Best Love: Episode 2

I will never doubt the power of the Hong Sisters again. When Lee Seung Gi bailed on this drama, I was heartbroken. Then YKS was added and I got over it. Still – I had my doubts cuz I didn’t know either leads. Now I am floored by how quickly I fell in love with this story. I even cried in that last scene.

Thanks Blue for all your references-we are counting on you to continue 🙂

After the question about the bribe and wine, G laughs it off saying it was a small gift. Other hosts say G must have really wanted to do that movie and they congratulate him for getting to do it. G thanks him and puts his hand over the phone and hits himself against the sofa. They tell AJ to say something to G about living well in Hollywood.

AJ: “After you go to Hollywood, work hard at filming the movie. Fighting to Korea’s top star.”

G watches her on screen and yells “fighting” back into the phone and hangs up and throws his phone down. He has a totally defeated look on his face. Manager asks if that was a live program G just took the call from. Moon is surprised to hear that he was on the show; then why did talk of Peter come out on there? G wonders why he took the call.

AH tells his sister she was a hit. She wonders if nothing bad will happen to her. G wasn’t mad at her, was he?

AH: “Why would he get mad when he went around bragging he would go to Hollywood because of you now the reaction was good?” She confides that G won’t be able to go because Peter told him not to come. AH: “Really? He was rejected?” He said that kind of loud so she shushes him. AH says how terrible G must feel. AJ: “Since it’s not my fault he can’t go to Hollywood, nothing bad will happen to me right?” She gets a call from G.

She goes to the parking garage to meet G. She asks why he suddenly came here. He asks if her filming ended well. She says, “Because of you I was able to end it well. You came out really well and it was entertaining. When you see it on TV you’ll like it.”

G: “Let’s see, I don’t think I will be able to see it on TV.” AJ: “That’s right because you are busy you probably won’t be able to see it when it airs but try to see it when it re-airs.” He says he won’t be able to see it when it re-airs too.

AJ: “Why?”
G: “Because the quiz we did won’t be aired.”
AJ: “Why?”
G: “Because with your own lips you are going to ask them to edit you out of the scene.”
AJ: “Why would I?”
G: “That is 3 ‘whys’; you still don’t get it? Then listen carefully.”

He holds up 3 fingers and counts down one finger at a time as he lists the reasons: “I was planning to reveal that I turned down Peter. But you spoke out that I gave Peter a bribe even. Wanted to do it so much to give a present and declining it, the front and back doesn’t match.”

AJ: “So you are saying that talk can’t be aired so you want it edited, is that what you mean?” He says she got it right and makes a fist. She grabs it and begs: “Can’t you just leave it alone? You weren’t going to Hollywood anyway so don’t edit it and please save me.”

G: “What do you think you are holding? Let go.” AJ: “Just hit me instead” and she uses his fist to hit her head. She pleads with him saying she was wrong. She forgot her senses when she was giving out the clues; she must have been crazy. G asks what crazy thing is she doing? Is she using his fist to hit her head?

He orders her to let go and pulls away from her grip saying he is G. She says because he is G–number one in Korea. So no matter what he does, people will forgive him so she begs him to overlook what she did once. If someone like her asks to edit the show, she will be totally kicked out of (show business).

G: “That’s good.” Since she is someone who can’t get forgiveness no matter what she does, she shouldn’t just hang around and just go “clearly” out. “If I interfere personally, it will look obvious so you go and tell them that you didn’t like how you were filmed and confidently ask for it to be edited. Also, since it bothers me that I filmed something with you, delete me from your head too (from your memory).”

He walks off but she has a funny look on her face. He turns and asks why she isn’t hurrying along to do what he asked. Speaking informally with a lot of attitude, AJ: “Ya- what? Go ‘clearly’out? Just because you feel embarrassed over something, can you talk so easily about cutting off someone’s food source?”

G: “Are you crazy?” AJ retorts back that he was rejected by Peter because G was so rude.

G: “You are crazy.” AJ: “No, that wasn’t it. That’s right, you were rejected because you couldn’t speak English. Who do you think are to say ‘clearly out’? It’s because you used English like that you got rejected, do you know that?”

He points his finger at her. G: “What did you just say?” AJ points back and says, “You King jackass very much. You can understand that at least, right?” His finger changes to a fist and he goes after her. She steps back and ducks.

Just then a group of people walks by and says “hello and nice to meet you” to G. G quickly changes his fist to a hello wave. The passersby say they look forward to his movie and he is handsome. He laughs and claps as they pass and AJ tries to get them to ask for autographs but they go in and stand around watching AJ and G.

AJ tells him since he doesn’t want anything to do with someone like her- don’t call her and don’t follow her. She walks off and G says through his plastered smile, “Where are you going? You should stay right there. Where are you going?”

She gets in her car and tells the group of people to get G’s signature and go. She drives off and G gives chase, honking and yelling at her to stop right there.

At the gate she brakes suddenly and G’s car rear-ends hers. She realizes he hit her car and gets out and knocks on his window.

G is in shock. He looks calmly over at her and says, “AJ, it’s the end for you now” (kinda like you’re dead now).” His nose starts to bleed from the impact of his head on the steering wheel. Just as she says he has a nosebleed, his head hits the steering wheel again as he passes out. Pics of the car accident are on the news.

