The Happy Life movie giveaway

Since a certain drama is ending this week (sob) and since someone is a wee bit infatuated with a certain actor (as is obvious from her recaps), Thundie’s Prattle is giving away three copies of The Happy Life (2007).

If you loved Jang Geun-suk’s voice in You’re Beautiful, you won’t want to miss this movie. Directed by Lee Joon-ik (of King and the Clown fame), The Happy Life is “80s-style realism with a bit of ideology and movie magic thrown in the mix, oozing metric tons of the only smell that counts in cinema, that of people… Simple, well acted, with good music (the actors performed themselves); and, even if it tells you something you might know already, it does so with the kind of philosophy about life you can only appreciate.”

Boasting an excellent cast, the movie leaves one with “that bittersweet sense of satisfaction, mixing excitement with the realization someone told you something, and you understood his message.” As for Jang Geun-suk, he handled his role “with admirable charisma (and some mean vocals).”

(To read the rest of the Twitchfilm review by X, go here.)

Before I tell you how you can win an English-subtitled DVD of the movie, here are more images to whet your appetite:

Okay, this is how you stand a chance to win one of three copies of the movie. Simply complete the following sentence:

The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that…

Write as many words as you like. The closing date for all submissions is December 1, 2009. Thank you!


22 thoughts on “The Happy Life movie giveaway

  1. Ahhhh I was just waiting for this one:-D

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that…might make me erupt with happiness like an ‘Active Volcano’.;-)


  2. Thanks for giving us a chance for this movie, Thundie!

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will go on repeat mode on my iPod, to help me overcome withdrawal from the ending of You’re Beautiful, by providing me with a great fix of Jang Geun-suk’s acting and singing.

  3. thundie, you amaze me with your awesome generosity and mad creative writing skills!

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that would warm my heart like a hot cup of cocoa on a freezing winter day.

    btw, is it me or does jang geun-suk looks different, besides looking younger, of course? no? it’s just me and he’s adorable as always? okay. i can’t disagree with that.

  4. OMG! JGS looks adorable with short hair LOL! Different, but still adorable! And here goes my try for the giveaway

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that would make me bite my nails with the similarities of the band storyline of a certain drama although it’s totally different, bring back my memories of growing with the 80s music (and now going crazy with an 80’s something boy), but most of all, it sounds like the kind of movie that would NOT help me recover from my addiction – no, not at all…and I ain’t complaining! 🙂

  5. Oh, wow, thank you so much, Thundie! I’ve been wanting to marathon everything JGS has been in lately, and having the chance to own one of the movies he’s been in seems awesome. *_*

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that can leave you with a different feeling each time you watch it, no matter if it’s bittersweet, if it’s love for a certain actor, if it’s just simple comfort from rewatching, or if it’s satisfaction, simply through letting you find new aspects to it each and every time you go through it again–whether it be by finding another hidden layer to a character or by noticing some small, minute detail that can change the entire movie experience.

  6. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that… WILL CARRY ME OVER (especially my jang geun suk fangirly love) WHEN YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL ENDS! Seriously, I’m in a 50/50 split between: OMG, so excited for You’re Beautiful on Wednesday, and OMG, NOOO this series is ending.


  7. I’ve just finished the movie and LOVE it to bits. I agree totally with what this reviewer said:

    “Indeed, the film taps into something truly universal, namely the desire to make life mean something, and as a result the joy of the characters at their reawakening dreams and youth is genuinely palpable, and it is hard not to get caught up in their enthusiasm and excitement. The four leads are all on superb form, and there is a good, believable chemistry between them, essential to the camaraderie of the film. This spirit pervades every aspect of the film, and it remains upbeat throughout, despite covering some pretty depressing ground, with the men dragging each other through some truly tough times. The soundtrack helps, and the inclusion of some great rock numbers gives the proceedings a suitably musical feel.”


    Since I can’t wait to send this awesome movie to our three winners, I’ve decided to move the closing date to December 1, 2009. One more week to go! Looking forward to more entries! 😀

  8. Ok, I want this movie. LOL.

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that is meant for my handicapped karaoke nights. On an off-night Rock Band-ing with your friends. Or maybe something to watched with your dad on Fathers Day.

    hehe on the snapshot of the band members’ hair/make up session above.XD

  9. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that…will make me fall deeper in love with Jang Geun-suk and Kdramas. How is my heart going to cope?

