Headers quiz: Answers, winners, and wallpapers!

Yes, all three! That’s why our song of the day is “Happiness” by Clazziquai (from the Who Are You? OST).

But first, I want to apologize to TP readers who suffered dizzy spells and wrist sprains because of the quiz. Apparently some of you were clicking as many as 600 times before you managed to view all 50 headers. Oh dear! To make amends for your “suffering,” I bring you the original wallpapers that I used to make the headers. (Oh wait. I didn’t make all the headers; the Protect the Boss one was created by dear Kristal.)

Without further ado, here are the 50 answers and 50 wallpapers. After that… the three winners!


1% of Anything (Kim Jung-hwa, Kang Dong-won) (wallpaper)

Attic Cat (Jung Da-bin, Kim Rae-won) (wallpaper)

Beating Heart (Bae Doo-na) (wallpaper)

Beethoven Virus (Jang Geun-seok) (wallpaper)

Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (Gong Hyo-jin) (wallpaper)

Conspiracy in the Court (Jin Yi-han, Kim Ha-eun, Lee Chun-hee) (wallpaper)

Devil/Mawang (Shin Mina, Joo Ji-hoon) (wallpaper)

Eight Days: The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination (Kim Sang-joong) (wallpaper)

Emperor of the Sea (horses, haha) ( “wallpaper” screencap by thundie, hahaha)

Fantasy Couple (Oh Ji-ho) (wallpaper)

Flowers for My Life (Kim Ji-hoon) (wallpaper)

Ireland (Kim Min-joon) (wallpaper)

Joseon X-Files (Kim Ji-hoon, Im Jung-eun) (wallpaper)

More Beautiful than a Flower (Go Doo-shim) (wallpaper)

My Girl (Lee Jun-ki) (wallpaper)

Oh! My Lady (Chae Rim, Choi Si-won) (wallpaper)

Protect the Boss (Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee) (wallpaper)

Really Really Like You (Lee Min-ki, Eugene, Ryu Jin) (wallpaper)

Ruler of Your Own World (Lee Na-young) (wallpaper)

Queen Seondeok (Kim Nam-gil) (wallpaper)

Shin Don (Oh Man-seok) (wallpaper)

Strike Love (Yoon Tae-young) (wallpaper)

What’s Up, Fox? (Go Hyun-jung, Chun Jung-myung) (wallpaper)

Who Are You? (Kang Nam-gil, Yoon Kye-sang) (wallpaper)

Wish Upon a Star (Choi Jung-won, Kim Ji-hoon) (wallpaper)


Barking Dogs Never Bite (Bae Doo-na, Lee Sung-jae) (wallpaper)

Beast and the Beauty (Kim Kang-woo, Shin Mina, Ryu Seung-beom) (wallpaper)

Bloody Tie (Ryu Seung-beom, Hwang Jung-min) (wallpaper)

Blue Swallow (Kim Ju-hyuk, Jang Jin-young) (wallpaper)

Bungee Jumping of Their Own (Lee Eun-joo, Lee Byung-hun) (wallpaper)

Christmas in August (Shim Eun-ha, Han Suk-kyu) (wallpaper)

Duelist (Kang Dong-won) (wallpaper)

Guns and Talks (Shin Ha-kyun, Won Bin, Shin Hyun-jun, Jeong Jae-yeong) (wallpaper)

Jeon Woochi (Kang Dong-won) (wallpaper)

Joint Security Area (Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Shin Ha-kyun) (wallpaper)

Marine Boy (Park Shi-yeon) (wallpaper)

My Dear Enemy (Ha Jung-woo) (wallpaper)

My Little Bride (Kim Rae-won, Moon Geun-young) (wallpaper)

My Wife Got Married (Son Ye-jin, Kim Ju-hyuk) (wallpaper)

Oh! Brothers (Lee Beom-soo, Lee Jung-jae) (wallpaper)

Please Teach Me English (Lee Na-young, Jang Hyuk) (wallpaper)

Romance of Their Own/Temptation of Wolves (Kang Dong-won, Lee Chung-ah, Jo Han-sun) (wallpaper)

Silmido (Sol Kyung-gu) (wallpaper)

The Chaser (Ha Jung-woo) (wallpaper)

The Happy Life (Jang Geun-seok) (wallpaper)

The Host (Song Kang-ho, Park Hae-il, Ko Ah-sung, Bae Doo-na, Byun Hee-bong) (wallpaper)

The Quiet Family (Song Kang-ho, Na Moon-hee, Lee Yoon-seong, Ko Ho-kyeong, Park In-hwan, Choi Min-soo) (wallpaper)

Untold Scandal (Bae Yong-joon) (wallpaper)

Wanee and Junah (Joo Jin-mo, Choi Kang-hee) (wallpaper)

Welcome to Dongmakgol (Kang Hye-jeong) (wallpaper)

And now for the three winners!

ajewell – 50 correct answers, wow!
blue – 49 correct answers, so close!
Kristal – 48 correct answers, well done!

