – David Choi

Enjoy the View – David Choi

Daydream Believer – Robson & Jerome (an obscure cover, to be sure!)

Daydream Believer – Mary Beth Maziarz (the slow version)

Barkentine Interlude – Jane Lui

Back To Love – Suehee

4321 – Giana Viscardi & Michi Ruzitschka

Sweet – Jehro

Turn Turn Turn – the Byrds

Down by the Sally Gardens – which is used in several episodes, including episode 2 in the mud. I have no idea whose version it is, although I’m inclined to think it’s the Fennigens.

Yesterday Yes A Day– Jane Birkin

My Wild Irish Rose – another Irish tune

Goodbye (original) – Mary Hopkin (episode 6, shopping in the background)

Someone to Watch over Me – Keith Jarrett

Home Sweet Home – Violet

That was certainly not the only music in Wife’s Credentials. There was quite a bit of orchestral music some of which I could pick up, some I couldn’t. There was a lovely blend of jazz and classical music.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how awesome is this, huh? Thank you so much, momosan!! The OST is simply da bomb and I’m going to park myself on this post the rest of the day/week/month! Muah!!

  2. Ahh!! What a great post! I’ve been absolutely loving the OST!!! Thanks momosan!

  3. Thank you so much Momosan for this lovely playlist ♥
    Still waiting for subs. *pouts*

  4. Thanks so much Momosan for these clips – this is a gorgeous list

  5. Ohh… These are wonderful, cheers for sharing. Saves me from having to frantically search for each piece after it features in the show this way.

  6. thanks so much momosan for this post. i am super loving the songs, tho i can’t find where to download i love happiness, i will have to contend extracting it from the vid. thanks so much.

    • uhmmm i dunno if you will be okay with it… i really love the songs and i thought of converting them into mp3 coz it is only here that i found those. i uploaded them on 4shared and i can share the links if you want them. 🙂

  7. @thundie… email sent 🙂

  8. I am not watching this drama, but I enjoyed this post very much! Thank you, Momosan! The music is wonderful 🙂

  9. @thundie… email with attachment sent. “__” sorry for the delay.

  10. thank you very much… i just wish the subbers wil have pity and sub this drama… up until now its only episode 5.. huhuhu. … but i love this post thank you very much!!!

  11. I immediately loved this series. The musical score enhanced the great script. I have only been able to watch up to ep 7. can’t find it subbed. Any suggestions?

  12. Tks so much Momosan. A film is worth watching

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