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It’s Monday but where’s my Sungkyunkwan Scandal?

Are you like Soon-dol above? Clinging hard and refusing to let go? Wailing your head off because you’re back to hating Mondays? Well, if it’s any consolation at all, here’s a post-SKKS poll to assuage (or aggravate) the pain somewhat. I call it the SKKS Silly Poll because… well, I hope its silliness will make… Read More ›

The Happy Life giveaway results

Announcing the winners of our latest movie giveaway! The following three people will each be receiving a DVD of The Happy Life:

You’re Beautiful: Episode 14

Filming in Progress AIRPORT PARKING LOT SCENE (Tae-kyung and Mi-nam stand facing each other) (TK) Go Mi-nam, I came because I have something to tell you. I’m telling you only once, so listen carefully. Go Mi-nam, I… You… (clanging and tooting noises; first busload of fans comes into view) (PD) Cut, CUT! The first bus is moving too slowly… Read More ›

You’re Beautiful: Episode 13

The Doctor Is In Ms. Yoo He-yi, what may I do for you today? Are you feeling unwell? Yes, Dr. Kim. I have suspected food poisoning! Suspected? Did you throw up? Did you go to the toilet several times… No, I suspect the guys tried to poison my food! Guys? Who… The three A.N.JELL guys!… Read More ›

Favorite Male Roles (Part 1)

Today’s a wonderful day because one of my favorite stars was discharged from the army. It makes me so happy to know he’s back! I’ve been thinking about Chun Jung-myung all day and revisiting memories of his past roles. Which of those have I loved the most? One thing led to another and I thought, “Hey, let’s have a poll!” The… Read More ›