Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 17: Live Recap

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{NOTE: RECAP WAS EDITED on 10/27 so it’s a more thorough version}

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Since live recaps need to be done quickly, these are the abbreviations I will be using:

HBS: Hong Byuk Seo (Red Messenger-MJS)

GDJS: Geum Deung Ji Sa (the book the King seeks)

PM: Prime Minister (the old guy advising the King)

JS’s dad (Daesahun): Chief Inspector

SJ’s dad: Left StateMinister

PJ: Professor Jung (full name Jung Yak-Yong)

IS’s dad: War Minister

Officer Yoon: Corrupt police officer man aka Guard Yoon 

In the past I used to refer to Yoon Hee as YS (Yoon Shik) so no one would confuse her with YH (Yong Ha). I might forget and keep typing her name as YS.

Also, despite everyone’s superb translations and summaries, there is a good chance some of these scenes might go right over my head – so yeah bear with me– don’t expect a thorough in depth analysis is all I am saying. Keeping my fingers crossed that I understand most of it for all our sake – me to save face and you guys to enjoy 🙂

if anyone wants to help fill in my blanks-please do so in comments and I will add them in! thanks!!!

To whoever is subbing this episode for the Soompi team – best of luck (my head hurts just from trying)

silent prayer -please lord let E18 be easier…please..please..please

Episode 17 Recap (Complete)

cute new cartoon credit

The King addresses the quartet and apologizes for using force to bring them there.

King Jeongjo: Such precious comrades… you were treated roughly. It was because there was no choice, in order to escape the eyes of others. Will you forgive the rudeness of your King? What to do… Professor Jung… it appears your pupils will not accept the apology of a King.

(Professor Jung appears)
Jalgeum 4: Teacher…

King Jeongjo: I am about to command a secret mission upon you.

The King shows the quartet a map of a city that he wants to build that had been his father’s dream (and now his as well) where political faction and social class won’t divide the people.

(uncovers a city map, among others)

King Jeongjo: I will build a new city by this place, Hwaseong fortress. I will give those who want to sell – their place of commerce, and to those who want to plough the fields – their farm. A great city of the East without political factions, without slaves or noblemen, where richness and poverty are shared, and where class distinction is absent.

The King added that this Hwaseong will be the new capital to start a new Joseon. He passes an envelope to them saying that it’s the key to the fortress. The king wanted to find the letter left behind by the previous king to do something big.

Professor Jung: Ten years ago on a certain night, JS’s brother and YHee’s father accepted the king’s order to bring the letter back but lost their lives while bringing it into the castle. The letter disappeared after that.

King: With everyone’s effort, will you please help me find the letter to help me fulfill my dream and my desire.


Yoon Hee: I want to find it. No, I must find it. Though I cannot remember his face clearly, I wish to learn what my father was like. If I look for his dying instructions that are missing… if I follow his last traces, then perhaps I can understand a little of… who he was, and how he lived his life… I wish to know. Please help me Seniors. Then JS says he wants to know too-what his (foolish/pathetic) brother hoped to accomplish.


King Jeongjo, Prime Minister, Professor Jung]

Prime Minister: Moon Jae Shin and Kim Yoon Shik are more fitting to carry out this secret mission than anyone else. However, Your Majesty, I am inadequate to comprehend why Lee Sun Joon, the son of a Noron, and that other, who is neither a Namin nor a Soron..

King Jeoungjo: Gu Yong Ha.. Gu Yongha, that amusing boy is precisely the future of Joseon that I wish to build.

PJ: do you believe/have faith the kids can solve this ____puzzle/mystery?

King Jeongjo: Of course I have to trust they can


***the quartet is gathered in the room and Yhee starts to read the letter (and I have absolutely no idea what she is reading) and YH interrupts by saying “wait wait wait- wow that is impressive” and Yhee eagerly asks, “did you understand that Senior? and he says “No, I have no idea what it’s trying to say” (ditto)

Yh starts to narrate what happened that night ten years ago and they show a flashback of the King and YS’s dad when the King entrusted YS’s dad of the task (omg Yhee’s dad is played by that guy that played Choi Han Gyul’s real birth father!! sorry thought i would throw in some kdrama trivia)

Yhee and SJ start to piece together the clues from the Chinese? Korean?characters and Yhee figures out most of it and JS finishes her sentence and she asks him if he knew all about this business


IS tells his dad about the bracelet and that they should send guards to SKKS to capture JS but his dad is hesitant to take such extreme measures on just a hunch with no concrete proof since the bracelet alone won’t do

WM: So Hong Byuk Seo is the Chief Inspector’s son…

IS: This is his belonging we found at the place where Hong Byuk Seo disappeared.