Moon and his manager have him rushed to the hospital and he pretends to be worse than he is when reporters come over.

Moon tells the reporters that G injured his leg and they will fill them in later. They ask who caused the accident. Moon says since it is another fellow entertainer, they can’t say who from their side.

Toll gate guy says the car in front hit G’s car. Reporter asks who was driving the car in front. Reporter gives the guy a drink as a cheap bribe saying he heard it was an entertainer’s car. The man says she is a singer from a girl group from a long time ago. Treasure Girls’ AJ. That hits the news too.

As AJ and AH enter a building, they are mobbed by reporters. Reporters ask if she is AJ, the one from G’s accident. AJ: “It’s correct I was in the accident. Since it was a parking garage, I wasn’t going fast; it was a slight accident.” They ask if she is okay and she says she is fine and G should be okay too. Pics of a wheelchair-bound G looking distraught are plastered next to her happy face.

At the hospital, reporters are having a field day. Moon announces that it will be difficult for G to film after the accident, that he won’t be able to do the Hollywood film he looked forward to making. G feigns being heartbroken.

AJ and AH are being bombarded with questions so AH asks them to ask one question at a time. One asks if AJ feels responsible for G not being able to film his Hollywood movie. AJ says that if they looked into this they will know, but this didn’t happen because of her. She keeps saying it wasn’t her.

AJ’s brother, father, and nephew are at home. AH says the article called AJ an “ankle girl”. Her nephew doesn’t know what that is so his grandpa explains when there is a Korean actor who wants to film in Hollywood, the person who holds onto the actor’s foot is who you call an “ankle girl”. AH wonders how G’s leg got broken when his car was hit in a parking garage accident. The person who hit her car from the back was G; even the insurance company said it was G’s fault so why is everyone blaming this on AJ?

AJ is looking at news about her. Her former member friend Jenny comes over and says AJ has been the number one search for the past few days. Jenny says AJ beat out news about PTH, the famous Korean gold medalist swimmer and his 400-meter relay in the Asian Games. AJ says she didn’t know G would get that hurt, that she was angry that day and she should have held it in. Jenny laughs saying people recognize AJ on the streets and insult her. AJ glares at her. AJ says she feels indignant because people are blaming her for G not being able to make that Hollywood film.

People replay AJ’s fighting speech from the show saying it is funny because after giving that encouraging message to G, AJ caused his accident. The guy from the couple show gets an idea about having AJ on their show this season. The woman agrees it would be good for the ratings too and asks if she should contact AJ’s rep.
SR asks them: “What if I am against AJ coming on the show?” The woman says then they will have to rethink it. SR says she is a pro and if it will help the show, she will consider it.

Jenny helps sneak AJ who is in disguise to meet G at the hospital. Unless he has collapsed from his injuries, AJ thinks it would be good to meet him in person and speak with him. Jenny points out that G didn’t even take AJ’s calls when AJ tried to reach him a few times. She thinks he didn’t answer because he was upset. AJ thinks she has to try begging for forgiveness.

There are too many reporters standing around G’s hospital room. AJ asks Jenny for the time. It is 3pm. AJ says they need to wait a little because a chance will come soon. Everyone runs to the TV room to watch the Asian Games and that swimmer compete.

G is repeating what he hears on the Colber report in the most slurred incomprehensible English ever. The manager says ever since G came here, he keeps watching American TV. G tells him to be quiet because he is studying English. G suddenly remembers how AJ said he was rejected for not being able to speak English well. He continues his English “practice” (seems like more harm than good if you ask me).

Manager asks if he can switch channels to watch the swimmer because he wants so to cheer him on. G asks if that was today because it is an important one. The guy says today’s meet has the gold medal hanging on the line.

G: “No, not that. My CF is hanging in the balance. If PTH wins the gold medal today, didn’t you say my Air Conditioning CF would go to him?” Guy says there was that kind of talk. G: “Then it won’t do for him to win the gold medal today.” G orders him to turn it on so he can see what happened. Manager tells him to watch it alone because G is rooting to get his CF and the guy is rooting for PTH to win the gold. G: “Whose side are you on?”

Everyone in the hospital, from nurses to body guards, is tuned into the game.

Jenny preps AJ like a coach would for an athlete before a meet. AJ is stretching and flexing because she has to make it to the other end of the hall where G’s room is located (without getting noticed or caught). Through the theme of Chariots of Fire and Mission Impossible and lots of acrobatic stunts, AJ makes it to G’s room.

G is into the game now and worries that PTH will win. “Why is he so fast? What if he gets first place? What are the guys next to him doing? Why can’t they go faster?” He jumps out of bed as the announcer says PTH is leading so G says: “No, that can’t happen, please don’t get first place.”

AJ comes into the room and sees G jumping up and down as he begs “Please don’t win because my CF is on the line, my CF.” PTH wins the gold and the hospital erupts with cheers from everyone.

As he kicks the air in frustration, he spots AJ. She says: “There is nothing wrong with you. You are able to jump up and down and are perfectly fine.”

She tells him to jump around like he did. He starts to limp back to his bed and sits.

She steps up and asks: “It was a lie? You made it up. To say you can’t go to Hollywood, you made an excuse that you are hurt.” He tells her to be quiet. She says she didn’t know that and thought he was hurt because of her.

