When we disagree: K-bones of contention

It began innocently enough.

Someone tweeted, and also clucked disapprovingly, that Kim Bum had been added to the cast of the upcoming Noh Hee-kyung drama, Padam Padam. That announcement set off a twitter debate that Serendipity has aptly christened The (Fifth) Noona Wars. Poor Kim Bum’s ears must have itched like crazy yesterday as we argued about his acting in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, whether he was smirking, why he dyed his mane silver, and if he was dialing up his sexiness. His good pal got dragged into the fray and soon the debate veered into Is Lee Min-ho Hot? territory, among other things (and I shan’t elaborate on these “other things”).

For the record, Kim Bum did not smirk in TWWSWTM, his silver mane rocked, and he was more sweet than sexy. But try convincing my extremely opinionated group of twitter pals!

Our war of words (which was all in good fun) got me thinking of the different times my kdrama friends and I have disagreed, and of other occasions when a particular kdrama or actor would get viewers up in arms, eyes blazing.

So indulge me as I poll the most memorable catfights in kdramaland, at least the ones I have witnessed or have heard about. Happy fighting voting! And oh, comment away, but please, no major spoilers, thank you!



















There, we’re done. Can you think of other memorable bones of contention in your kdrama viewing history? The ones that raised your blood pressure because you could never see eye to eye with the other side? The ones that left you all spent in the end?

268 thoughts on “When we disagree: K-bones of contention

  1. Bwahahahahahaah at thundie’s defense of LMH! Although, I dunno… he should fight his own battle more than letting his OTPs go to battle for him. Moar captioned screencaps, please!

    My choices:

    Kim Bum was not, I repeat, NOT smirking in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

    Lee Min HOT

    Team Park Kyu all the way, baby!

    Prince Yul, only by a hair because he was nicer to the girl.

    Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook had more chemistry in My Girl.

    Lovers in Paris, I chose the sajang coz I like the glasses and the smile. Yes, I’m shallow.

    In Attic Cat, Kim!Rae!Won! Reason: what momochan said above.

    Chun Jung-myung. In. A. WETSUIT. ’nuff said.

    Okay, this might skewed the result coz I haven’t seen Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy but I voted for Coffee Prince because I love that drama to pieces and yes, Gong Yoo is uber cute in there.

    Horrific hairdo: Lee Seung-gi’s in Brilliant Legacy. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THAT THING ON HIS HEAD?

  2. The ones I clearly remember: Goong and Mawang. For Goong, I had a lobg YouTube discussion with someone. I was so into supporting prince Yul (my only drama where I was all for 2nd lead) but now I don’t remember the story enough to comment lol Goong was one famous drama I don’t have good memories of..

    -Mawang… I had the most intense discussion with… myself on which side is better, I support, or I support even if it’s unethical and what not. The bottom line was I enjoyed the lawyer more.

    -Gong Yoo is cute in both.. I couldn’t vote. AND Lee Min Ho is hot.

  3. Oh my, this continuing debate is killing me… Can’t stop reading and laughing at this never-ending lively bantering-bickering-debate over certain male actors..

    Dear @thundie, @daheefanel n @ hjkomo, I was LOLing hard when I read your tweets and again, now, reading this… Thank you for exhilarating this Friday… πŸ˜€

    • See, even a statue inside a painting is STARING AT THE GREASE. You could keep a boy clean and prim until he reaches adulthood with all that oil. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

      • Hello Mr. Lee Johnson & Johnson aka Temujin’s Chief Retainer,

        If you look carefully, that statue-in-a-painting is NOT staring at LBH but behind LBH… where Dahee’s Ryu Shi-won is standing. You want grease, RSW’s got it in buckets from all that riding on his motorbike!

        • Kindly do not call him “Dahee’s Ryu Shi-won”. That is utterly embarrassing and fairly disgusting. I’m wiser now.

          Of course Ryu Shi Won is greasy as well, but just look at that Lee So Greasy picture. You’d have to part the Sea of Grease to get to his real face, which is doubtless hidden somewhere behind that clown mask.

          • Can someone give me the lowdown on the “Bora Must Die!” altercation? I think by the time I got on OT, that whole battle was in full swing and I never quite understood what it was about and what started it. Also, what’s the latest? Thank you!

            • This all began out of Snow Queen, and the divisions in created within the k-drama watching crowd. Some adored the drama, and some crazy jealous ppl did not.

              Then, on December 7, 2009 at 2:06 a.m., on Open Thread #112, belleza said in passing, “Snow Queen is an interesting experience. So many viewers were ROOTING for Bora TO DIE.”

              90 minutes later, Mookie repeated said mantra, with “IE BORA MUST DIE!!!”

              5 minutes later, belleza agreed with the sentiment, “Indeed. Bora must be sacrificed in order to appease the Mayans upon their 2012 revenge. John Cusack said so. BORA MUST DIE!!!!!”

              9 hours later, Mookie repeated the slogan, “BORA MUST DIE!!!@%@!!@%!#$^”

              1 hour after that, langdon813 shouted, “SAVE BORA!!!”