WM: We have a hunch, and we have a piece of evidence, but we have no definite proof.

IS: We can send the military to Sungkyunkwan tomorrow to capture him and send him to geumbu (high-crime treason court/holding).

WM: You mean to use such radical measure, as to send military into Sungkyunkwan?

IS’s dad shares an alternate plan and after his dad leaves, IS says to the head guard that his old man is too cautious and asks the guard to lend him a few men so IS can capture HBS before he enters SKK


JS tells YH about the GDJS and how it will prove who is behind the death of his brother and YS’s dad and the reason why he didn’t say it earlier was cuz YS and SJ were in the room


***IS and some guards surround YH and JS on the streets

IS: so glad I ran into you guys here

…say that HBS has shown up

YH: you should have told me sooner so I can go see

IS: then start looking all you want from now

(a guard pulls out a drawing of HBS and holds it up to JS’s face)

IS: we can talk about the details at the jail (??? I’m guessing)

YH; if you’re going to use such flimsy evidence to capture HBS then the guy who looks most similar to him seems to be you

(holding the sketch of HBS up to IS’s face)

IS: I’m curious if you’ll still be able to joke after seeing this. It’s the evidence you left behind last night when you were caught as HBS. If I need a witness to say that this bracelet belongs to MJS, I can bring anyone from SKK

(The guards grab JS and we see he is wearing the bracelet)

JS: Is this what you are looking for?

YH holds up his wrist with the same bracelet on it: Or something like this?

YH: we have to go listen to Professor Yu’s lecture – so do you -so you should hurry –wait –you don’t need this anymore right? (YH takes bracelet out of IS’s hand) Our Daemul has been wanting one like this – we should all share things we don’t need anymore – you should try practicing that

( really funny moment cuz IS just stands there speechless)

(YH and JS run off – that is the happiest I’ve seen JS in a while)

YH to JS: you saw that right? I’m Gu Yong Ha

JS (stops smiling and looks serious): I’m thinking of finding it. If I can find the missing GDJS, I can probably meet the guys who did that to my brother and I’m thinking of showing them what they REALLY need to be scared of

YH: So what can I do? (kinda like how can I help out)


Yhee has doubts about herself and says this

Yhee: That place where Geum Deung Ji Sa (Yeongjo’s letter defaming Norons) is.. that place where our nation begins… will I be able to find it? I have never done anything this enormous, and I have no interest in political affair or matters of our nation, and I am not bright-minded, and I can’t even begin to guess what my father’s thoughts and aspirations were, and in addition, I…

***SJ: I’ll be here. When you start to feel things are getting complicated and difficult, I’ll be by your side. When you regret starting this dangerous task, next to you, I’ll be there.When you don’t want to go on and want to throw your hands up in defeat, when you lack faith in your ability, when you feel frustrated, and if we end up not being able to do anything, come up empty handed and fail –Kim Yoon Hee (takes her hand) -I will always be by your side


PJ tells JS that JS reminds PJ of his older brother:

Professor Jung: The king has a special request for you. Do not come forward as Hong Byuk Seo and supply them secrets of any kind anymore.

Jae Shin: You (he) knew?

Jung: Though your father is Chief Inspector, if you should be arrested by Minister of War now, he cannot save you.

Jae Shin: I am already aware of that. I believe he doesn’t have the power… nor the desire to do so… my father.

Jung: Your older brother was a good writer as well. Through your bulletins, I saw his image, and it was a welcoming sight. Did you work hard so your writing can resemble his?

Jae Shin: Loving the people without worrying for the nation is not poetry. Aching for the era without infuriation at the world is not poetry. Promoting virtue without guarding evil is not poetry. This is from the book I take pleasure in reading, a book of poetry and writings by Sungkyunkwan’s long-time scholar Jung Yak-Yong (Professor Jung).