Thundie’s Prattle will be writing to you shortly to discuss the prizes. You get to pick a drama or movie from a basket of choices, keke. Happy watching!

Hugs and (sprain) ointment for everyone who participated, including the many who attempted the quiz but did not send me the answers. Look out for another quiz (a much harder one!) that I’m planning.

To end (and because I’ve been itching to do this ever since the contest started), let’s talk about these 50 dramas and movies. How many of them have you watched and which ones did you like?

28 thoughts on “Headers quiz: Answers, winners, and wallpapers!

  1. i didn’t participate because i guessed only about 9 :(, all of them dramas, none of the movies. i have plenty of watching to do. am i still eligible for the sprain ointment? LOL just kidding, clicking wasn’t all that difficult. it was actually fun.

    congrats to ajewell, blue and kristal!!

  2. Wow, congrats to the person who got all 50! That Silmido one was killing me. I haven’t seen it so no wonder I couldn’t figure it out. I can’t believe I actually won something. I never do!

    I’ve seen most of these movies (except Yellow Sea, Marine Boy, Blue Swallow, Jeonwoochi and Silmido) and Quiet Family is probably my favorite of the ones you chose. Has anyone else seen the remake Takashi Miike did called Happiness of the Katakuris? It’s pretty twisted and funny. Plus, you get some catchy tunes! I’ve got both versions on dvd so obviously am a fan of both.

    Please Teach Me English is one I LOVED when I first started watching korean movies. Funny to see how Jang Hyuk has changed over the years, no? He was not quite so attractive back then…it’s just silly and fun.

    Of the dramas I’m going to say The Devil is my favorite. HOWEVER, I haven’t seen More Beautiful Than a Flowers, Eight Days, Joseon X Files, Emperor of the Sea and Beating Heart yet. Beethoven Virus and Strike Love I will never watch. The Devil is pretty amazing though and is by the same people behind Resurrection so how could you go wrong?!

    • Thanks!! Honestly, I just got lucky, lol – the few I didn’t know (Guns and Talks, and Wanee and Junah) were written on the banner. Otherwise I would’ve had to search like crazy to find them! In any case, it looks like we all have similar tastes in dramas and movies!! 🙂

      I saw the Happiness of the Katakuris!! I didn’t even know the two were related until I started watching The Quiet Family much later, and noticed the similarities. Both are hilarious, though as a fan of musicals, I have a soft spot for Happiness – it definitely changed my opinion on what a musical could be. I actually watched The Fox Family shortly after, but didn’t like it since I was expecting something a bit more like The Happiness of the Katakuris… but luckily, I stumbled upon The Ghost Theater, and Korean Musicals were redeemed, lol.

      Silmido was okay. It’s based on a true story, and I remember the ending was really sad. Definitely worth checking out though.

      • I used to try and watch almost EVERY new Korean film which are easy to find if you belong to sites like asiandvdclub.org or were really into clubboxes back in the day (anybody else remember those? boy am I glad those days are over) but as my focus shifted more towards dramas it became harder and harder to keep up. The most recent ones I’ve seen are I Saw the Devil and Ahjussi aka The Man From Nowhere (hate that title…) which I really enjoyed but I’m partial to violence. Muahahaha.

        I didn’t enjoy Ghost Theater and Fox Family. I actually thought the one banner with Park Si Yeon was either La Dolce Vita (based on the colors) or Fox Family (I hadn’ seen it in ages so forgot the plot) at first before I figured out it was Marine Boy.

        I remember watching Wanee and Junah before I even knew who Joo Jin Mo or Choi Kang Hee were. I kinda want to watch it again now knowing who both are and see if my opinion has changed over the years as I don’t remember it leaving a big impression the first time.

        I have seen Guns and Talks but definitely wouldn’t have figured it out without Thundie so thanks for that freebie!

  3. Haha, I’ve realized that I’m way ahead on dramas and way behind on movies. The only movie that I’ve seen is Duelist (which is sooo pretty). I’ve seen most of the dramas on the list, and the others are the ones that are on my watch list (Eight Days, Who are You, Joseon X-files).

    Now I need to go and catch up on some good films. They’re such a different ballgame from dramas (they’re so much more edgier, intense, and creative) that it’s hard to reconcile the two.

  4. The only movies I hadn’t seen were Wanee and Junah, Guns and Talk, and My Wife Got Married. Out of the ones I saw, my favorites were probably The Quiet Family, Bungee Jumping of Their Own, The Host, Duelist, The Chaser, and Welcome to Dongmakgol. All were good, but those are the ones that stood out to me the most. Beast and the Beauty and Temptation of Wolves are also very special to me, since they were some of the first Korean movies I ever watched.