  10. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that would make me want to drop everything I’m doing right now, run outside bare feet, unleash the craziest and bitchiest side in me, scream at the house opposite mine, “STOP ALL THAT DMN CONSTRUCTION NOISE. OUR ENJOYMENT OF PEACE HAS BEEN TOTALLY RUINED, even on SATS and SUNS!!!”, knowing however in the end, the compromising side in me would just take over. Sighz.

    Talk about doing something crazy, at least I can have a piece of that happy life by watching Happy Life.

  11. Thundie…

    Woe is me – and thousands of other patients with the YB Virus. I caught my virus here ya know? No cure, I hear. Only treatments to ease the pain – watching past episodes over and over, listening to OST to and from work, leaving the computer on with the episodes running while I work.

    I resolved to not watch ep 15 until ep 16 is out to save myself another agonizing wait but don’t know how long that resolve will last.

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will take me back to my young self when my body and mind were full of energetic hope and enthusiasm to live that GRAND life, a reminder that we all need from time to time – to continue to do so.


  12. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will help me get my Jang Geun Seuk fix, since You’re Beautiful is ending 😦 It’ll probably deepen my love for JGS as well, since I really enjoyed Baby and Me & Doremifasolatido, mainly because of JGS. I’ve never seen The Happy Life, and it sounds awesome.

    Thanks for a chance at this giveaway!

  13. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will make ahjumma-ish (or ahjummish? hehe) Jang Geun Seok fans like me shout “ooh-la-la!” and actually wish that they’re 10-15 years younger.

    Seriously, Thundie…Jang Geun Seok is hot but Jang Geun Seok in rock star garb rocking his guitar is smoldering


  14. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that I would like to encounter in a few decades to come when the pains of adulthood has sapped my youthful, creative spirit.

  15. Trying to not take a peek at the other entries lest I get too “inspired” by their answers lol.

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that… could be the icing on top of a dvd marathon Sunday – Empire Records, The Doors, Almost Famous, Velvet Goldmine. With what looks to be awesome music and promising performances and JGS as the lead, I’m sure this movie will work well with my list. Heck… it doesn’t even have to feature any music/ rock bands and I’d still find any excuse to have it on the list since YB dvds aren’t out yet. Like many others, I need to fill that JGS shaped hole in my heart now that YB is over.

  16. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will inspire some life-should-be-this philosophies which will appear too unrealistic a year later.

    But I’ll still watch it for it’s a escape from reality. Plus, the OST sounds promising. Thanks for the recommendation!

  17. This sounds really interesting! Thank you for the recommendation! I’m not sure whether I made the deadline since it’s still the 30th where I live for another twenty minutes, but here is my poor poor attempt at a poem 🙂

    The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that:
    Ponders the coming
    of age and fulfillment of
    dreams of long yonder

    That friendships have no
    limits to age and bonds made
    over music lasts

    More than a lifetime.
    Dwejitoki…Truth be told
    Jang Geun-seok singing

    Once again, even
    without pigs a chasing, suns,
    moons, and such the like

    Is more compelling.
    I wonder will it cure me
    Of Hwang Tae-kyung-ssi…

  18. Wow Taohua, thundie (who can’t write a poem to save her life) is impressed! But it all depends on my guest judge, hehe.

    Deadline is midnight December 1 (Pacific time, USA). One more day!

  19. The Happy Life sounds like the kind of movie that will put a smile on my face and make me nod in appreciation, even though, or rather because, the film shows subtle moments when that bile is just too hard to swallow, as it many times is in RL, but that, ultimately, life doesn’t give up on you until you’ve decided to give up on it yourself. Fighting, underdogs!

    Thanks for the opportunity, thundie!

  20. WAAH? isn’t the time supposed to be Dec 1st, 2:30pm or something in the US right now? My timezone’s CET and it’s not even midnight here yet. I guess I missed the deadline, dammit. lol

  21. Thanks thundie! To be honest, I was thinking about posting for this and was bored in my pchem class and hence the poem (initially I was trying for a series of haikus and somewhat failed with that). Either way I had fun writing it. You’re site is always fun to read and I value your recommendations. I’m just glad I got to be part of the contest 🙂

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