The Princess’s Man: Finale discussion

It’s over, it’s over! But don’t tell me how it ended!

So The Princess’s Man aired its final episode last Thursday. Since that night a week ago, I’ve become a fugitive of sorts, lying low and appearing only when the coast is clear. Twitter, Soompi. Even my own post on the historical background of the drama. Any place where people might spill the beans on the ending became a minefield that I had to avoid. Because I have my own plans, you see. My own farewell party. This weekend I will watch Episodes 19-22 again. After that, I will watch, for the first time, Episodes 23-24.

Six episodes straight so that I can immerse myself in this drama which has taken such a hold on me that I’ve found it nigh impossible to watch anything else the last few weeks. At this farewell party where I will be the sole attendee, I expect to cry and laugh. I expect a bittersweet ending – one that hasn’t been spoiled in advance. That’s why I’ve been in hiding, so that I will not accidentally stumble upon spoilers.

However, today I received a request from a fellow TPM fan. A request for a post where my blog readers can talk about the ending as much as they want.

What a brilliant idea. A grand farewell party for the drama! Discuss the ending, discuss the characters, discuss Park Shi-hoo’s hotness. Discuss anything TPM-related without having to tiptoe around spoilers. A veritable free-for-all!

So here’s the post. No spoiler warnings necessary when you comment so rant and rave away. When I’m ready (and hopefully my heart won’t be in pieces at that time), I will join all of you.

Until we meet again… here are a few favorite screencaps to share. (Damn, now I’m in tears looking at some of them!)

98 thoughts on “The Princess’s Man: Finale discussion

  1. Thundie, please write a new thread of this drama. Just watch this. So much too say..Yet i’m waiting for you. It been a lonnng time I have finished a k drama.

  2. Ahh, what an amazing drama. Definitely the creme of the crop. The lushness of the landscape, the people, the colorful wardrobe. The intense yet heartfelt story. PARK SHI-HOO. He instantly won me over with this role. I am now a devoted fan. The way he looks, the way he sounds (that gentle, sultry voice!), it’s hard not to fall for him. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. The chemistry he has with Moon Chae-won is just.. wow. Speaking of whom, doesn’t she remind you of this whenever she’s looking at Seung Yoo? No wonder he gave up his revenge for her, haha. They got me with the fake-out at the end, though. I was bawling the instant it happened, and then confused, and then squealing with delight when I realized everything’s going to be alright! A drama that’s great in every aspect doesn’t necessary mean it will touch your heart. This one certainly does, though. The happiness on screen, you feel it, too. That’s what makes this such an epic drama. I will forever be in love with it.

    • Darn it, I guess you can’t post links here. Well, I was referring to puss in boots adorable eyes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then just google it. Love that look on her face when she’s looking at Seung Yoo. Complete and utter devotion!

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