Two-word Sunday: Oh Man-seok

This post is dedicated to Dahee Fanel, who turned 21 this week.

It’s coming to four years, isn’t it? The length of time that we’ve known each other. Jisub brought us together, but other shared loves continue to strengthen our (fangirly) bond. We dig the same actors, dramas and movies; when we differ, our debates are intense and intimidating (I can’t outtalk you!) and I’m awed by your razor-sharp insights. We have the same major (although you’re a whiz at poetry and I can’t write verse to save my life) and we both suck at math. In an ideal world we will be neighbors, so that I can hop over and help myself to your K-treasure trove.

Among the many gifts you have given me, tangible and intangible, is the gift of Oh Man-seok. You fell hard for him in Vineyard Man and you spearheaded the subbing of Hyena, which was where I discovered him. How can a character be so fastidious and funny at the same time? And so sweet? And then came Shin Don. If I can only watch one drama for the rest of my life, it’ll be this. Every time he appears in an episode, I get so giddily happy it’s embarrassing. He makes me laugh… and recently, in the last few episodes I watched, he makes my heart stop, so taken am I by the fire in his eyes and by how droolsome he looks. (See the second image in this post and you’ll understand why I captioned it thus.)

For introducing Man-zzang to me… and for everything else you do… THANK YOU.


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  1. Unni, I’m pretty sure you just made my heart stop, and then explode. And now I think I’m going to cry…

    Thank you. So much. This is the best birthday present I’ve ever received. As the second (beautiful) picture states, words fail me. Seeing Oh Man-seok is enough to make my day, but combined with your words…I can’t even describe this feeling. Just…THANK YOU.

    I love you, unni. Here’s to four more years of wonderful friendship and sisterhood! *big squishy hug*

    • *hugs Dahee back*

      Ah, now you’ve made me teary, too! ‘Tis my second cryfest of the day (the first one was on account of the onions while trying to make this).


      (psst… this post was in the planning a long time; couldn’t wait for this week to come! ^^)

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