Best Love: Episode 1

[I’m so happy to welcome Softy back to Thundie’s Prattle. A couple of weeks ago, Softy sent me an email and said she would like to recap one of the May dramas for TP and asked me to pick one. After I had finished squealing, I checked out the slate of upcoming dramas and promptly decided on Best Love. Just because I love Gong Hyo-jin, haha. Thank you, Softy, for letting me choose. Please know that you can drop the drama at any time if you decide it isn’t your cup of tea. Until 49 Days ends, you’ll be recapping TWO dramas back to back on the same night and into the next morning. That’s a herculean task and we salute you! –thundie]

Best Love Episode 1

A girl group’s song is played during surgery. The nurse comments about the music and the doctor says the song is good because the lyrics said “the heart is beating” and to a patient who is getting heart surgery, “isn’t this the best.” The patient is G.

AJ’s group “Treasure Girls” wins an award for best song. The song is called “thump thump” (like heartbeat). The band gets all emotional and the fans chant “don’t cry”. AJ thanks the fans for loving their group and promises not to disband and to keep working together. She asks if the fans will keep loving them and the audience says they will in unison. She thanks them.

Ten years later

AJ is at an event with her manager, her brother AH. She is a guest on the show because she used to be an idol singer. The male emcee says AJ came on after a long hiatus. AJ ends up competing against other singers. The last place goes to AJ. For punishment she has to eat all of the black noodles while on a rollercoaster and it is being filmed. Her brother sits next to her. If she manages to complete the task, then she has to come back next week. She says she has to succeed then. AJ and her brother wear raincoats and right before the ride takes off, they say together, “When we say we will do it – we will.”

AJ says she needs to hurry and mix the noodles. As the ride climbs, she says: “I have to eat this but my arm can’t reach.” AH says they are going down and AJ loses the whole bowl of noodles. Somehow she managed to hold onto the bowl though.

G’s film is being screened. During his action scene, JS whispers to G that the audience’s reaction is favorable. G compliments the director and they exchange thumbs ups. Then the mood changes. The audience is bored; some complain because there is another fight scene and another says it is tedious. G’s feeling uneasy and catches his own manager yawning. In the last scene when his character dies, most of the audience is asleep including his manager. Credits roll and everyone wakes up. G tells his manager to wipe the drool off of his face.

The guy who is trying to gauge audience reaction asks if everyone enjoyed it. All he gets is silence because everyone is busy stretching and waking up. He thanks them and introduces the director and cast of “Fighter” and they stand under the screen. G doesn’t get up and says about the director: “He turned the movie into that fiasco and he is happy.” The emcee asks G to come up. The manager says G needs to go up. The director gives G a dirty look. Finally G stands up and pretends to fake punch the director. Emcee says since the movie is called “Fighter,” G was joking around to be funny. G takes the mic and says: “Hello, I am the lead actor G in the movie “Fighter”. He says hello in a few languages.

At the gas station, AJ is in the car looking queasy. Her brother knocks on the window asking if she feels better. She says she doesn’t know if it’s from eating the noodles on the ride but her insides feels like a roller coaster: everything is coming up and going down. He asks if they should let her rest from the activities today. AJ: “No, since it was noodles, it will go away.” She tries to get out to buy a cola to help settle her tummy, but AH tells her to sit. “You keep forgetting, but you are a celebrity too. I’m your older brother but also your manager.” She agrees and asks him to get her a cola. AH: “Ok, my artist.”

G is in the car watching a drama. He asks his manager: “Is this the drama I turned down to make Fighter? The guy says yes and some other actor took the role (the actor looks like Kim Nam Gil).

G asks what the ratings are for this drama. The manager says it failed completely; it didn’t even get 5% ratings and the actor dropped in popularity because the drama was so bad. G says he feels bad for the actor because he got stuck with the role after G didn’t take it. Manager says representative (Moon) wants G for his next drama and tells G to choose well.