    As for the dramas, I was actually familiar with all of them, except for Beating Heart. Thankfully, Bae Doo-na is really recognizable, so it wasn’t hard to track down the drama she was in. My favorite drama out of all of them is definitely What’s Up, Fox? Though I also loved My Girl, Joseon X-Files, Hello My Teacher, and Devil. On the other hand, a lot of these titles were awesomely old school, and among some of the first I ever watched (1% of Anything, Attic Cat, Ruler of Your Own World, Ireland.) And I’m watching Protect the Boss right now, so the verdict’s still out on that one, though it’s hilariously fun so far.

    Anyway, thanks so much for this awesome contest – it was a lot of fun taking a trip down memory lane!! It even made me want to watch a few of these all over again (too bad I have an entire folder full of movies waiting to be watched, so that’s unlikely). 😀

    • I know, I have an external hard drive that is just bursting with movies and dramas, korean and otherwise. Not to mention my huge dramafever.com queue and such. I have some Korean dvds I bought years ago and still haven’t gotten around to watching on my shelf too. There is just always some awesome new drama/movie that comes along and distracts me! I really wish I didn’t need sleep to survive or have to work and then maybe I could get around to finishing them all.

  5. Wowza, congrats to the winners. I knew blue was a nerd, but never would’ve guessed our nice but dim kristal had it in her. Never ever,

    That was a long list of headers, honestly would never have guessed most of these…
    And have watched only about six of ’em in total.
    And nice bit of marketing there, thundie, you’ve sold me on at least two dramas (like Oh Man-seok as a rustic,Tibetan-monk or summink on the Sin Don header) and a flick or two.

    • Nice but dim?? Wha!!! Why I oughta…
      I’ve been a nerd since the womb I will have you know.
      Just for that I hope your old boring nun meets a sad demise next week on WBDS. *sticks out tongue*

      • Your mouth to Buddah’s ears, sweetie. We should be so lucky… 🙂

        I must be firmly implanted in the Nerdist Category too, because even though I didn’t enter the contest (out of town with no time to websurf), I’ve seen all the movies listed except for “Please Teach Me English.” Probably have watched about 90% of the dramas too, but I have a mind like a sieve and cannot even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, let alone screencaps… Sigh.

        Congrats to the winners — you guys ROCK!!

      • OK, OK Kristal, you’re a nerd ok?
        And cherkell, I thought you were on my side? That’s it now, one more word against uri sunyeo and I am claiming sexy and determined Baek Dongsoo all for myself. *cackle*

  6. Congrats to the winners!

    I grabbed some wallpaper, and one of my computers is now happily displaying CitC to all who walk by. 😎

    You sold me on Untold Scandal, I hadn’t seen that one yet. My external drive is also overflowing with things to watch. Fridays are my movie night. 😎 I have a truly irrational love for Guns and Talks. However, Duelist is still my favorite.

  7. Well, oddly enough, I read the contest, thought it ended in October and was like “I’ll get back to it after this hectic weekend” but I misread and it’s over! I would have only maybe got 30, 35?? Shamefully, some of them that I have watched, I didn’t recognize the cap!!!! I try to keep up with all k-dramas and k-movies, HA HA HA HA HA HA as well as Taiwanese and Japanese as I critique them for a 19th century literature board. That said …… guess what? I’m behind!

    I like the discomfort that I frequently feel with some of the subject matter or the handling of it in k-movies (My Wife Got Married, The Chaser, Untold Scandal, et cetera) and being somewhat forced to watch them and provide critique on them has made me more observant. That said, I’m only 5 years into this, and I still have so much to learn!!!!

  8. i thought this would be until october? well, the only one i haven’t figure out is The Mystery of Jeongjo’s Assassination because i couldn’t quite place the actor… first i was also confused about silmido header, until i accidentally clicked silmido link on sol gyeong gu page (wiki has everything!!! hehehehe), and some (2 maybe 3) i know through guite a cheat method 😛
    well, congratz to all winners… this quizz was quite a distraction from the boring repetitive work i had last week, so i welcome another quiz if you would like to put in for another time in the future ^^

  9. Out of all these, I’ve only watched like 3 of them…

    -A Romance of Their Own, which I didn’t really like, but it sparked my interest in Kang Dong Won.

    – Beast and the Beauty, which I thought was soo CUTE!!! And I though Ryu Seung-beom’s character shouldn’t have been so insecure about his looks, because I thought he looked fine.

    -Protect The Boss, so far its pretty ok, but the main couple in this Drama has got the be the 1st main couple in any drama that I’ve watched, that I have ever disapproved up. Jiheon has got to be the 1st main male lead in any drama that I’ve watched, that I didn’t like. The actor, Jisung, is really GOOD and places the bratty Chaebol nicely, but he’s SOO good that his character reminds me of my bratty 9yr old nephew who still whines, and complain, and demand that I make him 3minute ramen noodles, because he insist he doesn’t know how to make it himself.

