Seven years of drama crack: A Hong Sisters poll

Since this blog has been jiving of late with the Best Love recaps, I thought it would be fun for us to revisit the Hong Sisters’ body of work.

From their first drama in 2005 to the seventh one that began airing a month ago, which have you watched and enjoyed? Whose acting left the deepest impression? Which pairing made you hyperventilate? Who rocked the house with a cameo for the ages?

Jolt your memory with these polls. Lots of categories so prepare to be here for a while! Also, for an excellent insight into the sisters and their writing, do check out this post by javabeans.

Except for the last poll which allows you to pick three answers, all the rest are single-answer polls. So as not to skew the results, you may only vote once per poll. Happy voting!


And… the last one, finally.


Sorry, no “Me and Pil-joo” option. Not because of the bad English but because of the reason below:


84 thoughts on “Seven years of drama crack: A Hong Sisters poll

  1. Lol Softy’s label.. just when I was wondering why no Pil Joo and Me option.

    I had a hard time voting for male lead one because all of them are sweethearts except for Oh Ji Ho(?) who I don’t really know.. but if I have to pick, it’s got to be Hwang Tae Kyung/ JGS!!!

  2. Best Love is the most recent which is why it’s getting a lot of vote. In a year, I think we’ll get a more truthful and accurate review of it.

    • *OOPS, meant National Treasure Girls.
      Was anyone else dorky/addicted enough to preorder this too? I know I can’t be the only one!
      I will be listening to the Dugeun Dugeun song repeatedly I guess when it arrives…

  3. It was fun to full this pool~ I can tell I voted for My girl because my favourite actor. BTW, can you follow me in twitter? I want to ask you something.

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  5. Ah, why does Fantasy Couple get so little love? It’s like the black sheep of HongSis dramas. It’s not my number one favorite, but it’s probably my second or third. Fantasy Couple, hwaiting!

  6. as good as Best Love is (really, it’s their best written and acted), the older Hong sister dramas will always be some of the favorite k-dramas ever. My first was DGCH and although I loved it’s zippy fun tone, My Girl was the first Hong sisters’ drama that really got me addicted. As a result, Yoo-rin-Gong-Chan couple will always be my favorite OTP ever, and their chemistry (Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook) was really palpable. Fantasy Couple is seriously underrated! It’s not the most romantic (I blame this on Oh Ji Ho), but it was laugh out funny without being too slapstick. And I loved that the heroine (Anna aka Sang Shil) was strong, feisty, and a little off. Han Ye Seul played this character perfectly, and I can’t talk about Fantasy Couple without mentioning the wonderful, hilarious KANG JA! haha. Hong Gil Dong was okay but nothing to talk about (and this is not because of the ending, which I was okay with). My least favorite (and don’t kill me for saying this) was YAB. The premise was comical, but I never once believed that Minam/Minyeo could pass off as a boy. But more importantly, I hated HATED that she was so weak, daft (to the point of being stupid), and submissive to Hwang Tae Kyung. He treated her like she was his little puppy, so even if this couple was cute, I couldn’t support this OTP as others did. MGIAG resonated with me so much because it was able to make me feel all kinds of emotions. The story was refreshing, and the lead couple was SOOOO cute! Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much during a finale, so that’s a testament to how well written MGIAG was. My favorite aspect of this drama was that Miho and Daewoong grew as characters due to each other, and they were equals. (By now, it’s probably clear that I like my OTPs to be equals in terms of growth.) Finally, Best Love! It’s not done yet, but so far, the writing, pace, romantic developments, clever meta-commentary, and second leads have been bloody fantastic. Can’t wait to watch today’s episode. the improvement with each drama just shows how awesome these two writers are!
    really, the Hong sisters are the only writers whom I actually follow because they’ve been so consistent in their writing. love it!

  7. heart wavered..i am a YAB fan..this drama started by being a kdrama addict plus the fact that i adore park shin hye…however, i voted for BEST love in all categories except for the OST and couple with the best chemistry where i voted for YAB and sukkiehye (jang geun suk and park shin hye)…i have to be honest and fair and i agree with most of you…BEST LOVE IS THE BEST…although i am a PSH fan, recently i did a marathon of almost all of GHJ’s dramas and wow, i became an instant fan, she really is one of korea’s finest actresses of her generation…

  8. I have watched five of the Hong Sisters dramas I dislike couple of Fantasy because I watched the movie with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell on Tv and they didn’t changed anything of the movie, I thought it was unoriginal not because they cannot do it but because Goldie was so good that it just seem like an imitation, if HHS, the girl that played Anna would have been more likable I would enjoy it. I was torn between You’re Beautiful and Best Love but Best Love is the winner in all categories, I didn’t like My Girl that much and Delightful Girl got on my nerves some times… I haven’t seen Dong Hil but I am planning to see why so many people hate it, I didn’t watch MGIG but I watched the ending and it didn’t appeal to me so I don’t plan on give it a chance. I always watch the 8th episode and the ending of dramas that I don’t watch live and if I dislike any of them then that is it if I like what I watch then I keep on. I am crazy like that.

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  10. ‘my very first hong sister drama is my girl.for all hong sister drama, i love my girl,best love and you’re beautiful. These drama are so touching. In my my girl i in lee dong wook side but in best love and you’re beautiful i in 2nd male lead side. oh,,poor Yoon kye sang and Kang shin woo. i waiting for next hong sister drama.oh god,,,they has talented to make the unic script and story.i love that..

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