G: “Why would I shoot a drama? Next is to go to Hollywood and film a movie with Peter Jason.” Manager says that isn’t definite yet. G: “What are you talking about? I went all the way to America to do an audition. That means it is final. News articles came out too. Why are you like that?” Feeling insecure, he asks: “Peter didn’t fire me, did he?” Manager: “Let’s just wait – you even sent him a $15,000 dollar bottle of wine. Of course he will look favorably.” G takes out his phone and says he has to call Representative Moon and tells the manager to turn the drama off.

Their van pulls up next to AJ’s. G is on the phone and waves his manager away when the manager asks if he should get G some water. AJ gets out the car to get some air. She notices the celebrity van. She says it must belong to a new entertainer. “Is the celebrity onboard?” She peeks in while G wonders why Moon isn’t answering her phone. Some customer spots the van and says there must be a celebrity. AJ thinks the woman is talking about her so she puts on sunglasses. The woman wonders where she saw her and says AJ is pretty. AJ leans on the van and poses. G notices AJ doing that.

AJ: “Even though my popularity is dead, people still recognize me.” The woman says she is envious. AJ poses some more and asks: “Why is the manager not coming when I am so busy and we have to leave?” G remarks: “She is doing a variety of things.”

He opens the window and pokes her away. She is startled. He tells her not to hang around and move away. AJ: “Sorry I didn’t know anyone was in the car. The car was nice so I was just looking. Sorry.” She turns and leans in and asks: “You must be a celebrity- a singer? A talent? Let’s say hi- hello.” G holds out his trash and asks her to throw it away. AJ: “I don’t work here.” He keeps holding it so she agrees to throw it away, but the content of the cup spills on her. She complains it spilled all over. He hands over a wet wipe. She uses it to wipe her coat but he hands her a lot more and tells her he meant for her to wipe his car.

AJ: “You gave it to me to wipe the car and not me?” G: “You are the one who spilled it and made a mess.” He spoke down to her this whole time in informal language so she takes offense at that when he used the informal “you”. He throws it at her and tells her to forget it and go.

AJ: “How can there be someone like this? What a funny ahjusshi.” G takes offense at the word “ahjusshi”. AJ: “You are a celebrity, aren’t you? I am one too. You can see me thru that, right? Let’s see your face.” She knocks his finger away. “Come out…”

She sticks her head in and he tells her to go away and pokes her head with his poster. AJ: “Did you just poke me with that?” He quickly tries to close the window and she opens it and slaps at his hand telling him to get out. G: “What are you doing? Go away.” She grabs his wrist to see his face. He holds onto her. AJ: “Are you holding my hand right now? Let go so I can see your face.” He grabs her wrist and twists and writes something on it and lets go. She falls and asks what is written on her hand.

G: “That is my autograph. Do you want to know who I am? Try to figure it out.” She tries to hit his hand but he shuts the window. She knocks on it. “You are not kidding, right? Open the door and talk.”

She goes over to the driver’s side so he locks the doors. AJ: “He is a really strange person. Wait there-I won’t let you go.” While she is on the other side, his manager comes back so G unlocks it for him and tells him to hurry and get in. Manager asks who the girl is. G says he doesn’t know. “She says she is a celebrity too. Hurry and go.” AJ runs after the van calling him crazy and to stop. Just as she yells, “Where are you going?” her brother comes back. She says she needed to see that rude guy’s face. She shows AH her hand and asks if he knows whose autograph it is.

AH: “Is this Korean or English?” AJ: “If he gave me his autograph, for sure he is a celebrity, right? Who is this rude guy?” Just as she asks, there is a poster with the same signature right next to her.

At the airport, SR arrives. Her fans notice her bag and it gets sold right off the shelves. Her shoes and sunglasses too and the outfit she wore is copied too. There is an article because she didn’t go to the screening. The assistant worries but SR says she couldn’t make it because of her flight, not because she didn’t want to go.

SR and G are having a date and lots of pics of them are being taken during their meal. G calls his manager to take the photographer to away. Once he is gone, G tells her not to feed him anymore since there are enough shots of that. SR: “Since I didn’t go to the screening, I have to at least get this cozy date photographed so people will think I am your girlfriend.”