Jung Yak-Yong: Even so, if you should lack in attendance, you will once again fail the Confucius analects class this school year. (You would think PJ would give JS some leeway for quoting his book so well, but without even hesitating, PJ warns JS to stop skipping lectures)


***SJ and Yhee are in the bookstore elevator and SJ struggles with the controls and can’t get it to work and Yhee kids saying “Is it cuz Soon Dol always does things like this for you(what’s so hard about it)? and she pulls it wrong and she ends up in SJ’s arms. The bookstore owners knock and asks them if they are okay and then asks if the machine is broken cuz it’s so hot in there (and Yhee starts to fan herself). (LOL)

Outside the bookstore:

SJ: it was a good thing the elevator broke (on its own). I thought since you have so much strength, maybe you caused it to jolt on purpose.

Yhee: What do you mean by that?

SJ (coyly): Why- don’t you remember? Yesterday…at the library…”do I have to say it with words”… (hinting that maybe she set it up to kiss him again is my guess)

Yhee (taken back by his suggestion): Can’t believe this…that will never happen again so don’t worry! (storms off insulted)

SJ (chasing after her): No… what I meant was…(mutters something to himself- didn’t understand this last part)

At SKKS courtyard where JS comes up and sees them speaking from a distance, SJ finally catches up to her:

Yhee: I told you not to worry – in the future that will never happen again.

SJ: I wanted to tell you from the start…and he starts using REALLY hard words so that others (and me) won’t be able to understand and she says something equally hard and says “you can trust me”.

Whatever they said, it makes JS smile.


Love letter scene in the library-SJ stands nearby while she discovers one letter after another and reads them with SJ’s voice narrating

YHee thinking: Did he say the golden document from the classic of history (1 of 5 Confucius classics)?

SJ narrating: “smile once, younger once; angry once, older once.” If you laugh once, you are younger by one year, and if you’re mad once, you gain a wrinkle. It was just a prank, so please don’t be angry anymore.” Those whose strength is not enough give up half way. You are now limiting yourself.” This is a teaching from the Analects of Confucius. To give up something you’ve started is not something a Confucius scholar should do.. Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will win a hundred battles… are you really so unaware of my heart?

then the random guy interrupts by grabbing the book with the next part

to sum up this scene: SJ leaves love notes and she finds them and reads it one by one and when another scholar picks up the book that has the next part, SJ gets in the way and tries to get the other guy to take another book and the other onlookers tell that guy to let SJ have the book this time and the guy says “you saw how LSJ apologized to me right” (like it is a big deal for a Noron to aplogize to a Soron)

after they all leave, SJ and Yhee smile at each other and SJ walks away to let her read the last one

***SJ’s narration: the last thing i wanted to say, I’m not gonna say it directly, I think you should read it yourself “I love you”


Ok YH tries to piece together what happened with the book???? omg i dont know cuz he kept narrating using hard words – but he also interrogates some people. rewatching it, I just realized that in one scene he is spying on Officer Yoon, the one that later tries to extort SJ and IS’s dad for money to keep mum about what he saw ten years ago. and while YH is talking to that gisaeng, YH’s dad sees YH there and chases YH out of the bar (?don”t know what they call drinking places back then-taverns maybe?)

here is a better version of what happened:

YH is trying to look for a document to show something suspicious in the records that happened on the night of the disappearance of the letter (looking at date). He sort of bribes the officers with food and wine so that they’ll tell him something.

*looking at page* An official from Qing Country (maybe China?) visited so there was a welcome banquet. YH speculates that the security must be tight that night in the capital because of the special visitor. If anything  had happened, it would have been recorded. The letter was expected to come in from Yue Shan (Moon Mountain, I think that’s the place that the SKK students went for their outing). JS’s brother and YHee’s dad were admitted into the capital (palace). Out of the guards on duty that night, only five of them did not write a report/record (something like that). On top of that, crime would definitely involve money.

He then asks the guards if there was any guard or officer that disappeared that night or suddenly became rich (a change of fate). Everyone gets nervous because he says that he is under secret imperial investigation.

YH is at a tavern observing a man (Officer Yoon) as he gambles. The tavern lady (I assume) is telling YH about him. Officer Yoon is such an addict that he’s at the point of wanting to sell his wife and daughter.  YH’s also flirting/bribing one of the ladies to tell him if she knows anything about that night ten years ago by slipping on a ring. He’s saying that he wants to know who saved Officer Yoon ten years ago


***back at their home, YH’s dad instructs YH to marry a girl with a high rank and when Yh says he wont do it, YH’s dad says “no? so do you intend to let your kid live as a half noble?

