Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy: Episode 2

Gong Hyo-jin is really pretty in Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, perhaps the prettiest I’ve ever seen her. That “you’re putty in my hands” sneer is so captivating I go crazy screencapping it. At this rate (500 screencaps for episode 1 and 829 for episode 2), I’ll need a restraining order by the fourth episode. Stop being so cute, Show!

But don’t stop doling out the surprises. Because you should see how my eyes widened when THIS GUY appeared.

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Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy: Episode 1

I don’t know if it’s something in the air, or something I ate in May, but here I go again, completely charmed by a show within two minutes of its opening!

Thank you, drama gods, for a wish come true. My favorite Gong Hyo-jin role reinvented for the small screen, and with her as female lead this time! A high school setting, just like in Conduct Zero (2002). But instead of 99 minutes (the movie’s running time), I get sixteen hours of our actress at her kickass best.

No wonder I have jaw ache by the time I finish Episode 1 of Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2005). It’s all that grinning and giggling. Because that first episode? It’s the stuff of dreams.

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Best Love: Episode 16

Pre-recap thoughts

Softy here. While we are waiting, I wanted to ask everyone to share their favorite moments or what they loved the most about Best Love.

I’ll start. Yoon Kye-sang (aka Pil-joo). The first time he gave Ae-jung the rose and not to that girl from Coffee House (Park Shi-yeon), I just thought YKS with all that makeup looked so amazing in the light. Made me realize just how much I missed him since Who Are You? Those few minutes of Road No. 1 doesn’t count; could not stand watching him scowl so much. But here—like that market place scene yesterday—oh man, what a dream. If I ever saw an oriental medicine doctor that good looking, I would sprain my own ankle and go get it treated by him every day. Okay, maybe not because I hate pain but still, I would find some ailment that would need treatments. Another favorite was when Jae-suk got drunk and manhandled Jin. Could play that over and over; hands down so hilarious it will crack me up every time.

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Best Love: Episode 15

Of course on tomorrow’s episode that potato will finally bloom and a flower will emerge; that is just expected. All this time that potato stood for their love: how it grew, went through some hard times, but managed to hang on just like AJ and J. As far as fictional characters in a love story goes, these two deserve to be on top. Not just because they belong up there, but more so because who will ever forget what these two did to our hearts every Wed and Thurs. They elevated what love can be to heights we couldn’t imagine could be done in a drama and made it so perfect that it was hard to believe our eyes and ears sometimes. There were actual lines that I translated and I sat back to look at them, marveling at the talent behind this show for putting certain words together to leave us speechless and breathless at the same time. That is what I am going to take away from this show: an appreciation for the language of love and how it translates so well to anyone who is, will be, or ever has been in love.

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The I-don’t-want-Best-Love-to-end polls

We blinked and seven weeks sped past just like that? And now only two episodes of Best Love remain, waaahhh!

What a ride this has been, yes? This latest Hong Sisters offering has so far exceeded all my expectations. Barring a stupid ending to end all stupid endings (crossing all my fingers and toes against that possibility), Best Love will be my most-loved Hong Sisters drama yet.

And now the nail-biting begins as we count down the days to Wednesday and to Episode 15. Never mind, nothing like some crazy polls to keep us sane as we wait. Eighteen polls in all; have fun!

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Best Love: Episode 14

Shows like this should come with an accurate detailed warning label: Proceed with caution – you won’t know just how painful this can be till you are right smack dab in the middle of it. It could get more addicting than air. Your tear ducts will get quite a workout from overuse. You could lose all sense of reality and imagine giving hugs to characters that do not exist. You will forgo sleep, free time because you will want to watch reruns over and over and life as you know it will pause on Weds and Thurs at 10pm Korean time. It will stomp all over your heart then pacify you with adorable characters you can’t stop smiling over. It will keep you dazzled with a really hot second lead* you’ll cheer for all the way till the end, despite knowing the truth from minute one. It will have heartfelt moments you think you’ve heard and seen before, but realize no one did it better than this show. More importantly, it will reinvent how we look at love which is an almost impossible feat in itself. And at the end of it all, you won’t care that there was no warning label because nothing could have dissuaded you from watching this once you started. This drama will remain one of the best this year not only because it deserved to be, but because there was no way it could ever be anything else than what the title said – greatness personified.

(*scroll down to see really hot pic of really hot second lead, keke)

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Best Love: Episode 13

During their picnic when AJ wished their location had some shade to shield her from the sun, as soon as J pulled out that umbrella without a moment’s hesitation, I realized he is always prepared. He has always known from day one that this storm looming over her would be coming. He knew and made up his mind what to do before the clouds even came in. I bet he knew and was ready before he even realized it. Ten years ago, he wanted to survive his surgery for very different reasons. But this time around, there is a desperation that is almost palpable. You can sense it in his tone and every action. Just look at their outing – everyone else sat together- but with AJ and J- for two people sitting so far apart, they couldn’t have been closer in mind and spirit. They may have been physically sitting a few tables away from each other, but emotionally they were inseparable. The distance between them lovingly gapped by an obliging little boy who will always be their biggest supporter. In a scene meant for comedy, I couldn’t help but cry thinking about how one boy was demonstrating what the right thing to do was in this situtation. He was cherishing what his aunt and J had together, while so many others were trying to tear them down. The love between AJ and J shouldn’t be scorned or mocked, it should be adored, emulated, and even envied. Even a child can see that, so why are so many other grownups so blind?I just hope nothing tragic has to take place for them to finally open their eyes.

Best Love Episode 13 (live)

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