G: “You are working hard but there isn’t much time left.” SR: “While you were gone to Hollywood, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to leave it like this.” G picks up his steak: “This beef doesn’t taste good, does it? The timing was missed and it was left to cook so it ended up in this mess. So like we said we would, after I come back from America, we are naturally breaking up.”

She tells him to tell it straight. Breaking up was a year ago, now it is just (dumping him? kicking him to the curb? my guess). SR is spotted leaving by some woman eating in the same restaurant. PJ keeps eating so the woman asks if PJ doesn’t know who SR is. He says he doesn’t know celebrities much.

SR is on the phone. “Where are you? I told you I would be right out and not to go to the bathroom.” The woman says SR is pretty. PJ stares at SR so the woman asks where he is staring. The woman is surprised he is staring at SR’s butt. He explains because SR is wearing high heels and stuff, her butt is lopsided. PJ tells the woman to be careful too. High heels like hers are dangerous. From what he saw earlier when they came in, her lopsided butt was worse. She can’t believe he came out on a blind date to tell her that her butt is lopsided. He explains in more detail how if her condition gets worse… but she cuts him off. She tells him to stop caring about that and continue their date.

AJ and her brother go home. Their dad is with his grandson watching G’s milk CF. The kid asks why his aunt doesn’t do CF’s like that when she is a celebrity too. The grandpa says it isn’t because she isn’t doing it, she can’t because she doesn’t have that pleasant look. The kid asks her when she comes in, why she can’t shoot CF’s like that because she doesn’t have the looks. She looks over at her dad. She tells the kid to watch TV from further back because his eyesight will get bad. They make comments about the size of the TV and how it is too big and makes the room look smaller.

G works out and takes a shower and checks out feedback on his movie. People wrote: “The story is boring.” He looks at a script and says, “Peter Jason, I am just going to rely on you now.”

AJ watches footage of her rollercoaster ride. She says if the noodles hadn’t been stuck together (because she waited too long), she could have eaten it all. Her brother says the amount was too much. Some guy brings his group candy and signs them in. AJ says hi to them and tells them to say hi back since she is older than them and they know each other. “You have to greet people properly to receive love from people. We met a few times.”

Their manager tells his group to say hi to AJ. They finally bow and say hi. Their manager says AJ used to do the same thing when she was their age and now that she is older, she is coaching them ( he didn’t seem happy she did that). AH says when that manager sees her, he doesn’t look happy. She says it is because he blames her for her group breaking up.

Her brother takes out the schedule for today and AJ has a live radio program and that’s all. She says since they only have one thing, they should do it well. He compliments her for wearing a brand-name scarf. She says celebrities have to wear at least one thing like this because these days there are radio shows where people can see. She wants to wear it and take good care of it because she has to return it (she borrowed it to advertise it). He asks how much and she says it is expensive.

She runs into G who has on the same scarf. AH says he saw Fighter and enjoyed it a lot. He is starstruck. AJ keeps pointing at G in shock. G notices the scarf while AJ asks for a handshake. G just walks off. AH points out that AJ’s scarf is the same as G’s which makes G stop in his tracks. G hides it and goes. AJ calls G “cool”. G takes the scarf off and makes a comment to his sylist. She says it is one of a kind. He says it isn’t because just anyone can go around wearing it and throws it back at her.

AJ checks her reflection. “My makeup looks good and I brushed my teeth.” She touches her neck and says it feels empty and realizes her scarf is gone.

She looks for it and it is in the toilet. She asks her brother what she should do. What if they make her buy it? He says they (the people who lent it to her) need to overlook it since she wore it and she is a celebrity advertising it. She says she isn’t a top celebrity though. Only top stars can tear it or whatever and they will let it slide. He gets an idea: If a top star does this to it, then they will overlook it. She thinks of someone like G who is a popular star.

They sneak into his dressing room. AH tells her to go in while he stands as lookout. She switches them out and says to G’s jacket: “Since you are popular, they will forgive you because you are top star G.” Her brother yells out that G is here. AH blocks the door saying he is a fan and asks for an autograph. Manager says they are in the middle of recording so they will give it to him later. G asks where he should sign and ends up signing AH’s shirt. AH tries to ask for a pic too but G goes in.