YH: If a family that is willing to sell off their daughter is a good household, there wouldnt be any proper households left in Joseon. (thanks Mstvxq!)

(oohhh – really wanted to get this right but there were some hard words thrown in – someone fluent please help)

YH’s dad compliments YH for hanging out with SJ cuz he is a Noron and might be useful (with helping build up YH’s reputation I think) and says that Yh knows how the world runs after all and then he mentions how he has always been upset that YH chose to be so close to a Soron like JS all these years. YH’s father continues by saying that it’s not too bad these days cuz even though Norons rule right now, maybe later on being friends with a Soron might prove beneficial

that angers YH and he gets up and says something really important but I have no clue what it is and then just as YH is about to leave, his father says something about how YH needs to stop what he is doing cuz even though others may come out of it unscathed, it will harm YH’s standing in society  (100% guesses here so dont quote me on it-going purely by nuance)

now the more accurate version (don’t you guys love comparing like I do-more fun this way I think-but please keep in mind that mine was recapped LIVE not a day or two later)

YH’s dad shows up and chases him out for being useless as a SKK student. YH’s dad wants him to marry a noble girl, asking if he wants his children to be halves. YH retorts, if a family who marries their daughter off for money is considered a good family, then all the families of Joseon are the famous/well-known. The dad praises him for thinking more maturely and hanging out with a Noron like LSJ and that he should stop hanging out with Geol Oh because Geol Oh is someone who will never succeed and it causes him to worry.  But he says that it’s not bad to hang out with a Soron because you never know if they will one day conquer the Norons..

YH retorts, why? I’m afraid that Namin will also conquer the world so I’ve befriended a Namin. Seems like no one told you this.

Dad: Stop going to the capital to look through old records. Stop trying to seek attention. Some people think that certain matters cause headaches, but to you it’s like the measles

(oooh that last line was even better than I imagined)


IS’s two lackeys spy on YH and report back to IS

Byeongchoon: But President, why investigate about Yeorim’s family census all of a sudden?

Insoo: The Gods aim to help me, so I should do my human best as well.


YH tells JS that YH trusts JS to find the GDJS so that YH can see the ideal Joseon the King envisions and JS asks him “are you drunk or did something happen”?

at that moment, some men walk by saying something and YH repeats it and it gives JS an idea so JS goes home and rummages through his own dad’s personal cabinet (with YH’s narration about the rest of their conversation about what YH discovered during the day) and JS gets caught by his dad

now the accurate version:

YH: I don’t think the imperial order suits me. It’s too serious. I believe you Geol Oh so you must find and show me what this perfect word the king is talking about.

JS: Are you drunk or did something happen?

YH: I just want to succeed at something.

A rowdy bunch of people walk by. The one who is talking loudly is Officer Yoon.

YH: That’s officer Yoon Hyung/Young Ku

*while JS is rummaging through files* YH: That night he repaid a big gambling debt. If we find out where he got that money, we can find other related people. It’s probably in your dad’s study.

JS’s dad: What do you think you are doing? This is where I conduct my work. Even though you’re my son…

Jaeshin: Why is this here? Please answer.  Tell me why is there a detailed record of my older brother’s incident and these investigation records about Left State Minister and War Minister in your personal cabinet? why?

***JS’s dad says “you really think I forgave those people who did that to my son?

JS; then is it true that the War Minister andLeft State Minister did that?

JS’s dad: yes so now leave it up to me to take care of what happened to your brother and dont get involved anymore…I’ve been biding my time all these years till I can avenge my son’s death (and the rest was something like “don’t take away a father’s right to do so” I think)

(man i wish I was more fluent to get that part right – it was GOOD)

as JS walks out, he replays all the terrible things he said to his dad and looks regretful


Yhee and SJ look over some books in their room and the cuteness ensues:

SJ pretends something is on Yhee’s hand so he can touch it pretend wipte and she lets him hold her hand and he grabs it firmly and they tell each other to concentrate on reading, but keeps smiling


JS comes back to the room and sees their two silhouettes inside, takes a drink from his alcohol stash, and gives them privacy and goes up to his tree to spend the night there (my heart just broke for him)


***SJ and Yhee are looking over the books while holding hands and SJ notices something in his book, but doesn’t let on to Yhee what he saw. She notices something is up but he covers quickly by agreeing that it is a  good idea to go to the bookstore the next day.

