K-classics on YouTube: Sopyonje

I can’t believe my good luck. One of my most-loved k-movies is on YouTube in its entirety… with English subs!

I own a copy of Sopyonje and reviewed it about nine months ago, but like many of my k-movie reviews, that post had very few hits compared to my kdrama recaps. This movie is such a gem and I truly hope more people can watch it. It starts slow but hang in there and you won’t regret it. EVER.



4 thoughts on “K-classics on YouTube: Sopyonje

  1. Hi dw4p, thank you for that NYT link! I loved the honesty in his interview. His first 50 movies were made purely for commercial reasons, but he had an epiphany which changed how he viewed filmmaking:

    “I realized that if I wanted to survive as a filmmaker, I would have to change my orientation, that the only way to survive as a filmmaker — as a Korean filmmaker — was to make films only Koreans could make. So I began to deal with the cultural traditions of Korea and the Korean arts, and also the history of the troubles and tribulations of the Korean people.”

    I’m truly grateful he made Sopyonje.

  2. well, do you have the original film in avi format?? I dont really like watching it live from yt 😦
    but thanks …. I’m watching it anyway 🙂

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