AJ is hiding behind the clothes rack.

Manager tells G to talk about what happened during the filming. G says he doesn’t want to talk about it because it wasn’t a big deal. Manager thinks they will think G worked hard filming the movie.

G: “Even though I act like I am nice, I don’t want to act like I was hurt. The first question was about Peter Jason, so why is there no word from him? Don’t you think people will be the most curious about that since I let rumors fly about working on a Hollywood film?” The manager: “It’s not something we have to talk about.” G: “What is that? Did you tell them to leave out that question?”

The manager asks to talk about it later after the recording is done, but G wants to know why now. The manager says G won’t be able to do the film with Director Peter. G asks: “Did I just get dumped by Peter Jason? Why? It was all settled, I thought. I even sent him that expensive wine. So why? Why did he do it? He drank it all and cut me (out of the picture)?” The manager says Peter went with a different Asian actor. G asks who and the manager says a Chinese star because he was born in America.

AJ assumes G can’t speak English so he got cut. G: “Because my English wasn’t good enough, I got bumped by (Chinese actor) and got cut by Peter.” The manager says he already spoke to Moon about not revealing it for now. G throws a fit and tells the manager to get out. The manager: “Are you ok?” G: “I’m not ok so get out. Should I walk out on (ditch) the program?” The manager says he will get out and tells him to calm down.

G goes to the bathroom and imagines the paper towel with the words: “This looks great after you bragged about going to Hollywood.” He imagines more negative press about him making the country look bad and his blood pressure rises to 110.

AJ puts the scarf back saying that there was a lot of press about G going to Hollywood. Just because he is popular, not everything can be forgiven. G comes out of the bathroom. He asks who she is. She says she was walking by and saw his name on the door. “I am your fan and my nephew is too so I was going to ask you for an autograph but since you don’t seem to be in a good mood, I’ll get it later. Sorry.”

G stops her: “Where? Here?” He takes her scarf and signs it. She runs over to the scarf. AJ: “This guy is crazy.” She shoves him aside. She complains saying, “It is expensive so how could he do this?”

G: “What are you? You asked for an autograph and call me crazy.” AJ: “When did I ask you to sign this?” She complains the scarf is expensive and his sign looks funny. “Even if I wash it, it won’t come off.” He remembers who she is from earlier. He gives her his scarf since it is the same and tells her to take it and leave. Because he has no plans to wear it again since just anyone can wear it. She says: “Even then, how could you so easily switch it out?” G tells her it’s enough and to go. She stops to stare.

G: “What are you doing? Don’t hang around and move away.” She remembers G from the van. He gives her the signed one too and tells her to go throw it away. He calls for his manager and goes out. She goes after him.

G: “What now?” AJ: “This is your autograph, isn’t it?” G: “So what?” AJ: “Then this too?” and holds up her hand. He realizes who she is now.

AJ: “I figured it out. It was you. We are in the same country so we are able to find each other like this. What are you going to do? You are caught.” G: “So what are you going to do? Post it on the Internet?” AJ: “If you are that scared, you should start by apologizing.” G: “Oh, so you are like that. Then listen carefully to my apology. Sorry for behaving so badly that day.” He bows to her.

AJ: “You did that right away. G: “If it’s this much- is it enough apologies?” AJ: “Since you are reacting like this, I have nothing to say.” He asks if she is going to forgive him for the scarf since it was her fault for misunderstanding. AJ says she will. G: “Then knowing you’ve forgiven me, I will take mine back.”

He tries to take it back but she won’t let go. AJ: “You are going to take this back?” He nods. G: “Because it is mine, let go.” He keeps saying let go, but she says she can’t. He keeps pulling till they are face to face.

G: “If you don’t let go this time, it will be dangerous” G: “Then don’t let go” and he pulls it off of her and ties it around his neck. G: “To be honest, this was something I cherished a lot.” He says he will be going because he has to film. Her brother asks what happened.

AJ reads about how some husband bought a 55-inch TV for the living room as a present. “Who was this present for? We fought a lot yesterday and I cut the TV line.” AJ and the host talk about how men don’t understand women’s hearts.