*i missed this part during the live recap cuz I didnt understand that it was linked to the library scene with JS later on when SJ questions JS about the GDJS. (also, during this scene, I was kinda bummed for JS and him having to sleep up in that tree and got sidetracked wondering how he could sleep on it and not fall off.)

Dramaok explained it perfectly like this:
SJ realized the chapter that was missing in the classic of history,
is the story about the wrongful accusation of a deceased King’s loyal servant.
The story translates to SJ as the story of King Yeongjo’s son’s death,
which is largely viewed as the doing of the Noron faction.
but Jeongjo, the current king believes his father, Yeongjo’s son, was wrongfully accused.

so cut to the short, SJ realized his family’s faction may be linked to the disappearance of the Geumdeungjisa, as clued in by the missing chapter on the geumdeung letters in the Confucius classic.

the next day, SJ went to the library at SKK and asked JS about it.
JS who already knew this brushed him off and said it was SJ and YH’s job to figure that out, but JS was also protecting Yoonhee in a way. (this scene is  two paragraphs down)


SJ’s dad and IS’s dad are drinking but they are interrupted by Officer Yoon and he tells them about what he knows that happened ten years ago and wants to be paid off for his silence and tells them exactly what he saw and IS’s dad wants to just kill him off but Sj’s dad (my guess says something about how risky it is and that there is a good chance they could get caught doing that) SJ’s dad called IS’s dad ‘pathetic” for even suggesting the idea which kind of ticks off IS’s dad.

[you can totally tell from this scene that SJ’s dad is the cool level-headed one and IS’s dad is the rash/impulsive type – like his son.]

the complete conversation went like this:

To supplement this part, this Officer Yoon is telling him that he is there to save the Left Minister’s life because someone is doing an investigation on him. He went against imperial orders to bring JS’s brother and YHee’s dad to the Left Minister (so that they didn’t go to meet the king). He is asking for money from them to keep his silence. He wants a house and some land in the mountains.

SJ’s dad uses metaphors here: the rabbit has been caught long ago but now the hunting dog is barking wildly. What do you think the master should do?

Yoon: All I know is that the dog has to continue living so before the dog is thrown into the well, he has to bite the master. If it were me, I would choose to settle the dog.

M. of Defense: We should handle him (kill him) tonight.
Left M.: Didn’t he say the king is investigating him? Do you want the king to catch our Achilles heel?


SJ and Yhee fell asleep like that holding hands over the desk and in the morning SJ wakes up before her and smiles looking at Yhee and holds her other hand too.


SJ goes to the library and asks JS about what he knows and JS says let’s work separately to find GDJS


Yhee chases after JS and says “you didnt come back last night- how is your search going? is it going well? we’re going to the bookstore today to see if…perhaps we can find something in the forbidden books to find clues that will solve the secret order (solve the mystery). Knowledge points in the direction of a country’s beginning. Does Senior understand that? Instead of answering, JS just pats her on her shoulder and walks away


The school headmaster catches some scholars hiding out, not wanting to go to classes and wanting to play hooky cuz it’s such a nice day. The headmaster says there is a reason why some families don’t live well and points to each one of them. Pointing out their shortcomings, he brings up LSJ and his background and track record as a model student and says “have you ever seen someone like LSJ skip classes” and they collectively point and say “yes –there he goes” and the camera pans to LSJ walking out with Yhee on their way to the bookstore. It looks like a mini date cuz they stop to eat taffy and look REALLY happy


***SJ tells Yhee to go inside alone cuz he has something he needs to do first. ( he went to buy Yhee’s ring). HE is inside the bookstore and asks Yhee how SJ is doing and asks Yhee to help HE to get SJ to change his mind about HE

When SJ walks in and Yhee tries to leave the room to give HE and SJ some privacy, he stops Yhee and says to HE in front of Yhee that SJ has someone in his heart and to give up on him and grabs Yhee’s hand and walks out (JSsees SJ and Yhee holding hands from afar as they leave the bookstore and the camera lingers on JS’s face -you can just FEEL his heart break)

SJ drags Yhee away and goes to an alley and asks why she tried to give him and HE privacy

SJ: what did you mean by that? that you would give us some space?