“People are insulting me saying you can’t go to Hollywood because of me. And I didn’t say one word that you were rejected by Peter a long time ago. I am really indignant. It’s so unfair.” G tells her to stop yelling because someone might hear. She says she is yelling so someone will hear.

Outside there are a lot of people and tons of reporters. She yells: “Over here. This person isn’t hurt and his leg is perfectly fine.” He tells her to be quiet. “And you were rooting for PTH not to win the gold medal.” He keeps yelling for her to be quiet.

AJ: “I am going out and calling them all in and telling them everything.” He pulls her back saying: “Where are you going? Stay right there.” He holds her in a tight embrace to keep her from talking, kind of smothering her.

Manager runs in to announce PTH’s winning. Without letting go, G orders the guy to go call Moon into the room. He leaves to go get her.

G’s heart rate is racing at 110 and he blames her for that. G tells her to wait because he will give her a chance to (? don’t know this word- it may be compensation). G doesn’t look well.

AH looks over the contract and says G must have been in a hurry to offer so much to someone in AJ’s position. She wonders if she can trust G. She says G must be expensive since he came out this strong for her to keep taking insults (from people). AH wonders what the great place G said he would put AJ in.

Moon meets with SR about the couple program. SR says just because she okays it, would G agree to do the show? Moon says it’s already been discussed. If SR’s side hears that SR is ok with it, they want to contact AJ today to hold an audition.

AJ goes to meet Moon at a VIP room.

PJ is having drinks with a friend in the same location. PJ confides that since he doesn’t have college juniors or anyone he knows, it is hard for him to find a doctor to be in charge of his hospital. The guy says he is recommending a junior with the most talent and lists where that person graduated with what degree. The guy wanted PJ to meet that person in a comfortable mood and chose this place.

PJ thanks him. The guy warns because this friend is skilled and popular, it will cost PJ a lot to hold onto the person. He suggests if PJ wants to give the job to this person, PJ should offer a high salary from the start. PJ says he hasn’t done stuff like that so he doesn’t know how to bring up that talk. The guy gets a call and steps outside to take the call.

Moon meets with AJ. She says one more person is inside so she tells AJ to go in and wait and Moon will be in after she makes a call. AJ asks: “One more person?” Moon: “The last time I told you I would find you a good position/place. It’s a good chance so do well.” The guy is giving instructions to the person PJ is waiting for and AJ walks by him and goes into where PJ is waiting.

AJ: “By any chance is this…” (AJ says all this without using pronouns or names) AJ says that on Moon’s way out, she ran into Moon and Moon told her to come in and wait. PJ tells her to come in and sit.

PJ says he heard a lot about her, that she is skilled and popular. AJ: “I am? I’m not that popular. To be honest, you know what my level is right?” PJ looks confused but plows through and says he doesn’t know how to bring up this talk but “should we talk about it when my friend comes back in?” She agrees to that.

PJ: “I just want to say this ahead of time but I would like it if you told me the exact amount you want.” AJ: “Money?” PJ: “I heard you needed money and came here today. Instead of me offering you the amount, call out an amount that matches your confidence.”

AJ: “I need money… amount…” PJ: “How much do you want?” AJ is confused and replays what Moon said to her a few minutes ago but this time AJ imagines it in a more lascivious manner. “Moon says seductively: there is a person inside so go in first. The last time I told you I would find you a good position/place. It’s a good chance so do well.”

AJ wonders to herself if this is the kind of place where the things she only heard about happens. She asks PJ if he is trying to say he wants to pay her. PJ says, “I guess so since I am hiring you.”

AJ starts to lose her composure: “That you want to buy me? How much are you going to buy me for? How much am I (worth)?”

PJ: “Like I already said, I’ll match whatever amount you want.” She asks if he can give her an outrageous amount (pretty sure she said 10 million). PJ: “Huh?”

AJ: “It is too much so you must have been shocked. As you know I am (?)…”
PJ: “How can you ask for 10 million?”

AJ: “Now that I think about it, 10 million is too low. I’m someone who needs a lot of things. (she starts her slow breakdown and cries) I have to buy a car and buy a house… For my dad and my brother I have to buy them a golf range and ski resort. In order to do that I guess I need 100 million, right?”

She speaks informally: “I cost 100 million, but do you still want to buy me? Why? Because I asked for 100 million, do I look like a crazy person to you? You said you would give me anything I want, but you can’t give me a 100 million? You told me to name my price – is 100 million a waste?”

PJ looks frightened of her. AJ is overcome with emotion and cries. AJ: “How could you say such things? She wails. PJ says there seems to be a misunderstanding and tells her to drink some water and calm down but she throws the glass of water he gave her right into his face.

AJ: “I can’t even sell myself for 100 million. I am a treasure girl. Don’t live like that. A treasure can’t be bought with money. You got that?” She takes her bag and leaves. (*AJ jumped to the conclusion this was a “sponsor” looking to “hire” her kind of situation because PJ brought up money talk.)

AJ cries in the bathroom and other girls feel sorry for her.

PJ’s friend brings his friend in. The guy asks why PJ is like that (all wet). What happened? Did he get hit with water? PJ: “Someone said she was a treasure girl and asked for 100 million and left after doing this to me.”