After the break, the announcer says she saw AJ with her scarf and asks if the autograph belongs to G. AJ is surprised she knows. The woman says she is G’s fan. “Do you like him too?” AJ says someone she knows is G’s fan and asked for his autograph, “so on my way in when I ran into him I got one.” She holds it up and thanks G. The woman says it seems like AJ is close to G. AJ says they are senior and junior to each other. The woman: “Since you know him in person, what is his real image like?”

AJ: “His real image is not the same as what you all see and what you see isn’t all that honest either.” The woman asks what he is like. AJ says he says whatever he wants and orders anyone around, is rude and does whatever he wants. In one word, he is the king of rudeness.

Voices come out and ask if AJ can talk like that, just saying whatever she likes. An imaginary gun shoots at her saying she is too much. The radio hosts asks what G is not honest about. AJ says how he got injured while filming Fighter. When he learned to fight for the film, he had some kind of injury. If this came out in the press, he was afraid his fans would worry too much so he asked that no one be told that he was injured. “He is like this kind of person who can’t be honest.”

Her brother says she is a hit. She asks if reaction was good. All of G’s fans are praising AJ. AH says he heard her program with Jang PD so tomorrow she is going to go out on the show. Because someone who was supposed to film can’t make it, so AH hinted about AJ and the PD told him to tell her to come out tomorrow. She says she thought she was at the bottom of luck but she still has some. Her brother told the guy that AJ could do the show with G. “There is a part where you call someone for help so I told them G would come out.”

Some PD is talking about the past men and what they had to offer: height, being a lawyer (first season) being a pretty boy fund manager (second season), but for season 3 there isn’t anyone. The guy says how can they find a guy like that? SR says they must find him. Looks, height, occupation, wealth/status and household… They have to find someone perfect.

PJ goes to his office and his nurse says his mom is waiting inside. She asks where he went and looks at his stuff and asks, “To a vegetable market again?” The mom stole a patient from his relatives because the contents of the box is worth a lot of money. PJ reminds her she promised not to interfere in his work if he goes on blind dates like she wants. She says there is no use because with the last one, PJ told the girl that he wasn’t going to run his hospital anymore and to go to China to study. He says he is looking for what she wants – a good boss for the hospital to help it grow. Mom: “So you can go to China? You can’t go – never ever.”

G is planning with his manager. G: “It’s not that I can’t go; I’m not going to go.” G is planning what to say about Peter. G wants to say he had other things and turned down Peter. (G doesn’t want the truth to come out.) “First we have to decide on what to do in place of Peter’s movie. Find me a popular show I can join within a month.” The manager: “How about saying you were hurt and couldn’t do the movie since your injury came out and people are talking about it?” G wonders how that talk came out.

The manager: “Didn’t you tell? All day it was on the Internet about what AJ said.” G asks who she is. The manager says someone G is close to. G says he doesn’t have anyone like that. The manager shows G her picture. Manager: “You must know her somehow.” G: “I do, but she has nothing to do with me.” The guy tells H that AJ was a member of Treasure Girls and SR was a member too. G is surprised SR was part of a girl group.

The manager talks about Treasure Girls and how popular they were and how the most popular was AJ and the youngest member was SR. Then after a year, they disbanded when they were doing well because they hit each other, thought too highly of themselves, etc. Afterwards AJ did a solo and failed and had a big scandal with an actor who had a fiancee. After there was another battery (hitting) scandal, rumors she had her sponsor’s child -nowadays there isn’t much info about her.

G says she didn’t look that bad off-she really is hitting rock bottom. The guy asks what G and AJ’s relationship is and G says nothing. The guy asks if there isn’t, then why did G tell her about his injury? G says, “Am I crazy to tell her stuff like that?” He thinks she is a strange woman because she hung around his van and changing room. The manager guesses she overheard what he and G said. G wonders if that is how and gets alarmed. “Do you think she might have heard us talking about Peter Jason?” G tells him to find out her number.

AJ’s friend offers to sell the scarf to G’s fan online. AJ says she will be grateful. The friend worries if AJ doesn’t get to call G on the phone, people will think AJ lied (about being close with G). “Don’t you even know his number?” AJ: “If I knew that, I would’ve called already.” She gets his call. “You’re really G?”