Yhee: it seemed like the two of you had things to say since you are going to get married. If it’s about me, cuz you’re being considerate-I’m ok. I’m more than happy with the way things are now. I never once thought about us marrying since it’s wanting too much.

SJ: start thinking about it now-start to think about it seriously-this whole time- I’ve been thinking about it so much till I thought my head would explode

Yhee: we’re too different

SJ: because of you-I ended up doing all the things I never thought I could do. But you, as always…’re not even trying to take the first step to come out. what you’re trying to push back is not greed, but me.

Yhee: so what should i do? I’m so afraid – I like you too much…because I’m happy every day, I’m not used to this

She starts to walk off but he grabs her in a hug and tries to kiss her, but their hats get in the way (they try from every angle but it’s no use) so they laugh and hold hands and go. Yhee says”we better go in, Seniors are waiting.”


YH puts the document down on the table and says if they can track down who the owner of that piece of land is then they can capture/find out who is behind the deaths. YH is happy that it is almost over, but JS wants to cover it up claiming that their orders were to find the GDJS and not the person responsible for the two deaths

YH: You know, don’t you? Who is the culprit?


***In the elevator, before SJ and Yhee go down,  SJ says he almost  forgot and gives Yhee a ring. As he put it on her finger, we can see he is already wearing his. (side note: when he told Yhee to go inside the bookstore first in an earlier scene, he went to go buy them. He must have put his on after he bought the couple rings cuz he had it on when the camera zoomed in on his hands and the bag the rings were in)

SJ: “you said when we leave SKK, it would be the end. There is no end. I’m going to start over every single day”

Then he takes her hat off first, and then his, and kisses her.


YH: What?

JS: Lower your voice or else!

YH: So you’re saying.. the mastermind behind all these incidents, is the left-state minister? Lee Seonjoon’s father?

Just as they are lingering in their blissful moment, SJ and Yhee crash back down to reality with YH saying that loudly enough for SJ and Yhee to overhear.


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  9. @ bambiina; I can’t believe you did (do?) not post on Soompi. What a loss. And I also can’t believe you are married and have kids already. It is a good thing I did not make a bet. I thought you were 16? 17? See, age is really just a number. Or were you kidding?

  10. Hello.
    I live in US and Sungkyankwan _Scandal is the fourth Korean drama that I have been watching ( First : Thousand years of love , second Hong Gil Dong , third : You ‘ re beautiful , and then S_scandal ) I think S_scandal is among the best drama that I have been watching …because it is so fun in almost every episode ( I hold my breath because I was afraid Kim YS would be found out when she took a bath …lol…) then I laughed so much when Yoo Ah In had the hit cup ( and he ended up sleeping in between Micky and Min Young … so cute ) Yeah , also when LSJ wanted KYS sleep next to the wall ( the way his eyes and his head turn to right indicate to KYS to sleep there …lol…so sos cute ) and he fought over the space in the middle …they all were so funny . I do feel for Yoo Ah in when he cares so much for KYS , protects her in every way he could ( when he accidently saw her took a bath and prevented the other 2 to come in …lol…so so thrill and my heart almost stop when LSJ stepped in …
    They reminded me when I was in college with my first love ( specially the part that L SJ put love letters in the books _ my first love did the same …AWWWW…so in love , so young and so innocent … this drama touched my heart because they acted so well , so youthful and so fun .) The Best .
    I wonder how the casts of S_Scandal think if they know that … I love it so much and since I have to wait for the English subtitle …I was so frustrated that I ordered the Rosetta stone to learn Korean ( Just start to learn , not be able to translate like the Softy in here yet _ sorry ) Hopefully in a few months , I can understand Korean better . Anyway , thanks for the recap . Hope to see more in the next episode . Best wishes . TM.

  11. GAH!!!!! I’MGONNA DIE.

  12. what is the song that they play in ep17 in the library the love letter scene?? thanks for recap i love this drama!!!!

  13. great… i love this… feel the Moon Jae Shin pain make me difficult to breath OMG, Yoo Ah In do the great job… i adore him so much…. thank to you.. keep fighting and sarange

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