              10 minutes later, belleza woke up from her cat nap to say, “Anyway, for the Kingdom of Shilla . . . BORA MUST DIE!!!”

              3 minutes after that, samsookie joined the fray and urged ppl to “save that cutie Bora!”

              2 minutes later, belleza continued her crazed rant, “Save the world in 2012 β€” BORA MUST DIE!!!”

              then samsooki added two pics:

              Then less than an hour later, hjkomo joined the battle and took sides with the death wishers, saying “BORA MUST DIE!!!!”

              my hoobae KB then offered his support to the SAVE BORA campaign.

              90 minutes later, celestialorigin chimed in with a Save Bora!, and 3 minutes after that, ockoala pounded her fist and said, “I’m for β€œKill Bora””

              To formally declare war, samsookie then wrote this:

              Good people of the Open Thread:

              Hold your ground, hold your ground! Good people of dramabeans, of soompi, my fellow dramaseekers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. You fear the day that Bora would cry oppa and wiggle away all your boyfriends and hubbies from you. A day may come when the courage of drambeaners may fail, when we forsake our oaths of reasonable dramawatching and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour (or mutiple hours) of episodic woes and shattered DVD boxes, when the age of javabeans comes crashing down! But it is not this day!

              ON THIS DAY we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good internet IP address, I bid you stand, Good People of the Open Thread, stand and fight Belleza, Mookie and their minions.

              and then, it was ON.


            • GilNok 2GETHER 4EVER!!!!!!

              Bora, WHO??? ν‘Έν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜ν•˜!

            • Thank you, samsooki! You know, for the longest time I had no idea who was Bora but was too embarrassed to ask.

              Sung Yuri’s very, very pretty. Enjoyed her a lot in Romance Town. Have you watched that?

            • Have I watched Romance Town? Does a bear poop in the woods? Does dahee and snark go together like bear and poop? Do I seem fixated on bears and poops?

              The answer to all of these questions is, yes.

  4. Btw, and I mean this in all seriousness. hehe, as if such a thing were possible and let’s assume for the moment that it’s true. =)

    How come you guys never talk about how pretty darn HOT the k-drama actresses are?

    Y’know…. like, if you were at a bar upset at (i) how greasy LBH is, or (ii) how if you COMBINED the apparent ages of LMH and KB, you would STILL be arrested if you cuddled with a fusion known as Lee Min Bum and/or (iii) how come javabeans ALWAYS seems to pick her guys first (WHY), and so you are sitting there all sad at a bar, and there is John Coltrane / Ellington boppin “In A Sentimental Mood” playing softly on a jukebox, and suddenly you see LDH at the same bar, and she is sad because her size negative -6 dress can’t be taken in any farther without inverting the seams, and so LDH is sad at a bar, drinking a half-teaspoon of water alone, and you guys meet eyes, oo-yun-hee, and then got to talking, and one thing led to another… you know, that kind of thing.

    NEVER crossed your mind? Come on, let’s be honest here.

    • LOL, you killed me with that size -6 and the half-teaspoon of water! Bwahaha!

      As for HOT actresses, hmm, you’ve got me stumped there. Had to think for five minutes before I could pick one.

      Maybe Ha Ji-won? She’s totally got that come-hither look down pat.

      • Girl crushes?
        Sure, as a fellow girl, I think THE hottest actress has to be Kim So-yeon. ‘Specially as Seon-hwa. I can list all the ways I hate the IRIS franchise but if there’s something good that came out of it, it was Kim So-yeon’s Seon-hwa. Other than her, I would say Jo Min-soo, Lee Seung-yun, Chae Si-ra and Oh Yeon-soo are like THE most bewitching and beauteous actresses in like, Korean history.

    • I can’t speak for the other ladies,but I don’t look at K actresses that way(jealous??)..besides,I prefer “natural beauty” vs *ahem*,”artificial”/”enhanced” loveliness…(just saying)

      ps…I know you love LDH,but,hehe,you’re drooling….Oh,look at the time,I’ve to go to work…*runs off before you get mad*

    • Lee Da Hae is not my type. She’s pretty, but meh.

      Let’s see…Im Soo Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, SHIN EUN KYUNG, Moon Geun Young…Who else is there? My brain sort of stopped functioning when I remembered SHIN EUN KYUNG.

    • Thiiiiiiiis. I always feel so left out when netizens spazz about LMH or YSH or whoever actor and I’m left alone thinking “You know what, Im Soo Jung’s really hot.”

  5. here are my beloved k-actress:
    Lee da hae, yoon eun hye, ha ji won, moon geun young, song ye jin, song hye go
    love them as much as my k-actor crushes.

  6. For me it was the Boys Over Flowers, Team Junpyo, Team Jihu debate. OMG! Its like the Team Edward, Team Jacob debate for Twilighters.

    • OK. Someone please tell me!!!! I know that there are alot people who really really REALLY dislike Boys Over Flowers. But I honestly can’t see what’s so bad about it. Its my favorite Kdrama. Gu Junpyo AND is curly hair is still my #1 main man. Someone, PLEASE give me a point by point walk through of how Boys Over Flowers is so bad?

