Hansel and Gretel giveaway results

Announcing the results of the Hansel and Gretel movie giveaway!

MisterX — Twitchfilm writer and WITHS2 translator, custodian of all things kdrama and kmovie related, a friend and guru who makes me laugh, who continues to inspire me to be a better writer, who awes me with his insane grasp of history and languages — has picked two winners:


PAULA (for her à propos use of wicked black comedy)

HJKOMO (because Brunello is overrated and can be broken any day of the week and twice on Sunday, and “Baby” knows it)


Congratulations, Paula and hjkomo! You will each receive an English-subtitled DVD of Hansel and Gretel (with special features). Thundie’s Prattle will be emailing you shortly.

To the rest who did not win, thank you for participating! Look out for another movie giveaway this coming week.

Finally, huge thanks to X for being my guest judge. You’re nursing a nasty bout of flu, but instead of resting you are translating your ‘favorite’ current sageuk, Queen Seondeok. What can we do but gasp at your sacrifice and magnanimity! Get well soon!


3 thoughts on “Hansel and Gretel giveaway results

  1. Oh wow, thanks so much! Yay! ~^^~ I haven’t watched too many K-Horror movies to date, so far just A Tale of Two Sisters and Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait, unless you count Park-Chan Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy as Horror, but I count those more as thriller, albeit pretty bloody thrillers at that. Oh, and The Host, I’ve seen that too, but that’s not scary at all.

    I am emailing you right now, thanks again! 😀

  2. Hey, it’s not my fault he went to Italy and not France. 😉
    Overrated, maybe…but pretty darn good with salami.

    Thanks, thundie!

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