G comes to meet AJ. He asks why she set out the food. She says she is buying it for him so he can eat because she has a favor to ask. He asks what. She wants him to eat and wait till the mood gets better. He says even if he eats, the mood won’t get better so she should say it now. She tells him about the show and the quiz. He guesses the program.

AJ: “I am going out on that but the quiz requires calling other close celebrities and solving the quiz.” G cuts her off saying he knows what she is asking and doesn’t want to hear her out till the end. AJ: “Can’t you do it?” G: “No, I can’t.” AJ: “Just once – just your voice will come out.”

G says he is not at a level where she can ask that of him because he is G. “Are you stupid? Why are you so brazen?” She asks him to do it for her because G wanted to do that film with Peter so G sent that wine and stuff so he should know (how she feels).

G is alarmed that she knows. “How do you know that? At the changing room you heard what my manager and I were saying, didn’t you? What you heard there you said on the radio, didn’t you?” She nods her head.

G: “How much did you hear?” AJ: “All of it but I didn’t do that on purpose to hear…” G shouts “Enough!”

G: “Listen carefully to what I am about to say right now. If I hear the talk about Peter Jason somewhere else I will sue you.” AJ says she won’t talk. She lists all the secrets about the wine and getting his role taken by that Chinese actor. “How can I say all that to someone else? I won’t ever do it. Even if you try to keep it covered up, people will find out eventually so trying to hide it like this, later you will look foolish. It is better to get these things out in the open quickly.”

He asks if she is advising him like she knows what he goes through. G leans in and says he will ask her a question too.

“Were you really connected to gangsters? Did you really have your sponsor’s kid? Why are you sitting there so quiet? It’s better if you get this out in the open.” He throws her words of advice back to her. “You are already in a ridiculous situation, aren’t you?” He walks away.

She stands and yells back: “Yes, that is right.” She says she is associated with the gang and to be careful because if G acts out of line like this so rudely, next time she will do this and pokes him with her rose. “Do you understand?” She throws the rose at him and tells him to pay for the food.

G looks her up and says she really was a singer. He plays her song. His heart rate goes up to 108 listening to the song. He wonders why he is like this.

AJ is getting her makeup done for the program. A woman comes and asks for G’s number. AJ asks if she can do the quiz with someone else and not G. She asks to do it with her fellow Treasure Girls members because she is good at quizzes. The woman says their show is an entertainment/variety show, not a quiz show. Why did G say he can’t do it? AJ says he is busy promoting his new movie. The woman tells AJ to bring up the movie after she talks to G on the phone to promote the film. She tells her to write down his number and leaves. AJ wonders what to do.

G looks over projects and says none caught his interest. He wonders if he should meet Peter again and try to hang onto him. He says he won’t ever do anything that brazen. He gets a call from AJ and he takes it asking why she called. She informs him the show is starting and he will be getting a call from the show.

G: “Are you calling to threaten me that you will tell everyone about Peter Jason if I don’t take that call?” She promises not to talk about that. She was hoping he would be more understanding of her predicament and wanted to call for the last time to ask him this favor.

He tells her to start her clinging speech right now because he will listen to just how desperate she is. AJ says how she feels about asking G to help her out with this quiz is the same as how G felt when he asked Peter to let him do the film. “I hope you hear my desperation in me asking you. I will hang up now.” G sits there speechless and throws down the phone. The manager asks who that was. G says it was nothing but he looks over at the phone.

AJ is called onto the show. The host asks if every one of AJ’s members is well because they used to be really popular. AJ says everyone is well. SR watches the show and sees how AJ is going to call G. SR asks if that is being filmed in the studio now. The woman says it is and asks if AJ and G knew each other. AJ is asked if she is close to G and she says a little. The host asks AJ to tell G that the host wants to get close to him too and someone else says “Me too.”

G keeps looking over at his phone and the show calls G. PD wonders if G won’t pick up and SR walks over to the studio to watch it live. Others on the show are worried because time is going by and others question if she is close with G and someone says she isn’t (since G isn’t picking up). G lets it ring. They declare her call a failed attempt and SR walks away but G picks up the phone. AJ is shocked and so is her brother.