After recovering from her cry session, she looks at her reflection and says: “How dare he see me like that when I hung in there with the sole pride that I was a treasure girl?” She decides not to leave them alone (Moon and PJ) and goes on the war path. She gets a bucket full of water and carries it into the room area. Just before she goes in the room, she hears her name being called.

She sets down the pail. Moon found her and asks what she is doing here when everyone is waiting. Did she confuse the rooms? Moon says it is this room and goes in the opposite direction of where PJ is.

AJ peeks into the room and sees that PJ is having the same conversation again with another girl and guy. PJ asks what amount she wants and he will try to match it. The girl says she wants the same as the hospital before. The friend asks if she doesn’t have any other requests/questions. The girl says she doesn’t. The guy says she is refreshing. PJ looks up and sees AJ looking in. He goes out and she runs away.

AJ goes into the right room this time and sees Moon with the couple-making show PDs and SR. SR says hi to AJ and says it’s been a while. She asks why SR is here. Moon does the introductions to the scriptwriter and (? forgot what the guy was). SR is the emcee for the show.

Manager tells G that if AJ goes on the show that it will do well. G says that is probably going to happen because both women used him to get famous. The guy says before they got involved with G they already had some ground because they were both members of Treasure Girls.

G makes an insulting wordplay using their group name so the manager corrects him. He says that a long time ago as Treasure Girls, AJ was much more popular and SR wasn’t. From AJ’s position, it will hurt her pride. G: “From SR’s position she will brag and it will be fun for her to play around with that.” The manager says she wouldn’t but G says he knows her well; her personality is too much like Shrek.

Manager mutters under his breath that G and SR’s personalities are similar so that is why J knows that about SR. G asks what he said and the guy waves it off as nothing. G tells him not to sit there and go out and handle the remaining reporters. The guy says there aren’t any because he sent them away and kept checking. G tells him to go out and keep doing it. G tells him to leave the computer in his hand.

AJ is wiping her hand and SR comes over and asks why she is like that, is her mood not great? Does it hurt her pride to come on a show she is the emcee for? “If that’s it, say you don’t want to.”

AJ: “To be honest, it does hurt my pride but I can’t ever say I don’t want to do it.” SR says AJ used her popularity to insert SR here and there on shows. Now that their situations are reversed, just think that SR is repaying what she owes AJ. “Back then you told me, don’t let your pride get hurt and work hard. Onyi, work hard.”

Flashback of AJ yelling at SR: “Do you know what you just did?” SR: “I told you I was just kidding around. What did I do that was so bad?” AJ slaps SR. The manager asks what is going on and SR runs out. The guy gives AJ a dirty look and goes after SR. Reporters come in and take pics of AJ.

G reads old news about AJ and says just from reading this, AJ was a total gangster. He says AJ was maligned a lot. He decided the people who said all those bad things about AJ should be reported and checks their ID. The first one he checks is a fan of his.

AJ goes to G’s hospital room.

AJ: “Why did you ask to see me?” He hands her a posting about the true story about the accident. He throws it at her and tells her to confirm it and he will let it go to print.

AJ reads: “I came back from G’s hospital room. Looking at the leg that was broken because of me, I felt very sorry. But since he forgave me and said it was ok, I am really grateful to G. Everyone, please pray for his quick recovery.”

G says if he stands by and lets her image get attacked on the internet because of him, his image will go down with her so that is why he is willing to do this. She asks if he really is forgiving her.

G: “What? You think I will forgive you?” She says it is ok if he doesn’t forgive her in his heart as long as she gets forgiven in public by him. She asks for one more favor – a pic with her for proof and he refuses to take one with her.

Next scene is a cell phone pic with her and him. He scowls just until she takes the shot.

She says it came out well and he asks to see it and gives his approval to post it. He tells her to take it outside and do it. She turns and bows and thanks him. He actually smiled for a second after she left. He takes a fruit out of the gift basket and says tangerine and grapes like he did on the show.

She goes outside and posts the note she was given to type in.

Moon calls G and tells him that Peter called again and wants to work with G. She thinks Peter didn’t like the Chinese actor. G is surprised and asks if that means he can do Peter’s film. She says he has to go by next week to America. G tells her to tell him that he can go.Moon says they dont know about his injury yet and tells him to take the cast off right now.

He jumps out of bed in joy then realizes what AJ is posting. G runs out of his room and body guards notice he is walking so he goes back in pretending to be in pain and comes out on crutches. He begs AJ not to post that yet as he frantically searches for her, half the time on crutches and other times just running when no one is looking.

He finds her and she waves her phone saying she sent it but he tells her to hurry and delete it. He asks if she posted it and she shows him how good the reaction is because people are already posting comments. There is even an internet article now. He is miserable and she is happy.

Moon shows up personally to give G the bad news that in the end, it didn’t work out. Peter’s side said they can’t push back the shoot and they have no choice but to go with the Chinese actor and they thought it was unfortunate (they couldn’t work with G). G grunts in pain. Moon says that they can’t reveal that his injury was a lie. “Let’s just think that you and Peter were not meant to happen.”

