Protect the Boss: Episode 4

Your Honor, I’m really looking forward to recapping this episode. I watched it twice and it was so good…

There’s no need. I’ve written it for you. Don’t edit anything. And leave out my name.

WHAT? You watched Episode 4 and recapped it? But how, Your Honor…

Your last recap reeked of a certain reptilian stench. Use my draft; I stayed up to write it. And no screen-captures this time.

But Your Honor! A recap is incomplete without screencaps! I already took 838…

Words should paint pictures; you don’t need images cluttering up your writing. But if you insist, then just TWO: one that makes you laugh and one that makes you cry.

Your Honor, please! I will lose all my readers! They will think I’m eccentric and leave in droves. Even my guest bloggers will flee and I’ll be the only…

Stop whimpering. A little solitude is not going to kill you.

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Protect the Boss: Episode 3

Archidamus: She’s out?

Portia: Like a light.

Archidamus: Cool, let’s get cracking. Portia, you continue to keep watch. Signal if you hear anything.

Portia: How? I refuse to lose more bodily parts for this drama. I already lost one…

Archidamus: Just shush. You know it’ll grow back. Guard her closely and click or hiss if you see her stirring. Donalbain, you control the mouse.

Donalbain: Why do I always get assigned the most boring task?

Archidamus: Gertrude can’t possibly type and move the mouse at the same time. You know she’s petite.

Hortensius: What about me? What do I do?

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Protect the Boss: Episode 2

Court is in session

The People v. Thunderbolt

The hearing will now begin. Are you, Thunderbolt, the author of this post which has caused undue and severe emotional distress to fans of the Korean drama, Protect the Boss?


Speak up, don’t mumble. And no one-word answers.


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Friend, Our Legend



This is the review that very nearly didn’t get written. For one thing, I very nearly didn’t finish watching the twenty episodes of Friend, Our Legend (MBC, 2009) (“FOL”), having stalled altogether in the early episodes at my first attempt. For another, I have such mixed feelings about this drama, I’ve found it hard to write a coherent review.

Initially, I was intrigued by what others said about this drama. “Heart-breaking.” “Hard to watch.” Most intriguing of all, “I loved it, but I would never recommend this to my friends.” With a dis-recommendation like that, how could contrary-me resist? My own reaction has touched extremes, from indifference to utter absorption. Though I gobbled up the last four episodes and was left speechless and emotionally wrung out, I can’t deny that the middle of the series was a slow hard slog for me with stretches of (dare I say it) boredom. I’d say, provocatively: I don’t love this show, but I recommend you watch it.

And why should you watch this?

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A Princess and A President: A First Impressions Review

Come one, come all – come and gape at this rare creature. She looks like a koala from the outside, but from the inside she’s likely as crazy as that scrat from Ice Age. She doesn’t acknowledge that there are divides better left unbridged, subjects of discussion that shouldn’t be broached in the same forum.

She thinks all that matters is “but it’s really good, and I want to talk about it!” She may just be right. So give her a moment of your precious time, will you? She wants to share her thoughts about a masterpiece-in-the-making called President (KBS 2010), and a scrumptious delightful little romp called My Princess (MBC 2010).

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Personal Taste [MBC 2010]

This is my inaugural First Impression review. So do bear with me if I stumble through some rough patches. What’s my definition of a First Impression review, and why does this review qualify as such? It’s where the reviewer is basing his or her critique on an incomplete set of information. Perhaps the reviewer intends to continue with the piece of work, and merely has a desire to share some preliminary thoughts. Or maybe the reviewer has given up on the piece of work, but feels there is some merit in sharing the rationale for the decision.

Regardless of the reason, the reviewer has provided the context up front: “I’ve only seen X amount of the work, and here are my thoughts.” I don’t believe that only reviews based on a completed viewing ought to be written, as long as the basis for the review is disclosed to the reader. You have been duly forewarned, so read on at your own peril. This is a First Impression review because I have only watched 12.5 episodes of the drama I am about to discuss.

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Treasure Trove (Part 2)

For Part 2 of our Treasure Trove series, I’m pleased to present an eclectic selection of dramas. All of them have one thing in common: awesomeness in spades!

Oh, before you start clicking those links, here’s a public service announcement:

The four dramas are raining hotties so have a bucket handy for your drool. On a related note, the editor of the Eight Days’ subs gets first dibs on the king. (If you are going “Ha, go ahead and have him,” you ain’t seen the king and his swordsplay yet. Sexiest royal alive.)

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