G says hello and the host tells AJ to hurry and quiz G because time is running out. She describes a fruit and he guesses.

AJ: “It is yellow and you peel it back and it is sweet and sour.” G guesses tangerine.

AJ: “When it is ripe and tastes good” and he guesses banana.

AJ: “Outside is prickly looking and it is sweet and shaped like a donut” and he guesses pineapple.

AJ: “It is red and has seeds” and he guesses wrong and says plum. She says it’s like lips and he stands and yells out “Cherry!”

AJ: “It’s found in the mountains” and he guesses strawberries.

AJ: “In the summer, it’s what you eat like this” and he guesses melon.

AJ: “Not that one; it is red and has seeds inside” and he guesses watermelon.

AJ: “When you say I’m sorry, what is that?!” G yells out apple (same word for apology in Korean).

AJ: “Something that floats on the ocean” and he yells out pear (same word for boat).

She says gold and he guesses kiwi.

G tells her to hurry (because time is running out).

AJ: “Bribe -what you gave the Director Peter.” G guesses wine.

“What is that made out of?” He says grapes.

G is really into this quiz and his manager and Moon stare at him. The host congratulates him for getting all the answers right because he is the first to do that.

G acts all humble and says: “Am I the first?”

They ask about that last hint. “Did he give Peter Jason wine?”

AJ was smiling then her smile freezes and so does G’s.

The End of Transcap

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    I died laughing at Kim Nam Gil’s part. Treasure Girls is Fink.l down to their outfits and music. Hilarious because there used to be a rumor that YKS dated Sung Yuri back then. Dokgo JIn’s audition failure is in reference to Kwon Sang Woo’s? Putting up a dating front=Hyun Bin & SHK? The jjajangmyun eating challenge on a roller coaster is something Jung Junha became famous for doing on Infinite Challenge. Yoo In Na’s airport fashion was Yoon Eun Hye’s? My gosh, I was eating up all these references. Loved it!

    • @ Blue: Nice to read this comment. Please do explicate all the meta/reference every week ^^ I love kdrama but have no clue about kpop and the entertainment news^^

    • I second this. Thanks for all the references blue, it makes it even funnier!

    • Oh, I just remembered two more. The grandpa is wearing Hyun Bin’s sparkly tracksuit while watching TV.

      Dokgo Jin’s heart thumping when he hears Treasure Girl’s song because he listened to their song during a heart surgery is a parody of Summer Scent. 😀

    • These references – that I never pick up – are HILARIOUS! If you posted the references every episode… i think it would make the experience so much sweeter…! 🙂

    • Hi I don’t know much about KNG. Can you explain the joke they did? I didn’t laugh in this scene because I don’t know much about him.. so awhile others found it funny I was the only one that don’t know… I thought KNG became famous for QSD? Everyone loves Bidam and call him that, so I don’t get it….? Please if is not too much to ask explain this to me? Thank you very much and have a good day.

      • Hi liz,
        Yup, you’re correct. KNG was a “nobody” before, and his popularity erupted and he became a household name after QSD.

        In the Hong sisters’ alternate universe, it seems like QSD flopped so bad in ratings that it brought KNG’s career (who is really not KNG, but an actor by another name in BL) down with it. Of course, since we know that QSD was exactly the opposite of that, that’s one point of laughter. Second, the Hong sisters is pointing out to the reality of actors where their careers can get destroyed when their projects flop.

        But I also wonder whether the Hong sisters were making a commentary that they didn’t like QSD and think it should have flopped? That I’m not sure of.

        Hmm, writing it all down and explaining it, it no longer seems that funny. Hehe, but I enjoyed it when I first watched it!

        • Oh, and there’s also the possibility that QSD did do well in the alternate universe and erupted KNG’s fame as it did in real life, but that the manager is lying to Dokgo Jin so as not to upset him about turning down the offer earlier. Since Dokgo Jin seems only immersed in himself and doesn’t know what’s going on in the entertainment world with anyone else but himself…

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