AJ tells her brother that she didn’t do anything between Peter and G, but it bothers her that it seems like she separated them. AH says in the end G didn’t get help from Peter but AJ did from getting G’s forgiveness because already her schedule for this week is full.

Some guy comes over and asks her to be on his show next week. She says of course and thanks him. AH asks when the filming date is.

AJ and AH go to meet the couple team and they say there is a meeting next week for the first shoot. They tell her to do well.

G asks his manager if he finished the contract with AJ. The guy says yes. G: “And she is going to do SR’s show. AJ must be happy.” Manager says Peter returned the wine and gives G the package. G starts to cry.


Jenny and AJ are talking. AJ says the problem was that Peter changes his mind too much. Jenny is uneasy about SR putting AJ on SR’s show. AJ: “That is true-wonder why she did that.”

SR tells the PD and writer that she thinks AJ will be voted out on the first round. The PD says that is up to the guy to decide. If a man with unique tastes comes on, then AJ might be able to continue on the show.

SR stops on a pic of PJ.

SR says out of the candidates up for the bachelor, she thinks PJ is the best and asks who he is. PD says his name is YPJ and he is the PD’s junior from school. PJ’s IQ is around 160. Just look at how he looks – he is like a model. The PD says PJ is an oriental medicine doctor and his family is rich too. There isn’t anything missing (when it comes to PJ and his qualities), but filming on a show and going on blind dates with actresses, he won’t want to do that.

SR: “If you can’t convince him alone, I will get involved as well.” PD says if she meets PJ, she will get her pride hurt.

When SR steps into PJ’s clinic, people start to say her name. SR tells the front desk she is here to meet doctor YPJ. The girl asks SR to have a seat for a second. PJ comes out so the nurse says SR is here and he looks at the room full of women and asks the nurse where SR is. SR’s smile fades.

The nurse points SR out. PJ says he heard a lot about SR from the PD and introduces himself. She says she called a while ago and introduces herself. Since it’s lunch time she asks him to talk over lunch. He says he still has 15 minutes left and asks her to sit and wait.

People are staring at SR. At the restaurant, PJ orders carbonara and SR orders coffee. He asks if she isn’t going to eat and she says if he was going to eat with her, he should have gone to a place that is closed off (secluded). SR: “For people like me, it is hard to eat in an open area.”

Pretty soon SR’s fans come up and ask for autographs and tell her how pretty she is. PJ calls her and tells her this is a trick he uses when people around him bother him. If she keeps talking into the phone, people won’t try to talk to her.

SR fakes a call and tells people she has to take this call and pretty soon the crowd dwindles down. Into the phone, he says let’s go now and she says this trick is effective. PJ apologizes saying he never thought this would be uncomfortable for her because he never ate with a celebrity before. He tells her to order food now and he will take her for drinks (tea and coffee) at a place she can relax later.

She asks what is good here and he says all of it is okay, but she can’t order steak because she can’t eat it while taking a call (because she needs both hands for the knife and fork while she cuts). That gets her to smile.

PJ’s mom’s hears from a nurse that SR came to the hospital. The nurse says SR didn’t come for treatment and she thinks SR came to ask PJ to go on the show. The mom asks what show and the nurse says the one SR is in called Couple Making- a show about female actresses and eligible bachelors going on blind dates.

His mom is disappointed it is a variety show and says it’s not good enough for her son to go on. A documentary about doctors would be better. Nurse mentions a doctor from a dermatology clinic who went on a variety show and his hospital became a hit and lots of celebrities went there. Also that doctor got engaged with the announcer on the show. Nurse says the show PJ is being asked to go on is a whole lot better because it is a hit show. Momma Yoon seems convinced now judging from the look on her face.

Back at the restaurant, PJ says: “As you can see, I’m not a person who is suited for a show.”

He says he agreed to meet once because of the PD, but PJ wasn’t thinking of going on the show. SR gives him their program info packet and asks him to look it over anyway. Previous candidates who were on the show also said they couldn’t do it at first and felt burdened, but after they were on the show they said it was fun and liked it.

Suddenly, PJ holds her hands to look at her nails close up and says her nail color doesn’t look healthy. He turns over her hand to look at her palms and asks if she normally drinks alcohol too much. She sort of says she doesn’t so he makes her stick her tongue out. She sticks it out partially so he tells her to stick out more.

He says there is thrush (bacteria/dead cells) stuck in there. “When you wake up in the morning, you have bad breath, don’t you?” She doesn’t reply. He holds her face and looks closely and she asks if there is anything wrong.

PJ: “Even though you are busy, drop by the hospital and reduce your alcohol intake.” Since lunch time is over, he says he will be leaving now. Since she brought the packet, he’ll read it over once.

AJ’s family is gathered to watch the show she was on. AJ says at that time, she was afraid G wouldn’t pick up his phone. AH says he was shaking a lot during that moment. Jenny says AJ and G were a fantasy couple (doing the quiz so well).

AH asks his dad to move over because he can’t see the TV. AJ’s nephew asks if she was given the quiz to do because she used her phone to call G. AJ says yes and she was really grateful for that. Nephew says G did well guessing. AJ picks up her phone and wonders if G is watching the show right now. She pulls up his number to call but changes her mind and puts her phone back down. Her nephew moves the phone closer to him.

G is still at the hospital watching the show alone. G: “Why did you do it?” He turns the TV off.

