Mid-Year Report Card (Part 1)

With just a few days left in July 2010, I thought it would be fun for us to take stock of the dramas that have aired so far.

Just last week, some of my pals were ranting about the quality of this year’s offerings. Hmm, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised by most of the fare I’ve checked out. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lowered my expectations or if I’ve simply been lucky. For example, Giant is firing on all fronts now and I was even rubbing my hands in glee when I finished Episode 19 last week and knew I had thirty-one more episodes to look forward to. And to think I was whining so much about it just nine episodes ago!

How about you? Which dramas rocked your boat? Which ones sank without a trace, leaving you with ulcers and a bruised forehead from too much headdesking? How many dramas rewarded your patience and reinforced your stoic belief that “gold doesn’t just glitter on the surface, the real gems are hidden deep below, so don’t abandon a drama just because the first episode sucks”? Which were the ones that were truly disappointing?

(Note: You can only vote once, but fret not. If you should change your mind, you can always let us know in the comments box!)





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  1. Voted!

    Can’t wait to see the results (although I’m pretty sure I can guess at some of them)! 🙂

  2. Voted!

    Hope my bias drama comes on top! 🙂

  3. Prosecutor Princess was definitely a satisfaction. It pulls comedy, romance, suspense, and action all together so smoothly, in a well-paced fashion (and did i mention eye candy wardrobe and actors?). Perfect pleasant cast and catchy OST. It’s a shining gem waiting to be discovered by those who’ve yet to give it a chance. Instead of mid-year, it can possibly be the gem of the YEAR 2010 (waiting to be discovered, of course).

  4. Hmm, no Dandelion Family? (NOT that it’s a Best Drama, by any stretch of the word!)

    The pickings sure are majorly slim this year. *sigh*

  5. i love prosecutor princess ^^

  6. Oops, Dahee, I included Dandelion Family at first but removed it when I figured you were the only one watching! *runs*

  7. LOL, I definitely seem to be the only one watching! Even my dad’s not watching anymore (he keeps ranting about how he can’t believe Kim Jung Soo wrote this show). And the ratings certainly indicated that no one was watching…

  8. VOTED! Oh! No OB &GYN?! Well, it really wasn’t in my list, but still.. I loved the show!
    I so wish more awesome dramas would come our way this second half.

  9. Personally, 2010 has sure been a crappy year for k-dramas so far. Nonetheless, it was fun to vote!!!

  10. honestly, i was following too many dramas this year (so far) and it doesn’t look like it’ll lighten up anytime soon. hehehe. although there was more dramas that i like this year than the last..just saying.

    it was hard to make my top 2 in anything. ^^

  11. I’ve watched maybe 40% of the dramas featured. Of the dramas watched, the feeling is “All smoke but No Pot”, or “All Form and Not Much Substance”. I had high expectations of Cinderella Unni, Personal Taste, Please Marry Me. Sadly, big names, small satisfaction. Most dramas were utterly middle of the road. Exceptions: Coffee House, Prosecutor Princess and Jejoongwon. They deserved much better (ratings).




  15. PROSECUTOR PRINCESS i like !!!

  16. I’m really like Prosecutor Princess (PP). Honestly, Seo lawer and Ma Prosecutor maybe real couple. Oppa Shi Hoo and nona So Yeon acted very perfect, they were the spirit of Prosecutor Princess … They aware best couple prize …

  17. Voted.
    Woooh, Giant. Although I loved the childhood portions too (those were a seriously talented bunch of kids) the show’s really gone and outdone itself with its recent turn of events.
    I agree with Sayroo, no OBGYN? Hahah, oh well, I spy Bad Guy.

  18. Love your polls, thundie!

    For me, two of the best dramas so far this year are also the two most underrated: Jejoongwon and Harvest Villa.

  19. My country call is good though

  20. lol. Was Cinderella’s Sister really that bad?

  21. Prosecutor Princess and Coffee House definitely on top of my list…hehehe

  22. I voted prosecutor princess as the best drama. It has a good storyline and the main cast acted perfectly… I really liked it. ^_^

  23. hmm.. comrades is the only drama on my list that remains. will it survive from being put in the trash bin? i watched almost everything on the list but all of them were dropped.

  24. alot of PP haters in here? lol

  25. I wouldn’t say that those who voted/don’t vote for PP are PP haters @@. Everybody has a right to choose what they like and what they don’t.

  26. Out of these many dramas, i only watched pasta, cinderella sister, and personal taste. And i’ve only watched PASTA till its final episode so far. The other two dramas left unfinished. I still vote tho =p

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