    • I know according to this record, I am pretty bad. But I don’t watch historical Dramas, I guess you can say I am prejudice against them, Lol. And I refuse to watch any drama over…30 episode at the most. AND I’ve only been sucked back into Kdramaland for a year, so for now, I only watch current Dramas.

      Other Korean Movies that I have watched:
      200 pound Beauty
      Our School E.T
      Baby and Me
      The Man From Nowhere
      Speedy Scandal

  10. Hi leonardswench and bbm,

    For a moment there I thought I broke my own rule but phew, I didn’t. 😀

    The contest will close in two weeks (October 6) or when someone correctly identifies all 50 headers.


    I realized the following while preparing this post:

    – I must love Kang Dong-won a lot, heh. (Duelist, Temptation of Wolves, Jeon Woochi, 1% of Anything).

    – Ditto Kim Ji-hoon (Flowers For My Life, Joseon X-Files, Wish Upon a Star) and Song Kang-ho (The Host, Joint Security Area, The Quiet Family).

    – Among the actresses, Bae Doo-na leads the pack with three mentions (Beating Heart, The Host, Barking Dogs Never Bite).

    – RIP, Jang Jin-young (Blue Swallow), Lee Eun-joo (Bungee Jumping of Their Own) and Jung Da-bin (Attic Cat). 😥

    – I’m flabbergasted that I know the names of most of the actors/actresses and can even spell them correctly without checking, haha.

    – I miss watching k-movies. And I need to STOP buying new ones until I’ve cleared the unwatched stash! (now more than 60 and counting, help!)


    Of the dramas, I’ve not seen Flowers For My Life although I own a set. Still waiting for the right time to tear off the shrinkwrap.

    As for the movies, I’ve watched all except Marine Boy and Bloody Tie (I own the latter).

    Untold Scandal was my first k-movie on the big screen. Incidentally… Yonsama himself was there. Yes, in person. 😯

    I will die happy if I can watch Duelist on the big screen. Was in New York City a few days before it was screened at some festival thingy. Wretched lousy timing, argh!!

  11. Yay, I’m one of the winners?! Woah, I’m surprised that my guess for “Emperor of the Sea” was correct after all! I thought that was the wrong one, and I considered just emailing you random sageuk titles until I got it right. “Bloody Tie” was tricky because I could have sworn Ryu Seung Bum and Hwang Jung Min were in “The Unjust” together…

    This was such a fun quiz! Thanks, Thundie!

    • “Bloody Tie” was tricky because I could have sworn Ryu Seung Bum and Hwang Jung Min were in “The Unjust” together…

      They ARE in The Unjust together! 😆

      Woah, I’m surprised that my guess for “Emperor of the Sea” was correct after all!

      I actually thought the Emperor of the Sea header would be a giveaway because I posted similar screencaps for my Ep 1 recap:


      Promise me you’ll attempt the next quiz because I’m going to make it much more challenging! *evil grin*

      • Keke, you know I have no self-control when it comes to quizzes or contests! Of course I’ll enter your next one, and I’m already anticipating what kind of quiz it could be!

        I was only able to guess EOTS because of your recap! The header looked familiar from your recap, but I was still not 100% certain. Since I have never seen the drama itself, I would have never guessed it otherwise!

        • Is it gonna be like a drama endurance contest where we have to watch100+ episodes of a daily drama without poking our own eyes out cause I don’t think I can do that?! 😉

          • Or wait, we have to watch all the seasons dramas + everything Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo have EVER starred in (movies too) and then to top it all off write an essay on the importance of fauxcest in a kdrama?

            • Thanks Kristal, for introducing me to a new Kdrama word. Was so glad to find Ockoala’s blog with such a detailed description of fauxcest (not to mention the good laugh I got!)

  12. I maybe got 15, but I was so so so so so so HAPPY to see my Hot Joseon Wonder, Ha Jung Woo!

    I absolutely loved him and JDY in My Dear Enemy. Watching the pair watch each other as if nothing and everything depends on the next question. Does she? Doesn’t he? Listening for the words between the glances. HJW was heartbreaking. He let us see his thoughts only once or twice.
    The Chaser freaked me out like Silence of the Lambs, and once again, HJW amazed.
    Glad to see him rematched up with Kim Yoon Suk in Yellow Sea.
    Oh, and because I am on a Ha Jung Woo kick, Never Forever made me very very happy.
    The Duelist I watched on YouTube -as painful as that was, I loved that one, too. I just remember crying while they danced/fought.

    Thanks, all, for the suggestions. I am adding to my list from the headers.

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