PJ is in a cab and the driver is watching the show on his movie player (GPS thing). PJ takes out the packet and looks over the pics of the actresses. Jandi’s best friend from BOF is the first actress, then AJ. He recognizes her and says she is the treasure girl.

The driver says: “Oh, you know who Treasure Girls are.” PJ looks over at him. Driver points out AJ on the TV and says the girl on the show right now is a treasure girl and calls her G’s “ankle girl”. PJ looks and says: “It really is that girl.” He wonders why she did that to him.

G is going through his stuff looking for his car keys and says: “I won’t stay here like a dummy anymore.” His phone rings and he yells into it: “What?”

AJ’s nephew’s voice says: “It’s yellow and electricity comes out of its head.” G: “What?” Nephew says something about Pikachu and G repeats the name and her nephew says “ding dong” and moves aside the stuffed animal to the “got correct pile”

G: “Ya! What are you?” The nephew keeps going: “It’s a penguin who wears glasses and it’s really cute.” G: “Pororo.” The nephew: “Ding dong.” G: “Ya, who are you? Where is AJ?”

AJ steps into the room. Nephew moves on to the next hint but G tells him to stop and asks again who the nephew is. Nephew is getting frustrated and gives G the first letter saying it starts with a “T”. G yells: “Thomas! That’s enough, right? Hurry and put AJ on the phone.” Nephew says “ding dong.”

AJ asks her nephew who he called. She can hear G saying: “Did AJ put you up to this? She is next to you, isn’t she? Put her on the phone right now.” She takes the phone saying, “What is this?” and her nephew says the quiz. She takes the phone as G says: “Hey, ding dong – are you playing with me because AJ told you to? Answer me, ding dong.” AJ says to her nephew: “What do I do?”

G has changed and is packing up the last of his stuff at the hospital when AJ goes up to him and says: “The kid saw the show and copied what I did. I’m sorry. You were surprised, weren’t you? You should’ve just heard a little bit of it and hung up but since you kept guessing right, he kept asking questions. Heard you got 3 questions right.”

G: “He asked a question so I guessed and because he called, I answered.”
AJ: “Why did you do it?”
G: “That’s right- why did I do that?”

G sighs and tells her to go. AJ: “But I am curious about one thing. At that time, why did you answer my call? I thought you wouldn’t answer it.”

G: “At that time, for a second, I empathized with how you felt. That someone like you might get rejected for that quiz like someone like me getting rejected by Peter Jason (though our situations are different).”

AJ: “I’m really grateful. Because I clung to you so brazenly, I thought you were annoyed and answered, but now that you said you were moved for even a second, I’m so thankful.”

G: “Not thankful, honored.”
AJ: “But why are you packing your stuff? Are you going somewhere?”
G: “I won’t stay here like a fool anymore.”
AJ: “But there are still people wandering around outside. Do you think you can carry your stuff while you are on crutches?”

After AJ puts his stuff in the car, he tells her to go but she looks at his cast. She thinks even though he is faking, wouldn’t it be dangerous for him to drive with the cast on?

She drives him home. As she is driving along, she says: “Oh, so you live in this neighborhood, so do I. If you make a left over there, that’s where my home is.”

G: “I don’t want to know. Just keep going straight.” AJ: “Ok.” G: “Drive slowly, carefully, and go quickly.” She looks confused by the instructions.

When they reach his home, she is busy looking at the exterior and knocks G off his balance. She apologizes and says she didn’t know he was standing there. She asks where she should leave his stuff and he tells her to leave it where she is standing.

AJ: “Now I feel like I did one thing that was of help to you.” He thinks she is overdoing it saying that.

AJ: “Ever since I met you, good things keep happening. An onyi I know said you were my nobleman (her connection to upper society).” She laughs and he points his crutch at her and says: “GAJ, from now on, don’t act like you know me. Where ever you go, don’t go around talking about me and don’t even act like you and I are close. That’s how you can do something that helps me. Understand?”

She says she does. G: “If you use a kid to call me again, I will report you.” AJ gets defensive and says that wasn’t her doing. G retorts: “Then delete my number from your phone.” She nods and says she will.

G: “Did you say I was a nobleman?” He laughs so she does too. Then he says: “To me you are like a *ghost. Go away.”

She says she will and bows and leaves. As she is walking away, she gets a call. Her ring tone makes him look up and freeze in place for a second. Her brother called to check when she is coming home. She says she will be home soon. G watches her leave and says: “It’s that song. It’s strange… (don’t know the next word).”

*(a word play because the Korean word for nobleman and ghost are similar except for the last syllable)

Manager reports to Moon how well G’s movie is doing. That G not being able to go to Hollywood helped out the movie. When Moon asks if G has something scheduled today, the manager says because G is in such a good mood, he said he would do all the interviews for movie shows. Also that G would go by himself to the studio. These days, it’s worth it to be G’s manager.

G is driving along and quizzes himself. The best-looking actor in Korea? Jang Dong-gun? No, he has great style. Cha Seung-won? No. The actor who broke box office records with “Fighter”. Ahhhhh- DJ- ding dong.” He sings his name.

