The I-don’t-want-Best-Love-to-end polls

We blinked and seven weeks sped past just like that? And now only two episodes of Best Love remain, waaahhh!

What a ride this has been, yes? This latest Hong Sisters offering has so far exceeded all my expectations. Barring a stupid ending to end all stupid endings (crossing all my fingers and toes against that possibility), Best Love will be my most-loved Hong Sisters drama yet.

And now the nail-biting begins as we count down the days to Wednesday and to Episode 15. Never mind, nothing like some crazy polls to keep us sane as we wait. Eighteen polls in all; have fun!




















44 thoughts on “The I-don’t-want-Best-Love-to-end polls

  1. Thank you for the poll, keeping us busy while waiting !
    Some choices are really difficult to make, what’s the best in BL : everything, writing, humors, etc.

  2. I was having fun filling your BL related voting. Thanx Thundie…
    My fave is ” kidnapping PJ”…. LOL!!!

  3. Haha, look at the votes for Ding Dong. No competition there.

    Almost neck to neck for Jae-suk vs Ae-hwan, LOL. No wonder poor Jenny can’t decide!

    • Actually can we have a fourth choice for Jenny? How about she remains happily single and date both JS and AH (and as many guys as she like)?

      • Take them both woman !
        That’s the same with the choice PJ, DJ and AJ living all 3 together, well may have tensions between the guys (“mariage Γ  trois” thematic ?).

  4. intercept their wedding and kidnap Pil Joo !!!!!!!!!! LMAO~~~ cannot stop laughing~~~~~~

    Thundie some are really really difficult to choose only 1, you know? YOU KNOW? LOL~~ I love so much about best love, from objects to Dokko phrases!!! I love your POLL!!!!! See ya next week!

  5. Even though it’s not a Hong Sisters pairing I think Dokgo Jin ( just prefer this spelling, don’t know why!) and Chef from Pasta are the best bromance!

      • Even without the subs I’m so laughing right now. DJ is such a Playboy : the Chef wasn’t enough, he makes Joo-won fall for him too. Greatest Pasta was already so hilarious, and now Greatest Secret ! Thanks for posting Kristal.

      • This is super funny!!!! LOL
        I have to cover my mouth so that I dont laugh out loud in my office.
        Else, I really have to beg my boss to take me back hahahahha

      • i prefer best pasta mainly because they have a common denominator with GHJ plus the fact that the voices of the chef in Pasta and DJ in Best love are almost similar, both with deep voices…but i also have fun with best secret…keep on creating such brilliant parodies..thank you for making me laugh…very creative

        • Actually I thought Dokko Jin and Kim Joo Won also have a common denominator… Kim Soon Ah. Kim Soon Ah was paired with Hyun Bin in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. And She was also paired with Cha Seung Won in City Hall…. Love the scene where Joo Won catches Dokko Jin out with Mi Rae in the shopping mall…. as Joo Won said…. what a jerk!!! LOL Very well done… even the kiss scene!!! laughed my ass off on that one!!

          • Yup, you’re right. Actually, there were more than one references to Hyun Bin in City Hall.
            “The Greatest Secret” is a perfect title for this bromance.

      • thank thundie!!! I forgiot that Cha Seung Won had once upoun a time played father Ryu Duk Hwan, one of my favorite up and commers….wish I could see more of RDH

  6. Thanks was laughing when I press a button!!

    this is Best is Best Laugh too..

    I missed DKJ..already..

  7. Best drama for me. Even i’m watching other kdrama, i’m only thinking of TGL/BL. This drama satisfy me a lot. But i hope until the very end, it will give me satisfaction. Thanks thundie!!!!

  8. oh man some of those choices were HARD – i had to actually think before deciding – like I couldnt choose between ding dong and JS cuz that one scene with JS feeling up DJ was so priceless but the kid finally won cuz he was consistently adorable in every scene πŸ™‚

  9. What’s replacing Best Love? Is it that Heartstrings/I’ve Fallen For You/Festival/show-with-a-thousand names? Whatever show its got mighty big shoes to fill!

  10. think CSW will keep the clean shaven look post BL? I’m kinda used to seeing him clean cut, but he does pull off the cow facial hair very well.

  11. Jenny with Pil-joo?? I really didn’t see it coming, but that’s a very good option, Thundie!
    I’d rather Jenny, rather than Seri, who gets the perfect man.
    Ae-Hwan and Jae-seok can drink wine together…that will be super funny scene!

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  13. “not watch dramas for a year (ok maybe a month or two)” –my thoughts exactly !!!!
    “kidnap PJ”–ohhh how i’d love to do this!!!!!
    “beg my boss to give me back my job” _ LMFAO!!!!

    thundie this poll is hilarious not to mention the choices are pretty difficult – so spot on!

    cannot believe BL is ending after tomorrow….no more camping here every wed and thurs. waahhh

    episode 15 preview is making me die from anticipation. 7pm in my part of the world but im camping here already !!!!!

  14. I so wish some of the polls, could have more than one answer. I had some difficult choices to make. πŸ™‚ It was all fun in the end. Love the polls. It is hard to believe today and tomorrow are the last 2. sniff sniff… Oh well will have to watch again. πŸ˜€

  15. Super! Thanks, Thundie.
    The hardest poll to answer for me is the one on what is best about Best Love. I wanted to check more than one option. There are just so many things going great for BL — writing, direction, acting, pace, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

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