      Points that I already got.
      Jan Di’s big mouth. (I can see why that is unbearable, but for some reason, I barely noticed… *Shrug*)
      Junpyo’s personality, in the beginning. (In the beginning, I hated Junpyo’s guts. It actually took me all the way to episode 10 to fully be on the Junpyo ship.)
      Junpyo’s hair. (I took me to 14 -I think- to get use to his hair, now I love that hair. Maybe because I love Junpyo so, I associate that hair with Junpyo.)
      Jan Di-in-distress…. (Seriously! where did Wondergirl go?!?!?!)
      Chemistry. (This one, I understand.)
      Scenes with Jan Di was given to Jihu more than Junpyo. (Seriously, what gives PDs?!)
      Ending was lame (I agree)

      Ok… So Yes, there are ALOT of things wrong with Boys Over Flowers, BUT, for me anyways, the good out weights the bad.

  7. I saw only Chuno screen caps (Chuno to date is my #1 favorite drama ever) but no Chuno poll questions or a lot of Chuno discussion! Btw, the screen caps made me LOL ^^;;

    I feel like my job in this world is to spread the good word. The good word being Chuno (hehe). But the biggest bone of contention I have with my kdrama-loving friends is defending Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk). Everyone wanted to go for the steadfast, if not sort of boring, Tae Ha. But to me, Dae Gil’s performance was a tour de force and his character was much more three-dimensional than Tae Ha. In fact, Tae Ha would have been more interesting had he NOT been falsely accused and forced into slavery, because that would have added some layers.

    If there is one thing most people I’ve watched Chuno with agrees on, is that LDH is very pretty but someone needed to get that girl an inhaler.

    • Sorry, I realized that made it sound like I think Tae Ha should have never been a slave. Being a slave worked for the drama. I meant that being falsely accused and put into jail because of it was so pushing the fact that he’s a zero-defect (to use Jan Di’s words) hero. ^^

    • See, once Tae Ha and LDH were married it was clear that Dae Gil was on the losing end of that plan. So at that point, it was a matter of watching the fine scenery chewing performance that was Dae Gil – not to mention Wangson, HOT Jung-Soo (MINE!) and Lee Jung HOT. Tae Ha had the emotional range of a tree, so he and LDH were well matched, eh? ::ducks and runs::

  8. I thought this post was genius but the comments really have taken it to another whole new level. It’s making me poop in my pants.

    LBH might be greasy but LMH is totally hot (although he does look like he needs to poop. And I should know – my 6month old makes the same face.)

    As for the ladies – Ha Ji Won takes the cake for hotness I think. Gong Hyo Jin, Im Soo Jung, Moon Chae Won, Lee Min Jung, Jeon Do Yeon all are beautiful.

  9. Kim Bum’s reaction to the smirk conspiracy/debate:

    Better watch out because all 90 pounds of him may be after YOU next!!

  10. Wow, 200 comments. This is the most ever for a post that isn’t a Softy live recap, haha!

    Thank you so much, everyone! (And that includes you-know-who, the one who’s been making fun of my poor Lee Min-ho, grrr!!)

  11. wow, I’m late to the party….

    my vote:

    in mawang, : jo ji hoon

    Lee min hoo is hot: true.. But for me lee joon hyuk is hotter, hehe

    Lee dae hee has more chemistry with: of course lee dong wook.

    In goong I choose: errr i don’t like both of the man leads. I start to love JJH in mawang.

  12. bwahahhahahha.. I need oxygen right now… this article plus the comment in here make me dying from laughing because they are too hillarious. Hahahha

  13. Brava! Congratulations for putting up the wittiest, most original and hilarious blog-exchange I have ever seen in k-drama land! Special awards to Thundie, Daheefanel and Kristal!!! Moar! moar!

  14. This is too hilarious – and so entertaining. (I especially like the first picture of BJY) Only problem is I’m spending so much time checking this blog that I’m way behind on watching dramas!

  15. I am enjoying these exchanges so much that i couldn’t stop grinning. They are so hilarious.
    Thundie, i can tell that you’re having that protective instinct for LMH ( psst .. did you get it from lee yun seong?). Way to go, pal. You’re doing a great job and i’m definitely on your side for this one. Haha.
    Dahee dear!!! Won’t you consider jumping ship? What can we do to help you change your mind?

  16. I’m sure late to this party. Not sure if I’m invited, but I came anyways. Someone did not close a bold tag. (Eye twitches)

    Anyways… (scrolls through questions) Nope.. nope.. not going to answer that one.. nope… nope.. I can’t.. I can’t make these difficult choices. NO, A MY LOVE PATZZI QUESTION (breaks window with chair, runs for it)

    Oh sweet, sweet image posts. You have destroyed any miniscule feelings I might have had for Lee Min Ho. Cannot unsee. D:

    • LOVE this gif. I had a really hard time trying to screencap the wink because it was so fleeting. Thank you, SsarangG!

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