AJ catches up to someone and says “great job”. The man says she did well today and she asks him to call on her again. He asks about her new show. She says she is going to start filming Couple Making soon. He says she got a big hit show and that she suffered a lot (to get here). She says she is worried about doing well. A girl group walks out of a room and just walks by her when she raised her hand to say hello. The man makes a remark about those girls and how they don’t greet people properly.

She catches up to them and tells them they should bow properly when they leave. They sort of do a reluctant bow and one says they did greet AJ.

AJ: “Not me – to other people. You have to go around greeting them well.” They mutter, “What is this?” AJ says that the girls were late today, so did they apologize to the instructor for being late? “If you do it well now, later on it will remain. (Good impressions last kind of thing). She says she is speaking from experience. (Her tone was very courteous and caring but the girls looked peeved).

When AJ’s old manager comes around the corner, she bows and greets him properly to show the girls as an example. One girl wonders why AJ is like that, calls her crazy, and that she did that last time too. Manager asks what’s going on and they all complain that AJ talked down to them. He tells them to ignore AJ. One girl says to him: “A long time ago, you were that woman’s road manager, weren’t you? I think that is why she is looking down on us too.” That statement got to him.

AJ is waiting for the elevator and gets on when PJ gets out. He recognizes AJ. The PD comes over and thanks PJ for coming here.

G is sitting in his car in the parking garage. Manager is surprised that G reached the studio already because the manager is still on his way. G smiles and says: “These days I was too nice to you, huh? (the smile is gone) Hurry up and get here.”

He looks over and sees AJ. She spots him too and calls out his name and waves her hand but he stops her with his finger pointed at her and makes an X sign with his arms (kind of like saying “you don’t know me” without using words). She says to herself: “That’s right. He told me not to act like I know him.” She gives him an ok sign back. G mutters: “She is acting like she knows me again.”

He calls her. AJ: “DJ, why?” G: “I knew you would do this. I told you to erase my number. Why didn’t you erase it? Erase it right now.”

After he hangs up, AJ mutters: “He doesn’t delete mine but he keeps telling me to delete his.”

A white van pulls up and she wonders who it is. Her old manager gets out of the car and slaps her hard. Her cheek is instantly red. G is shocked to witness that.

Manager asks AJ: “What are you?” G gets out of his car. Manager: “Who do you think you are to lecture my kids to say hello or apologize?” He calls her a beggar. (The girl group in the van looks on gleefully). Manager: “What is there for the kids to learn from someone like you for you to advise them? From now on, don’t live like that without knowing your boundaries. It looks ridiculous.”

AJ: “Wait a minute.” She steps over to the girls. AJ: “Kids, you guys shouldn’t do this. Then you’ll end up like me. You guys don’t want to end up like me, right? You’re scared too, aren’t you? That’s why next time when you see me, don’t look at me like someone you can easily mistreat and look at me like you are afraid. Like the way you are looking at me now. Understand?”

Manager lets her say all that and says “Let’s go” to the girls. They drive off. G stands around shuffling his feet and looks over at AJ who has started to cry. He turns to go back into his car when her ring bell starts. His heart is visibly beating for a second as he stands there while she cries more. He turns and looks at her as she looks up and sees him.



PJ says he wants to meet AJ.

As AJ tries to cover up the handprint on her cheek with makeup, someone says: “Why are you living getting hit?”

AJ and G are in the car and she pulls him to her as he is about to open the door. AJ: “I don’t think it will be good if you get out now.” G: “What is this?”

AH mouths for his son to say to Jenny: “Thank you, Jenny mom.”

AJ asks: “If I wear makeup perfectly, maybe he (PJ) won’t recognize me.” PJ calls out her name when he sees her.

SR: “I would rather quit as emcee.”

AJ: “I won’t be able to do the show?”

After G checks AJ’s phone: “What is this? My name isn’t here.” Then he finds out she put him under the name: Thong Gojin ( which is like “poop” Gojin).

A sales clerk tells AJ to choose whatever she wants (from the clothes store because I guess G is paying).

As for going by the initial “G” instead of “J” for Jin, can I just say – no one can beat how many times I watched and rewatched each scene of both episodes and not once did anyone call him Jin. If anything, I should be using “D” for Dokko Jin (that’s what most people call him). On Soompi, they had him listed as “Go Jin” for his first name so that is where I got the “G” – plus Moon and a lot of other people call him Gojin. Even though I don’t agree with the majority, I will use the initial “J” for the rest of the episodes. It’s too much work to go back and change it for E1 and E2.


17 thoughts on “Best Love: Episode 2

  1. Thank you, Softy!! *hugs* This amazing transcap already exceeds 5,000 words and yet you call it incomplete? We’re not worthy!!

    Please go to bed now!

  2. Thank you softy for the transcap~ Though I have this one gripe, shouldn’t Dokgo Jin be called J as his name is Jin, and not Go Jin?

  3. on soompi’s main page his name is listed as Dok Go Jin so I would either have to use intials GJ or just G so I chose G to make it easier. If you hear his name being called, they keep saying Dokgojin shi or Go jin shi. I dont know why other bloggers are using Jin-that is only the last part of his first name

    • Softy hwaiting! Good luck with your amazingly detailed transcaps of BL and 49 Days~

      Just wanted to clarify the name of Cha Seung Won’s character. Soompi has it wrong (someone needs to fix it) – his last name is Dokko, first name JIn. He has one of those rare two word last names. For example, my adorable Namgoong Min (currently in your fave CYHMY) has a two word last name.

      So Dokko Jin is no different than Han Kang in 49 Days, so if you want to abbreviate to just his first name, it needs to be “J” for Jin. Hope this clears up the confusion.

      When I read the character synopsis last month, I thought it was Doo Gu JIn myself, until I realized his last name was in fact the same as those rare two word Chinese last names, like Ouyang, or Dugu.

  4. Ahh, Softy’s so awesome as always for recapping (back to back!), and Thundie’s awesome for doing all the screencaps! Fighting, ladies!

    As for the drama, I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed so hard while watching a show. I didn’t expect it to be this funny… OMG. When AJ was trying to sneak into the hospital room doing all these fancy acrobatic moves, when AJ mistook PJ as a sponsor (I’m really surprised the drama decided to take it there… mad respect for the Hong sisters but I wonder if they’re going to step on some people’s toes), and when CSW’s character referred to CSW, I was dying. Kyahh! I still don’t find CSW attractive, but he’s definitely hilarious!

    • Roping you in, dear blue, to help us with the meta references and anything else that we missed, okay? Let’s make it a team effort! 😀

      I’m still very worried that Softy’s over-stretching herself recapping 49 Days and Best Love. My bad for not realizing that the two air on the same nights! Softy recaps nonstop from the time 49 Days starts until about 9am when she posts BL. That’s 12 hours the whole night without sleep! We’re not deserving of your commitment and generosity, Softy.

      • second this^^

        Softy, every recapper/reviewer/transcapper ^^ has their own forte of storytelling. I love DB’s and the speedy-ockoala’s too but yours is the one I open alongside the raw video. Fighting!

  5. I didn’t catch that many meta-references in episode 2.

    1. There’s the Stephen Colbert “cameo” and of course, he’s been linked to Rain in the past because of their “competition”.
    2. The swimmer that the entire hospital staff were watching was Park Tae Hwan, who’s like the male counterpart to Korean darling, Kim Yuna. Since Koreans take their sports seriously, it would have been a big deal for Dokjo Jin to cheer for Park Tae Hwan to lose.
    3. The situation that AJ misunderstood with YKS at the fancy bar is a “sponsorship” situation. It’s kind of a hush-hush scandal in the Korean entertainment biz where female celebrities have an arrangement with wealthier/influential males to get paid money directly, or indirectly through getting helped being casted in dramas/movies/cfs, in exchange for “entertainment,” usually sex.
    4. The fight between AJ and Seri is similar to what broke up a group called Sharp in 2002 (or was it 2003?) . The two girls were caught fighting in the elevator at the building of a tv broadcast station. During the fight, Seo Ji Young called her mom, and her mom came and slapped the other girl member, Lee Ji Hye. Many people saw it, although not the entire media like portrayed in the drama. Although Seo Ji Young was the most popular member of the group during the group’s activity, she was eventually blamed for the fight and the group’s break-up. She later attempted to make a comeback through some acting gigs like “I’m Sorry I Love You”, but she’s never recovered her popularity since.

    I think that’s about it!

    Hmm, and I forgot to mention it earlier, but in episode 1, the director of the movie “Fighter” in the drama is Director Jang Hang Joon. He directed a movie with Cha Seung Won in the past (which was a hit), and most recently, the drama “Sign”. Also, while watching the movie during the VIP premiere, sitting next to CSW was Jung Doo Hong. He’s a famous stunt director, like Lee Philip’s role in Secret Garden.

    • Oh, I just looked it up. Sharp’s fight/ break up happened in October 2002. Since the fictional Treasure Girls was popular in 2001 and they broke up a year and a half later, that would coincide with Sharp’s actual break-up. Oh, Hong sisters!

      • Thanks, blue! I’m really loving the meta-references in BL, hehe.

        Softy is continuing with the rest of this episode’s recap as I speak. Knowing her, she will be spending many hours going over her work and trying her best to give us the most accurate translation. We’ll have the final version (complete with remaining screencaps) up by tomorrow. Fighting, Softy!!

  6. Softy is done! She added about 3,200 words to the original post. Thank you so much, softy!! Muahh!! I’ll get cracking on the rest of the screencaps and have them up by tonight.

  7. To like or not to like : that is the question .
    Whether ‘t is nobler to the mind to suffer along with strong characters and a deep and warm story or to to be stopped aginst a screen gaping in wonder at amazing actors . To stop , to go to bed . No more ; and by a sleep to say we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks that overweighing parody is heir to . Identification to the characters is to be wish’d devoutly . To stop , to go to bed . To go to bed ; perchance to dream : ay there’s the rub ; for in that sleep what dreams of other dramas may come . For who could bear the whips and scorns of shallowness , the pangs of a brilliance carried off for itself ?
    Soft you now ! Fan , in thy orisons , be all my sins remember’d . I stopped watching after the pirouettes in the hospital .

    That’s what a scarf with printed sculls can produce !

  8. I finally watched both episodes and even though I don’t get all the references I’m really loving it all. AJ really has some hilariously bad wardrobe pieces. That sheer skirt… it’s like she pulled it from a princess outfit.

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